God of Fishing - Chapter 445

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Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Qiuqiu?

The biggest reason that Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan would subconsciously ignore Cao Qiu was his wretched fighting style . A man armed with extra-quality spiritual weapons from head to toe, a man with a legendary-type spiritual beast, a man with a contractual spiritual beast with super defense power and an utterly disgusting Poisonous Bubble Fish… Would actually fight like a five-year-old child! No one could bear such a person…

The 151st floor .

Coming here, Han Fei discovered that it would cost 500,000 points of spiritual energy for a single sacrifice .

Of course, Han Fei was not willing to offer sacrifices with spiritual stones, but instead he sacrificed a whole Sea Swallowing Seashell . The creature summoned was level 39 .

Moreover, it was not an ordinary level-39 creature, but the kind of creature stuck at a breakthrough . It seemed that it would break through to level 40 at any time to reach another realm .

Han Fei was shocked . Are the creatures here so powerful? If they summon a creature of such a level on the 151st floor, what about the 201st floor?

The creatures here were weaker than the mutant creatures like the freak octopus, but only a bit weaker . At this moment, Han Fei summoned a Thousand-Blade Turtle .

This one was much stronger than the one that Le Renkuang caught . Fortunately, this was a Thousand-Blade Turtle . If he had summoned a Water Arrow Turtle, he might have a little trouble .

This Thousand-Blade Turtle was really unlucky to meet Han Fei . Even if it used up all its thousands of blades, it couldn’t hurt Han Fei at all .

At this moment, Han Fei, wearing a high-quality battle suit, let the blades hack on him like raindrops . Carrying the Embroidery Needle, he hit the Thousand-Blade Turtle hard .


The Thousand-Blade Turtle, whose limbs were not strong enough, was smashed to the ground by Han Fei .

Han Fei grinned . Since he used the Embroidery Needle, he had not seen many creatures who could stand a single blow from it!

Only a creature like a turtle, with a strong defensive power that was far superior to other creatures of the same level, could withstand the repeated beatings of the Embroidery Needle .

When the three of them met again, they had snatched another 118 Sea Swallowing Seashells .

Among them, none of the Sea Swallowing Seashells were snatched by Cao Qiu . When Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan found Cao Qiu after they met, he was chatting with a group of people .

When Han Fei and Xia Xiaobai arrived, none of those people could escape .

Why was Cao Qiu so aloof as to chat with people on the Steps into the Sea? It turned out that those people all knew Cao Qiu and knew that this young master didn’t like robbing, and no one dared to rob him due to his identity . That was why this strange scene happened .

The 188th floor .

The area of this floor was even smaller and was less than 400 kilometers in length and width .

It was here that Han Fei met a second young master from the Thousand Star City besides Cao Qiu .

As soon as Han Fei appeared on the 188th floor, before he had found Xia Xiaochan and Cao Qiu, he saw someone fighting a few kilometers away .

The boy who was fighting held a high-quality spiritual sword, his arms had almost turned into double swords, and there was a mystic pale-yellow light under his feet . At this moment, he was fighting a Green Sun Centipede . Every time his figure appeared, a shining sword light would be seen and then a few centipede legs would be cut off by his sword .

Han Fei was watching the show aside . However, as soon as he was less than 500 meters away from the two, he heard a rant .

“F*ck off!”

Han Fei looked around and found that this guy was yelling at him . So, he walked forward for another hundred meters .

The boy suddenly appeared on the head of the big centipede and with a rip, he tore off a large piece of the centipede carapace with his sword .

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At the same time, the boy tilted his head and glanced at Han Fei . “F*ck off or die . ”

Han Fei was amused by his attitude . The strength of this boy was not weak . He was only an advanced Dangling Fisher but his combat power was even better than that of an ordinary peak-level Dangling Fisher .

This boy who was obviously very confident of himself seemed to extremely despise Han Fei who was peeping from the side, so he threatened Han Fei without thinking .

Han Fei grinned . “Why don’t YOU f*ck off?”

The two swords in the boy’s hand suddenly became one, and a powerful sword Qi tens of meters long pierced the head of the big centipede in an instant . Without even looking at the centipede, the boy grabbed the floating water ball and threw it into his Sea Swallowing Seashell . Then, he walked towards Han Fei step by step with swords in his hands .

