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God of Fishing - Chapter 465

Published at 22nd of November 2020 04:55:11 PM

Chapter 465: 465

Chapter 465 The Central Zone

For some reason, Han Fei once felt that he was shameless enough!

He had firmly believed that no matter what he had done, he was forced by the level-three fishery where no one showed any mercy . Therefore, Han Fei told himself that this was just the most basic law of survival in the level-three fishery when he was killing and plundering

However, at this moment, when he saw what Cao Qiu had done, he began to doubt this law of survival, and Cao Qiu’s deeds made his understanding change from what could be called ‘shameless and despicable’ rise to a new height .

At this moment, Han Fei was staring at Cao Qiu with shining eyes and said eagerly to him, “Show me the tank . Come on!” Cao Qiu was stunned by his reaction and didn’t know how to respond .

Xia Xiaochan hurriedly tugged at Han Fei’s arm and whispered to him, “Are you crazy? Why do you want so much of this stuff?” Han Fei looked at her and responded with a serious face, “I don’t know why, but just now I suddenly had a hunch that this thing was exactly what we entered the Steps into the Sea to look for . ”

When Xia Xiaochan heard Han Fei’s words, she opened her big round eyes and asked in shock, “But I think we entered the Steps into the Sea to look for treasures . Do you mean this is a treasure?”

Han Fei, without missing a beat, nodded with affirmation and asked her with a smile, “Yes, don’t you think this is a treasure?”

Xia Xiaochan almost burst into laughter . Looking at him, she said leisurely, “I’m afraid that you have some misunderstanding of the word ‘treasure’, don’t you?”

Listening to their conversation, Cao Qiu was also surprised and asked Han Fei, “Why do you need so much of this poison?”

Han Fei raised his head and said proudly, “Do you think you have the ability to throw this thing on people without them knowing it? Poisoning is not that simple . It requires perfect timing and skill . You need a lot of special abilities to do it successfully, right?”

Cao Qiu said hesitantly, “Well, I think, perhaps, I have those abilities to do it!”

“No, you do not! Give me half of the poison you’ve got, and I will help you get rid of those b*stards . ”

Hearing his words, Cao Qiu took two steps back in fright . For some reason, he always had a feeling that Han Fei was going to rob him . However, Cao Qiu also felt a little bit excited . Before meeting Han Fei, even he himself felt that his proud invention seemed to be a little bit unpresentable . He did not expect that Han Fei would be so interested in this poison . Seeing that Han Fei seemed to really like his invention, he could not help but feel a little proud . Cao Qiu cleared his throat and said seriously, “Well, I can only give you half a tank, no more . I have other uses for this stuff . ”

Han Fei chuckled and said eagerly, “OK, then give me half a tank first . ”

After a moment .

Getting what he wanted, Han Fei grinned from ear to ear and said high-spiritedly, “OK, now let’s go to meet Sun Mu and the others . This son of a bitch really pisses me off . This time, I’m going to kick the hell out of him . ” Wang Zitian glanced at him and said helplessly, “When you are going to use that poison, you’d better tell me first so that I’ll have enough time to escape to the next floor . ”

Xia Xiaochan couldn’t agree more and she hurriedly nodded . “Yes, when you are going to use the Poison King, do tell me in advance in case I am not able to run away in time!”

But at this time, Cao Qiu suddenly chimed in, “Don’t worry, you guys . I have the antidote to this poison . It can reduce the pain by ninety percent even if you get poisoned by mistake . ” Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes at Cao Qiu and said impatiently, “This is not about the antidote, OK? Have you ever thought that at that time, the water will be full of filthy stuff? That will be really gross! Go ahead and stay there if you want, but I’m going to run as far as I can!” Cao Qiu did not seem to have thought of this . After hearing Xia Xiaochan’s words, he patted his head and exclaimed in surprise, “Oh! Yes, you reminded me! How could I forget this… Fan Datong, when you are going to use the Poison King, remember to tell me too, and I will go to the next floor too . ”

Han Fei looked at them and did not know what to say .

Han Fei was completely speechless . Didn’t you just shout out that you would stay with me? However, Han Fei didn’t care, although all of them had decided to escape to the next floor before he released the Poison King . After all, he could control water! Even if the water would become very filthy and even disgusting at that time, so what? As soon as he used the Water Controlling Technique, no matter how much dirty excrement there was in the sea water, nothing could contaminate his body even a little bit .

But then Han Fei remembered what Cao Qiu had just said, and he frowned and asked, “Why is the pain only reduced by ninety percent, not a hundred percent?”

Cao Qiu explained to him, “It was mainly because I got the order wrong when I put some ingredients into the pot in making the antidote, so the antidote can only relieve one’s pain by ninety percent instead of a hundred .

