God of Fishing - Chapter 457

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Chapter 457

Chapter 457 The Stupid Yet Strong Woman in White

Basalt Conchs were completely different from Xiao Zhan’s Eight-Armed Conch . It had no weird tentacles or sticky suckers .

However, the shell of the Basalt Conch was like a big wheel rolled twice, with little bumps on it . Its fighting method was to control the shell to fight . Therefore, it was also called the Turning Wheel Conch .

Although Han Fei had sent away two waves of people, he did not touch the Basalt Conch whose shell had been damaged in several places, which seemed to be seriously injured .

Instead, he was pretending to fight against the Basalt Conch while moving to other places .

With this method, in the next half hour, with this dying Basalt Conch, he tricked four waves of people and got 7 Sea Swallowing Seashells .

At this moment, Han Fei gently knocked on the Basalt Conch and then pretended to be sent flying hundreds of meters away . The wheel-like Basalt Conch was crushing against Han Fei and he narrowly evaded it .

After performing for less than five minutes, Han Fei saw a girl in white taking a look at this side .

Huh! A woman?

Han Fei was a little disappointed . And this girl is alone! Should I rob her? If not, it will be a waste of my acting, right?

Rob! I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman…

Han Fei made up his mind and deliberately dodged towards that side . When he was less than 500 meters away from the woman, suddenly, a ray of sword light swept across .

The next moment, a fine sword mark suddenly appeared on the shell of the Basalt Conch . And this Basalt Conch stopped moving . Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei turned around and saw the girl in white only dozens of meters away from him .

“You led it to me because you wanted me to help you, right? Now you can go . ” Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was stunned . Is this girl so strong? With a single slash, she killed the Basalt Conch whose defensive power was extremely strong? “Xiaoqiang! Xiaoqiang, what’s the matter with you, Xiaoqiang? Xiaoqiang, you can’t die! I’ve been staying with you for three days and three nights, treating you like my dearest spiritual beast! But now you’re killed…”

After that, Han Fei suddenly turned his head . “You are so vicious! When did you hear that I asked you to help me? Pay me with a Basalt Conch… Or, pay me with a Soul Crystal . ”

The girl: “???”

The white-clothed girl was stunned . What’s going on here? Why is this guy crying so bitterly at the death of a damn summoned creature?

The girl said coldly, “Are you… Blackmailing


Han Fei certainly wouldn’t admit this . He got up angrily and walked towards the girl in white . “Blackmail? How can you say that? I’m just telling you, sometimes good intentions lead to bad results! I’m teaching you the truth of life…”

Han Fei said via voice transmission while talking nonsense, Master Hexagon, is it close enough? Come on!

Just when the girl was off guard, all of a sudden, six purple lights rose into the sky .

But this time, Han Fei’s eyeballs almost popped out . With a snap, the girl turned into a wisp of light blue smoke . When the smoke condensed again, the girl had already appeared outside the six-gate formation . The Hexagon Starfish was shocked . She’s so fast . I can’t trap her . Han Fei secretly said, You’re telling me . I saw it too .

The girl frowned and looked at Han Fei . “So, you approached me because you wanted to trap me in the purple formation? If my guess is correct, the starfish on you is the legendary Hexagon Starfish?”

Han Fei felt his heart skip a beat . In fact, he had discovered early that none of the people who recognized the starfish were ordinary people .

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The girl in front of her could guess it was a Hexagon Starfish just through the six-gate formation . This woman did not seem simple!

Han Fei held his head high and looked right and left . “Really? I don’t know! Actually, I just wanted to try your reaction-time just now . As a girl, you should be vigilant when you’re outside alone… Well, OK! Your reaction speed is very good . Keep it up… I have something to do now . I’m leaving…”

However, Han Fei only took two steps before the girl stood in his way . The girl in white with a narrow sword in her hand was elegant but her face was cold . “Do you think I look stupid? You can’t snatch my Sea Swallowing Seashell, so you want to run? Since when does the Grand Void Academy have a shameless disciple like you?”

