God of Fishing - Chapter 461

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Chapter 461: 461

Chapter 461 Sister-In-Law

Han Fei didn’t care what happened outside .

No matter what, it was none of his business: let everyone hate Fan Datong!

He was disguised as Fan Datong just to get into the Steps into the Sea and did what he wanted to do more conveniently .

However, they met the little fatty of the Cao Family halfway through, causing them not only to safely enter the Steps into the Sea, but also to make a name for themselves .

Han Fei thought now that the Black and White Ghosts were notorious, he might as well rob all the people on the first 200 floors of the Steps into the Sea . At this point, his second goal had almost been achieved . In fact, he could already reveal his real identity .

After all, no matter how strong the Black and White Ghosts were, if he couldn’t use all his combat skills, his combat power would be compromised . This problem was particularly evident for Xia Xiaochan .

Although Xia Xiaochan was still very strong even if she didn’t use her hunter abilities, it was because of the Majestic Mystic Spell . Once her energy was exhausted, she would have to become her original self .

At this moment .

Han Fei rushed along the way… Or rather… Deceived and robbed along the way . Where he passed, no one was spared .

If people appeared in teams, Han Fei might need to use his brain . If he encountered a single person or a combination of two people, he would just go straight up and rob them .

Of course, many people ran away and some people directly crushed their Flash Stones and escaped . However, most people couldn’t escape . After all, no one would take an intermediate Dangling Fisher seriously .

And then the facts told them that even intermediate Dangling Fishers could be unimaginably strong .

Then Han Fei met Mu Ling .

Yes, Han Fei met Mu Ling . At this moment, Mu Ling was fighting with three disciples from the Death Door Sect .

Han Fei was surprised to see that . Judging from the way Mu Ling treated Cao Qiu on the upper level, she should have a powerful background . Why did the people from the Death Door Sect dare to attack her?

However, what surprised Han Fei even more was that Mu Ling, a spirit gatherer could easily resist the attacks of a soul warrior, an armorist, and a hunter .

This was what shocked Han Fei!

Han Fei saw that Mu Ling pushed with one hand and a formation appeared in the air . Then she stomped on the ground and a defensive formation blocked several attacks . As her finger pointed, a killing formation popped up, trapping the armorist .

“Gee, Tang Ge has really got a good girlfriend!”

Without even thinking, Han Fei came up to help Mu Ling, shouting, “Don’t you three feel ashamed to bully a girl together? Let me teach you a lesson . ”

The hunter came out, looked at Han Fei, and sneered . “An intermediate Dangling Fisher from the Grand Void Academy? What makes you think you can meddle in our affairs?”

Han Fei smiled faintly . “Do you know why hunters are called hunters? Because they are good at sneak attacks! But, do you want to confront me head-on?”

With that, Han Fei launched an attack at him . Although the hunter disappeared in the next moment, Han Fei didn’t want to chase him, but rather lure him to get close .

One minute later, the six-gate formation rose .

Han Fei stood in the six-gate formation and chuckled . “Look, you are definitely not a qualified hunter . ”


He swept out with the Embroidery Needle three times in a row and knocked the hunter to the ground . Then throwing the Embroidery Needle on him, Han Fei directly snatched his Sea Swallowing Seashell .

Just as Han Fei was about to wound this man and kick him out, a voice suddenly rang in his mind .

Don’t touch him . Remove the purple formation .

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei didn’t mind letting this guy go . Anyway, he had got his Sea Swallowing Seashell . But why did Mu Ling ask him to do so? Once he had Master Hexagon remove the six-gate formation, this hunter would definitely run away!

Sure enough, as soon as the six-gate formation was removed, the hunter immediately cooperated with the armorist and the soul warrior and shattered the killing formation in one fell swoop, and then the three of them ran away .

Han Fei was puzzled . “Why did you let them go?”

Mu Ling nodded lightly . “It’s OK . Just let them



Mu Ling smiled . “Tang Ge wants to help you, but he can’t do it too blatantly . Now, after we let these three people go, people will think Tang Ge owes you one because you saved me . Then he will have a justified excuse to help

you . ”

Han Fei’s eyelids flicked . This woman is so quick-witted and scheming! In such a short time, she had worked out a very smart way to make use of this simple encounter .

Based on this alone, Han Fei knew that this woman was definitely not simple! She was very smart and he felt she was a bit like Yang Ruoyun .

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However, Han Fei still frowned . “This doesn’t make much sense! Because of this favor, Tang Ge may help me fight the people of the Death Door Sect, but as for others…”


Mu Ling shook her head slightly . “Don’t underestimate this seemingly insignificant favor . Everyone knows that Tang Ge is a person who values affection and righteousness . He can use this excuse to help you fight people of three or four sects . Even if he can’t help you much this time, he can still help you the next time . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “So many?”

Mu Ling smiled . “Of course, maybe even more . Actually, there are not many disciples from the Seven Sects in the Thousand Star City who can enter the 200th floor . But as long as they can reach this point, they will not be weak . However, most of them are no match for Tang Ge . Therefore, he and I can help you solve a lot of trouble . ”

“Are there only seven major sects in the Thousand Star City?”

Mu Ling nodded . “There are only seven large ones . ”

Mu Ling looked at the uniform of the Grand Void Academy that Han Fei was wearing and couldn’t help but smile . “I think you have probably met them all . ”

Han Fei calculated in his head, the disciples from the Grand Void Academy were almost all gone . Now he was the leader of the Grand Void Academy team .

Tang Ge and Mu Ling represented the Heavenly Sword Sect, so the people of the Sky Sword Sect would not go against him . The Mountain Sea Tower team had been cleared up on the upper floors . Their team leader, Yu Xian, had been kicked out and there were probably not many of them left .

Gong Yuehan of the Jade Fairy Palace has also gone out, so there should be no top players on this team anymore .

Besides, Xia Xiaochan and Two Swords were still clearing up those marginal figures . In this way, the people of the seven major sects seemed to have been solved .

Han Fei chuckled . “Sister-in-law, why are you here? Why aren’t you with Tang Ge?”

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Mu Ling’s face turned red immediately, and she seemed to be shy because Han Fei called her ‘sister-in-law’ .

Seeing this, Han Fei secretly laughed . This girl seemed to really love Tang Ge .

Han Fei didn’t feel anything wrong with the girl . Just because she was smart didn’t mean she was scheming! And there must be a reason for Tang Ge to choose Mu Ling .

He believed that if a man like Tang Ge who was upright and righteous chose her, she must have some merit .

Mu Ling quickly recovered herself . Although she still blushed, Han Fei could see that she seemed very happy . “Well! He should be helping you clear up your opponents now . ” “Huh?”

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . “I told him not to act rashly!”

Mu Ling shook her head slightly . “Since you are his best buddy, you should know him! There are many people on the 200th floor, so he will only let you face so many people alone . He will definitely help you deal with some of them…”

Then Mu Ling added, “Don’t worry . There are almost all the children of the big families and disciples of the major sects in the Thousand Star City on the 200th floor . It is common for people to compete for resources . Especially Tang Ge, he has more reasons to snatch because everyone believes that he can definitely enter lower floors . However, the further he goes down, the greater the sacrifice required . It makes sense for him to rob others . ”

When Han Fei heard what Mu Ling said, he was relieved and then smirked . “Sister-in-law, you can rest assured, when I see him I will talk to him . How can he put aside such a beautiful woman and run to fight? That is a shame!”


Mu Ling couldn’t help but laugh and then blush . “Since you regard me as your sister-in-law, if you go to the Thousand Star City in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me when you need a hand . Even if he doesn’t help you, I will help you . ”