Han Fei bared his teeth and secretly sighed . This was f*cking unacceptable! He didn’t mind others vomiting and having diarrhea, but he did mind it if he himself vomited and had diarrhea . If he was also poisoned, the experience would not be so good .

Han Fei thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go to the central zone first . ”

The central zone of the 200th floor was an area of about 30 kilometers around the center point . There were already about two hundred people who had gathered here, and they were still busy cultivating

Yes, these people were not fighting with each other, but were fighting with various creatures that were summoned here by them by offering sacrifices .

When Han Fei and the others were only fifty kilometers away from the central zone, they had already felt shock waves and ripples that came at them one wave after another and seemed to be ceaseless .

Judging from this effect, Han Fei could be sure that at the same time, there were probably no less than fifty people fighting intensely in the central zone .

When Han Fei and the other three came to the central zone, at a casual glance, they had seen that three or four people were fighting within a kilometer .

Seeing such a scene, Wang Zitian frowned a little bit and asked, “There are a lot of people here . How are you going to poison them all?”

Cao Qiu glanced at him and said in confusion, “Why do we have to poison them all? I don’t care about the others, and we just need to poison Sun Mu, Mo Feiyan, Li Baizhou, Li Heiye, and Ye Baiyu! It is a pity that Chen Aochen has already left . Otherwise, I would not have let him off . ”

Wang Zitian looked around at the crowd and said, “Ye Baiyu is not on the 200th floor . If I am not mistaken, he should be on the next few floors . As for the specific floor where he is in, I don’t know . ”

Cao Qiuqiu and Wang Zitian were hotly discussing which people they should start with .

At this time, Han Fei suddenly said, “Wait a minute . There are so many people here . It is impossible for me to pretend not to see these people and not rob them! Now that we have made up our minds to do something, why don’t we do something big? I think the best choice for us is to poison them all . What do you think?”

Cao Qiu hesitated for a while and then said, “I think that would not be a good idea, no?”

Cao Qiu looked at those people who were still fighting attentively and had no clue of what was going to happen, and he could not help but panic . What if these people knew what he had done to them? Would they take revenge on him?

However, Han Fei was not afraid at all . He went straight to the central zone with this most poisonous Poison King and its antidote . The arrival of Han Fei and the other three inevitably attracted the attention of these people . However, unlike before, no one here would escape upon seeing them . When most of the people saw Two Swords, they would subconsciously stay away from him a little bit for the consideration of safety . However, when they saw Cao Qiuqiu, they would not only not be afraid of him, but also have the mood to tease him . “Cao Qiuqiu, how dare you show up here? Do you need a good spanking?”

“Cao Qiuqiu, your sister is not here . She may have gone to the next floor . ”

“Cao Qiuqiu, what is wrong with you today? You know what, Li Heiye and Li Baizhou are both here . How dare you show up here?”

“Cao Qiuqiu…”

Listening to these people taunt and mock him, Cao Qiu shook his head and glanced at them with pity . These arrogant b*stards! Let’s wait and see! I will just wait to see how miserably you will cry later! Han Fei looked at these people and asked in puzzlement, “Do these people really get along so well? They don’t even rob each other?”

Wang Zitian answered him, “If someone does not belong to any sect or big clan and appears here, he will certainly be robbed . As for the disciples of the Seven Great Sects and the children of those big clans, as long as they do not get out of the central zone, no one will rob them, because there will always be people to help them . ” Hearing his words, Han Fei curled up the corners of his mouth . So this was probably one of the benefits of being a member of those large sects and big clans . Just by virtue of identity, they could do a lot of things that countless people were unable to achieve in their lifetime .

All of a sudden, Han Fei caught a glimpse of two disciples from the Grand Void Academy swimming towards him .

Han Fei’s expression changed a little bit, and he immediately said to the others through a voice transmission, Wait a moment . Stay where you are and I will solve these guys .

However, when the two of them swam up to him, he found that it was actually Ji Wenxuan and one of his junior brothers . “Senior Brother, there you are . ” “Yes, Junior Brother, it’s nice to see you again . ” Han Fei raised his head a little bit, with one hand behind his back, and looked at the other person, asking with a smile, “What should I call you, Junior Brother?”

Looking at Han Fei, the other disciple of the Grand Void Academy was a little bit puzzled . After hearing Ji Wenxuan say that the dean had a very awesome disciple, he was very suspicious . Why hadn’t he, a disciple of the Grand Void Academy, ever heard of him if there was really such an awesome disciple in the academy?

However, because Ji Wenxuan described to him how this awesome senior brother seriously frustrated the Heavenly Talents of the Jade Fairy Palace and the other major sects, he held down his doubt . After all, if he could easily win against a figure like Gong Yuehan, he might really be a disciple of the dean .

“Hi, Senior Brother, I am Tian Yishan . ” Han Fei lifted the corners of his mouth into a demure smile and said politely, “Hi, Junior Brother Tian!”

