God of Fishing - Chapter 449

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Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Met Tang Ge Again (2)

Although Han Fei had once wondered if Tang Ge would also come to the level-three fishery for cultivation, he never expected to meet him in this way under such circumstances .

Although Tang Ge was only a 15 year old boy, he was already 1 . 8 meters tall . His once puerile face had become more masculine .

Han Fei was a bit surprised when he saw his muscular body! What does he eat? Look at his muscle! Although he isn’t too big, he doesn’t look like a 15-year-old at all!

Next to Tang Ge was a girl of the same age . The girl was a bit chubbier but looked quite calm . At this moment, she was adding a set of spiritual clothing to Tang Ge and herself, and at the same time drew a speed formation under her feet . It turned out that she was a spirit gatherer .

And judging from the proficiency of the girl drawing the speed formation, Han Fei could tell that her formation skills seemed to be better than his own . After all, he couldn’t draw a speed formation so quickly .

Tang Ge, holding a person-high halberd and wearing a gilt combat suit, was watching this scene coldly . “Cao Qiuqiu, why do you bully your classmates?”

Cao Qiu shrank his head when he saw Tang Ge . “I, I am not bullying them . They chased and beat me, trying to snatch my Sea Swallowing Seashell, so we fought back . ”

Cao Qiu tried to swell out his chest as if he was not afraid at all . However, Han Fei could tell that he was damn scared!

The girl next to Tang Ge scolded, “Cao Qiuqiu, you threatened them with your brother and snatched a lot from them, so you should pay them back a little . ”

In the Spirit Forbidden Net, the girl shouted, “Sister Mu Ling, we didn’t intend to rob him, but he snatched a high-quality spiritual weapon from us . ”

Next to her, a boy echoed, “Yes, we just wanted to borrow some resources from him, and we’ll return them to him when we go back to the sect, alright?”

Cao Qiu immediately glared at the boy in the Spirit Forbidden Net . “But you beat me! If you hadn’t beaten me, I wouldn’t have snatched your spiritual weapon! What’s the big deal of a high-quality spiritual weapon? I can give it back to you . ”

With that, Cao Qiu threw an ancient sword out . However, before the ancient sword flew ten meters away, a fishing hook caught it and pulled it back . Then Han Fei held the fishing rod and played with the ancient sword . “Now the sword is mine . Cao Qiu, since you have snatched it, why bother to return it?”

Suddenly, Han Fei received a voice transmission from Cao Qiu in his head, Give it back to him, give it back to him… You don’t know how fierce Tang Ge is! In the entire school, he is the only one who dares to hit me in front of my brother . And also in front of my sister…

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Shut up, you coward!”

Tang Ge looked at Han Fei, but for some reason, he felt this guy look a little familiar .

But Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were dressed so eerily with respectively the words “Kill” and “Die” written on their hats . They didn’t look like good people at all, so his face turned colder .

Tang Ge said coldly, “Put it down and f*ck

off . ”

Han Fei still smiled, but Xia Xiaochan immediately stared at him coldly . “Say that again?!”

Tang Ge repeated deadpan, “F*ck off . ”

“I’ll stab you to death,” Xia Xiaochan threatened . She couldn’t stand Tang Ge’s arrogant manner at all and was about to attack him, but Han Fei tugged at her arm at this time .

Han Fei said via voice transmission, Don’t get angry . Don’t get angry . This person is one of our own .

Xia Xiaochan was stunned . Ah? One of our own? I’ve never seen him before… Is he Zhang Xuanyu? But Zhang Xuanyu is not so strong…

As Han Fei talked to Xia Xiaochan via voice transmission, Xia Xiaochan’s expression changed several times . In the end, she looked at Han Fei with a look of disbelief . He doesn’t look like your brother at all!

But Han Fei smiled . “What if I don’t put it down?”

Tang Ge raised the halberd with one hand and said indifferently, “Then die . ”

Just as Han Fei was about to say something, he saw another figure rushing over . It was Wang Zitian . Wang Zitian didn’t pay attention to the five people tied up by Han Fei but stared at Tang Ge, and a strong intent to fight broke out from him .


Tang Ge said coldly, “One Cao Qiuqiu, one Two Swords, and two nobodies, is there anyone else? Call them out to fight together!”

Han Fei secretly sighed . Tang Ge was really arrogant now! He and Xia Xiaochan had become ‘nobodies’ to him?

Xia Xiaochan also said to him via voice transmission, Your brother seems a bit… Arrogant? Han Fei replied awkwardly, Well, haha… Arrogant? No, he just pretends

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei strangely . Are you sure?

