God of Fishing - Chapter 478

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Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Sneak Away!

On the altar, Han Fei had been sitting still for half a month .

At this moment, there wasn’t any spiritual energy in Han Fei, nor was there any energy fluctuation .

However, he was fighting .

Yes, he was fighting in those pictures . Han Fei knew that these pictures were fake, but every time he entered them, he still felt the overwhelming pressure pouring on him .

In fact, in these pictures, what he experienced was not the skill of fighting at all, and he didn’t even feel the slightest pleasure of battle . All he could feel was pressure, the pressure brought by various marine creatures .

Unfortunately, the pictures he could enter were only those for Dangling Fishers . As for the other pictures, they just flashed through his mind .

For example, he saw mermaids, not the kind of Inferior Man-Fish that hadn’t fully evolved, but real mermaids . Just the sight of them made him shiver as if the mermaids’ eyes were on him .

Suddenly, Han Fei opened his eyes .

If someone else was here, he would be frightened by Han Fei’s look at the moment .

The look contained a strong, confident, and invincible momentum . Anyone could tell from a single glance at him that this guy was a very strong master .

Han Fei stood up casually and twisted his neck .

He walked to the table on the altar, waved, and collected the table and the tray into Forge the Universe .

If the one who set up this altar saw this scene, he would spit blood and think, “You’ve taken the treasures! How can you also take away the table?”

Han Fei’s idea was very simple . These four things are all priceless, so how could they be placed on an ordinary table? Since I’ve been here, I’ll surely take it all!

Han Fei looked around and found no place to go out, nor did he immediately try to communicate with the Steps into the Sea .

He walked down the steps, step by step . This time, there was almost no obstruction and he felt nothing as if the steps under his feet were ordinary steps . Han Fei stood on top of the scattered white bones and looked back at the altar .

At this moment, he suddenly realized something, Why did he appear in Heavenly Water Village? Why did the Demon Purification Pot bring him to Heavenly Water Village? Why was there a vine of the Demon Purification Pot in the level-three fishery? Did the Demon Purification Pot only have two vines normally?

Han Fei didn’t know the answers, but he had a feeling that the Demon Purification Pot itself was a big secret .


The ground shook again . However, such shakes had occurred countless times in the past half month . Han Fei wondered whether, like the Sea Grassland, the seal had a problem .

After all, the four treasures here were all taken away by him, including the table they were placed on…

At this time, he suddenly had a question in his head, Who on earth was offering sacrifices here? What was their purpose? Who would receive the sacrifices?

Now, these sacrifices are all in my pocket . Is the one who is supposed to receive the sacrifices still here? Will he make trouble for me?

Han Fei walked around the altar and found signs of fighting here . There were many breakages at the border of the altar . Then, he pulled away those white bones, and sure enough, under these bones, he found some bones that were not human!

Han Fei climbed up the altar again . There was still no obstruction . He walked to the two broken fish bones and chopped them with the Blood Drinking Knife, only to find that they were not damaged at all, not even a scratch .

Han Fei’s eyes lit up immediately, and he directly stuffed the two pillar-like fish bones into Forge the Universe . They must be good! They were stronger than the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bone and felt as smooth as jade . They were definitely not ordinary fish bones .

Unfortunately, there were only two broken fish bones . Han Fei counted, and there were still 20 fish bones left .

Han Fei was very happy at the discovery . According to the size of the fishbone, one fishbone could make at least hundreds of weapons, which was very likely to be ultra-quality . Then how many weapons could be made of the 22 fish bones? 2200? Han Fei was overjoyed! The fish bones were really valuable . Although he had already gotten enough benefits, the more treasures, the better!

Han Fei used the Drawing Technique against the fish bones on the altar . With a “clang”, he was shaken back . When he leaned forward to take a closer look, he found that there were still no scratches on the fish bones .

“F*ck… Are these fish bones used to refine Divine Weapons?”


At this time, it seemed that some kind of chain reaction had occurred, and the Steps into the Sea suddenly vibrated violently and didn’t stop until dozens of minutes later .

Seeing the fish bones remain unharmed at all, he immediately ran down the steps and summoned Nine Tails .

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“Come on, pull these bones apart, and see if this place can be dug up . ” Nine Tails: “???”

If Nine Tails could speak, he would definitely complain . Every time it was called out, there was a hard job for it! Either digging a hole or digging up the ground… Even now, its master’s interest was becoming more and more peculiar, as he now wanted to dig up bones .

This altar was not big, only with an area of more than fifty meters . Unlike the Big Red Trunk, it was all broken bones here, which were quick to be cleared . Han Fei and Nine Tails spent about half an hour clearing the circle around the altar .

