God of Fishing - Chapter 468

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Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Farewell (2 in 1)

Ye Baiyu replied resolutely and bluntly, “I am one of a kind . I have a growing Spiritual Heritage that’s focused on speed, and my naturally-endowed spiritual beast… You wouldn’t know it even if I told you . In general, it’s very fast . ”

Han Fei grinned . “What if I were as fast as you?”

Ye Baiyu considered it carefully and said, “With your sturdiness and my speed, and considering the intensity of the attack you launched just now, you will be among the top ten experts in the entire Thousand Star City . ”

“Only the top ten?”

Ye Baiyu trembled and nearly fell off . He said, almost lost for words, “Only the top ten? Do you have any idea how terrifying the top ten experts of the Thousand Star City are? You would be invincible until the day you die!”

Han Fei was intrigued . It did sound rather impressive!

Before he met Ye Baiyu, Han Fei had never thought that he was slow, but at this moment, he had a new understanding .

Earlier, he didn’t have enough spiritual energy, and he never had the chance to practice the best speed-type battle techniques .

But things were different now! Now that he had spiritual energy that he probably couldn’t use up anytime soon, how could he be the champion of the level-three fishery without making the best use of it? But Han Fei suddenly changed the topic, “You may be fast, but so what? Strength is all that matters . However fast you are, can you escape at ease after you kill anyone on a dragon boat? You can’t . But you can do that if you are extremely strong . ”

“That’s pure nonsense . ”

Ye Baiyu sneered . “The dragon boats are supervised by peak-level Hanging Fishers . Even if you are the strongest peak-level Dangling Fisher who’s unbelievably strong, you might find it impossible to get away from experts on that level, but I can! The peak-level Hanging Fishers can’t leave the dragon boats, and it’s impossible for them to catch me with their fishing techniques… Wait, you’re eliciting information from me . ”

Han Fei grinned wide and said, “Tsk, tsk . I just realized that you are a good fella . ”

Ye Baiyu thought of something . “Are you planning to kill anyone on the dragon boats? Hehe… You can’t do it . You’re too slow . ” Han Fei shrugged . “Did I mention that I would kill anyone on the dragon boats?”

Ye Baiyu stared at Han Fei, as if he were trying to see the secrets in his heart . “Who are you exactly?”

Han Fei’s lips suddenly curled . “Me? I am Fan Datong, one of the awe-inspiring Black and White Ghosts in the level-three fishery . ”

“You are a food bucket?”

Han Fei’s face changed . “YOU are a food bucket . ”

I am

Wandering casually to Han Fei’s side, Ye Baiyu opened his hands and asked, “Who gave you your name? Your awesome appearance is completely ruined by your name . Also, why is your name not on the wanted list of the dragon boats?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “When was the last time you checked the wanted list?”

Ye Baiyu replied, “About two months ago . ” “Tsk! Two months is enough time for the wanted list to be completely renewed . ”

Ye Baiyu nodded . “It does make sense . Huh…” Suddenly, Ye Baiyu’s face changed . “”Someone’s here . ”

Ye Baiyu swooshed and disappeared from Han Fei . In the blink of an eye, he was already a thousand meters away . Han Fei was truly impressed by his speed .

However, even though Ye Baiyu was fast, his perception range was not as wide as Han Fei’s, and Han Fei had already sensed that Tang Ge was coming .


Ye Baiyu returned as fast as he went away . He said to Han Fei in excitement, “It’s going to be bad for you . A strong enemy is coming . If you give me the Demon Spiritual Fruit, I may consider taking you away . How does that sound?”

Han Fei grinned . “If you give me your Sea Swallowing Seashell, I may consider making friends with you . ”

Ye Baiyu was lost for words . “Courtesy is what matters in friendship . It’s outrageous of you to ask for my Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

“And it isn’t outrageous of you to ask for my Demon Spiritual Fruit?”

Naturally, Han Fei would not give away the Demon Spiritual Fruit easily . He felt that it was quite unusual that he had summoned a plant . If Ye Baiyu weren’t here, he would’ve studied it right here and now .