After that, Han Fei turned his eyes to Ji Wenxuan and asked, “Why are you here? And is there anyone else from the Grand Void Academy here?”

Ji Wenxuan shook his head and answered him, “No, Senior Brother, only the three of us are here! When I met Yishan, another disciple from our academy was robbed . It was that Tang Ge who robbed him, and Yishan might not have even been able to escape from Tang Ge if he had not used his Flash Stone . ”

Suddenly hearing them mention Tang Ge’s name, Han Fei felt his heart skip a beat and he immediately looked at Ji Wenxuan and asked, “Did you meet Tang Ge?”

Tian Yishan nodded solemnly and said, “Yes! This person is too fierce and tough . No matter where he goes, he will just rob every single person that comes into his sight, not missing anyone! I’m afraid this person wants to break into the depths of the Steps into the Sea this time . ”

Han Fei asked him, “Where is he now?”

Tian Yishan thought for a while and said, “He is already coming this way . This man is not easy to deal with, and he even blatantly claims that he is going to snatch the Sea Swallowing Seashell of everyone who he sees on the way . So many people have seen him robbing people . ”

When Han Fei heard what he said, his eyelids twitched . “Really? Let’s go and take a look . ”

Han Fei didn’t know how to comment on Tang Ge’s grumpy temper . Come on, buddy! What the hell are you doing? Even I knew to hide my identity before I came into the Steps into the Sea, but you didn’t even bother to conceal your real identity? You just slaughtered your way through with your big halberd? What if these people gang up on you? All of a sudden, he heard Cao Qiu say to him through a voice transmission, That’s a good chance . There must be a lot of people watching Tang Ge robbing others . Let’s go there quickly . While no one is paying attention, we can scatter the Poison King in crowded places .

Han Fei certainly knew that it was a good chance, so he hurriedly beckoned the others to hurry over with him immediately .

On the way, Tian Yishan asked him tentatively, “Senior Brother, where did you cultivate before? Why did I never meet you?”

Han Fei responded in a perfunctory way, “The Unknown place . I was not the only one there, but most of the people there are already dead . ”


Tian Yishan was stunned by what Han Fei said to him . The Unknown Place? Really? Can Dangling Fishers go to that place? Ji Wenxuan was also shocked by Han Fei’s words, and a scene suddenly popped up in his mind where a group of Heavenly Talents were fighting each other desperately until there was only one person left . Han Fei didn’t want Tian Yishan to keep asking him anymore, so he diverted the topic and said through a voice transmission, In a moment, something big is going to happen here . You two, either go to the 201st floor or get out of the Steps into the Sea . Anyway, you can’t stay on the 200th floor, understood?

Hearing his words, both Ji Wenxuan and Tian Yishan looked at Han Fei in surprise .

Han Fei curled up the corner of his lips and said meaningfully, “You will find out why later . ”

When Han Fei and the others were still far away, they felt sea water hit their bodies one wave after another . And in the sea water, the sound of weapon collisions had been ringing ceaselessly . When Han Fei and the other people arrived, they found that Tang Ge was fighting with two men, one in black and one in white . Seeing this scene, Han Fei could not help but exchange a glance with Xia Xiaochan . Did these two guys copy our creativity?

As if seeing their doubt, Cao Qiu explained to them, “They are the twin brothers of the Li Family Li, Li Heiye, which means night, and Li Baizhou, which means day . It is said that they can communicate with each other with their hearts . The two can rank among the top ten of the Heavenly Sword Sect with their Unparalleled Tactics . ”

Hearing Cao Qiu’s explanation, Han Fei almost burst into laughter . Li Heiye and Li Baizhou, night and day? So was that why the two of them were dressed respectively in black and white? So they did not steal the creativity of him and Xia Xiaochan, and it was just a coincidence?

At this time .

On the battlefield, Tang Ge brandished his large halberd so wildly that only the dazzling knife light and the tumbling water waves could be seen in the sea . No human figure could be seen clearly .

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The twin brother, Li Heiye and Li Baizhou were extremely fast in speed . Although the two of them were not hunters, they had speeds comparable to top hunters .

Watching them fighting intensely, Xia Xiaochan said to Han Fei in a voice transmission, The technique they are using is kind of like Shadow Shrimp’s unique combat skill, Haunting Shadow . Their fighting speed is too fast . If I don’t use Flash, I’m afraid that even I may not be able to win against them .

Agreeing with what she said, Han Fei slightly nodded his head . No one could deny that the combat power of the twin brothers was really strong .

No people who came from the big families of the Thousand Star City and had already made a name for themselves could be simple . Even that crazy Yang Deyu, very few people could resist his pair of big axes…

At this moment, everyone saw that on the battlefield, Tang Ge suddenly thrust his big halberd into the ground . And then with his body as the center, the ground was blown up within a kilometer .

