God of Fishing - Chapter 467

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Chapter 467: 467

Chapter 467 Ye Baiyu, the Fastest (2 in 1)

Han Fei’s nose was bleeding because of his excitement .

That was because his perception range had been expanded to five thousand meters . Yes . Five thousand meters, not a meter shorter . Thirty pieces of the God Scaring Painting had been remembered .

At first, he only remembered nineteen pieces, but after the crystals, Han Fei remembered another piece by absorbing yet another ten Soul Crystals .

But this time, the range of his perception wasn’t expanded although he remembered a new piece of the God Scaring Painting .

When Han Fei experimented again, he realized that he couldn’t remember more of the God Scaring Painting with ten Soul Crystals anymore . Instead, he merely felt that his head was a lot clearer than before . Han Fei couldn’t help but look at the Hexagon Starfish and asked suspiciously, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, do you think there’s a bottleneck to perception range?” The Hexagon Starfish stared at Han Fei with all its six big eyes . “Your perception range has already hit the bottleneck?”

Han Fei was briefly stunned . “I’m the one who’s asking questions here! Tell me if there is a limit, and what one should do if he hits this limit . ”

The Hexagon Starfish replied, “That’s a tricky question for me . However, I think one’s perception range is definitely limited . ”

Han Fei was slightly intrigued . “Huh? How do you know? What’s the reason for your claim?”

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its eyes and said, “Because of the limitation of the soul! When your soul can’t bear your immense spiritual power, you will hit the bottleneck, won’t you?” “Hiss…”

Han Fei was greatly enlightened . He had always thought that the soul equaled mental power . He was never able to distinguish between them, and nobody had ever told him about their difference .

So, as it turned out, they weren’t the same at all?

The improvement of the soul would help the improvement of spiritual power, and the improvement of spiritual power would further expand one’s perception range .

“Yes, that must be it . ”

Han Fei glanced at the Hexagon Starfish and was secretly amazed by the amount of knowledge it possessed . Han Fei chuckled and asked, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, how can we improve the soul? Or rather, what is the soul exactly?”

The Hexagon Starfish moved its eyes left and right and said, “I don’t know! I’m just a starfish that was imprisoned for three hundred years!”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei realized that the Hexagon Starfish probably really didn’t know, as its perception range was only half of his own . He didn’t think that the Hexagon Starfish had hit the bottleneck yet .

After his perception range couldn’t be expanded anymore, and he learned that it was impossible to improve his soul, Han Fei did not plan to continue absorbing the Soul Crystals .

If his guess was correct, he was probably the person with the greatest perception range in the Steps into the Sea .

Han Fei released his senses and felt everything within five thousand meters .

However, to his surprise, there was absolutely nobody within this range .

“Huh? Didn’t they say that most people were at the 200th and the 201st floor? Why is there nobody here?”

Confused, Han Fei didn’t set off to search for Xia Xiaochan and the others immediately . Instead, he took out ten spiritual fruits, and, after thinking for a moment, five more before he began to offer sacrifices .

However, although he offered fifteen spiritual fruits, which contained 1,200,000 points of spiritual energy in total, the sacrificial ritual didn’t work .

“Uhh! You’re truly greedy!”

Enlightened, Han Fei took out another ten spiritual fruits, making an offering of 25 spiritual fruits in total .

However, it didn’t work either .

Han Fei: “…”

“This is downright robbery! I’ve offered 25 spiritual fruits, not 25 mid-quality pearls, alright?”

Han Fei immediately stored the rest of the spiritual fruits to himself . He didn’t want to waste any more of them, as he didn’t know how many spiritual fruits he would have to offer . At the current rate, assuming that he made all the offerings with spiritual fruits, he would run out of spiritual fruits in no more than a hundred levels .

I was

Therefore, Han Fei took out a Sea Swallowing Seashell . He was too lazy to appraise the Sea Swallowing Seashell anymore . All he knew was that it contained a bunch of mystic stones, low-quality spiritual weapons, rare materials, uncommon fish, and miscellaneous items .

However, he soon found that the Sea Swallowing Seashells he looted at the beginning weren’t enough for the offerings either .

He used seven of the Sea Swallowing Seashells he obtained before the 100th level for the sacrificial ritual .

After the sacrificial ritual was complete, a seed drifted out in the empty seawater .

“Hey! Am I so lucky? We’ve got a treasure!”

“Huh? Wait!”

Suddenly, Han Fei’s face changed greatly . He stomped on the ground and quickly retreated .

