God of Fishing - Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Turn A Group Fight into a One-On-One Hit

Han Fei certainly wouldn’t let this group of people give up!

Han Fei walked out of the six-gate formation and pointed his rod at the people . “Come on, two minutes! I will let go of anyone who can hold out for two minutes under my attack . Not only that, but I, Fan Datong, will also immediately leave the Steps into the Sea . But whoever loses must leave their Sea Swallowing Seashell and then get out of here . ”

Han Fei stood proudly but thought in his heart, Anyway, I am not actually Fan Datong . If I lose, I will… Change to Li Hanyi .


On the sea platform, Li Han suddenly sneezed .

He was very depressed . He’d had a bad day recently due to Han Fei . Did he get sick? He was already a Dangling Fisher . If he got sick, the others would laugh at him!

Seeing Han Fei’s overbearing and arrogant manner, the disciples of the Grand Void Academy had completely believed him . He exclaimed in his heart, This man is really a worthy disciple of the dean! Look how powerful and confident he is! He must be so excited to finally be out and exploring . What’s all the fuss with the Jade Fairy Palace? Even your most outstanding talent was defeated by us!

He could even imagine, This time, if Han Fei can defeat all his opponents, when he returns to the Thousand Star City, the Grand Void Academy’s fame will be greatly boosted up and could even match that of the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Jade Fairy Palace . Seeing they were still hesitating, Han Fei suddenly shouted angrily, “What are you waiting for? If you don’t dare to accept my challenge, how can you have the cheek to claim to be strong masters?”

Immediately, someone blushed . “I, Feng Yifei from the Origin Returning Peak, accept this challenge from Fan Datong of the Grand Void Academy . ”

Han Fei held his head high . “Good!”

Feng Yifei’s weapon turned out to be a fan, his spiritual beast was a Blue Tide Turtle, and his two contractual spiritual beasts were a Thorntail Wind Snake and a Butterfly Star Worm .

As the fan danced, flying needles shot at Han Fei all over the sky . And the peculiar ability of that Butterfly Star Worm was flashing, so this young man was confident that he would be able to hold on for two minutes with his flashing ability .

However, to everyone’s shock, Han Fei actually pulled out a longbow and shot out three consecutive arrows with his eyes closed . Han Fei didn’t dare to use the sixth arrow for fear of accidentally killing this man . However, the fifth arrow of the War Soul Art was more than enough to beat a peak-level Dangling Fisher . Three arrows came out together, consuming nearly ten thousand points of spiritual energy . BAM, BAM, BAM…

In the air, the arrows exploded in three different places . After the three blows, the man lay on the ground drenched in blood, his clothes torn .


Han Fei defeated the disciple from the Origin Returning peak within a minute . This strength awed everyone present . Now no one doubted Han Fei’s identity anymore . They never believed that an ordinary person could have this strength .

The disciple of the Grand Void Academy was puzzled . Can our Dean teach bow skills?

However, then he convinced himself that the Dean was so powerful that he was capable of anything! It was just because the Senior Brother was too excellent that he taught him additional combat skills .

Gong Yuehan, who was still in the Spirit Forbidden Net, opened her eyes wide at this moment . That guy was using a stick and a knife just now… But then, he changed to use a bow and seemed to be so good at it!

Gong Yuehan was dumbfounded .

So were the others . Is this guy a hidden trump card of the Grand Void Academy?

The disciple of the Grand Void Academy was grinning from ear to ear as if it was he who had won a victory .

But Han Fei just calmly put away the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow and said, “Your Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

Feng Yifei flushed, panting hard and looking embarrassed . He threw his Sea Swallowing Seashell out and his face turned pale and red . Then he quickly disappeared in the seawater .


Han Fei looked around at everyone, arrogantly lifting his chin high .

In the crowd, a tall, big boy stood up . “Xu Wei from the Mountain Sea Pavilion, armorist, please advise . ”

Han Fei looked at this man up and down . How many damn sects are there? This is already the seventh, isn’t it? Is the Thousand Star City really that big? Can it accommodate so many sects?

“Well… Brother, how old are you?”

The armorist replied, “16 . ”

Han Fei smiled . “But you look like a 26-year-old! Can you find a girlfriend?”

Xu Wei: “???”

Han Fei used the Embroidery Needle this time and said to Xu Wei, “Come on!”