Under the huge impact of the big halberd of Tang Ge, Li Heiye and Li Baizhou were forced to retreat hundreds of meters .

Li Heiye stabilized his body and said coldly, “Tang Ge, I admit that you are quite strong in a one-on-one fight, but as the saying goes, you can’t beat four hands with two fists . Now that you robbed our men, we certainly can’t just pretend nothing has happened . ”

Li Baizhou said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “Oh, I’ve been hearing people say that Tang Ge is as powerful as Cao Tian in physical strength and is comparable to Chen Aochen in combat skills… Gee, why didn’t I see either of these abilities?”

Hearing Li Baizhou’s words, Li Heiye frowned and said solemnly, “Brother, you are wrong . His physical strength is very strong indeed . ”

Li Baizhou rolled his eyes and said with a cold face, “But he did not show any advantage in combat skill, did he? If strength is all he has got, I’m afraid that he will not be able to beat

us . ”

Just as everyone was attentively watching the battle, all of a sudden, a woman in a red dress appeared beside Han Fei and the other people .

Han Fei took a closer look at that woman, only to find that it was Mo Feiyan .

Mo Feiyan temptingly twisted her soft waist and lightly landed in front of Cao Qiu, with a big bright smile on her charming face, saying sweetly, “Yo! I was wondering who this was and it turns out to be our little Qiuqiu! Little Qiuqiu, your dear sister is not here, are you here to see me?”

But Cao Qiu didn’t seem to be tempted by Mo Feiyan at all . He immediately jumped behind Two Swords, Han Fei, and the others as if trying to escape from this woman as far as he could while shouted loudly, “I am not here for you! I am not going to be seduced by you! Mo Feiyan, did you hear me? You can’t seduce me!”

“Hahaha! Why can’t I seduce you? Do You think I am not beautiful enough?”

Cao Qiu bared his teeth to Mo Feiyan and snorted . “You are not even close . You are not even as pretty as my sister . I will never ever like you . ” “Huh?”

The sweet smile on Mo Feiyan’s face was instantly gone and her face turned cold . She said coldly, “Say it again if you dare! I am not even as pretty as your sister? Are you kidding me? Now, I’ll give you another chance to organize your words . ”

As if being frightened by her words, Cao Qiu shrank his neck but still said firmly, “You are not as pretty as my sister!”

Just as Mo Feiyan was pissed off by Cao Qiu’s words and was about to attack him, a sharp sword Qi suddenly burst out of Wang Zitian’s body .

Wang Zitian stared at Mo Feiyan and said coldly, “Mo Feiyan, if you want to fight, I don’t mind accompanying you . ”

The fighting momentum on Mo Feiyan’s body suddenly dissipated and she cracked a smile again . “Oh! If you hadn’t shown me that sword Qi, I would not have recognized you . Isn’t this Wang Xiaoer, the little second son of the Wang Family who is always crying with his nose running? Why? Do you think you can protect Little Qiuqiu with your two swords?” Wang Zitian had already tightly clenched the two swords in his hands, and his eyes were fierce . He stared at Mo Feiyan threateningly and said, “Say it again, if you dare!” “Wang Xiaoer, Wang Xiaoer, Wang Xiaoer… Come on, fight me!”

Completely irritated by her attitude, Wang Zitian broke out in an instant . In an instant, Cao Qiuqiu was sent flying by the powerful aura from Wang Zitian’s body . All of a sudden, hundreds of swords appeared around Wang Zitian and his sword Qi shot out sharply one wave after another . The other people who were watching the hot fight between Li Heiye, Li Baizhou, and Tang Ge, cast their sights to this side one after another .

Sun Mu also stepped over . After a deep gaze at Wang Zitian, he glanced at Cao Qiu and then frowned . Xia Xiaochan was almost unable to contain her fighting desire and she said to Han Fei in a voice transmission, Is this guy Sun Mu who has been chasing you? Han Fei replied calmly, No hurry . It is boring to fight with this kind of person, and even if we’re going to fight him, it should not be now . Sensing that Xia Xiaochan seemed to be going to join the fight, Sun Mu specially took a look at Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan .


As if feeling something wrong with Han Fei, Sun Mu’s gaze fell on Han Fei and stayed for quite a while . Under his upsetting stare, however, Han Fei did not shy away at all . With no smile on his face either, Han Fei also turned his eyes indifferently to Sun Mu . As if noticing the silent staring competition between the two of them, Mo Feiyan cast a glance at Han Fei and at the same time, asked Sun Mu, “Do you know him?” Only then did Sun Mu move his eyes away and say, “No, I don’t know them . But the two people were brought here by Cao Qiu . You know, Cao Qiu has long been planning to kill us . Be careful of the two of them . ” Hearing his words, Mo Feiyan chuckled . “Little Qiuqiu is always all talk . If he really wants to kill us, why doesn’t he ever dare fight us?”