Then Han Fei was shocked to find that the bones stacked here were more than three meters high . He couldn’t imagine how many geniuses had died here!

At this moment, Han Fei was lying on the ground in front of the altar, trying to thrust the Blood Drinking Knife into the bottom of the altar . However, to his disappointment, he found that he couldn’t even insert the tip of the knife in .

Han Fei plunged the Blood Drinking Knife into the ground, but the ground was not made of soil but water, under which nothing could be seen clearly . It seemed that his hand could penetrate through the water, but in fact, the water didn’t move at all .

If the Hexagon Starfish were here, he would have told Han Fei, “This is a super seal . As long as the seal is not removed, you won’t be able to poke the knife through . ”

Seeing that the ground couldn’t be dug through, Nine Tails used its claws to furiously bombard the seal . Nine Tails hit the seal so hard that he was exhausted soon and simply went on strike . It is not that it refused to dig, but it couldn’t be dug at all!

Han Fei bared his teeth, still refusing to leave, and every few seconds, he would try to “collect” the altar in Forge the Universe .

“Master Calabash, look, I helped you find your long-lost vine leaves . How about helping me collect this altar in return?”

“Collect . ”




After he tried hundreds of times, suddenly, the altar shook .

Han Fei was immediately overjoyed . It worked! “Collect, collect, collect…”

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Suddenly, Han Fei heard a loud noise, which seemed to come from under the altar .

“Huh! Was the foundation broken by me?”

Hiss… Boom…

Suddenly, Han Fei heard a violent bang as if something was attacking under the altar .


Han Fei was dumbfounded and Nine Tails had already swum quickly to Han Fei’s side . From time to time, he also touched the altar with its claws, and he seemed to notice that there seemed to be something under it .

Han Fei opened his eyes wide . Damn… Are there living creatures below? “Huh?”

As a spirit gatherer, he was sensitive to the fluctuation of spiritual energy . Han Fei suddenly felt that there were wisps of spiritual energy circulating on the altar .

To be precise, they might not be on the altar, but from the bottom of the altar, slowly infiltrating from a distance .

Han Fei instantly jumped back two or three meters, staring blankly at the dynamics of the surrounding spiritual energy .

After a while, he was finally quite sure that something under this altar seemed to be absorbing the flowing spiritual energy .

“Oh my god, something bad is going to happen…”

Han Fei was horrified . Is there something scary being sealed under this altar?

Although these wisps of spiritual energy converged very slowly and didn’t seem to be a lot, the problem was that they were starting to add up!

For example, if Han Fei set up a large spirit gathering formation on the altar at this time, even if the spiritual energy gathered slowly, it wouldn’t be a problem to gather 20,000 points of spiritual energy a day .

Seeing that Nine Tails was still bombarding the altar from time to time, Han Fei kicked him . “Are you crazy? What if the seal is broken by you? Come on, let’s leave here . Quick…”

Outside, there were more and more people on the Steps into the Sea, and everyone was curious .

The situation on the Sea Grassland hadn’t returned to normal yet where only the worm tide had subsided . Someone walked through the seaweed city wall, only to find that the Lotus Fish had refused to carry people across the Worm Fish Abyss .

Besides, the Undersea City had collapsed . Good lord, now the steps into the Sea had a problem also!

Some people went in, but some also left . The people who left were all wandering around outside the Steps into the Sea . To put it bluntly, they were watching the show or waiting for some good luck . Someone said, “Only a fool will go inside right now . God knows if the Step into the Sea will collapse! If it does, what can the people inside


Someone answered, “A lot of people have already run out . Don’t you notice that now those who dare to enter the Step into the Sea are basically peak-level Dangling Fishers?” Someone sighed . “I heard that it is Fan Datong, the Black Ghost! Cao Tian said that he had seen him on the 251st floor . ”

Someone exclaimed, “So, no master on the Wanted List is simple . The 251st floor? How many treasures will he have to sacrifice?”

Someone guessed, “At least one mid-quality spiritual weapon, I guess?”

Someone laughed . “Are you stupid? What kind of place do you think it is? A mid-quality spiritual weapon? If it is that simple, the Steps into the Sea would have long been flattened . ”

While they were discussing intensely, suddenly, a fishing boat appeared in the sky, above which a homely girl shouted, “Come on, I found traces of the Black and White Ghosts . They have already reached the outskirts!”


“What?” “How could that be?” “F*ck, how did they get out?”

In an instant, the entire periphery of the sea platform was in an uproar .

And that girl who was still shouting was already drowned in the crowd .