God of Fishing - Chapter 480

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Chapter 480

Chapter 480 The Tragic Li Hanyi

Sun Mu and the others were all astonished . When did Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan come out? Why did they come out?

Mo Feiyan’s face turned dark . “Damn! These two people are both capable of disguising themselves, they must have slipped out amongst the chaos . ”

Yang Deyu immediately waved his two big axes . “F*ck! Let’s go and hack those two b*stards to death . ” Among the crowd, the disciples of the Grand Void Academy were all stunned .

At this moment, Ji Wenxuan and Tian Yishan were surrounded by a group of people who were yelling and shouting at them .

“Ji Wenxuan, are you an idiot? When did our academy have such a strong disciple? That’s f*cking impossible…”

“Great, we will become a laughing stock this time!”

Someone suggested, “Should we join them too?”

But Tian Yishan suddenly cursed back, “I don’t believe you could have done any better if you were there . He just claimed to be a disciple of our academy… What would you have done if it were you guys there?” . Someone curled his lips . “I would have definitely seen him through and then beat him . ”

Ji Wenxuan scoffed . “Shut up, you braggart . Who can you beat? Can you survive a single blow from Gong Yuehan? He can . Gong Yuehan is not on par with him at all . ”


These people fell silent .

After a while, someone suggested, “Then should we join them or not?’”

Tian Yishan said grumpily, “Of course not! But if you think you can crush the Immortals Slaying Formation alone too, then follow them . ”

No disciple from the Grand Void Academy followed them, nor did the other sects . Although many of them had been robbed by Han Fei, most of them had experienced Han Fei’s strength .

After they left the Steps into the Sea, the rumors about the Black and White Ghosts became even more bizarre . Such as, they were cannibals, they beat Gong Yuehan with three blows, the Black Ghost crushed the Immortals Slaying Formation alone, drew a tie with Tang Ge, and even won against Cai Tian! These rumors stunned everyone and no one dared to chase them .

Especially when Sun Mu mentioned that the Black and White Ghosts were actually Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, most people felt that it was not a big deal that they just snatched their Sea Swallowing Seashells .

Lost money could be made again, but if they lost their lives, they couldn’t come back .

Only the daredevil Yang Deyu took his men to chase Han Fei, and Li Heiye and Li Baizhou also went with him .

Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan only sent a few subordinates to go with them to check things out .

Especially Sun Mu, he only sent two men over . He believed that Han Fei was still in the Steps into the Sea and the current vibration of the sea platform must have something to do with him .


Just an hour after they left, the Steps into the Sea suddenly vibrated again and the vibration was a bit more violent, more violent than the previous days . Now there were not many people coming out of the Steps into the Sea .

At this moment .

Han Fei was standing on the spring eye in the middle of the Steps into the Sea, dressed in a mid-quality battle suit, wearing his long hair down, and holding a big hammer in his hand, looking a little frightened . If Xia Xiaochan were here, she would immediately recognize this person was Han Fei . Because… What Han Fei used was Li Gang’s face .

And only a very small number of people knew Li Gang here .

It was for this reason that Han Fei used Li Gang’s face so that Xia Xiaochan could recognize him easily .

Li Gang had an average face, so except for those who were familiar with Li Gang, even a person from the Blue Sea Town might not even be able to recognize him .

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As soon as Han Fei stepped onto the central spring eye, someone shouted to him, “Brother, what’s going on down there? How many people are there?”

Han Fei made up a random response, “A lot of people have run out of here . God knows why the Step into the Sea keeps shaking!”

Someone smiled . “Then have you summoned a creature?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “What? I just had a fight with a big octopus and got a low-quality spiritual weapon . ”

Han Fei felt that his answer should not be a problem . He just summoned an octopus and got an average prize, so he wouldn’t attract much attention .

However, many people exclaimed in amazement, “You summoned a creature?! Isn’t it said that no creature can be summoned now? What happened?”

Han Fei was shocked . What? No creature could be summoned now?

On a sudden inspiration, Han Fei quickly said, “It’s not true, but I tried many times before I successfully summoned the octopus . ”

There was nothing wrong with what he said, so when Han Fei fell on the Steps into the Sea, many people ignored him .

