God of Fishing - Chapter 482

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Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Let Me Try Your Strength

Above the sky, knives were flying like migratory locusts, and hundreds of blades pierced the sky and went straight at Chen Aochen .

“Ultra-quality spiritual weapons? So many?”

Chen Aochen’s face kept changing and he just wanted to retreat, but how could he be as fast as the Million Knife Art? Almost in the blink of an eye, he was swept by the knife stream .

A protective barrier appeared in front of him . However, it only lasted less than 5 seconds before it was shattered by the Million Knife Art .

Rip… Rip… Rip…

In an instant, dozens of wounds were cut on Chen Aochen’s body . It was a pity that Chen Aochen had already used the five seconds to escape . Otherwise, Han Fei felt that he could kill him directly . On the other side, the Hanging Fisher’s eyes almost popped out when he saw this scene . Good lord, is this guy a professional refiner? A hundred ultra-quality spiritual weapons? Seriously?

Han Fei was holding the Embroidery Needle in his hand . At this moment, the Embroidery Needles were enlarged, hanging in the air and pointing at the Hanging Fisher on top of the dragon boat .

At that moment, the Embroidery Needle even made sparks in the air .

Han Fei sneered . “I’ll remember you . You’d better not let me go! Otherwise, when I come back, I will beat the hell out of you . ”

On the dragon boat .

Countless people were looking up in the sky and watching the fight and many of them were only great Fishing Masters . They were horrified at what they saw .

Even peak-level Dangling Fishers dared not make a sound at this moment . This guy is so f*cking fierce! Who is he talking to? Someone exclaimed, “Oh my god, it’s a Hanging Fisher, the controller of the dragon boat! This guy is talking to the controller of the dragon boat . ”

Someone gasped in shock . “He’s so strong! No ordinary peak-level Dangling Fisher can survive his single blow . ”

Someone else made a loud gulping sound . “Is he third place on the Wanted List? So strong! How is it possible for us to get him?”

His strength had been increased five times with the help of the Majestic Mystic Spell, plus the weight of the Embroidery Needle, which was at least tens of thousands of catties, in addition to the fact that Han Fei was falling from the sky… So how strong was his power at that moment? Even Han Fei himself didn’t know .

The Hanging Fisher’s face suddenly turned cold, and in the blink of an eye, a crab claw phantom rose into the sky and collided with Han Fei’s Embroidery Needle .


The entire dragon boat was shaken, and pieces of wood flew across the top of the dragon boat

The Hanging Fisher slid back on the top of the dragon boat . While he didn’t pay attention, he accidentally stamped a hole on the top of the boat and fell into it .

Han Fei’s situation was even worse . The gap between a Dangling Fisher and a Hanging Fisher was too great . Although Han Fei had experience fighting against the Inferior Man-Fish, they were very low-level sea demons, and their combat power was not that strong .

If compared with humans, Inferior Man-Fish were far worse than humans in terms of spiritual heritage, contractual spiritual beasts, combat skills, and response capabilities .

The Hanging Fisher on the dragon boat was very powerful . After his first blow, Han Fei flew back several kilometers, feeling that his hand was about to be broken . He quickly put away the Embroidery Needle . If he didn’t, he would definitely be unable to take the stick back . “Flash!”

Because of the delay of the moment, Han Fei had already seen the countless fishing boats chasing him, which almost blotted out the sky and covered up the earth, which looked frightening .

“Flash, flash, flash…”

Han Fei kept crushing Flash Stones in his hand and almost turned into a phantom in the sky . He appeared near the dragon boat twice, and the third time he appeared, he was already far away from the dragon boat . After dozens of times, even Han Fei himself didn’t know where he was .

Anyway, Han Fei had a lot of Flash Stones . After crushing hundreds of Flash Stones, he saw no one in the sky, and Han Fei took out the Wind God Boat again and began to rush away .

Han Fei ran so fast that he didn’t give others a chance to catch him at all . On the dragon boat, after Han Fei ran away, the Hanging Fisher did not go to pursue him . At this moment, he was horrified in his heart . How powerful was that Han Fei just now?

He glanced up, then looked at his fist, and found that blood was dripping down .