Right when he was about to reach for the seed, he found that the seed was quickly expanding and enlarging . In the blink of an eye, the seed had grown to the size of a fist . Crack!

The seed was cracking and turning larger and larger still . In only two seconds, it was already as tall as a kid . Also, it was growing at a quicker and quicker speed .

When the crimson vines burst out from the bulging seed, data popped up in Han Fei’s eyes .

Demon Shattering Vine

This is a predator of the deep sea . It’s strongly venomous and very tensile . Its vines are full of thorns . It feeds on large fish and shrimp . It goes on hunting by measuring the water current . It’s very responsive to its surroundings . When it’s mature, it will yield the Demon Spiritual Fruit, which can increase the power of the soul .



2,908 Points


Demon Spiritual Fruit

Frowning, Han Fei backed off for a few steps . This was the first and the only plant creature that he had summoned in the Steps into the Sea .

“Demon Spiritual Fruit? A spiritual fruit that can improve the power of the soul?” At this moment, the Demon Shattering Vine was growing crazily . It took the plant no more than ten seconds to grow to three meters tall from a seed .

All of a sudden, Han Fei began to attack without considering too much . Who could tell for how long such a weird plant would grow for? It was only three meters tall for now . What if it grew to thirty meters or three hundred meters tall?

Seeing that nobody was around, Han Fei unleashed all the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . After the Demon Shattering Vines were cut off, Han Fei saw an astounding scene .

He saw that the Demon Shattering Vines that he cut off were growing too . After only a short while, the Demon Shattering Vines had grown to five meters tall .

“Damn it . What is this thing?” .

Suddenly, the Hexagon Starfish said, “This plant seems to have immense spiritual energy, but it’s consuming the energy right now . Do you think you started the battle too early?”

Han Fei slightly backed off and said, “Are you suggesting that I should wait until it grows large before I fight it?” .

The Hexagon Starfish said, “Actually, you can fight it right now . Though it has been split into many parts, its vitality is limited overall . ”

Han Fei thought of something . Although he didn’t know how the Hexagon Starfish could tell another creature’s vitality, he didn’t think that the Hexagon Starfish would lie to him .

Therefore, Han Fei controlled the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and churned crazily again .

Every one of the crimson Demon Shattering Vines was cut into pieces . Although the broken vines were still growing, they seemed to be only large in number and didn’t show anything special .

After several hundred seconds, what lay before Han Fei’s eyes was a forest with a coverage of around fifty meters . At the center of the wood was a ragged main vine, which was surrounded by lesser vines that were dozens of meters long .

All those vines were full of thorns, with red fluids dripping off now and then .

Han Fei curled his lips . “Has it stopped growing?”

The Hexagon Starfish replied, “I think so . ”

“Then let’s kill it first . ”

There was no telling if it was because Han Fei had cut off the vines earlier, but although the vines were lunging at Han Fei like agile snakes and tentacles, they were chopped into pieces by Han Fei with the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers before they could reach Han Fei at all . When they were chopped into pieces this time, they were really dead, because the vines that were dozens of meters long all disappeared . After only a second, the Demon Shattering Vines that had a coverage of fifty square meters had been reduced to only ten square meters with only the main vine left under Han Fei’s chopping “Hehe . I thought it would be difficult to deal with this thing!”

The Hexagon Starfish said, “This doesn’t look right . It should be very powerful, but it was cut by you at the very beginning . If you had allowed it to grow, it would’ve been much bigger than right now . ” Han Fei said in despise, “It may be big, but so what? It’s just a vine anyway . ”

Hardly had he said that when Han Fei shot out an arrow that burst out on the main trunk of the Demon Shattering Vines, causing a huge hole on the trunk .

Right when Han Fei was ready to finish off the Demon Shattering Vines, he suddenly sensed that a young man in white clothes was coming to his place at a high speed .

“Finally, somebody is here?”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Shooting out almost ten arrows and causing explosions again and again, he shattered the Demon Shattering Vines . After the Demon Shattering Vines disappeared, a crimson fruit floated in the water . It was round and seemed to have a very thin skin .

“This is the Demon Spiritual Fruit?”

Han Fei grabbed the Demon Spiritual Fruit and threw it into Forge the Universe . Then, his bow and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were recalled into his body too .

In Han Fei’s hand, he was only holding a whet stone and a kitchen knife .

Two seconds later, a young man in white came close with a smile .

“Did you summon the Demon Shattering Vines?”