As they talked, Tang Ge had already entered their sight .

Not just that, Han Fei also sensed Cao Qiu, Wang Zitian, and Mu Ling ten kilometers away .

Tang Ge looked at Ye Baiyu instead of Han Fei first . Frowning, he pointed his spear at Ye Baiyu and said, “Get lost!”

“…Tang Ge, I’ve never done you wrong . Besides, you can’t hit me even if you wanted to . Don’t be so cocky . ”

Han Fei grinned . “But we can work together to hit you!”

Ye Baiyu was stunned . He suddenly asked, “Do you know each other? So you’re from the Thousand Star City after all? But why have I never met you before?”

Han Fei said, “It’s because you’re too fast to make any friends . ”

Ye Baiyu: “…”

Ye Baiyu smiled and said, “You can’t catch me or hit me . So, why don’t I exchange Soul Crystals for your Demon Spiritual Fruit?”

Tang Ge frowned . “The Demon Spiritual Fruit?”

Han Fei asked telepathically, Do you know of it?

Tang Ge replied, Yes . It’s a spiritual fruit that can build up one’s soul . It’s extremely rare . Countless people make offerings in the Steps into the Sea every day, but few of them ever get one .

Han Fei looked at Ye Baiyu . “What’s the exchange rate exactly?” .

Ye Baiyu said, “I’ll give you ten Soul Crystals for your Demon Spiritual Fruit . ”

Han Fei’s eyes slightly trembled . This pretty boy has ten Soul Crystals?

Han Fei grinned and said, “Ten Soul Crystals? I can get that by robbing two random guys of their Sea Swallowing Seashells! Why would I give away the Demon Spiritual Fruit for that?”

Ye Baiyu furrowed his brow . “Ten is not a small number . The productivity of the Soul Crystals is no higher than that of the Demon Spiritual Fruit . I’m generous enough to give you ten . ”

Han Fei spat a bubble at Ye Baiyu and said, “No… If you want to trade for it, you’ll have to give one hundred Soul Crystals . ”


Ye Baiyu was so infuriated that he actually laughed . “You’re truly greedy! You can’t get a hundred Soul Crystals unless you rob everybody in the Steps into the Sea! If I had so many Soul Crystals, would I even need to trade with you for the Demon Spiritual Fruit?” Han Fei shrugged . “Then let’s forget it . ”

For a moment, they were caught in an impasse . Ye Baiyu stared at Han Fei and Tang Ge for a while and eventually decided to leave . But then, he sensed that more people were coming .

“Cao Qiu? Mu Ling? Wang Erjian?”

The moment he saw Ye Baiyu, Cao Qiu cried out, “Fan Datong, kill him! Kill him now! He has lots of treasures!”

Ye Baiyu looked at Han Fei . “You all know each other? Am I the only one who doesn’t know you? Why?”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Because… Look at your back . ”

As he talked, Han Fei suddenly moved . The whetting stone in his hand was enlarged by dozens of meters, and the Blood Drinking Knife was unleashed .

On Tang Ge’s side, he raised his spear, jumped, and slashed it down . All the seawater within a hundred meters was surging . Wang Erjian’s two swords floated and dispersed into overwhelming shadows, blocking one direction .

With unusual walls, Mu Ling soon created confinement arrays, killing arrays, wall arrays and shield arrays…

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As for Cao Qiu, a Blazing Fish appeared before him, and the most brilliant flash glowed in the water . For a moment, nobody could keep their eyes open, and they could only detect the surroundings with their other senses . Then, after a flash, the area within a hundred meters was covered by an illusion .

Ye Baiyu was completely dumbfounded . Who have I possibly pissed off? Why are so many people attacking me all of a sudden?

Although all his four directions were blocked, Ye Baiyu deserved to be the fastest man on his level . He moved as quickly as a lightning bolt in the seawater, and none of the attacks really hurt him .

What made Ye Baiyu even more speechless was the fact that all the water within his sight was turning into swords . He could only sense the overwhelming sword Qi and see swords in all directions .