Sun Mu snorted and said, “Don’t look down upon him . To tell you the truth, Cao Qiu’s aptitude is the best among all of us . ” At the moment, Cao Qiu was speaking to Han Fei through a voice transmission, Hurry up and scatter the poison . Come on, I can’t wait anymore! I must poison these two b*stards to death… Oh, no, I must poison ALL the b*stards here to death .

Han Fei cast a glance at Cao Qiu and responded through a voice transmission, You guys go to the next floor, I will just stay here . Hearing his words, Xia Xiaochan shook her head and said firmly, I’m not going anywhere . I’ll just be with you . Let little fatty go to the next floor first . Cao Qiu also refused and shook his head hard . I am not going to the next floor! I want to watch them being tortured by vomiting and diarrhea . Of course, Han Fei would not care about what Cao Qiu said, who was obviously in utter anger .

But at this time, Tang Ge seemed to be about to start a new round of the fight with Li Heiye and Li Baizhou .

All of a sudden, an Unparalleled Sword Qi darted at Han Fei directly .

On the battlefield, Tang Ge’s eyelids suddenly twitched, and he felt his heart skip a beat and he wondered, Is Han Fei’s identity exposed?

Han Fei was also very surprised by the attack on him . This attack was launched at him by Sun Mu, without any warning, and he was utterly caught off guard .

Without dodging that Sword Qi at all, Han Fei drew his knife out with a single hand and hacked out, shattering the sword Qi in the sky, before he continued to chop at Sun Mu .

Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh…

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Sun Mu struck three swords at the sword Qi in a row, exploding his spiritual energy three times before he finally blasted the blade light away . In an instant, the surrounding crowd had scattered, leaving Cao Qiu, Han Fei, and the other four in the middle of the ground . Among the crowd, Ji Wenxuan and Tian Yishan looked shocked and were completely at a loss . They did not know what had happened and why Sun Mu suddenly began to attack their genius senior brother… Besides, what shocked Tian Yishan the most was that this genius senior brother’s strength was really beyond his imagination! Sun Mu had to strike four swords in a row to barely defend a casual hack from this genius senior brother . Not far away, Tang Ge also blinked although he did not say anything or move . Before, when he was fighting Han Fei, he did not see Han Fei use a knife . Just now, however, that shocking move from Han Fei seemed to be much stronger than his stick technique . Li Heiye and Li Baizhou were also shocked by Han Fei’s surprising strength, and they exchanged a glance with each other and gasped in shock at the same time . “This guy is from the Grand Void Academy? How is it possible?” Han Fei took the lead to take a step outside while looking at Sun Mu proudly, asking coldly, “Why… Did you suddenly attack me? Do I know you?” Han Fei swallowed secretly . He was just about to scatter a few drops of Poison King, but before he could make a move, Sun Mu suddenly struck him with the attack . Han Fei frowned a little bit . Could it be that he sensed my intention to poison them? But that is simply impossible! How could he notice that? Could he read my mind?! Seeing that Sun Mu suddenly launched an attack at Han Fei without the slightest hesitation, Mo Feiyan could not help but start to look at Han Fei up and down, and as she looked at Han Fei, she gradually frowned . “Who the hell are you?”

Sun Mu strode out at this time, and the five or six men behind him also stared at Han Fei aggressively and were poised for a battle .

But Han Fei just grinned at Mo Feiyan and said lightly, “I am from the Grand Void Academy . My name is Fan Datong . ”

“What nonsense you talk! There is no such person in the Grand Void Academy at all!” “Hey! You are not f*cking faking it, are you?” “You must be bragging! Mountain Sea Pavilion, which is my sect, is not too far away from the Grand Void Academy, so I’m very familiar with the disciples from the Grand Void Academy . Why didn’t I know that the Grand Void Academy has such a strong disciple like you?” Han Fei grinned at the man who was speaking and explained calmly, “My teacher is the dean of the Grand Void Academy . That is why you had never seen me before . I, Fan Datong, have been cultivating in seclusion for three years . Now I finally have a chance to show up in public, so my mission is to seize this chance to sweep all the major sects and academies in the Thousand Star City and make a show of our academy’s real strength! As for you guys, just shut up . Come to challenge me when you deserve to be my opponent, OK?” With that said, Han Fei took two steps forward and looked at Sun Mu, asking again, “So, why… Did you suddenly attack me?” Han Fei’s words were really ambitious and domineering, and hearing what he said, everyone present fell silent . Even Cao Qiu thought to himself, Can this guy really be the dean’s disciple from the Grand Void Academy? I almost believe what he said! Damn it, his acting skills are really superb! When Su Mu heard Han Fei’s words, his frown deepened and at the same time, he secretly said to Mo Feiyan through a voice transmission, For some reason, I have a feeling that… I have seen him somewhere .