The young man in white looked at Han Fei with a smile like a courteous scholar . He seemed warm, sunny and amicable .

Han Fei curled his lips . “That’s right! How may I help you?”

The young man in white softly extended his hand and waved in the water . Then, he closed his eyes and released his senses . “Sharp daggers and sharp arrows, you are a strong soul warrior . You aren’t from the Thousand Star City, are you?”

Han Fei didn’t say anything, but he thought to himself, What are you trying to say?

The young man chuckled and put his hands back into his long sleeves . “Okay, give me the Demon Spiritual Fruit, and there won’t be any conflict between us . ”

Han Fei chuckled . I have a lot of personal experience in robbery, and I’ve never seen a robber who’s so brazen!

Han Fei said casually, “What if I don’t give it to you?”

The young man in white said, “Then why don’t we have a contest? I happen to be feeling bored, and you don’t seem to be weak at all . Should we have a game?” Han Fei said with a faint smile, “Okay! Let’s have a game!”

After he finished, the seawater began to tremble in agitation around them . Swirls appeared out of nowhere between them and revolved crazily .

When the aura in the young man in white soared and gradually reached the level of a peak-level Dangling Fisher, Han Fei frowned .

“This man doesn’t seem very interesting, but I do think that something is wrong . ” “Huala!”

Suddenly, Han Fei lowered his head, only to see a weird array under his feet .

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Han Fei was puzzled . “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, why did you set up an array for no good reason?” The Hexagon Starfish replied, “I didn’t set up any array!”

Han Fei’s face slightly changed . It was the young man in white on his opposite side who set up the array! But when exactly did he establish the array under his feet? Also, the array was the simplest confinement array .

Han Fei grunted, and dozens of cracks appeared on the confinement array .

Han Fei said with a smile, “You’ve given me a gift, and I’ll return one to you . Six Gate Array!”

When the purple light emerged, Han Fei saw a white flash in the seawater, and the Six Gate Array missed the target .

Han Fei’s eyes almost bulged out after seeing that . He didn’t expect that someone could be even faster than himself .


Right while the young man in white was dodging the Six Gate Array, Han Fei pointed the confinement array with the needle in his head, and the confinement array broke into pieces after an explosion .

The two of them looked at each other in the water, and neither of them was trapped by the enemy .

The smile on the young man’s face was less obvious than before . “If my guess is correct, it was a Hexagon Starfish that set up the array just now, wasn’t it?” Han Fei was wearing the same smile . He had met another man who had recognized the Hexagon Starfish through the Six Gate Array without even seeing the Hexagon Starfish for real!

The Hexagon Starfish couldn’t be more panicked at this moment . “Let’s run! I think my life is at risk . ”

Han Fei said, “Shut up! We’ve been through too many things . You think we should run whenever we meet a random person? You should’ve been named Hexagon Runner instead of Hexagon Starfish…”

The young man in white spoke telepathically, It’s a surprise that you have a mysterious creature! You must be extraordinary . However, are you strong enough?

Then, the young man in white disappeared in the water . After that, Han Fei could see nothing but overlapping flashes of light around him .

It was not a weapon or a battle technique; the flashes were exactly the young man in white himself .

Han Fei was lost for words . He had never seen anyone who was so fast as to run around him dozens of times in the blink of an eye…

In terms of speed, he had been completely defeated .

But Han Fei simply said telepathically, You think being a fast runner is something? Idiot .

Not caring about the flashes at all, Han Fei simply walked straight to the bottom of the sea . He already made up his mind . I don’t care if you simply run around me, but let’s see if you have the courage to hit me .

As it turned out, the flashes circled and suddenly emerged behind Han Fei, and a narrow sword detoured and tried to attack Han Fei’s check .

However, Han Fei simply ignored the sword and slashed backwards with his knife .

Unsurprisingly, he missed his target . The young man in white did not anticipate that Han Fei would be so determined to hurt him even if it meant being badly wounded by him .

Han Fei watched the narrow sword brushing past his chest without even breaking his skin . He sneered coldly . “Wussy, have you never fought anyone before? You think being fast is something? I’ll cut you into two parts if you dare to show up in front of me again . ”

The young man’s face slightly changed, as if he had been provoked by Han Fei . He turned into a flashing character again and attacked in a similar way to Xia Xiaochan’s Thousand Strike Technique .

For a moment, Han Fei really thought that many people were attacking him simultaneously from all directions so fast that he couldn’t defend himself at all . “Humph!”


