God of Fishing - Chapter 460

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Chapter 460

Chapter 460 Fan Datong, You Wait and See

After Han Fei had won three battles and was about to continue to challenge the others, many people retreated .

Someone said, “Brother Fan, you are the disciple of the Dean of the Grand Void Academy . Why do you have to give us a hard time? Let’s just let it go, okay?”

The two girls from the Jade Fairy Palace also said, “Senior Brother Fan, could we take Senior Sister away?”

Han Fei put his hand behind his back and said solemnly, “Cultivators should never be afraid of fighting, cowardice is a demon to us . You don’t understand, but I do . I can’t leave you with regret . So, the battles must go on . ”

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei suddenly said, “Oh! By the way, Junior Brother, you have to fight me too, but I won’t take your Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”


The disciple of the Grand Void Academy’s face became stiff and he felt a bit aggrieved . Why do I have to fight you too?

Han Fei secretly transmitted a message to him, Don’t worry . Before I came out, my master told me to remember to suppress other sects without irritating them . So what can I do? I have no choice!

The man responded, Senior Brother, I understand you . Okay, I’ll try my best to fight you so that they can’t find an excuse to blame you .

Han Fei praised him, Junior Brother, you’re so sensible and considerate . When I return to the sect, I will tell my master what you have done for our academy .

The disciple of the Grand Void Academy was very excited and almost shed tears of gratitude . Although he pretended to be nonchalant on the surface, his eyes were full of gratitude .

With Han Fei in front, these people didn’t know what to do .

If they ran away, it would be a disgrace to their sects .

If they didn’t, they obviously couldn’t beat this guy!

However, for the sake of their sects’ reputation, they all chose to stay in the end .

Then .

One, two… Seven…

After a while, seven people left seven Sea Swallowing Seashells .

Only the disciple from the Grand Void Academy didn’t leave . Han Fei hushed him and asked the Hexagon Starfish to remove the six-gate formation . Then he collected the Spirit Forbidden Net and looked at Gong Yuehan with a smile .

“No offense . ”

“Shameless . ”

Han Fei said seriously, “It’s just how cultivation is . How can you call me shameless? I, Fan Datong, don’t think I did anything wrong . You don’t understand it, but I do, and you will also understand it one day . ”

Gong Yuehan blushed and snorted and her figure gradually faded away . When there were only two people left, Han Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief . “Junior Brother, may I ask what your name is?”

“Senior Brother, my name is Ji Wenxuan . ”

Han Fei nodded lightly . “Why are you alone here? Where are your other fellow sisters and brothers?”

Ji Wenxuan’s eyes dimmed slightly . “Senior Brother, we ran into the Mountain Sea Pavilion on the 188th floor . After the battle, more than a dozen fellow brothers and sisters were sent out of here . Later, on the 197th, 198th and 199th floors, a few more left . In the end, only I and five other people entered the 200th floor . Among them, one was kicked out by Mo Feiyan and I don’t know what happened to the others . ”

Han Fei had sent out two of them, plus this Ji Wenxuan, so there should still be two more people .

Han Fei nodded slightly . “Yes, I am afraid the 201st floor will be far more difficult than this floor . You’d better not go down rashly . ” Ji Wenxuan asked, “Senior Brother, why did you come alone? If you came with us, you would have been able to lead a large number of us into the 200th floor . ”

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Han Fei sighed . “This is my master’s plan . He said that if I led the team, you wouldn’t get enough training . Besides, I have been cultivating for so long, not for the 200th floor . It’s said that Cao Tian may have made it to the 250th floor now… By the way, Tang Ge, have you seen him? When I was on the 199th floor, I had a fight with him . This person is really powerful and made me consume a lot of resources . Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to snatch others’ Sea Swallowing Seashells . ”

Upon hearing this, Ji Wenxuan was shocked . “Senior Brother, have you met the monster, Tang Ge? Were you injured?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly . “No, but that guy is very tough . I tried my best but only drew a tie with him, alas…”

“Huh? Senior Brother, you drew a tie with Tang Ge?”

Han Fei pretended to be shy . “Fortunately, I managed to fight to a tie . Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been on the 200th floor . By the way, have you ever met him?”

Ji Wenxuan was very excited . How powerful is this strange Senior Brother?!