Mo Feiyan also put away the charming smile on her pretty face and responded through a voice transmission, Yes… He seems to be a bit familiar to me too . Is he really a great Heavenly Talent hidden by the Grand Void Academy? However, this man is so domineering . I feel I am going to fall in love with him . Sun Mu impatiently rolled his eyes at Mo Feiyan . He still had some doubt in his heart . Why did this guy suddenly pop up from nowhere? Was he really from the Grand Void Academy? He always had a feeling that something was not right…

So Sun Mu raised his sword and said arrogantly, “No reason! I just feel you are such an eyesore to me, so I want to challenge you . ”

When Sun Mu said this, many people were stunned, including Li Heiye and Li Baizhou who were still fighting Tang Ge . Noticing what was happening on this side, the twin brothers stopped the fight, put away their swords, and turned their eyes to Han Fei curiously almost at the same time .

At this time, Wang Zitian asked Han Fei through a voice transmission, Sun Mu is a very cautious person . Except for a few times, he has never taken the initiative to challenge people . Did you know each other before? Han Fei looked calm on the surface but in his heart, he was very puzzled . Is it because the Thousand Faces technique is not working? Why did this guy only challenge me given that there are so many people here? However, in the face of Su Mu’s challenge, Han Fei was not afraid at all .

Had it not been for the support of the magical technique, Majestic Mystic Spell, Han Fei would not have come with Cao Qiu to the 200th floor to fight so many strong masters . But now that he had the Majestic Mystic Spell, he did not take people like Sun Mu seriously at all .

However, it seemed that he had to give up the previous plan to secretly scatter the Poison King here . Han Fei just smiled faintly and said without any hesitation, “OK! Let’s fight!” “Wow…”

Seeing this scene, many of the disciples from the major sects in the Thousand Star City who were watching on the side were surprised . People outside might not know it, but they themselves all knew it very well that although they were all from the Thousand Star City, and might even be in the same sect, there was a very big difference among them in strength, which they knew very clearly . Ordinary disciples of these big sects might be very excellent in other people’s eyes, but no matter in terms of resources, experience, combat techniques, or combat skills, they were nowhere comparable to children from the major families in the Thousand Star City . Generally speaking, they were not on the same starting line with those children who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, so they could depend on their talent . For example, Tang Ge, he was an exception, a man who swept across all Heavenly Talents in those powerful families with his own peerless talent .

Now, this nameless Fan Datong was obviously not from those big families, which meant that he was also a person who had risen by his talent .

At this time, in Han Fei’s mind, the voice of Tang Ge suddenly sounded, Buddy, you know what, Sun Mu is not weak, and he’s especially good at sword formations . Do you have the confidence to win against him? Han Fei immediately responded to him through a voice transmission, Don’t worry about me . You can ask Mu Ling to seal the surrounding water . I’m going to release some poison on these people . Be careful not to be affected by the poison that I’m going to release .


When Tang Ge heard that Han Fei was going to release some poison, he was only a little bit surprised and didn’t feel anything wrong about it . Anyway, he didn’t have any affection for the other people present . Besides, he had faith in Han Fei’s morals and did not think Han Fei would indiscriminately slaughter innocent victims, so Tang Ge didn’t care although Han Fei said that he was going to release poison on these people . Han Fei jumped up . In the air, he touched the ground with one of his toes, and the next second, he had swum to a place tens of meters away from Sun Mu and shouted loudly, “I have long heard of your swordsmanship . Today, I, Fan Datong, would like to have a fair duel with

you . ”

