God of Fishing - Chapter 455

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Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Poor Master Hexagon

Two Swords walked into Han Fei’s team without hesitation, so the scene turned into a three-way standoff .

The leader of the Sea Cloud Tower team was a young armorist . He frowned at the moment . The situation was beyond his expectations . Who would expect that so many people would come all at once?

On one side, there was the little fatty of the Cao Family, Two Swords, and Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan who were dressed so weirdly that they didn’t look like ordinary people at all . On another side, there were Tang Ge . Thus, they would have a very slim chance to win this battle .

Tang Ge said to Han Fei through a voice transmission, I’ve seen the leader of that team once . His name is Yu Xian and he is already a peak-level Dangling Fisher . His strength is not bad . Do you need me to help you?

No . Find an excuse and leave . I can handle the eight people .

Hearing this, Tang Ge immediately said to Mu Ling, “Let’s go!”


Seeing Tang Ge leave, Yu Xian secretly breathed a sigh of relief . If his team fought the team of Two Swords and got injured, no one present could be Tang Ge’s opponent! That would be the worst result for them .

Next to Tang Ge, Mu Ling curiously asked, “Aren’t you helping him? Yu Xian’s strength is not bad! Few people can escape from his knife formation . ”

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Tang Ge’s mouth . “You underestimate my brother . He has a very strong physique . No matter how powerful Yu Xian’s knife formation is, it can only trap Two Swords at most but won’t work on my brother . ”

In fact, Han Fei did not start to fight Yu Xian after Tang Ge left .

Wang Zitian instructed, “Leave Yu Xian to me and you two solve the remaining . ”

Han Fei frowned . “Is that guy very strong?”

Wang Zitian nodded slightly . “Yes, his knife formation is a killer formation . I could leave him to you, but I may not be able to handle the remaining seven . ”

Wang Zitian didn’t know Xia Xiaochan’s real strength . At least, for the time being, he hadn’t seen anything particularly outstanding about Xia Xiaochan . He unilaterally believed that Xia Xiaochan was just a soul warrior slightly stronger than ordinary ones, but not yet a top-notch Heavenly Talent .

As for Han Fei, he had fought him and witnessed the fight between Han Fei and Tang Ge, so Wang Zitian had recognized his strength .

“Okay! I’ll leave the leader to you . ”

As soon as Tang Ge left, a battle was about to break out .

Yu Xian didn’t know the Black and White Ghosts, nor had he ever heard of them . Therefore, his first goal was to intercept Two Swords .

As for Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, in his eyes, no matter how strong the two intermediate Dangling Fishers were, it was impossible for them to win against his seven fellow brothers and sisters .

As for Cao Qiu, he just ignored him .

Han Fei said to the Hexagon Starfish via voice transmission, Master Hexagon, remember to set up the formation when the perfect moment comes .

The Hexagon Starfish hung on Han Fei’s calf and complained, I can’t do it! Too frequent, I lack spiritual energy and physical energy…

Cut the crap . When the fight is over, I will give you a little more, a high-quality spiritual stone .

The Hexagon Starfish responded happily, OK then .

Han Fei was very angry . This damn starfish has learned to blackmail me now! He has become a greedy starfish . He is no longer pure!

Two Swords held his swords in both hands, and as sword shadows flashed behind him, he fused with his spiritual beasts instantly . He, like a sharp drawn sword, turned to Yu Xian .

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan looked at each other and then at Cao Qiu who was idling around before they rushed up .

This was a head-on fight . Unlike the battle just now, they would have to hold the opponent down before they could find a chance to set a trap .

At this moment, Han Fei took the lead to break into the siege single-handedly . However, the moment Han Fei rushed up to those people, he was stunned .

In all directions, there were thousands of knife shadows .

Xia Xiaochan hadn’t rushed into the crowd, but seeing this scene, she immediately stepped back several dozen meters .

Xia Xiaochan curled her lips . Only Han Fei, a guy with abnormal physique and strength, could bear this kind of flying snow-type attack .

Even for her, if she didn’t use the ability of a hunter, she would barely be able to defend herself in this world of flying knives .

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Clang Clang Clang…

When a clanging sound was heard from Han Fei’s body, Yu Xian knew something was wrong and immediately rushed back to support his teammates .

Wang Zitian blocked him, and a big sword fell from the sky . “Too late . ”

Han Fei put all his strength into this blow and the terrifying and explosive force directly smashed the sea . At least four people from the other side jumped up together, working together to resist this blow .

