God of Fishing - Chapter 452

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Chapter 452: 452

Chapter 452 Unspoken Rule of the Level – Three Fishery

In fact, Han Fei had nothing more for Tang Ge .

Perhaps because the Indestructible Body Art was too powerful, although the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies was a demon-level divine-quality combat skill, Han Fei didn’t feel it to be that strong . After all, it was completely outshone by the Indestructible Body Art .

As for the Thousand Faces Technique, it was only a disguise technique . From a practical point of view, it was actually more commonly used than the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies . Although it didn’t help the improvement of strength, with it, one’s survivability could be increased tenfold .

As the saying went, people have misfortunes and blessings, and no one knows what will happen in the future . Although Tang Ge looked very powerful, was respected, and a single look from him could overawe his classmates, no one was invincible and he might need to use this technique one day .

Han Fei couldn’t talk to Tang Ge for too long . As Cao Qiu said, the further they went down, the more difficult and the more people there would be . It was actually not easy to clear those people up completely . Especially on the 200th floor, Han Fei was wondering if he would have to reveal his true identity . After all, without Nine Tails and Little Gold, he would be much weaker .

Just now in the battle, it was fortunate that Han Fei had the Majestic Mystic Spell to support him . As Tang Ge said, however, the Majestic Mystic Spell consumed his energy very quickly . The energy he gained from the previous hot pot meal had mostly dissipated or been consumed . If he wanted to use it again, he needed to either eat a spiritual fruit or have a big meal .

At this moment .

Han Fei announced, “Let’s go downstairs! See you on the 200th floor . I should have no problem dealing with the 199th floor myself . ”

Tang Ge asked, “Are you going to continue to rob people?” Han Fei grinned . “Of course . I came to the Steps into the Sea to find opportunities, not to fight those big-clan children with Cao Qiu . It’s nice if I can rob them, but if not, I won’t risk my life . I will just go directly to the 201st floor . ”

Tang Ge solemnly nodded . “Okay! But it is said that on the 201st floor, the difficulty will rise by one level . Some people say that it is very, very difficult . Even Cao Qiu’s brother who has explored the Steps into the Sea many times only made it to the 208th floor the last time . But my master told me that it was not as difficult as it seemed and that if it were me, I might be able to reach the 250th floor . ”

Han Fei’s eyes flashed and he kept this in mind . “I see . I’ll do what my strength allows . Okay, don’t waste time here . Go down!”

As Tang Ge’s body faded, Han Fei did not immediately go to the 199th floor, instead he entered Forge the Universe . With Xia Xiaochan’s ability, on the 199th floor, she would be invincible . Besides, the Hexagon Starfish could protect her with the six-gate formation, so ordinary people wouldn’t be able to hurt her .

In Forge the Universe, Han Fei spent more than half an hour cooking himself a meal . After all, he consumed too much energy just now!

Half an hour later .

On the 199th floor, when Han Fei appeared, he did not see anyone else . However, the sea was shaking and there were multiple sources of the shaking: fighting seemed to be taking place in multiple places .

Han Fei chose the place of battle closest to him . When he arrived, he discovered that Wang Zitian was fighting against three large-sect disciples alone .

However, these people didn’t seem to be from the Heavenly Sword Sect, because their uniforms were different . Besides, among these people, some used hammers and some used armor boxes…

At this moment, the other party didn’t seem to take the upper hand . However, this battle seemed to have continued for quite a while . The loss of spiritual energy on both sides seemed to be huge, and neither one took advantage .

When Wang Zitian glimpsed Han Fei, he was slightly relieved . “Help me!”

When the three people on the opposite side found that Han Fei was with Wang Zitian, their expressions changed slightly . “Retreat!”

However, neither Wang Zitian nor Han Fei would give them a chance to retreat .

Wang Zitian thrust his sword out and attacked even more fiercely .

Taking this chance, Han Fei brandished the Embroidery Needle, which almost split the seawater into halves, and launched a spiritual energy explosive strike at those people .

They were locked in the fight in a stalemate before Han Fei appeared . However, after Han Fei who was even stronger than Wang Zitian joined the fight, the outcome could be imagined . In less than ten minutes, they were knocked to the ground by Han Fei .