“I think you must be a seed of Heavenly Talent given that you, an Intermediate Dangling Fisher, can make it to the 188th floor . However, I have seen a lot of Heavenly Talents, but most of them have become dead souls under my sword…”

Han Fei smiled . “Who are you? Why do you have to be so arrogant?”

The corners of the boy’s mouth trembled and a vicious gleam flickered across his eyes . “You are qualified to know my name since you can come here . My name is Wang Zitian, and I’ll be the last person you’ll ever see in your life . ”

With that, Wang Zitian stomped on the ground and his body was already tens of meters away . Faster than him was his sword Qi .

After seeing that sword Qi, Han Fei squinted slightly .

In many cases, even sword Qi or knife Qi alone could hurt people . The Draw was to kill with knife Qi . As soon as he drew his knife, the knife Qi would remove all obstacles in the way and kill the enemy .

From this trace of sword Qi, Han Fei knew that this boy had mastered sword Qi . With just this trace of sword Qi, few peak-level Dangling Fishers could match him .

The reason that Wang Zitian used sword Qi in the first blow was that he had recognized Han Fei’s strength . In the eyes of these powerhouses, realm didn’t mean everything, and the fact that he was here had proved his strength .

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Han Fei didn’t dare to belittle this guy . This person was not the first genius he encountered . Except for his classmates, the Sun Mu trio was also very formidable .

Immediately, a battle of evenly matched powerhouses started .

In an instant, the Blood Drinking Knife moved, just when the trace of sword Qi was only ten meters away .


There was no violent explosion or turbulent ripples . Just like a bubble of water rising in the ocean, the knife glint and sword Qi neutralized each other and then disappeared . “Humph, interesting, then see my Explosive Sword Flow . ”

Suddenly a shining light appeared between Wang Zitian’s hands .

What Han Fei saw was not the two swords between Wang Zitian’s hands, but a thousand swords from above .

On Wang Zitian’s side, thousands of sword shadows advanced side by side, like a sword wall pushing across .

Han Fei smiled . Before the sword arrived, the seawater beside him had begun to roll back and the billowing water seemed to weigh thousands of pounds . Han Fei glanced at the Blood Drinking Knife in his hand and inserted it into the sheath .

He rose the Embroidery Needle horizontally and spiritual energy gushed from the tip of it . Han Fei held the tail of the club and struck out with all his strength .

The Blood Drinking Knife was suitable for a surprise attack, but facing a person like Wang Zitian, he certainly couldn’t launch a sneak attack . In this kind of upright face-to-face confrontation, its advantage no longer existed . What Han Fei could do was to strike with sheer force .

In an instant, the water exploded by Han Fei’s strike, and a huge wave was set off, blasting directly against the powerful sword wall .


At the moment the swords and the club collided, they exploded like a warhead in the water, and ripples shook out dozens of miles away in the blink of an eye .


Wang Zitian took seven or eight steps back, bleeding from the corners of his mouth and his arms drooping

After the hair-raising sword Qi disappeared, Han Fei gently put down the Embroidery Needle . “I never expected a sword-wielding man to have so much strength! But, boy, you chose the wrong object . I, the Black Ghost, am not someone you can mess with! You are not old enough to be my opponent . ” Wang Zitian tilted his head, spat out a mouthful of blood fiercely, and said coldly, “Not bad! But what makes you think you can rob me with this?”

Wang Zitian stood upright, like a sword hanging from the sky, proudly and upright .

Han Fei put the Embroidery Needle upright in front of him . “Perhaps you still have a trick card, but you won’t be able to escape . I want your money and your life . Sorry, brother…”

Han Fei didn’t know who Wang Zitian was, but obviously his background was not simple . To avoid endless troubles in the future, he gave up his principle of no killing . He would kill this genius if he could .

Suddenly, Han Fei seemed to understand something . Why did some people like to kill Heavenly Talents? That was because if these people didn’t die, who the hell knew if they would cause them much trouble in the future?

It would be simpler to kill them now, and he might not have a chance to kill him in the future .

Just when Han Fei was about to move, he suddenly saw a petite figure and a fat figure swimming over . “Fan Datong!”

Han Fei looked at them and greeted them . “Hi . ”

Wang Zitian shouted in surprise, “Cao Qiuqiu?”