God of Fishing - Chapter 475

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Chapter 475

Chapter 475 The War From When?

While Han Fei gazed at the clone earnestly, the clone made it to the second level of stairs, which seemed simpler than the first level .

However, when the clone got on the third level of stairs, Han Fei suddenly trembled under the altar . He felt that his head suddenly went blank as if he suffered from anemia, and he lost balance with himself . “Damn it! That’s just my clone! Would I be hurt too when something happens to it?”

Han Fei was lost for words . Wasn’t his clone merely made of thought? Was he hurt because he was connected to his clone? But he didn’t know what was going on up there even though they were connected . When his clone climbed the fourth level of stars, Han Fei suddenly held his head with one hand so hard that veins bulged from his neck . He saw a picture that lasted only one moment .

It was no longer blank . Something just flashed in his head .

Unfortunately, the picture flashed too quickly . It had disappeared before Han Fei recognized what it was .

At this moment, his clone had walked to the edge of the fifth level . This time, Han Fei was prepared when another picture flashed in his head .

“Old Bai?”

Han Fei’s face was grim, as he thought he saw Old Bai during the moment .

“Why Old Bai? How is Old Bai related to the Steps into the Sea?”

Holding his head, Han Fei simply squatted on the ground . He knew that similar things were bound to happen again when his clone reached the sixth level .

As he expected, during another moment of strong headache, Han Fei saw the picture more clearly in his head . But it was still too fast . He merely saw a swinging sword .

“What the f*ck? Why are the pictures so broken? Can’t you give me a complete one?”


Han Fei’s butt hit the ground, as he finally saw a complete picture when his clone reached the seventh level . He saw Old Bai staring at him from the sky .

“Huh? Why is Old Bai holding a sword?” “Wait, why is there blood on Old Bai?”

Han Fei raised his head and said to his clone, “Go on . Climb to the eighth level and then get on the altar . ”

Again, Han Fei saw Old Bai standing in the sky with a large area of houses below his feet . Old Bai seemed to be slashing his sword, and the aura of his blade was glowing . .


Suddenly, Han Fei raised his head, only to see that his clone’s legs had been shattered . Its lower half body had been reduced to salt .

However, his clone did not know what pain meant at all . It simply moved forward according to Han Fei’s command .

But when its hand touched the final level of stairs, the seawater suddenly trembled slightly, and his clone seemed to have suffered a great blast .


The whole clone collapsed into grains of salt at this moment, before it completely vanished into the seawater .

Han Fei was so appalled at that moment that he had goosebumps all over his body .


“Damn it! Is it so dangerous? My strongest clone has been killed so easily?”

Han Fei waved his arm . “Master Calabash, help! I can’t take care of this!”

The Demon Purification Pot flashed, and Han Fei was instantly delighted, “Would you like to fetch the fruit by yourself?”

He waited for a long time, but there was no reaction from the Demon Purification Pot . He decided that he should go to Forge the Universe and have a nice meal first .

But he found that it was impossible to enter Forge the Universe anymore .

Han Fei roared furiously, “You’re forcing me to go up there, right? But remember this is the level-three fishery, and few people have ever made it to this place . Okay, I’ll go, but if I’m dead, you will be buried here forever!”

Seeing no reaction from the Demon Purification Pot, Han Fei declared ruthlessly, “Let’s go then! I’m not scared of anything!”


Han Fei took out a large bag of air and breathed hard . What was his purpose when exploring the Steps into the Sea? Treasures, of course .

Other people weren’t even qualified to see this treasure, and now that it was lying right before his eyes, he would regret it if he didn’t have the courage to take it .

Therefore, Han Fei moved forward and stepped on the first level of stairs . To be honest, Han Fei was a zealous adventurer in the first place . He had come to this world exactly because of his crazy adventure . Therefore, what he did at this moment was really just a spur-of-the-moment thing without much consideration .

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“Huh? Nothing happened?”

Han Fei was stunned . How come he stepped on regular stairs even though his clone’s legs were broken after reaching the first level of stairs?

Han Fei subconsciously raised his other leg, but he instantly felt mountainous pressure coming at his face .

The picture before his eyes suddenly changed . He couldn’t see anything, and he only felt that his body was shivering under the terrifying pressure .

Han Fei immediately realized that it was pressure, but he didn’t know where it was from . Under the pressure, he felt that all his hair was bristling . Right next, Han Fei heard voices that came from Old Bai .


“Go now!”

The hoarse cry seemed to be echoing in the world .