“I’ll blink!”


In the next second, Ye Baiyu crashed into a purple barrier .

Ye Baiyu asked, “When did you set up the Six Gate Array?”

Han Fei grinned . “When you found that you couldn’t escape in any direction, and when you noticed that the swords were coming… Look, like I already told you before, being fast is a good thing, but you’re too weak! You can’t do anything if you’re only fast!”

Actually, Han Fei was having cold sweats, because Ye Baiyu was too fast! If he hadn’t used the Infinity Water at the very beginning, if he hadn’t informed his gang with his extraordinary perception range, if Cao Qiu hadn’t blinded him, and if his partners here weren’t all the best of their professions, it would have been impossible for him to imprison Ye Baiyu…

The Spirit Forbidden Net fell, and Ye Baiyu was about to be caught . Han Fei was already going to laugh out loud, when he saw a white mark appear inside the Six Gate Array, and nothing could be seen except a white fish skin inside the Six Gate Array .

Dumbfounded, Han Fei asked in shock, “He escaped?” The Hexagon Starfish was stunned too . “That can’t be right! I didn’t sense anything unusual with the array!”

Cao Qiu exclaimed, “Damn it! It’s the Star Teleportation Technique of the Ye family! I didn’t know that he already picked it up!”

Mu Ling said, “He’s a genius . ”

Tang Ge was silent . He simply gazed at the white fish skin, as if he was thinking if he was really as strong as he thought himself to be .

Han Fei cried, “My Soul Crystals are gone!”

Everyone: “…”

Suddenly, a voice came from far away . “Fan Datong, I’ll remember you . Like I said, I’m unparalleled in this world in terms of speed . Let’s meet again after I get an offensive technique to kill you . ”

Ye Baiyu was gone, leaving Han Fei and the others staring at each other…

Seeing that everybody was deep in thought, Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “What exactly is the Star Teleportation Technique?”

Cao Qiu slightly shook his head . “I’m not sure, but every major family in the Thousand Star City has their legacies . Most of those legacies are the weird techniques that can almost be called taboo . They are gradually accumulated over time by the ancestors of those families . ”

Han Fei suddenly asked, “Is that what Sun Mu’s Immortals Slaying Formation is?”

Cao Qiu nodded . “Yes, that formation technique is just like the Star Teleportation Technique . However, it’s extremely difficult to practice those battle techniques . More often than not, people give up after a long time of trying to grasp them . ”

Wang Zitian said casually, “You think the Immortals Slaying Formation you saw was good enough? In fact, Sun Mu might have not fully grasped it yet . ”

Han Fei’s eyes cramped . “What about the Star Teleportation Technique? He escaped when it was impossible for him to flee even with a Flash Stone?”

Cao Qiu said, “I’m not sure . How can I know the technique so clearly? I’ve not practiced it at all . ”

Mu Ling smiled and said, “The Flash Stone is only the most basic way of escaping . In fact, there are quite a few arrays that can block Flash Stones . But of course, it’s still most cost-effective to use Flash Stones in the level-three fishery . You can hardly be blocked unless you’re in special cases . ”

Tang Ge had been silent the whole time . He spoke to Han Fei alone telepathically, I don’t think anybody is on this floor . Don’t hang around with Cao Qiu anymore . He’s up to no good . He only cooperates with you because he can blame everything he does on you later…

Han Fei replied, I know . I was going to dump him anyway .

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On the other hand, Han Fei looked at Cao Qiu and the others . “Have you seen Xie Xiaochan?”

Cao Qiu said, “No . Right, where is she now?”

Han Fei said to Tang Ge telepathically, You go away with Mu Ling first . I’ll catch up with you later .

Tang Ge simply said to Mu Ling, “Let’s go first . ”

Mu Ling looked at Han Fei and slightly nodded . Then the two of them left quickly .

