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God of Fishing - Chapter 454

Published at 17th of November 2020 08:10:06 PM

Chapter 454: 454

Chapter 454 The Sects

Han Fei was not very far from here . When he arrived, Xia Xiaochan had already rushed over .

Normally, Xia Xiaochan wouldn’t be able to beat these people . After all, she couldn’t use any of her hunter abilities, and it was a bit difficult for her to pretend to be a soul warrior .

However, with the Majestic Mystic Spell, even if Xia Xiaochan only used an ordinary bamboo stick, she was no weaker than any of these people .

Besides, although Xia Xiaochan could not use any of her hunter abilities, she was incomparable to ordinary soul warriors in terms of speed and reaction time . Her Roaming Technique was a heaven-level combat skill and was extremely rare even in the Thousand Star City . In the level-three fishery, on the hundred dragon boats, there would be only one or two heaven-level combat skills occasionally .

When Han Fei arrived, the scene where a real soul warrior who was strengthened by the Majestic Mystic Spell rushing into the battlefield was simply horrifying . However, what surprised Han Fei was that among these seven people, three of them resorted to some secret methods right on the spot, and their combat power soared instantly . At the same time, they fused with their spiritual beasts and had their contractual spiritual beasts attach to them, which increased their strength once again .

Because of this, under the combined efforts of the three people, Han Fei’s blow was blocked .

This scene shocked Han Fei . Did they just block my blow?

What surprised Han Fei was that these disciples of some sect from the Thousand Star City actually blocked his blow after his combat power was increased fivefold! Then how strong would the guys be when he reached the 200th floor?

Of course, the three people were even more shocked . They almost exerted all their strength but only blocked a single blow from Han Fei .

But the second blow came soon . The three wanted to block it again, but this blow was even more powerful than the previous one .


The three of them were smashed to the ground, their hands bleeding and their internal organs damaged, and they all vomited blood .

Of the other four, two of them were held off by Xia Xiaochan and were about to lose, and seeing this scene, the other two took out a talisman .

“The first door of death . ”

In front of the two people, a door had suddenly fallen from the sky, blocking Han Fei’s path .

Cao Qiu immediately explained to Han Fei, “This is a unique skill of the Death Door Sect in the Thousand Star City . Its defense is so strong that it is even difficult for my brother and Tang Ge to break the door . ”

Han Fei frowned and thrust out the Embroidery Needle to poke the door that suddenly appeared .


The sound was like muffled thunder, lingering and echoing

Several cracks appeared on the door . However, as Cao Qiu said, its defense was horribly strong .

Among the two, a spirit gatherer immediately used the healing technique and at the same time injected wisps of spiritual energy into the bodies of his companions .

However, when the two of them were delaying time with the Death Door, Han Fei suddenly took out his fishing rod .

Everyone: “???!”

The two people opposite were still wondering why he suddenly took out his fishing rod .

However, as Han Fei cast the hook, it appeared on the other side of the Death Door in the blink of an eye . Before the two of them had any time to react, Han Fei had activated the Thousand Twining Technique and directly wrapped the two of them up .

“No! How can it be…”

“Thousand-Mile Fishing Technique?”

Cao Qiu also cried out in surprise, “Wow! How did you do that?”

Even Xia Xiaochan was shocked . She had seen Wenren Yu and Xiao Zhan use this kind of technique before . With a wave of the hand, the fish hook would break through the air and appear a thousand kilometers away… When did Han Fei acquire this technique?

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These 12 people felt very frustrated, and among them, the most frustrated were the 5 guys who were directly trapped by the six-gate formation . If they were not trapped, they would be able to block a few attacks from Han Fei and buy some time .

At this moment, Han Fei smiled and said, “I want money, not life . Leave your Sea Swallowing Seashells and you can go . ”

“Humph! Do you know what you are doing? You are challenging our Death Door Sect . ”

Han Fei laughed, walked to the person who spoke, squatted down, and patted his face gently while saying, “I’m a robber . I don’t care if you are from the Death Door Sect or the Life Door Sect? No matter how many doors are in your home, I will still rob you . ”

These disciples from large sects had never been subjected to such insults! This guy was giving them a slap in the face, which was completely intolerable!