Boom! Boom! Boom! In front of everyone’s eyes, Han Fei’s aura was rising at an extremely fast speed . What was surprising was that Han Fei only had his aura soaring, but his realm had not changed at all . Now he was still an Intermediate Dangling Fisher . And Sun Mu did not dare to take Han Fei lightly . Just from the attack that Han Fei had launched at him just now, Sun Mu already knew that he would definitely not be able to win against this guy if he fought him the normal way . Therefore, Sun Mu started off with his trump card . He spread his arms wide, and the next second, from his chest, back, arms and forehead, long swords jumped out one after another . Each sword was a high-quality spiritual weapon . As for why he only used high-quality spiritual weapons, it was not because the Sun Family did not have ultra-quality spiritual weapons, but if they gave ultra-quality spiritual weapons to their children who were only going to have some little practice in the level-three fishery, their children would end up gaining no experience at all . Even if they would give some ultra-quality spiritual weapons to their children, they would only give a handful . There were actually very few people like Cao Qiu who were armed to the teeth with ultra-quality spiritual weapons . At this moment, right in front of Sun Mu, a red long sword was suspended in the air and then began to spin slowly: it was an ultra-quality spiritual weapon . At the sight of this red sword, Han Fei felt as if his heart had skipped a beat . In the previous times when he met Sun Mu, this guy was only using high-quality spiritual weapons . But he had never expected that this man actually had so many spiritual weapons! Plus this red long sword, there were 108 swords in total . Seeing these swords, one of the onlookers exclaimed at this time, “Oh my God, this is the Sun Family’s exclusive secret technique, Immortal Slaying Formation . Let’s retreat! Come on!” Someone in the crowd was asking in shock while stepping back, “How strong is this Fan Datong? Why was Sun Mu forced to use the Immortals Killing Formation in the very beginning of the duel with him? Is Sun Mu f*cking crazy?” Another person answered him, “I don’t know if Sun Mu is crazy or not . I just know that I must stay away from these guys as far as I can . If the Immortal Killing Formation approaches me, I will crush my Flash Stone as soon as possible, escape is the only right choice to make . ” When Han Fei saw that the crowd was scattering at an unbelievable speed, he was stunned . Damn it! I have been preparing so long just to poison these people . But now these people have all scattered away, how can I do it? Han Fei secretly sighed and turned to speak to Xia Xiaochan through a voice transmission, Xia Xiaochan, go straight to the 201st floor . However, Xia Xiaochan refused firmly and said crossly, No, I’m not leaving you . Looking at Xia Xiaochan’s resolute look, Han Fei could only say, Then take the antidote first and then block the poison with Metamorphosis Water . Do not let the sea water touch your body at all . Xia Xiaochan nodded and said happily, Okay! That’s no problem . At this time, Cao Qiu also asked through a voice transmission, Han Fei, are you going to release the poison? Then let’s hide right away . Cao Qiu beckoned Two Swords and Xia Xiaochan to run straight towards the place where Mu Ling was standing .

Mu Ling seemed to know why these people were running at her, and as she stamped gently on the ground, a defense formation appeared . As she stamped on the ground again, a water dungeon formation appeared . As she stamped on the ground the third time, a water shield appeared in front of Cao Qiu and the others to protect them .

This scene, in the eyes of others, was no problem at all . After all, Sun Mu had even activated the horrifying Immortals Slaying Formation, which showed how dangerous this battle would be! It was nothing but a matter of course to take a little bit of precaution .

Mo Feiyan was also far away from Sun Mu at this moment . At the same time, her eyes shone brightly, and she developed a strong curiosity about this Fan Datong .

Sun Mu activated the Immortals Slaying Formation as soon as the duel started, which had never happened before . Li Heiye opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, “That guy seems to be quite strong!”

Cao Qiu beckoned Two Swords and Xia Xiaochan to run straight towards the place where Mu Ling was standing . Mu Ling seemed to know why these people were running at her, and as she stamped gently on the ground, a defense formation appeared . As she stamped on the ground again, a water dungeon formation appeared . As she stamped on the ground the third time, a water shield appeared in front of Cao Qiu and the others to protect them .

This scene, in the eyes of others, was no problem at all . After all, Sun Mu had even activated the horrifying Immortals Slaying Formation, which showed how dangerous this battle would be! It was nothing but a matter of course to take a little bit of precaution .

Mo Feiyan was also far away from Sun Mu at this moment . At the same time, her eyes shone brightly, and she developed a strong curiosity about this Fan Datong .

Sun Mu activated the Immortals Slaying Formation as soon as the duel started, which had never happened before .

Li Heiye opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, “That guy seems to be quite strong!”

Li Baizhou looked at his twin brother and nodded in agreement, saying, “Yes! But I still don’t believe that there is such a person in the Grand Void Academy…”

Li Heiye glanced at Han Fei again and said, “I don’t believe it either, but those two disciples of the Grand Void Academy seem to know Fa Datong well . ”

Li Baizhou thought for a while and said, “Then in a moment, let’s catch the two disciples of the Grand Void Academy and question them thoroughly, and then we will be able to find out the truth . ”

Li Heiye covered his mouth and chuckled in a low voice . “Maybe we can take advantage of this chance and fish in troubled waters . ”

Li Baizhou smiled at his twin brother and nodded hard . “That’s a good idea . ”

On the other side, to Han Fei’s dismay, he found that as soon as Sun Mu activated the Immortals Slaying Formation, there was suddenly no one around . Everyone retreated to at least a kilometer away, with no one left in the area . Even Tang Ge was dragged away .

However, before being dragged away by other people, Tang Ge said to him via voice transmission, Don’t worry . Just feel free to fight that b*stard . But if you feel you are going to lose the duel, tell me and I will come help you soon .

Han Fei responded to him through a voice transmission, No, I don’t need your help! Have some faith in me! This happens to be a good chance for me to show you my real strength now .