After they disappeared from his sight, Cao Qiu finally remarked in surprise, “Huh! I don’t know when it started, but I have this feeling that Tang Ge has become our ally…”

Han Fei said, “That’s because we respect and appreciate each other . ”

Wang Zitian frowned . “He does not seem hostile to you, which doesn’t match his personality . ”

Han Fei said with a smile, “What’s his personality?” Wang Zitian remarked, “He is decent and can’t stand any injustice . At the very least, he generally won’t hang around with people like you . ”

Han Fei became gloomy . “Make yourself clear . What kind of person am I?”

Wang Zitian chuckled and said, “You rob everybody you can rob and achieve your purpose through whatever means possible . You and Cao Qiu are the same . ”

Han Fei snorted . “So what? We folk from the countryside are different from city residents . ”

He said lazily, “Forget it, forget it . It’s time that we split apart . Cao Qiu, you don’t really want to kill them, do you? Actually, you only want to annoy them, trick them, and shake their confidence… Hey, I can take that blame for you . However, this 201st level seems to have been cleared by someone . So, this is where our trip together ends . You can decide to stay or leave on your own…”

Cao Qiu said quickly, “Don’t! We’ve been together for so many floors . We’re friends . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “Friends? Fine . Let’s talk about our friendship when I become the master of the Thousand Star City . ”

Chasing after Han Fei, Cao Qiu asked, “That will be a long time that I’ll have to wait . We’re already great friends right now! I think that if we stick together, we may surpass the 250th floor and break my elder brother’s record . ”

Han Fei stared at Cao Qiu with a faint smile for such a long time that the little fatty felt uncomfortable .

Cao Qiu stepped back and said embarrassedly, “What’s wrong?”

Han Fei said with a smile, “You only want us to fight for you for free, right? Surpass the 250th floor? You want me to take you there, or you want Wang Erjian to take you? Enough . You can go to whichever floor you want on your own, but I won’t help you . Two hundred floors are already good enough for you . Don’t forget that you only made it to the 148th level last time . ”

Han Fei walked away without looking back, leaving Cao Qiu where he was .

Wang Zitian came close and said, “Let’s go and find a place to make offerings . ”

Cao Qiu snorted . “I thought we were already good friends!”

Wang Zitian slightly shook his head . “You only hung around with us because of your own interests . Do you really think we’re friends? You needed him to help you deal with Sun Mu and his partners . We know that he can’t kill Sun Mu, but we’ve basically achieved our purpose . I estimate that Sun Mu and his subordinates must be vomiting and having diarrhea outside . Han Fei seems to hold a grudge against Sun Mu for reasons I don’t know, or else there would be no reason for him to accompany you . Or maybe, there’s another possibility . He was merely trying to get more Sea Swallowing Seashells…” Cao Qiu secretly glanced at Wang Zitian and thought to himself, if I tell you that Fan Datong is actually Han Fei… But wait, Wang Zitian doesn’t know who Han Fei is yet!

Thinking about that, Cao Qiu suddenly said, “Forget it . I don’t want to fight anymore . I want to go out . ”

Wang Zitian’s eyes looked straight at him . “We’re already on the 200th floor, but you’re quitting?” Cao Qiu wiggled and said, “Why should we keep fighting? We can’t break my older brother’s record anyway even if we are to keep fighting . So why bother? We might as well go out and mock those people… Right, I’m going back to the Thousand Star City and telling everybody how they were humiliated . ”

Wang Zitian: “…”

Han Fei actually quite liked the little fatty from the Cao family . However, he had noticed since a long time ago that, even though Cao Qiu was self-willed, the seven major sects and the descendants of the big families all went easy on him .

It certainly suggested that the Cao family was quite renowned in the Thousand Star City

Besides, those people kept a respectful attitude when they knew that Cao Qiu was going to attack them, which suggested something even more . Although they robbed and beat Cao Qiu after they saw him, they didn’t really hurt him . That was definitely a concession .

If Han Fei made friends with such an influential man as Cao Qiu, he might accidentally get himself killed someday . It was a stupid thing to try to join a circle that one didn’t belong to . A moment later, Han Fei already found Tang Ge, who didn’t go far away and stayed in Han Fei’s range of perception . Seeing Han Fei, Tang Ge grinned and gave Han Fei a bear hug . “How is it going? How do you feel after the 200th floor?”