The sea suddenly surged and the armor box was overflowing with colorful radiance . Han Fei frowned . Does this match your sturdy figure?

Little girls liked these bells and whistles, but wasn’t it weird for a man to embellish his armor box like this?

However, Han Fei didn’t take this man lightly at all, because one wheel after another appeared in the colorful glow .

Han Fei’s eyelids flicked . Cool! Clang, Clang, Clang… Han Fei’s footwork was very elusive and he managed to narrowly evade the golden wheels every time . In the eyes of everyone, Han Fei was approaching Xu Wei quickly like a shadow . But Xu Wei just smiled . “Sky Wheel Dance!”

In an instant, a hundred golden wheels gushed out, covering all directions, crazily darting at Han Fei .

Han Fei put his foot on a golden wheel, his body floated upwards, and pieces of golden wheels surged up behind him .

When Han Fei was a few hundred meters above the ground, the whetstone grew tens of meters large in the sky, abruptly blocking those golden wheels .

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Han Fei’s face changed slightly, and the spiritual energy on the whetstone exploded in an instant . As the seawater surged, a giant rod fell from the sky . The speed was so fast that Xu Wei hurriedly summoned hundreds of the wheels back to block it .

However, Xu Wei underestimated the weight of the Embroidery Needle .

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Except for Han Fei, no one present could lift the Embroidery Needle .

Therefore, Xu Wei fell to the ground under this blow and could not get up anymore .

One of the other two female disciples of the Jade Fairy Palace quickly performed a treatment on Xu Wei and stabilized his condition .

The whole process seemed extremely dangerous, but it happened so very fast . It only took Han Fei minimal effort to dodge the golden wheels .

Xu Wei was defeated a minute and a half later .

After the defeat of Feng Yifei and Xu Wei, everyone else was a bit scared .

The young man who kept yelling to save Gong Yuehan had shut up at the moment .

Han Fei pointed the Embroidery Needle at him . “Come! Didn’t you say you wanted to kill me? I’ll stand still and let you hit me . If you make my feet move within two minutes, you win . ”

Han Fei was not that broad-minded . This guy yelled the most fiercely just now . He certainly couldn’t let him off .

The boy turned pale . Where did this guy pop up? He is too strong! The disciples of the Mountain Sea Pavilion are famous for their incredible strength, but Xu Wei couldn’t even resist a single blow from him!

Besides, he saw Han Fei suddenly put away the rod before taking out a kitchen knife .

Yes, he was sure he saw it right . It was definitely a kitchen knife . How could this guy defend himself with such a short knife?

Gong Yuehan rolled her eyes . The kitchen knife was Fan Datong’s strongest weapon . However, this time she was not prepared to remind this boy . She didn’t like this boy who kept pestering her, so she didn’t mind Han Fei teaching him a lesson . Anyway, as a disciple of the Grand Void Academy, Han Fei wouldn’t really kill him . “Zhai Shun, come on! Brother Fan is just defending…”

Zhai Shun was speechless . Why don’t you f*cking fight him? Fan Datong is so strong! I am definitely not on par with him…

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However, a man would never act like a coward in front of his dream girl . If he flinched at this moment, how could he still have the cheek to chase his goddess?

Therefore, Zhai Shun decided that even if he would lose, he must lose like a real warrior .

Anyway, he just needed to make Han Fei’s feet move . Therefore, Zhai Shun directly gave up those fancy combat skills . What he needed to do was just attack him as hard as he could .


Zhai Shun thrust his spear at Han Fei . The spear danced like a flying dragon, bursting with spiritual energy and wrapped with a centipede phantom, and the seawater burst several times .

Han Fei suddenly said to the others, “Junior Brothers, I will teach you the truth today . Attack is the best defense . This is what the Dean taught me . ”


“Draw . ”

The blade light flashed, and the spear’s momentum was instantly shattered, and Zhai Shun turned pale with fright . The knife light was going to kill him and he was not in the mood to care about the goddamned goddess!

He immediately took out his amulet .


The light on the amulet dimmed and Zhai Shun’s feet slid dozens of meters on the ground . “Puff…”

“Gulp…” Seeing this scene, the others all swallowed nervously . Wow, Zhai Shun was defeated so easily . This guy was simply too strong! Only the disciple from the Grand Void Academy said respectfully to Han Fei, “Senior Brother, thank you for your instruction . ”