Han Fei sneered . “It’s none of your business? Go away . I don’t hit girls . ”

The girl raised one arm horizontally . “Don’t you know me?”

Han Fei paused and felt something was wrong . Is this girl very famous? I don’t f*cking know her! I have never been to the Thousand Star City .

Han Fei said awkwardly, “This is the first time I’ve walked out of the Grand Void Academy . I have been cultivating in secret realms before, so of course, I don’t know you . ” “Bullshit… You are not a disciple of the Grand Void Academy . Who are you?”

Han Fei: “???”

Seeing the Han Fei seemed confused, the white-clothed girl explained, “The Grand Void Academy is the most active sect in the Thousand Star City and has been involved in many aspects of the Thousand Star City, including public security, the school system, etc . You said you hadn’t been out of the Grand Void Academy? How is that possible?”

Han Fei’s expression remained unchanged . “There are people like me in every sect . Otherwise, what if the other sects get to know how talented I am and get jealous of me?”

The white-clothed girl was at a loss for words and after quite a while, she finally said, “You’re… You’re really shameless!”

Han Fei said with a black face, “Hey, hey! You’re too much! How can you insult me?!”

However, what greeted Han Fei was not the retort of the white-clothed girl, but an arc of sword Qi .

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Han Fei casually blocked it with the Embroidery Needle and the sword Qi was shattered .


The girl in white suddenly disappeared . Then, faint blue smoke appeared all around Han Fei . Immediately afterward, sword Qi hacked at him from all directions . “What the hell is this footwork?”

Han Fei had thought Xia Xiaochan’s flash was simply one of the most powerful combat skills in the world, but this weird woman’s footwork was even more shocking . Han Fei brandished the Embroidery Needle like a wheel and blocked a lot of the sword Qi . At the same time, his spiritual perception spread and swept across every inch within a few hundred meters in the blink of an eye .

What puzzled Han Fei was that he could clearly sense the girl in white but she was moving too fast .

“No, there is a problem with the smoke . ”


Han Fei smiled, grabbed the whetstone, and kept smashing at the condensed smoke . During the period, although a few wisps of sword Qi fell on him, he didn’t care . The sword Qi could only leave some faint blood marks on his body, which would heal in several minutes with the help of the Divine Healing Technique .

As he expected, when the blue smoke dissipated, the white-clothed woman appeared, pointing her sword at Han Fei .

Han Fei smiled and said, “Girl, your strength is not bad, but you still can’t beat me . However, it’s true that I am not as fast as you . Let’s just go our separate ways and leave each other alone, OK?”

The girl in white pursed her lips . “How did you find that there was a problem with the smoke?”

Han Fei sneered . “I’m not stupid . Although the smoke was floating in the air, you fell on it every time . This shows that your speed is based on the blue smoke . If there is no smoke, where can you hide?” The girl in white shouted, “Take this!”

As she thrust her sword out, there was an explosive sound as if a gale was blowing and thunder rumbling .

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . What a strong attack!

Han Fei could clearly feel that such a slash was not at all weaker than Two Swords’ full-force blow, or to be exact, it was a bit stronger than that .


Han Fei picked up Embroidery Needle, and without any fancy, smashed at the powerful sword Qi with the wind and thunder shadow .


With a bang, the girl in white took three steps back .

A surprised gleam flashed across her eyes . “An Intermediate Dangling Fisher?” Han Fei smiled . “Little girl, I’ve told you that I am an unrivaled genius of the Grand Void Academy . You don’t understand my realm . Go, go, leave me alone…”

Han Fei just wanted to leave, but the girl’s second blow came . This attack was even stronger, at least 50% stronger than the last one .


Han Fei was speechless . He jumped up and activated the Majestic Mystic Spell to repel the girl dozens of steps away again . Blood oozed from the corner of her mouth .

“Huh! Did you use a secret method?”

“Yes, so what? It’s none of your business!”

The white-clothed girl’s eyes turned cold . “Take my third attack!”