God of Fishing - Chapter 477

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Chapter 477: 477

Chapter 477 Art of Invincibility

The Demon Purification Pot seemed different with the additional vine now .

Han Fei felt that something trembled in his head . He was fully refreshed as if he had just taken a cool peppermint . Something seemed to have been added to his mind .

Han Fei subconsciously looked at his own data, only to find that something had indeed changed . Han Fei

39 (Advanced Dangling Fisher)

128,526 (5,999) 999/999

5,000 Meters

Level-Five, High-Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 30)

Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

There wasn’t information on his weapon anymore, but the data of his spiritual power and his perception range had popped up . That was rather new . Han Fei knew that his perception range had reached 5,000 meters, but he didn’t really know the amount of his spiritual power .

When he saw that his spiritual power was 999, he knew that it must be the limit .

Although Han Fei knew how much spiritual power he had now, it was rather useless, because he didn’t know other people’s . If he couldn’t compare himself to anyone else, what would the point of this piece of information be?

Han Fei didn’t pay more attention to his stats, because another earthquake was going on .

The treasures were more important than the secrets of the Demon Purification Pot . He could examine the Demon Purification Pot anytime, but something might happen to those treasures .

Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes and reached for the three treasures on the table .

Han Fei’s primary target was naturally the red spiritual fruit . After all, it was the most glittering and appealing one .

Suddenly, he saw that new data popped up in his eyes .

Heritage Stealing Fruit

This is a forbidden fruit in legends that can steal Spiritual Heritages in nature for yourself .

Heavenly Divine

1,000,000 Points

This can steal the heritages of the heavens and change your fate .

This can only be taken by fishers . Anyone of other levels will infuriate the heavens and be burnt alive if they take this .


Han Fei was shocked at first . Then he burst into a fury .

When he saw the name of the Heritage Stealing Fruit and its introduction, Han Fei was completely thrilled that the fruit could steal the heritage of the heavens .

Earlier, Han Fei had heard that fortunes and blessings of a country could be stolen, but he always considered the stories to be rumors and folklore .

But he was convinced at this moment that such unbelievable spiritual fruit did exist in this world . At that moment, Han Fei felt that he was going to rise to be a real unparalleled Heavenly Talent .

Then, the note that the fruit was only usable for fishers struck Han Fei’s head like a thunderbolt . Han Fei’s let out a crazy laugh…


“Do you know how depressing it is to have a bad Spiritual Heritage?”

“You son of bi*ch! It’s only usable to fishers? Are you expecting me to abandon my cultivation to become a fisher again? I’ll be an idiot if I do that!”

“Oh, my heart is broken!”

“My heart pains so much that I can’t breathe!”

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But this was an ultimate treasure even though he couldn’t use it . There was no way that he would leave it here . He simply put it into the Demon Purification Pot .

Collecting the Heritage Stealing Fruit, Han Fei immediately moved his eyes to the finger bone that was as smooth as jade .

A string of data appeared in his eyes .

Sky Dissecting Finger

This is a finger bone of a king-level expert . It has been too worn out by time to be embedded in your body, but it can still be used as a weapon . When launched with tremendous spiritual energy, this weapon can deal damage equal to that of a king-level expert’s attack .

Ultra-Quality Divine Weapon (Current State)


Note: This weapon consumes too much spiritual energy . Don’t try to use it unless you have more than ten million points of spiritual energy .

“Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”

Han Fei was thrilled again . Everybody said that the Steps into the Sea had marvelous weapons, and Han Fei thought so too . But he didn’t know that this was what a marvelous weapon would be like .

Han Fei didn’t know how strong a king-level expert could be, but he did know that Void Fishing was exactly created by nine king-level experts together .

It was not hard to infer how precious the finger bone must be! This could be an ultimate lifesaver for him!

The attack of a king-level expert could crush any enemy who wasn’t king-level . All he needed to do was to toss out the finger bone .


Han Fei hurriedly collected the jade finger . This was an incredible treasure that could kill anyone!