The dark veil before Han Fei’s eyes was suddenly lifted . At this moment, he was in the middle of the sky at least three thousand meters from the ground . He looked back, only to see that Little Gold had been attached to himself . Its gigantic wings had been unfolded with blood dripping down .

Suddenly, sword Qi that spanned a thousand meters passed above Han Fei’s head .

Shocked, Han Fei raised his head, only to see a heated battle in the sky where Old Bai was attacking a group of ferocious people whose enormous spiritual beasts had blocked the sky .

“Where am I? Who’s Old Bai fighting?”

While Han Fei was stunned, he saw Zhang Xuanyu who appeared out of nowhere next to himself .

“What are you waiting for? Run for your life!”

“Zhang Xuanyu? This is…”

However, before Han Fei said anything, Zhang Xuanyu had pushed him aside, and sword Qi that came from a distance penetrated his abdomen .

“Zhang Xuanyu!”

Shocked, Han Fei exclaimed aloud, and a gigantic hand descended from the sky . He saw that an expert swordsman was slapped into smithereens by the hand .

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Old Bai roared aloud, “Take these kids away!”

Before Han Fei realized what was going on, Zhang Xuanyu had been taken away by a hand from the void .

On the other hand, Le Renkuang appeared down below, sobbing and crying, “I’m not going anywhere!”

Han Fei was about to shout, when he saw sword Qi sweeping at Le Renkuang across dozens of kilometers .

Han Fei roared, “Fatty, get out of the way!”

While Han Fei shouted, a crappy old man with an unshaven face took a huge circle in the sky and stopped before Le Renkuang, taking the attack for him .

Han Fei was finally relieved . He was about to dive down, but his back suffered a heavy strike, and he was smashed into the city like a shooting star .

At that moment, Han Fei felt that he almost exploded . His head almost crashed .

After he was blown dozens of kilometers away, a tentacle grabbed him, and Xiao Zhan stopped in front of him .

Xiao Zhan murmured, “Avenge us . ”

“Avenge you? For what?”


Before Xiao Zhan gave a reply, Han Fei’s eyes almost bulged out, as he saw that Old Bai detonated himself in the sky .

“Old Bai, President…”

Xiao Zhan clenched Han Fei’s arm and threw him away . Han Fei felt that he was nothing more than a piece of meat on a chopping block right now . He didn’t know what was going on at all, as he was just thrown about .

Han Fei saw that Xiao Zhan and his Eight-Armed Conch all exploded under the collective attack of three men .

Devastated, Han Fei cried out, “Mr . Xiao Zhan!”

Not just Xiao Zhan, Han Fei noticed another person on the battlefield down below . From there, Wenren Yu glimpsed at him and charged into battle without looking back .

At this moment, cold voices were echoing in the sky, “The Thug Academy defies the heavens’ will . It shall be destroyed . ”

Somebody was laughing . “Today, all the teachers and students here will be annihilated!”

Han Fei saw someone he didn’t know sneering in the sky . “The Thug Academy has no choice except to fight until death, but as long as any of us escape today, you and your families will all be executed someday!”

Someone declared relentlessly, “I’m here for the final battle of my life . Who dares to fight me?”

Someone was bellowing, “You want to kill me? Are you really capable of that?”

One after another, people Han Fei didn’t know appeared in the sky, on the ground, and above the city…

A rain of blood was dropping from the gray sky amidst the deafening noises and explosions . Han Fei felt that he was a tiny canoe above a surging ocean . He was escaping, but he didn’t know why he was escaping . Someone was chasing him . Flash Stones were crumbled one after another . Han Fei felt that he appeared in lots of places .

There was fire everywhere . He couldn’t even see the people’s faces .

All of a sudden, Han Fei saw that Luo Xiaobai was standing a thousand meters away expressionlessly .

Han Fei shouted, “Xiaobai, run!”

He was anxious to see that Luo Xiaobai was standing still . He ran to her quickly, but he saw that Luo Xiaobai was shaking her head as if she was refusing him .

Auras of sabers and swords glowed next to him, and he was heavily struck .

In the next moment, Han Fei’s head went blank, as if he had just been hit by something . He fell from the sky like a shooting star .

At that moment, he felt that all his bones and internal organs were destroyed . He vomited blood crazily . Han Fei sensed the smell of death . He felt that he was dying . He was so exhausted that he wanted to sleep . He wanted to simply let his body fall .

Suddenly, Han Fei felt excruciating throbbing pain from his wrist .

He was woken up all of a sudden . To his shock, he found himself standing above the altar .