God of Fishing - Chapter 450

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Chapter 450: 450

Chapter 450 Reunited

Reminded by Cao Qiu, Han Fei no longer reserved his strength . He injected two-thirds of all his aura into the Embroidery Needle, and brandished it .


Han Fei felt as if he were hitting a meteorite falling from the sky . He was no weaker than him, neither in speed nor strength . Han Fei was swept out by the halberd seventy or eighty meters away and his hand was bleeding

Cao Qiu shouted in surprise, “Wow, you blocked his blow . ”

Wang Zitian was lost in thought . How did Han Fei manage to do that? How strong is his physique?


For Han Fei, this kind of result was unexpected, as a blow of nearly 70% of his spiritual energy was completely suppressed!

“The first war halberd technique? Tsk, big sects are really different . I am afraid that this level of combat skill cannot even be found in the library of the Thug Academy . ”

A gleam of interest flashed across Tang Ge’s eyes . “Not bad, you are very strong in strength and speed . ”

Han Fei shook his arm and smiled . “You are not bad either!”

Tang Ge’s face suddenly changed and dozens of red flashing lines spread across his arms . “Then use all your strength . Let’s see whether you can keep the people of our Heavenly Sword Sect or not!”

Seeing that Han Fei’s physique was so abnormally strong, Tang Ge wanted to end the fight as quickly as possible . After all, if he couldn’t beat Han Fei within three blows, his spiritual energy would be exhausted .

In that case, he decided to directly use his killer strike .

“Dragon Soul Overlord Body . ”

Beside Tang Ge, waves surged . Behind those layers of seawater, there seemed to be a gigantic black phantom dragon emerging . Tang Ge’s muscles bulged .

The momentum gave Han Fei the feeling that he had already surpassed the realm of peak-level Dangling Fishers and reached the realm of Hanging Fishers .

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . Dragon Feather Lobster, Tang Ge’s spiritual beast, legendary level .

It was hard to tell the difference between legendary-level and mysterious-level creatures . But from Nine Tails’ nine-star chain and Little Gold’s Heavenly Thunder Strike, it seemed that the creatures of this level had their own advantages .

Unlike Little Black and Little White’s Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel that improved their own combat power, Tang Ge’s Dragon Feather Lobster seemed to bestow Tang Ge with a secret power .

“Majestic Mystic Spell . ”

Han Fei grinned, as billowing energy circulated through his body, and the powerful energy impact made his body slightly red .



In an instant, the two of them turned into two shadows, flashing and moving in the water .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The previous collision of the rod and the halberd made a huge water vortex, but at this moment, when the strength of the two collided and the weapons bounced off, the water waves turned into extremely powerful water columns .

Cao Qiu, who was cheering for Han Fei in front, was knocked down by a jet of water and then flew back several meters .

“God! So strong…”

Wang Zitian’s eyes were burning with fighting desire, but no one knew who he wanted to fight against .

When he fought with Han Fei before, he felt that Han Fei won by playing dirty . However, at this moment, he had regarded Han Fei as an extremely powerful opponent . At least, he had seen few people who could compete with Tang Ge in strength .

Mu Ling was very familiar with Tang Ge . Now watching Han Fei’s figure moving and jumping in the water, she was shocked by his eerie and elusive footwork and precise evasion ability .

Mu Ling and Xia Xiaochan seemed a little surprised because they seemed a bit similar in terms of footwork .

Xia Xiaochan noticed this because Han Fei just told her about their relationship through voice transmission .

But Mu Ling noticed this because of her knowledge of Tang Ge . In the six-gate formation, within the Spirit Forbidden Net, the five people all widened their eyes in shock .


One of their mouths hung open . “Oh, this person and Tang Ge are tied even after Tang Ge used his Dragon Soul Overlord Body?!”

The girl was dumbfounded . “How is it


During the battle, Tang Ge felt that something was wrong . Han Fei was more flexible than him . And his weird avoidance postures and his body that was still sucking spiritual energy from the outside world during the battle reminded him of someone .

At this moment, Han Fei was sticking to the halberd, his body was almost parallel to the ground, and he narrowly avoided Tang Ge’s attack dangerously and went around behind Tang Ge .

Han Fei poked the Embroidery Needle at Tang Ge’s back and the latter, without looking back, threw the halberd from his right hand to his left hand, backhand blocked it, and hit back with his right elbow .

The two were knocked back again .

However, Han Fei didn’t exert all his strength after activating the Majestic Mystic Spell . According to his calculations, the Dragon Soul Overlord’s body enhanced Tang Ge’s power by more than twice but not more than three times .

Tang Ge frowned slightly . “You seem to be reserving some strength . ”

Han Fei grinned . “Why do you say that?”