Han Fei held the whetstone in his left hand and the Embroidery Needle in his right hand, shouting, “I want money, not life . Hand over your Sea Swallowing Seashells . ”

When Wang Zitian heard this, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes . This man is really shameless . Why does he sound as if he’s proud of being a robber?

“Wang Zitian, and this one in black, let’s wait and see . ”

Han Fei smiled lightly . “Please remember my face well . I really hope to rob you again . ”

Wang Zitian put away his sword and looked at Han Fei . “Who won?”

What Wang Zitian cared about was certainly the battle between Han Fei and Tang Ge . Of course, he didn’t know that Han Fei and Tang Ge were brothers and were actually reminiscing about the past just now . So, he was eager to know the result of the fight .

Han Fei smiled . “It was a draw . That Tang Ge is really strong . ”

“Huh? You drew a tie with Tang Ge?”

Han Fei shrugged . “You don’t believe it?”


Wang Zitian snorted . “I’m going to find Cao Qiuqiu . ”

Then Wang Zitian slipped away .

To be honest, it was not that he didn’t believe him, but that he was stunned .

Only those who had fought Tang Ge knew how terrifyingly strong that guy was! He could even go into a frenzy in combat in certain circumstances . When Tang Ge was in his peak state, he couldn’t even resist a single blow of his!

But this temporary comrade-in-arms actually drew a tie with Tang Ge? What did that mean? It meant that this guy hid his strength that was definitely greater than what he showed .

As soon as Wang Zitian left, Han Fei immediately swam to the next fighting spot .

However, this time, Han Fei still didn’t find Xia Xiaochan . It seemed that some disciples of two sects were fighting each other here and there were a total of 9 people fighting .

There were 5 people on one side and 4 people on the other .

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Since everyone was about the same strength, the five-person side clearly took the upper hand, and three people on the other side had been injured and they were about to lose .

When Han Fei arrived, the four-people side immediately shouted, “Brother, help us . If we win, their Sea Swallowing Seashells will be yours . ”

Someone on the other side shouted, “Brother, don’t make a wrong decision . ”

Han Fei smiled . “Wrong decision? Haha… Hey, let me help you . ”

Han Fei waved the Blood Drinking Knife and hacked a person down, breaking his high-quality spiritual weapon .

The five people were shocked . “Asshole, which sect are you from?”

Han Fei said, “I’m the chief disciple… Of a sect… My name is Fan Datong . I came out for the first time . Please kindly advise . ”

Han Fei didn’t care about bragging . I said I’m the chief disciple of a sect, but who knows what sect it is… Anyway, when you find out I lied, I’ll already be gone . “Chief disciple?”

“You mean you’re the chief disciple?”

A hunter disdained and sneaked up to him in stealth mode .

However, as soon as he showed up, he was knocked to the ground by Han Fei with the Embroidery Needle .

“You are shameless . Why did you suddenly use a stick?”

Han Fei sighed . “Are you stupid? Can’t I use both a knife and a stick? Are you out of your mind?”

Seeing the situation was reversed, the four people of the other party immediately rose up to fight back .

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After half an hour, the five people were all knocked to the ground and reluctantly handed over their Sea Swallowing Seashells .

Because three of these four were seriously injured, and seeing that Han Fei was extremely strong, they kept their word and gave Han Fei all five Sea Swallowing Seashells .

This scene stunned Han Fei . It was the first time he saw this happen in the level-three fishery! He thought that these people would refuse to give them to him and then he could rob them by the way, but now what was he going to do?

“Brother, we would never go back on our word . ”

Han Fei silently took the Sea Swallowing Seashells, suddenly raised his head, and looked at these people . “Is this the first time you have come to the level-three fishery?”

These people paused and then nodded . “Yes, the first time we left the sect, we came directly to the Steps into the Sea . Is this not yours?”

Han Fei: “…”

Suddenly, Han Fei said, “Then may I… Teach you a rule of the level-three fishery?”

A girl asked curiously, “What rule?”

Han Fei said indifferently, “Don’t trust strangers . So, hand over your Sea Swallowing Seashells now . ”

Everyone: “???”

After a while, the four people lay on the ground .

The girl shouted indignantly, “You are shameless . ”

Han Fei tilted his head . “Why do you say that? A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit! I’m teaching you a lesson… I just want money, not life . I, Fan Datong, am the Black Ghost of the White and Black Ghosts… You’ll appreciate me one day, because other robbers would not spare your lives…”

Everyone: “…”