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Han Fei himself did not expect that things would turn out to be what it was now just because he exchanged a glance with Sun Mu . However, this was not bad . At least, in this case, the seven major sects would not come to bother him for the time being .

In addition to that, he would go to the Thousand Star City one day, so it would not do him any bad to get to know these children of the powerful families from the Thousand Star City in advance .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

As Sun Mu tapped in the air with his fingertip, except for the long red sword floating in front of him, the other 107 swords all rose into the air at the same time, began to spin around him slowly, circling him three times .

Looking at Sun Mu setting up the Immortals Slaying Formation with a solemn look, even Han Fei couldn’t help but exclaim in his head, Damn, this b*stard looks really cool at this moment .

However, this was definitely not the right moment to judge if someone was cool or not! Both Han Fei and Sun Mu were almost brimming with murderous intent .


The sword formation above his head suddenly gave off a blinding light and the spiritual swords dropped one after another . The spiritual swords were not directed at Han Fei at all but covered a radius of 500 meters . The drop point of each sword seemed to be carefully designed .

At first, eight swords dropped down corresponding to the eight points of the compass, followed by the other long swords one after another . Han Fei felt that this sword formation was already full of Sword Qi and did not even need any sword at all .

When Han Fei caught a glimpse of a few wisps of sword Qi floating towards him, he did not resist at all . Dropping his hands at the sides of his body, he just let the wisps of sword Qi come to him .


In an instant, Han Fei was hit by five or six wisps of sword Qi, but he remained motionless and gave no reaction at all .


Looking at this strange scene, many people were surprised and could not help but exclaim, “Gee, why didn’t this guy even raise his hands to block the swords?”

“I can’t believe his physique is so strong! Is it possible that this guy is even comparable to Cao Tian in physique?” .

The crowd was in an uproar and discussing intensely, but Tang Ge’s breath fluctuated a bit . Obviously, being worried about Han Fei, he was very nervous .

Noticing that he was worried about Han Fei, Mu Ling slightly tugged at his arm and whispered to him through a voice transmission, Calm down . As we all know, in the Immortals Slaying Formation, random sword Qi can seriously injure an intermediate Dangling Fisher . He certainly could sense it, but he still chose to resist those wisps of sword Qi with his own body, which means that his physical strength must be very strong .

Tang Ge said to her through a voice transmission, I know . I am not worried about him but happy for him . I did not expect that one day, he could grow up to this level! I once thought that he would… At this point, Tang Ge abruptly stopped speaking . Not understanding why he suddenly stopped halfway through, Mu Ling could not help but ask, Huh? He would?

Tang Ge shook his head slightly and did not answer Mu Ling’s question .

He once thought that Han Fei might stop in the realm of fisher in this life . But now, he seemed to be a peerless Heavenly Talent rising . Seeing his friend make such an amazing achievement, how could he not be excited?

At this moment, Cao Qiu was also exclaiming, “Xia Xiaochan, what do you say is his greatest advantage? His physique?”

Xia Xiaochan cocked her head and said proudly, “No, you are wrong . He is strong in every way, not just in the physique . ”

Cao Qiu was speechless at Xia Xiaochan’s answer . I should have known that you are a big fan of Han Fei! Why did I bother to ask you? Simply a waste of my time…

On the other side, Han Fei looked down at his body . Those wisps of sword Qi tore his clothes, but were not even able to leave a single cut on his skin .

Seeing this scene, Han Fei couldn’t help but laugh out loud . “Come on, continue . ”

As soon as Han Fei said so, there was a sudden explosion within a radius of 500 meters . Originally, there were only three or five wisps of sword Qi dashing back and forth, but in the blink of an eye, it became thousands and the number was still increasing .

In the distance, someone exclaimed in shock, “Oh, oh, here it comes! Here it comes! The Immortals Slaying Sword Qi is coming out . ”

Han Fei was also speechless at the moment . Come on, are you kidding me? Do you have to throw so much sword Qi at me at the same time?

However, Han Fei was still not going to make a move . He grabbed the handle of the Blood Drinking Knife with one hand while pouring spiritual energy into it .

Rip… Clang, Clang, Clang… Rip… Han Fei’s clothes were still being torn into pieces, and even his head was hit by the wisps of sword Qi .

However, in the eyes of the people who were watching the duel in a distance, Han Fei was still not moving and remained motionless . Gosh, did this guy just want to die? They could not imagine what would have happened if the one who was standing there was them! Even if each wisp of sword Qi could only leave a tiny cut on Han Fei’s skin, given that Han Fei had been hit by so much of it, with so many cuts on his body, he would at least bleed to death, wouldn’t he?

However, Han Fei raised his hands and looked at them, only to find that streaks of white marks had appeared on his skin .

All of a sudden, Han Fei grinned at Sun Mu casually and asked, “Anything else? If not, I’m going to attack!”