God of Fishing - Chapter 479

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Chapter 479: 479

Chapter 479 Identity Exposed Again

On an ordinary fishing boat, Xia Xiaochan turned into an ordinary girl and glanced at the sea platform . Right now, there seemed to be nothing happening there, and Han Fei probably might not be able to get out soon . However, he would come out sooner or later . Now, there were still too many people on the Steps into the Sea, so she had to find a way to attract some people’s attention away from it .

On the sea platform .

Near the center, there was a small circle with no people around within nearly a kilometer . No one dared to come here no matter how chaotic other places were .

Gathering here were the Heavenly Talents from major sects and the important families from the Thousand Star City .

There were many shady looking characters among them .

Cao Tian was surrounded by a group of people at this moment .

Yang Deyu asked, “Hey, Lao Cao, did you really meet Fan Datong on the 251st floor? The stickman?”

Sun Mu interjected, “What he is best at using is a kitchen knife…”

Li Heiye and Li Baizhou nodded on the side . “Yes, that guy is very good at using a knife, and most people can’t resist his attack when he uses this knife . ”

Ye Baiyu also came over . “The guy you are talking about is really mean . He even colluded with Tang Ge, Mu Ling, Cao Qiu, and Two Swords to attack me . However, he is very slow . Is that guy really that strong?”

Cao Tian smiled . “His footwork is certainly not as good as yours, but you are too weak against him if you fight him head-on . ”

Hearing Cao Tian’s words, many people curled their lips . Ye Baiyu is weak?! Only you dare to say that!

Mo Feiyan asked, “Where are Cao Qiu and Two Swords?”

A disciple of a major sect said, “They’ve sneaked away! We all had diarrhea because of Fa Datong! As Fa Datong’s accomplices, how dare they still stay here?” .

As soon as he finished speaking, he found someone looking at him sympathetically . Then he found that he was suddenly in the air because he was kicked into the sky .

Cao Tian took a look at the person . “Why, do you want to get revenge?”

“No, no… I’m just casually mentioning it…”

The man was horrified . Cao Tian usually looked simple and honest, but he really doted on his younger brother . If anyone dared to mock Cao Qiu in front of him, he would definitely beat the hell out of them .

Therefore, although many people really wanted to give Cao Qiu a good beating, in front of Cao Tian, no matter if it was Yang Deyu, Sun Mu, or anyone else, none of them dared to mention Cao Qiu’s name .

Li Baizhou diverted the subject, “Well… Chen Aochen ran away long ago . Cao Tian, he seems to have left with your sister!”


Cao Tian grunted casually as if he was not at all worried about this matter .

But Li Heiye suddenly looked at Ye Baiyu and said, “Fan Datong is weird . Isn’t it said that there is also a White Ghost besides the Black Ghost? Fan Datong is the Black Ghost . Then where is the White Ghost?”

Mo Feiyan suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, they must have disguised themselves . ”


These people were stunned for a moment and then all looked at Mo Feiyan .

Mo Feiyan immediately told them about her encounter with Xia Xiaochan on the 201st floor . At that time, if Han Fei hadn’t arrived right away, maybe she would have fought Xia Xiaochan .


Sun Mu suddenly asked, “You mean, that man is actually a woman who put on a disguise? Who can disguise oneself so thoroughly?”

Yang Deyu shouted, “What’s so strange about this? He could even cause so many of you to have diarrhea . Have you ever seen a group of Dangling Fishers have diarrhea all at once?”

Sun Mu frowned . “Mo Feiyan, the person you mentioned seems to be quite different from the White Ghost . I heard that the White Ghost is a soul warrior, but the man you talked about is a hunter… Wait… Where has Cao Qiu been before?”

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Everyone: “???”

After a while, someone said, “I think he had gone to the Sea Grasslands!”

Someone shook their head . “No, he came from the Undersea City . Someone saw him driving a Ghost Speed Divine Boat there . ”

Suddenly, Mo Feiyan paused . “Sun Mu, you mean… How could it be…”

Sun Mu’s face turned gloomy . “Is that possible? Don’t forget, the Black and White Ghosts are both intermediate Dangling Fishers . ”

Yang Deyu stuck his big head over . “What are you two talking about?” Li Baizhou added, “That’s right! Are you two talking in code? Say something we can understand . ”

Sun Mu suddenly raised his head, his eyes icy . “We are all deceived . However, we still need to confirm one thing . When and where did they first appear?”

The others were not familiar with Han Fei, but Sun Mu was . His eyes were icy . If the Black and White Ghosts were really Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, then these two people were too terrifying! In the case of completely abandoning their own advantages, they could still kill all the way into the Steps into the Sea, which showed how talented these two people were .