Han Fei glimpsed aside, and Mu Ling said, “You brothers keep chatting . I’ll take a walk . ”

Watching Mu Ling leave, Han Fei couldn’t help but compliment him . “Nice! You’ve got a considerate girlfriend . ”

“W-What are you talking about? She’s not my…”

Han Fei patted Tang Ge’s shoulder . “Okay, stop lying . You obviously like her . If you’re bold enough to scold those descendants of the big families, why should you be afraid of having a girlfriend?”

As he spoke, Han Fei waved his hand, and a Sea Swallowing Seashell fell before Tang Ge . “Take this . We’re brothers . You used to take good care of me . I certainly can’t let you walk away empty-handed now that I’ve found something . ”

Tang Ge frowned . “Are you talking about materials with me? How can I take anything from you? I’ve got lots of spoils myself . I robbed many people on the upper levels . ”

Han Fei smiled . “Just keep it . I have a tremendous number of Sea Swallowing Seashells in my storage . You can keep the dozens of Sea Swallowing Seashells you have to yourself . Also, what do you mean by ‘take anything from me’? Everything I have is shared between us . Inside this Sea Swallowing Seashell are some Soul Crystals . My perception range has already hit its limit, so they’re useless to me now . They’re all for you . ”

“Soul Crystals?”

Stunned, Tang Ge accepted the Sea Swallowing Seashell and examined it, only to see a hundred Soul Crystals inside with millions of mid-quality pearls . His eyes cramped as he asked, “Where did you get so many of them?”

Han Fei replied with a smile, “I got them through robbery! The Thousand Star City is not the same as the Blue Sea Town . You think I don’t know that? For example, none of the guys on the 200th floor are simple . We don’t have rich families to support us like them, so we must make a fortune on our way . In any case, we can’t be bested by them . ”

Tang Ge hesitated . “But…”

“No buts . We’ve been brothers for life . After the trip to the Steps into the Sea, we’ll be separated again and won’t meet until I come to the Thousand Star City . I don’t want to hear stories of the fall of the unparalleled genius Tang Ge after I reach the Thousand Star City someday…”

Tang Ge laughed . “That’s impossible . ”

Han Fei grinned . “Then keep it . Also, don’t go after Sun Mu and his people again . Look, I dared to beat him up, but I don’t really have the courage to kill him . However, just because I dare not kill him right now doesn’t mean that I dare not do that in the future . One day, I’m going to settle the score with him . ”

While he was talking, Han Fei noticed that Tang Ge was gazing at him . He couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Tang Ge said in comfort, “Han Fei, you’re different now . You’re more confident, optimistic, and powerful . More importantly, you’re very smart . ”


Han Fei rolled his eyes and said, “Stop bulls*ting me . Okay, I won’t be with you for the rest of the journey . I need to find Xia Xiaochan and continue exploring the Steps into the Sea . Our path has only just begun . ”

Holding the Sea Swallowing Seashell, Tang Ge nodded heavily . “Okay! When you come to the Thousand Star City in the future, I want to see her in her real appearance . What kind of girl can possibly make you so enamored?”

“Haha! She’s extraordinarily beautiful… But I wouldn’t say that I’m enamored . That girl has always been a great troublemaker…”

A moment later…

Seeing that Han Fei and Tang Ge walk to her with a smile, Mu Ling knew that they had finished talking After he came close, Han Fei said, “Sister-in-law, I’m going . You must invite me to your wedding . Bye…”

Both Mu Ling and Tang Ge blushed . But Han Fei had left without looking back . He waved at them behind his back,

Watching Han Fei leave, Tang Ge clenched his fists and mumbled, “Rest assured . By the time you come to the Thousand Star City, I’ll definitely be the best of the city . ”

Mu Ling softly grabbed Tang Ge’s arm . “This brother of yours is truly bighearted . ”