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God of Fishing - Chapter 476

Published at 28th of November 2020 04:40:12 PM

Chapter 476

Chapter 476 A Vine

Han Fei was woken up by the Demon Purification Pot .

He was almost fully attracted to the environment just now . Many people he knew and didn’t know died . Old Bai, Xiao Zhan, Wenren Yu, Zhang Xuanyu… All of them seemed to be dying . Han Fei was desperate back then . But when the Demon Purification Pot caused the throbbing pain, he became hopeful again, as he realized that Old Bai and Zhang Xuanyu weren’t around .

After Han Fei opened his eyes, he found that he was already on the top of the nine levels of stairs, and his hands were bleeding hard . There was intense stench of blood in his mouth too .


Han Fei vomited blood . He felt that his internal organs were rolling, and his body was almost broken .

“Damn it… Do you really have to make it so hard? It’s just some stairs . ”

Han Fei hurriedly cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself . At the same time, he stuffed a spiritual fruit as well as some healing pills into his mouth .

It was not until four hours later that Han Fei finally felt better . He tried to sit straight, only to find that the bones all over his body were cracking

“Hiss! How badly was I wounded just now? Why do I feel that I was beaten up?”

Han Fei looked at the stairs behind him and saw no anomalies, but they couldn’t have seemed creepier in Han Fei’s eyes .

He didn’t understand why he saw the Thug Academy when he climbed the Steps into the Sea .

Was what he saw an event of the past? He naturally knew the Thug Academy’s tragedy thirty years earlier when countless Heavenly Talents were killed .

But if it was a replay of the tragedy, why did he se Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, and Luo Xiaobai?

“Right, I didn’t see Xia Xiaochan . Why was Xia Xiaochan not there?”

Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself again . He realized the flaw in the illusion . If the whole gang was there, there was no reason why Xia Xiaochan would be absent .


Han Fei spat at the stairs . Damn you evil thing, you almost tricked me!

He was not in a hurry to examine the offerings on the altar . After all, the offerings and the altar had been here for too many years, and they weren’t going anywhere .

He needed to be as calm as possible at this critical moment, especially considering that he was wounded . If something was wrong with the offerings, he would definitely suffer .

It took Han Fei another six hours to get a full recovery . He didn’t stand up again until he confirmed that he was in his best state .

The first thing that Han Fei attempted to do was to summon his ultra-quality battle suit .

However, after he took it out, Han Fei saw nothing but a ragged suit with broken holes everywhere .

Han Fei: “???”

“Shoot… My suit! How did it become like this?” Han Fei was dumbfounded . His ultra-quality battle suit had been made with dozens of kinds of materials and more than 500,000 points of spiritual energy . The material cost alone was shocking enough . However, it had been ruined after a walk on the nine levels of stairs?

Han Fei was secretly shocked . What would’ve happened if he didn’t have the ultra-quality battle suit?

He reforged the ultra-quality battle suit in the next hour and put it on . Then, he finally stood before the table where the offerings were placed .

This time, Han Fei saw clearly that three items were placed on the table .

On the cup-shaped tray in the center was a red spiritual fruit . To Han Fei’s surprise, he couldn’t see any information on the fruit, as if the Demon Purification Pot had become useless .

On the tray on the spiritual fruit’s left side, there was a finger bone which looked like jade . Han Fei wasn’t sure what bone it was exactly, but it seemed to be a man’s finger bone .

But how could a man’s finger bone look like

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No information was displayed by the Demon Purification Pot either . Han Fei didn’t pursue further but simply turned to the spiritual fruit’s right side .

He saw a black ball on the last tray, which also didn’t show any information . However, the ball looked like a black pearl the size of a thumb . It didn’t seem as special as the other two items .

Han Fei stepped forward, ready to claim the three items . He knew that they were definitely ultimate treasures even though he didn’t recognize them .

That conclusion could easily be drawn based on the bones down below the stairs . How many people had been killed in order to get them?