Now, more people were waiting for intermediate Dangling Fishers coming out of the central spring eye . It was said that the Black and White Ghosts were both intermediate Dangling Fishers . Therefore, Han Fei, an advanced Dangling Fisher, was naturally ignored .

Han Fei walked among the crowd and found that there were fewer people in the Steps into the Sea now .

After a while, someone came over from outside, yelling while walking, “Who the f*ck said that the Black and White Ghosts have come out? I chased them for a long time, but couldn’t even see a ghost . ”

Someone laughed . “Aren’t you talking nonsense? Didn’t you hear that the Black and White Ghosts are Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan? They’ve got a Ghost Speed Divine Boat, but what do you have?”

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Han Fei was shocked again . What? When were our identities exposed?

Han Fei hurriedly grabbed the person and asked, “Brother, when did the Black and White Ghosts suddenly become Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan?”

The man glanced at Han Fei . “Huh, don’t you know it?”

Han Fei looked confused . “I don’t know! I was robbed by Han Fei . That b*stard said to me that he wanted money not life… And then he took my Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

The man patted Han Fei’s shoulder sympathetically and said, “Brother, I’m sorry to hear that . But you are not the only one who has been robbed by him . Almost everyone here has been robbed by him! But don’t think about revenge . A disciple from a large family in the Thousand Star City said that the Black and White Ghosts are Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan . It’s said that the vibration from the Steps into the Sea is also related to them . ”

Han Fei exclaimed, “Really?”

The man clicked his tongue . “Sure! Look over there, all the people from the Thousand Star City are there . ”

Han Fei looked at that side, but unfortunately, there were so many heads there, and he could only vaguely see that there seemed to be a clearing . Han Fei smiled bitterly . “Okay, I have to let it go then . God help me not run into them again . I don’t want to be robbed again . ”

Someone laughed . “Yeah, you’d better just forget it . Now many people are chasing them . ”

“Isn’t the Step into the Sea still shaking? Are you sure it is because of them?”

The man straightened his face . “Of course! Some people say that they have seen the Black and White Ghosts with their own eyes . ”

Han Fei replied a few words and when he turned around, he frowned . Did Xia Xiaochan show up?

It must be so! Why did Xia Xiaochan suddenly show up although she didn’t have to? She must be trying to distract these people!

Han Fei walked through the crowd and glanced around, and found that there were many teams from the seven sects who stood in twos and threes .

Among them, Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan were standing together and seemed to be discussing something

Suddenly, Han Fei paused . Wasn’t that guy, being held to the side, Li Hanyi? How was he caught again?

Li Han was thinking about how to escape now . Damn, I just came out to gain some experience and seek opportunities . Why did I get into this mess? It was all because of Han Fei! That b*stard! Why did you impersonate me? Have I ever offended you? I just had a little conflict with you in the Fiery Mountain! Did you have to take revenge on me so cruelly?

Li Hanyi secretly glanced around, only to see a familiar figure in the crowd! The owner of the Fish Dragon Hot Pot Restaurant?

Although Li Hanyi wasn’t on good terms with Han Fei, he visited the Fish Dragon Hot Pot Restaurant a lot . Especially after the conflict with Han Fei, he specially took some time to study Han Fei, so he naturally knew Li Gang .

For a moment, the two of them stared at each other, their eyes filled with surprise .

But soon, Li Hanyi glared at Han Fei as if he tried to kill him with his eyes . Fuck you, Han Fei! Did you specially come here to see… How messed up I am? “Huh! Hey! What are you doing? What are you staring at?”

One of Sun Mu’s men saw Li Hanyi’s body stiff and slapped him on the face . Hearing it, Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan both looked over .

Han Fei threatened Li Hanyi via voice transmission, If you dare to expose my real identity, I will beat you to death when I return to Blue Sea Town!

After that, Han Fei turned around and got into the crowd .

When Sun Mu looked over, he only saw a disappearing figure .

And his face immediately changed . “Attention, everyone! Hurry, Han Fei has come out . ”