The man was about to jump up, only to be knocked out by a square brick . Han Fei took out his Sea Swallowing Seashell casually and searched him, complaining, “Why don’t you have any accessories on your body? Not even an amulet?”

Everyone: “???”

The man was distraught . “How can you search


“Because you didn’t give your belongings to me! If you gave them to me, why would I have to bother to search you?”

While they were talking, two girls immediately covered their chests . Han Fei’s face was black . “Xia Xiaochan, search the girls . ”

After a while, these 12 people were expelled by Han Fei in batches and their bodies gradually faded in the distance .

Cao Qiu was very excited . Wow, he is so strong! With such a teammate, it will be no problem for me to pass the 199th floor and hit the 200th floor .

A guy looked at Cao Qiu before he left . “Cao Qiuqiu, I’ll definitely take revenge on you when I return . ”

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Cao Qiu scoffed . “Go take revenge on Cao Tian . It has nothing to do with me . ”

Han Fei really envied Cao Qiu to have such a strong brother! No matter what happened, he would pass the buck to his brother . He wondered how Cao Qiu survived and even became an advanced Dangling Fisher…

Before he had the time to check the Sea Swallowing Seashells he had just stolen, the water rippled and another group of people came .

Han Fei was surprised . “Why are there so many people?”

Xia Xiaochan added, “There are a lot of people on this floor, and there are probably close to 30 people who have been driven out by us . ” The Hexagon Starfish suddenly wailed, “Life is so hard for the starfish! The six-gate formation consumes so much spiritual energy… Also, there are people coming from three directions . ”

“Three directions?”

Han Fei turned his head and saw that some figures had already appeared in the sea . There seemed to be only one person in one direction, two people in another, and seven or eight people in the third other direction .

Cao Qiu immediately shouted, “Run, we are going to be surrounded . ”

Xia Xiaochan waved the stick in her hand . “Fortunately, there are only a dozen people in total . ”

Han Fei wondered, “Is that Two Swords?”

“Two Swords?” Cao Qiu glanced at the figure who was alone, and after a while, he shouted in surprise, “Yes, yes, it is Two Swords . We have a chance, we still have a chance . ”

Han Fei shook his head . “What chance? You are useless!”

Cao Qiu pouted, “But you are strong . ” After sensing the fierce fight here, he guessed it must be some disciples of certain large sects, Tang Ge, or Han Fei who could cause such a violent disturbance .

According to his judgment, there was no one else except Han Fei who would fight as soon as he came in .

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Sure enough, as he had expected, far away, he saw Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan, and Cao Qiu standing in the water . Of course, he also noticed the arrival of others . However, he didn’t care . Although they were only three of them, they were strong enough .

However, when Two Swords swam closer, he saw Tang Ge and Mu Ling on one side . All of a sudden, he felt as if there was a sea urchin in his throat… So uncomfortable!

Han Fei was also a little surprised . Tang Ge was here .

With so many people here, Han Fei and Tang Ge pretended not to know each other . However, the expressions of Xia Xiaochan and Mu Ling became strange . Xia Xiaochan said through a voice transmission, Is this guy your buddy? Wow, he beat a hundred men alone!

Han Fei responded, Yes, of course!

Mu Ling was also asking, Is that man really your buddy? Is he really as strong as you say?

Tang Ge replied, Of course, but he is stronger than I thought . Don’t forget, he is now hiding his identity and can’t use his spiritual beast or contractual spiritual beasts .

On the other side .

A total of 8 people came who seemed to come from neither the Death Door Sect nor the Heavenly Sword Sect but another major sect .

Cao Qiu informed them, “They’re from the Sea Cloud Tower . ”

Han Fei asked, “So… How many sects do you have in the Thousand Star City? Wave after wave, almost endless!”

“There are seven major sects in total . This Sea Cloud Tower is weaker than the Heavenly Sword Sect and Death Door Sect, but only by a little bit . It’s still very powerful!”