He swept the Blood Drinking Knife, and all the shadows nearby backed off . A sword blinked dozens of times, and Han Fei finally saw that his attack was blocked .

By the time the young man in white showed up again, Han Fei looked at him with a fake smile . “Does speed mean anything? You are so weak that you can’t even resist one attack from me in a head-on clash . Tsk, tsk… Yet you think you can rob me of my Demon Spiritual Fruit? Is there something wrong with your head?”

The young man in white blushed in embarrassment under Han Fei’s mockery and completely lost his cool .

He simply asked, “Who are you?”

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“Is it your business? You aren’t qualified to ask me questions until you can beat me . ”

After that, Han Fei simply ignored him and swam away in a random direction . He decided to find Xia Xiaochan, Tang Ge, and the others first .

It was needless to say that Tang Ge must be waiting for him somewhere on this level .

However, after he swam for a moment, the young man in white appeared again . At this moment, he seemed to have recovered from his sense of frustration .

Han Fei tilted his head and looked at him . “What do you want? Another fight?”

The young man said, “I’ve thought it through . I’m not weak . Just now, you attacked with your knife once, but I blocked it by using my sword seventeen times . It’s not because my defense was weak . I’m pretty sure that I used the power at least at the level of a peak-level Dangling Fishers every time . However, it took me seventeen times to block your one time, which means that you’re much stronger than you look . Therefore, a man like you can’t be anyone ordinary . ”

Han Fei tilted his head . “That’s all you have figured out after such a long time of analysis?”

The young man in white continued, “Although I don’t know whether the Hexagon Starfish is your spiritual beast or your contractual spiritual beast, I’m pretty sure that you are definitely as good as any ultimate Heavenly Talent in the seven major sects of your age . I think that we can make friends with each other since we are of similar ages . ”


Lost for words, Han Fei glanced at him and said, “Sorry, I’m not interested . I’m going to hit you if you keep following me!” After a brief silence, the young man in white said, “You can’t hit me . Nobody in the seven major sects or the eminent families can keep up with my speed . ”


Han Fei’s eyes slightly constricted . This man was really confident, if not arrogant! However, he had to admit that the man was really fast . But should the man really be so arrogant?

The young man in white said, “I am Ye Baiyu . What’s your name?”

Han Fei came to a stop . “You’re Ye Baiyu?” Ye Baiyu was briefly stunned . “You know me? Then how come I don’t know you?”

On his way, Han Fei had heard Ye Baiyu, Chen Aochen, and other names too many times from Cao Qiu . He had always thought that the people that Cao Qiu couldn’t stop talking about must be very strong

Actually, Ye Baiyu was indeed very strong . It was even safe to say that nobody at his level could beat him when he was at his highest speed .

For people like Yang Deyu, they could easily crush Ye Baiyu if Ye Baiyu was frozen . However, once Ye Baiyu started moving, it was absolutely impossible for those people to touch him .

The only difference between Han Fei and Yang Deyu was that Han Fei was much sturdier than him . Ye Baiyu could defeat Yang Deyu but could never defeat Han Fei, because Han Fei wasn’t scared of Ye Baiyu’s sword at all .

However, if Ye Baiyu was using a Divine Weapon… Han Fei felt rather insecure at the thought of that . No, what if this man does have a Divine Weapon?

He didn’t believe that the big families from the Thousand Star City wouldn’t have Divine Weapons at all . If Ye Baiyu was holding one of the Divine Weapons, he could probably kill Han Fei in less than a minute .

Seeing that Han Fei was frowning, Ye Baiyu asked, “What’s on your mind?”

Han Fei asked, “How fast can you be?”

There was pride on Ye Baiyu’s face when he talked about his speed . “I can’t tell for sure . If your current speed is one, mine is probably ten, and it can go up to twenty if I were to unleash my extreme abilities . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was instantly dumbfounded . He wasn’t slow at all at this moment! He was at about half of his highest speed . Did it mean that Ye Baiyu was ten times faster than himself? His speed could be four times as fast if he fully carried out the Shadow Swimming Art . If he attached Little Gold to himself, the number could go up to six or seven .

Han Fei’s eyes cramped . If he was in his best state, after he activated the Majestic Mystic Spell, his speed might be able to surpass ten… While the Majestic Mystic Spell could increase his damage by almost five times, Han Fei wasn’t sure how much it could improve his speed . Could it make him faster than Ye Baiyu?

Han Fei suddenly asked, “What would you think if I had your speed?”

“That’d be impossible!”