Tang Ge’s expression remained cold . “Up to now, you have not used your spiritual beast, nor have you fused with your contractual spiritual beast . Han Fei shot back, “You haven’t either, have


Tang Ge shook his head . “I’ve used the power of my spiritual beast, and you seem to use some kind of secret method . If we continue to fight, within a short time, my power will disappear, but you… The secret method cannot last forever . The energy in your body seems to be consumed quickly, so it should not last long . ”

Han Fei smiled and suddenly said to him via voice transmission, Not bad! It seems that you have grown up a lot the past two years in the Thousand Star City . Both your strength and knowledge have been improved a lot . Why, haven’t you recognized my Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning?


Han Fei?

Tang Ge widened his eyes . The surrounding water surged turbulently and his eyes were full of shock .

Han Fei hurriedly said to him through voice transmission, Don’t get excited . Don’t expose my identity . I am wearing a disguise . My name is Fan Datong for the time being and I act as a heinous bad guy . Let the people of your sect go out first!

Although Tang Ge was extremely excited, he still restrained this mood . More than once, he had planned to find a chance to go back to the Heavenly Water Village . However, since he entered the Thousand Star City, he had been busy dealing with various cultivation trials .

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After he came to the level-three fishery this time, he was going to find a dragon boat to return to the Heavenly Water Village after leaving the Steps into the Sea . However, he did not expect that he would meet Han Fei on the 198th floor of the Steps into the Sea .

Besides, through the battle just now, he found that Han Fei’s strength had become so terrifying . Even though he used the Dragon Soul Overlord Body, he couldn’t overcome him .

Han Fei suddenly siled . “Hey! Your strength is good, but if we continue to fight, we’ll probably tie . I will release your people but they’ll have to leave the Steps into the Sea . ”

Tang Ge pretended to be silent for a while . “Okay!”

Han Fei shouted out, “Master Hexagon, remove the formation . ”

When the six-gate formation disappeared, Cao Qiu was surprised . “Fan Datong, are you really going to let them go?”

Before Han Fei spoke, Mu Ling put a hand on his head . “Do you want to kill your classmates?”

Cao Qiu grunted, took back the Spirit Forbidden Net, and muttered, “They’re more like my enemies . ”

As soon as the five people came out and their strength recovered, they assumed a fighting posture, fused with their spiritual beasts, and had their contractual spiritual beasts attach to them . This time, they didn’t dare to reserve any strength . However, Tang Ge put his halberd in front of them . “Go now . ”

“Tang Ge . ”

“Boss Tang, this man bullied us! How can we let him go?”


Tang Ge glanced at them and these five people were immediately discouraged . They glared at Han Fei resentfully and then their bodies gradually faded away .

Han Fei looked at Cao Qiu . “Go to the next floor first . ”

Wang Zitian frowned . “Are you going to fight him again?”

Han Fei smiled . “Yes, do you still want to watch?”

Wang Zitian snorted and his body faded and disappeared .

Cao Qiu looked around and asked, “Are you guys really going to fight again? Isn’t it all over?”

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Tang Ge gave Cao Qiu a cold look . “Go down . ”

Cao Qiu shrank his neck, pouted, and looked at Han Fei . “Then finish the fight as quickly as possible . If you can’t resist him, go downstairs! We still have a lot of things to do . ”

Then Cao Qiu’s body also began to fade in the distance .

Xia Xiaochan glanced at Mu Ling . “Hey! Let’s go . ”

Mu Ling frowned and asked Tang Ge via voice transmission, What are you going to do?

Tang Ge shook his head slightly . I suddenly have some thoughts on cultivation, which I want to confirm .

Muling warned, This person is dangerous . He is not weak…

Tang Ge shook his head again . It’s okay . Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei . “This floor has almost been cleared up . However, there should still be some people here . Be careful . ”

Han Fei smiled . “Don’t worry . ”

With that, Han Fei dragged Master Hexagon from his body and threw him to Xia Xiaochan . “Take him . ”

Xia Xiaochan glanced reluctantly . “You can only hang on my shoulder, not on my lap . ”

The Hexagon Starfish: “…”

After Xia Xiaochan and Mu Ling left, Han Fei’s face began to twist and energy and spiritual energy were escaping from it . Seeing Han Fei’s face, Tang Ge, who had been straight-faced, suddenly grinned and the smile spread on his face .

The two looked at each other and hugged .

Tang Ge laughed happily . “You bastard, I didn’t think I would meet you here . How are you doing now? How could you become an intermediate Dangling Fisher so soon? Also, what Fang Ze gave you was a Spirit Gathering Art, right? How did you become a soul warrior? And, why do you pretend to be this other person? What a lousy name! Who gave you this name? After I left, what did Li Jue do to you? Come on, tell me…” Han Fei punched Tang Ge in the chest gently . “Are you a little girl? Why do you keep nagging? Let me tell you slowly!”

Tang Ge smirked again . “Yes, yes, no hurry, no hurry… Take your time . ”