Han Fei walked forward two steps . “Cao Qiuqiu, Wang Zitian, you can go to the next floor . Hey, Tang Ge, let’s have a one-on-one


Everyone: “???”

Cao Qiuqiu said to him via voice transmission, Are you crazy? This guy is as horrible as my brother and you want a one-on-one fight with him?

Wang Zitian also said via voice transmission, Idiot, are you looking for death?

The few people trapped in the Spirit Forbidden Net widened their eyes in disbelief . Is this guy out of his mind?

“Puff… Fan Datong, right? You want to challenge Tang Ge? Are you kidding me?” The girl whose clothes were almost taken off by Han Fei shouted angrily, “You are a dead man! Tang Ge will definitely tear up your hat . ”

Han Fei pointed his kitchen knife at the girl . “Shut up . Believe it or not, I will tear up your mouth first!”

The girl stiffened and thinking of how fierce Han Fei was just now, she couldn’t help closing her mouth .

Han Fei said, “Hey, I’ll give you a chance . If you win, these people belong to you, but if you lose, give me your Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

Mu Ling, who was standing next to Tang Ge, couldn’t help but glance at Tang Ge beside her and then at Han Fei . Then she removed the speed formation and stood aside with interest .

With that, she said to Cao Qiuqiu, “Qiuqiu, if your sister finds out you are bullying your classmates again, she will punish you . ”

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Cao Qiuqiu pouted . “I didn’t bully them… They bullied me . ”

Seeing these two people begin to chat aside, Tang Ge said lightly, “Okay!” Han Fei made a signal with his lips . “Let’s go! Find a place that’s clear . ”

However, Tang Ge remained motionless . “Right here . ”

Han Fei knew that Tang Ge was afraid that after he left, something unexpected would happen, which was understandable .

So he smiled . “Okay, let’s fight here . ”

This time, Han Fei put away the Blood Drinking Knife and the whetstone . In the next second, spiritual energy exploded under his feet and he shot out like a sharp arrow, which was so fast and fierce that Xia Xiaochan was taken aback .

From his move, Xia Xiaochan knew that Han Fei took this battle seriously, very seriously .

In fact, Han Fei could not help but feel a little curious: how strong was Tang Ge now?

The moment Han Fei jumped out, the seawater where he was standing directly exploded and bubbles rolled forward .

Wang Zitian exclaimed in surprise, “What a powerful force!”

Tang Ge just slightly frowned and brandished the halberd with one hand, and three haloes on his arm were pushed onto the halberd with a powerful force .


The seawater exploded, and as the club and the halberd collided, a huge water ball appeared and exploded in all directions .

Just the power of this blow set off a cascading wave . Except for those in the six-gate formation, the other people were all pushed back more than a hundred meters away .

Mu Ling was surprised . “Huh? The man in black is so strong!”

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Tang Ge stepped back and slightly bent his leg .

Han Fei also took half a step back, horrified . He was very confident with his current strength! But Tang Ge was no weaker than him . Although he had used the Embroidery Needle, they were evenly matched .

Xia Xiaochan stood on the side holding her rod, tilting her head and not surprised at all .

But Cao Qiu immediately straightened up when he saw this scene . “Humph, of course! He is my new ally…”

Mu Ling rolled her eyes at him . “So what? Can you lead them to go through all 200 floors?”

Cao Qiu retorted, “Why not?”

Everyone was still watching the battle .

Han Fei and Tang Ge were locked in a pitched fight .

Everyone knew that Han Fei’s major combat skill was the Million Knife Art and his weapons were the Nine-Star Chain and the Water Dividing Seal, but only Xia Xiaochan knew that Han Fei had always been a pure soul warrior . The fiercer the battle, the stronger he would be .

At this moment .

Han Fei activated the Shadow Swimming Art and was attacking faster and faster . Because their strength was too powerful, every time the Embroidery Needle and the halberd collided, a vortex of water burst out .

Han Fei brandished the long stick in his hand and launched a Spiral Strike . At this moment, he pierced through the triple water barriers once .

Tang Ge adopted a power-type combat style and circles of powerful halos gushed out from the halberd, like countless circles superimposed on the halberd .

After a hundred rounds, Tang Ge put his other hand that hadn’t moved on the halberd . Seeing this, Han Fei felt his heart skip a beat .

Finally, he is getting serious? Cao Qiu immediately said to Han Fei via voice transmission, Be careful, this is the strongest halberd technique of the Heavenly Sword Sect . Even a dragon can’t escape three blows of his . Don’t take his blow head-on!