After a while, one of Sun Mu’s subordinates arrived carrying an advanced Dangling Fisher in his arms .

If Han Fei were here, he would have been surprised . Why is Li Hanyi still in the Steps into the Sea?

Li Hanyi almost burst into tears . At first, he thought he was really lucky! He fought frantically on the Steps into the Sea . Others offered sacrifice for opportunities but he did that for a breakthrough .

Two days ago, he finally made a breakthrough and became an advanced Dangling Fisher . No wonder it was said that one who survived a great disaster was destined to good fortune ever after! He couldn’t believe he had such a rapid growth rate .

Sun Mu’s subordinate said, “Young Master, we’ve been sure that the first place where the Black and White Ghosts appeared happened to be between the Steps into the Sea and the Undersea City, slightly closer to the latter . And those two people didn’t appear until the Undersea City collapsed . This person is called Li Hanyi, who Han Fei used to impersonate . He was also once caught by the Black and White Ghosts . ”

Li Hanyi felt his heart skip a beat . He was not an idiot . Did this man mean that the Black and White Ghosts were actually Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan?

Li Hanyi suddenly remembered that both Fan Datong and Xie Xiaoan were foodies, who were exactly the same as Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan . Although, they always put a person in the hot pot, which frightened him the most! It was just because of this that he had never doubted them .

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And he remembered whenever he spoke ill of Han Fei, Fan Datong would beat him . Fuck, so Fa Datong was Han Fei! He was 100% sure now!


Sun Mu just glanced at Li Hanyi without paying attention to him, and then analyzed, “That makes so much sense . ”

He sneered . “Cao Qiu watched us all enter the Steps into the Sea and went to the Sea Grasslands to find Han Fei who made a name for himself after what happened in the Sea Grasslands . But at that time, Han Fei pretended to be Li Hanyi and ran to the Undersea City, so Cao Qiu went to the Undersea City as well . But when he arrived, the Undersea City had already collapsed, so he could only return here… And then, of course, Cao Qiu could meet the Black and White Ghosts here who were actually Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan . ”


Yang Deyu’s eyes widened suddenly . “Goddamit, so Cao Qiuqiu has always known that the Black and White Ghosts are Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan?”

Mo Feiyan nodded . “Otherwise, do you think that Cao Qiuqiu would waste his time on people with no strength?”

Li Heiye and Li Baizhou glanced at each other . “We got it, so Fan Datong is the person your Sun Family has been looking for . ”

Cao Tian still looked simple and honest . “Um! Qiuqiu has got a good eye . ”

Everyone: “…”

But no one dared to protest . If someone else found these two bastards to make trouble for them, they would have been skinned alive . But Cao Qiu was Cao Tian’s brother, so they didn’t even dare to say a word .

Cao Tian was not interested in this, so he asked, “Where is Tang Ge? I want to fight him . ”

Someone said, “Tang Ge and Mu Ling left almost 10 days ago . ”

Cao Tian nodded slightly . “Then forget it . It’s boring here . I’m leaving too . ” Ye Baiyu said, “Cao Tian, I’ll come with you . ”

Ye Baiyu was a free and easy person . After meeting Han Fei, he felt that person was very strange .

As for this kind of person, he could either kill him or ignore him . He just excelled in speed, but in terms of combat power, he might be even worse than Li Heiye and Li Baizhou .

Therefore, Ye Baiyu wasn’t obsessed with winning against Han Fei . In the future, if there was a chance, he could even have a drink with Han Fei and be friends with him .


After that, Cao Tian left without looking back, as being with these sophisticated people made him feel very tired . He didn’t like this very much .

After Cao Tian left, many people let out a sigh of relief .

Yang Deyu carried his big axes . “Now what should we do? Still wait here? OK, when that bastard, Han Fei comes out, I will kill him!”

“F*ck off!”

Mo Feiyan rolled her eyes at Yang Deyu . Can you beat him? Kill him? In your dream?

Sun Mu was still pondering, If Fan Datong is really Han Fei, then Han Fei has grown up too fast!

When they were on the Sea Grasslands, his subordinates who were only peak-level Dangling Fishers could almost kill him, but now… How long has it been?

More than a month? Han Fei was already able to crush his Immortals Slaying Formation alone, Yang Deyu seemed to be also defeated by him, Mo Feiyan also failed to win against Xia Xiaochan, and even Ye Baiyu was not their match .

At this moment, it suddenly became noisy outside .

Someone shouted, “We found traces of the Black and White Ghosts . Come on! Don’t hesitate…”