These people were shocked . How can an intermediate Dangling Fisher be so strong?


Before they figured it out, Han Fei smiled, turned the Embroidery Needle and smashed at the other two .

And the four of them were astonished .

But then, the moment the six-gate formation rose, the battle was almost over .

Cao Qiu immediately ran over and cast the Spirit Forbidden Net .

On the other side, Xia Xiaochan was fighting alone, completely suppressing the opponent who had no chance to fight back at all .

In only ten minutes, the seven people were all knocked out .

Yu Xian was dumbfounded . At this moment, being surrounded by Wang Zitian, Han Fei, and Xia Xiaochan, he simply had no chance!

Just now, when he saw how strong Han Fei’s physique was, he knew that this person was not simple and it was very likely that his strength exceeded his expectations .

He guessed right . Han Fei didn’t even exert his full strength . And to his surprise, Cao Qiu, who had always been ignored in combat, suddenly cast a Spirit Forbidden Net, so their failure was already certain .

Yu Xian immediately put away his knives . “Okay! You win . I surrender . ”

With that, Yu Xian looked at Han Fei and trembled . “Who are you?” Han Fei shouted, “We Kill!”

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Xia Xiaochan added, “You Die!”

“We are the Black and White Ghosts . Next time you see us, just give us your Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

Yu Xian took out his Sea Swallowing Seashell sullenly, threw it over, and then looked at his teammates . “Leave your Sea Swallowing Seashells and let’s go . ”

Wang Zitian said lightly, “There are not many teams on the 199th floor . I’m going to the next floor . As for you guys, you’d better think carefully before going to the next floor . ”

Han Fei responded casually, “Cao Qiu, you can go down too . ”


Everyone: “???”

Cao Qiu smirked . “Could you please help me beat my summoned creature?”

Everyone: “…”

After sending Cao Qiu down, Xia Xiaochan said, “Are we really going down and fighting so many people?”

Han Fei thought for a while and shouted, “Master Hexagon, open your gates . Let us go to your door . ”


The Hexagon Starfish directly jumped from Han Fei’s calf to Xia Xiaochan’s back, and his big eyes kept rolling . “The treasures are all my own, and I have earned them . ”

Han Fei laughed and scolded, “Who wants your treasures? Just let us enter an empty door . I’m going to cook a meal inside! Don’t you want energy? I’ll satisfy you . Anyway, I have a lot of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers . ”

Hearing that Han Fei was not going to his treasury, the Hexagon Starfish relaxed . Xia Xiaochan was confused . “What door?”

Han Fei smiled . “You’ll know soon enough . ”

In the world in the door .

Xia Xiaochan felt incredible . “How is this possible? This is the space inside the door of the starfish? How can it be so big?”

Han Fei was also a little surprised . “Master Hexagon, the area of your inner world has doubled!”

The Hexagon Starfish muttered, “I made breakthroughs! Of course, it will become bigger . ” Han Fei exclaimed, “How big can this space get?”

The voice of the Hexagon Starfish wafted in the empty square, “I don’t know . It depends on how many breakthroughs I’ll make . ”

Han Fei sat on the ground and took out all his pots and pans .

To be honest, Han Fei was quite satisfied with the Hexagon Starfish . Although this guy was a bit greedy and no longer pure, his six-gate formation was almost invincible!

With the six-gate formation, coupled with the Spirit Forbidden Net, a battle with ten or eight enemies was simply a piece of cake for them .

Han Fei even planned more than once to trick this big starfish into becoming his contractual spiritual beast . With their tacit cooperation now, Han Fei was sure he could make an endless fortune .

Han Fei was cooking .

Xia Xiaochan ran to the deepest part of the door, knocking against the dark border .

Xia Xiaochan said, “Big Starfish, there seems to be another space outside . ”

The Hexagon Starfish pleaded, “I know, can you stop knocking? I itch . ”

Xia Xiaochan asked suspiciously, “Can you feel it?!

As she said this, she scratched the dark seal on the border and asked, “Is it itchy?”

“Yes . ”

Xia Xiaochan continued to scratch with both hands . “How about this?”

“It’s itchier . ”

Han Fei laughed . “Okay, stop it . Time for a meal . Master Hexagon, eat your fill . Don’t hold me back on the floors below…” The Hexagon Starfish asked with hope, “Can I leave?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Do you want your essence blood or not?”