Besides, none of the people who made it here were ordinary . Even Cao Tian, a well-known genius, could only reach the 251st floor . Even though he was only training himself there, Han Fei estimated that the mermaid would be a pickle for him, and that he couldn’t pass the last twenty levels easily .

When Han Fei stood before the altar and was about to take action, he was suddenly astounded .

Before, he was slightly further from the table, and he couldn’t see it clearly .

Now that he was standing right before the table, he discovered to his shock, that the first thing that anyone who stood here would see wasn’t the spiritual fruit, the finger bone or the black pearl on the table, but a wooden decorative shelf behind the three treasures .

The decorative shelf looked like a shelf in a regular house where weapons were placed, except it was much smaller, and that what was placed on this shelf were no blades but a vine which had a leaf on it .

The moment he saw the green tiny vine, Han Fei’s eyes bulged . He saw a sheen of light on the green vine, which was still vigorous and glimmering even though it had been through countless years . However, wasn’t the vine the same as that attached to the Demon Purification Pot?

Han Fei raised his hand and looked at the Demon Purification Pot on his wrist . He opened his hands and, triggered by his thought, a small calabash appeared in his palm .


The moment the Demon Purification Pot appeared, the vine shivered on the shelf, and the Demon Purification Pot began to revolve crazily in Han Fei’s hand .


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Han Fei was astounded . He remembered that last time the Demon Purification Pot revolved was when he had the soul awakening ritual .

At that time, he acquired Little Black and Little White .

This time, the Demon Purification Pot revolved again .


Suddenly, a deafening noise echoed in the world . Han Fei felt that his ears were ringing . He didn’t know where the noise was from… Unusual noises always came with huge events, so Han Fei was quite anxious at this moment .

He dare not move either, because he found that the green vine was flying to the Demon Purification Pot very slowly . Han Fei could only wait anxiously .


It was as heated as before above the steps into the Sea . Everybody was doing their regular things .

Every day, tremendous numbers of people waited at the entrance of the Steps into the Sea and stared at it without doing anything . They were waiting for the Black and White Ghosts to show up .

Xia Xiaochan was among them too . She promised Han Fei that she would wait for him for half a month, and it had only been three days .


Suddenly, the Steps into the Sea trembled, and many people lost balance because of the unexpected earthquake . Some even fell on the ground .

“What’s going on?”

“What’s the noise about?”

“Why is the Steps into the Sea trembling?”

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“Did anyone acquire any unparalleled treasure?”

For a moment, everybody at the entrance was passionately asking each other what happened… However, since none of them were really inside the Steps into the Sea, they didn’t really know the answer . At this moment, Xia Xiaochan’s eyes glittered, and she thought of something .

“Has Han Fei acquired the treasure in the Steps into the Sea?”

A place like the Steps into the Sea wouldn’t tremble for no reason . Something must’ve happened . If it didn’t happen on the surface of the sea, it could’ve only happened at the bottom .

There were only two people who made it past the 250th floor at the bottom of the sea, namely Cao Tian and Han Fei .

Xia Xiaochan would rather believe that Han Fei caused the earthquake . She hadn’t seen Cao Tian yet, but since Cao Tian failed to cause an earthquake during his long stay in the Steps into the Sea, there was no reason why he could do it now . So, it could’ve only been Han Fei who did it .

At this moment, Han Fei was swallowing, as the green vine had already attached itself to the spout of the Demon Purification Pot .

“Hiss! I have two vines now?”

Han Fei’s eyes cramped . He had been watching it all the time .

He had thought that the green vine would be connected to the original vine on the Demon Purification Pot, and the two vines would be combined into one .

But the green vine had circumvented the original vine on the calabash and fell on the spout .

Therefore, Han Fei looked quite puzzled at this moment, as the Demon Purification Pot had changed from one vine with one leaf into two vines with two leaves . The Demon Purification Pot slowly stopped revolving . Right when Han Fei thought that it would become his tattoo again, the Demon Purification Pot suddenly ran into the center of Han Fei’s eyebrow . “Shoot… Where is it now?”

In the next second, Han Fei could sense that the green calabash was slowly revolving in the middle of a gray fog inside his head .