He fought Tang Ge of the Heavenly Sword Sect to a tie, defeated Gong Yuehan of the Jade Fairy Palace, and also planned to catch up with Cao Tian on the Steps into the Sea, which simply fascinated him . “I haven’t met Tang Ge . He has always been a loner and people will avoid him when they meet him . I’m afraid he has already reached the 201st floor at this moment . ”

Han Fei was noncommittal and then asked, “Then have you met Two Swords? I met him on the 199th floor . He seems to be with the little fatty from the Cao Family . ”

Ji Wenxuan’s eyes lit up . “Senior Brother, have you also fought Two Swords?” Han Fei shook his head . “No, I didn’t have time to fight him at the time, but his sword Qi is very strong, so I think he should be a good opponent . ”

Ji Wenxuan said, “Senior Brother, you will definitely be able to beat him . Two Swords can’t beat Tang Ge and Gong Yuehan! However, I haven’t met them either . ”

Han Fei was speechless . How come you haven’t met anyone? Then who the f*ck have you met?

Han Fei narrowed his eyes . “Junior Brother Ji, are there still many people on the 200th floor? I need to snatch some Sea Swallowing Seashells . Which direction do you think I should go in?”

Ji Wenxuan asked in amazement, “Do you still lack Sea Swallowing Seashells, Senior Brother?”

Han Fei shook his head . “Once you enter the 201st floor, there will be fewer people on the lower floors . Although I have some spares, I’m afraid it won’t be enough . If I want to catch up with Cao Tian, I may need more resources . ”

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Ji Wenxuan took out his Sea Swallowing Seashell . Han Fei looked at it avidly, but he didn’t know if Ji Wenxuan was testing him out or not . After all, it would be strange for a senior brother to snatch his junior brother’s resources .

Han Fei shook his head and said, “Junior Brother, I can’t take your Sea Swallowing Seashell . Tell me where the other people are and I will get theirs . ”

Ji Wenxuan couldn’t help but think, A strong master is a strong master! Although Senior Brother is only an intermediate Dangling Fisher, he is so damn strong! He doesn’t need my Sea Swallowing Seashell .

Ji Wenxuan said, “Senior Brother, if you want to snatch Sea Swallowing Seashells, you definitely can’t go this way . ”

As he said this, Ji Wenxuan pointed to Han Fei’s left side . “There are a lot of people gathering there . Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan seem to be there, as well as many disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sects, Death Door Sect, and Origin Returning Peak . ”

Han Fei was shocked . “Huh! Why are they gathering there?” Ji Wenxuan shrugged . “Most people are offering sacrifices or fighting with summoned creatures . As for people like Sun Mu, they can enter the 201st floor, but I don’t know why they stay here . ”

Han Fei nodded . “Okay, I got it . Then I will start on the other side . As for people like Sun Mu, I will go to meet them later . ”

Ji Wenxuan was surprised . “Senior Brother, are you going to fight them?”

Han Fei smiled . “Yes . If our Grand Void Academy wants to make a name, we need to take these big-clan children as our stepping stone . ”

“Good idea, Senior Brother . ”

“I’m flattered . ”

Han Fei thought for a moment . Should he just send Ji Wenxuan away? However, he wasn’t sure if there were other disciples from the Grand Void Academy here… If there were, he could use Ji Wenxuan as a guise, so he gave up the thought of sending him out .

“Junior Brother Ji, enjoy your trip here . I’m going to go around the 200th floor . ”

Ji Wenxuan bowed to him . “Senior Brother, take care . ”

“Take care . ”

Han Fei left in the direction indicated by Ji Wenxuan .

As for Ji Wenxuan, he might want to kill Han Fei after leaving the Step into the Sea!

In fact, it was not Ji Wenxuan but Gong Yuehan and the disciples of those big sects who wanted to kill him .

There was an uproar on the Steps into the Sea . Many disciples of the major sects in the Thousand Star City were kicked out, not one or two, but groups .

When Gong Yuehan appeared on the Steps into the Sea, many people were stunned and many people even put their business aside and came to watch her .

Ordinary people didn’t know Gong Yuehan, but every disciple from the major sects did!

“Oh! Impossible!”

Someone hurriedly shouted to Gong Yuehan, “Senior Sister Gong, did you come out for something?”

Gong Yuehan was stunned . The disciples of almost all the major sects were here, no exceptions! Look at the uniforms!

As soon as Gong Yuehan arrived on the shore, some female disciples from the Jade Fairy Palace ran over . “Senior Sister, we were deceived . ”


The girls chattered, “That Fan Datong is not a disciple of the Dean from the Grand Void Academy at all . He is a big villain . He is known as the Black Ghost of the Black and White Ghosts in the third-level fishery, who will stop at no evil and even eat humans . He is also on the Wanted List!”

Gong Yuehan: “???”

After a moment .

Gong Yuehan was flushed with anger, clenching her fists, and gnashing her teeth . “Fan Datong, you wait and see…”