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In the end, Han Fei’s heart was pounding . He had almost peed himself because of the first two treasures . What about the third treasure?

Han Fei swallowed and subconsciously moved his eyes to it . Then, Han Fei was dumbfounded .

A string of data appeared in his eyes . Art of Invincibility (Unrated) This is a boxing technique created by an unknown expert during his fights in a chaotic world . Whoever picks up this art can shake the ocean and the sky with their fists .

This art requires a tough body, a tenacious soul and infinite resolve to be learned .

Superseding Art: No art can be deduced . You can only deduce it on your own!

Note: Whoever creates an invincible art has invincible faith that makes it possible for them to fight anyone in this world . So, this art can’t be rated .


Han Fei swallowed and was completely dumbfounded .

It was so awesome! Could there really be an invincible art in this world?

Based on the information, Han Fei realized that this seemed to be the best battle technique that was above all other arts, because its inventor strongly believed that nobody else could defeat him .

Han Fei hurriedly reached for the black pearl . He wouldn’t miss such a technique for the world .

In a different time and place, the three treasures could build an unparalleled expert when used by the same person . Just imagine this: when they were fishers, they could change their Spiritual Heritage with the Heritage Stealing Fruit; then, they could cultivate the Art of Invincibility with their unparalleled talents; in the end, they still had the king-level expert finger as a last resort to protect themselves .

In such a way, even an idiot could be transformed into a genius . Han Fei speculated that the three items on the table were specifically prepared for someone . But fortunately, the ritual didn’t work out, or whoever got those items would have definitely become awesome .

Those were all the ideas that flashed in Han Fei’s head during the moment while he was reaching for the black pearl .

However, the moment Han Fei touched the black pearl, mystic light burst out of the pearl, and Han Fei saw an enormous fist smashing at him ferociously and unstoppably . “Hum…”

Han Fei had no time to dodge at all . As if hit by a real fist, he stepped back quickly and covered his face with his hands .

It was a simple movement that everybody could do, but this movement revealed his weakness . The man was invincible and could beat him, and if he dared not fight back, he would only be brutalized .

Han Fei sat on the ground, stunned . New epiphanies popped up in his head nonstop .

He saw countless battlefields where an iron-blood man fought his enemies without any battle suit or weapons but only covered his fists with fish skins .

The sea creatures were crumbling, and the strongest enemies were punched through .

Han Fei discovered, to his shock, that the Art of Invincibility was not a set of techniques or tricks . It was just the expert’s experience that he gathered from all his battles .

At first, the expert was dealing with sea creatures, sea monsters, and various Heavenly Talents in the pictures .

But in the end, Han Fei saw how the sea could be shaken by fists . As the man punched the sea, the surface of the sea was boiling as far as his eyes could reach .

Han Fei also saw how the sky could be shaken by his fists, as the man soared up for tens of thousands of meters heaving his fists, blowing up a super enormous fish on the spot . “Wait, how can there be fish in the sky?”

Han Fei was briefly stunned . But the idea only flashed in his head because there were too many pictures for him to watch . It seemed that the expert’s whole life had been recorded .

Half a month passed .

Three dragon boats had come to the Steps into the Sea because of the recent earthquakes in this place, and also because the sacrificial rituals at the Steps into the Sea were getting out of control .

On the first level of the Steps into the Sea, an exotic creature appeared after someone made an offering . The creature then initiated a slaughter .

Someone made offers on one of the first hundred floors and got a high-quality spiritual weapon . It was shocking news for everybody .

But those cases were rare . Most people discovered that no creatures were summoned after they made offerings, and naturally, they got no rewards .

On this day, when countless people were crowded at the entrance of the Steps into the Sea, something that shocked everybody happened .

Cao Tian came out of the Steps into the Sea .

Someone asked, “Cao Tian, did you make it to the bottom level?”

Cao Tian replied, “No . ”

Xia Xiaochan turned around and walked away the moment she heard the answer . She knew that Han Fei had done something big yet again!