“How is that possible? He is only an advanced dangling fisher . ”

The hanging fisher frowned . Now he needed to seriously consider what Han Fei said . If he grew into a peak-level Dangling Fisher, would he be stronger?

Although he didn’t believe that a Dangling Fisher could challenge him, that was for ordinary people . For Heavenly Talents, this was not necessarily true .

After all, there was indeed an example; Cao Tian once killed an intermediate Hanging Fisher . Few people knew about this, but it didn’t mean that no one knew it . At that time, Cao Tian was only an advanced Dangling Fisher .

Han Fei didn’t need to know this . He only knew that he successfully escaped .

Dozens of seconds after Han Fei ran away…

On the dragon boat, the Hanging Fisher calmly ordered his men to repair the top deck .

Although the dragon boat was very strong and sturdy, it certainly couldn’t withstand a full-force blow of a man comparable to a Hanging Fisher!

At this time, a subordinate of the leader was reporting to him, “Master, we found traces of Xia Xiaochan . ”


This Hanging Fisher was slightly taken aback . Why did his subordinate tell him this information? He didn’t break the rule even if he caught Han Fei because Han Fei once killed people on the dragon boat, and he caught him to maintain the dragon boat’s rules .

Although Xia Xiaochan was with Han Fei, he had no reason to touch her . Was his man out of his mind?

However, at the moment he was stunned, the man in front of him had disappeared . He saw a shadow suddenly wrap around his body .


A terrifying dragon roar exploded in his ears . Immediately afterward, a sharp and powerful knife light swept at his neck .

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The Hanging Fisher was shocked, immediately gathered all his spiritual energy to his neck, and punched backhand, and the shadow of his fist flashed hundreds of meters away .

Xia Xiaochan’s figure appeared 100 meters away . “There is one more person who wants to kill you . Protect your head well . ”

As soon as the Hanging Fisher went to take a shot, Xia Xiaochan disappeared again .

“Damn it!”

This Hanging Fisher was only the controller of the dragon boat, but he couldn’t control everything . If he could, he really wanted to activate the dragon boat formation instantly and trap Xia Xiaochan in the boat .

Unfortunately, Xia Xiaochan had already run away at this moment, and she crushed Flash Stones and disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye .

The Hanging Fisher touched his neck with his hand, only to find that it was bleeding . If Xia Xiaochan had already broken through to be a Hanging Fisher, wouldn’t he be killed on the spot?

He couldn’t help having a cold sweat . Compared to Han Fei, this Xia Xiaochan was even scarier . He didn’t even notice that she had approached at all . This was really weird! After all, Han Fei was a soul warrior and a spirit gatherer, and his fighting style was aboveboard . However, the hunter was different . Just like Xia Xiaochan, one blow meant one kill . If they missed, they would immediately escape . The more the Hanging Fisher thought about it, the more he regretted attacking Han Fei .

Looking at the horrified eyes of his men, the Hanging Fisher snorted coldly . “What are you looking at? Get out . ”

His men immediately fled in fright . When everyone left, the Hanging Fisher suddenly felt liquid flowing through his cheeks from his ears, and when he touched it with his hand, he found it was all blood . Immediately afterward, blood was flowing out of his nostrils .

“Damn it…”

In fact, the battle was more than that .

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Chen Aochen was not seriously injured after being swept by the Million Knife Art, but he did fall into the sea .

At this moment, he was blaming himself . He underestimated his opponent so much that he didn’t fuse with his spiritual beast or summon his contractual spiritual beasts in the battle, and didn’t even use any combat skills . Who the hell could have expected that Han Fei had nearly a hundred ultra-quality spiritual weapons? Where did he get them from? Did they fall from the sky? Even the children of the big clans wouldn’t be given any ultra-quality spiritual weapons when they came out to gain experience . Otherwise, they would end up gaining no experience at all .

He had every reason to suspect that Han Fei got all his ultra-quality spiritual weapons from the Steps into the Sea, which was very likely to be related to the change of the Steps into the Sea .

Only less than ten seconds after Chen Aochen swallowed some pills, a figure appeared on the bottom of the sea . The man was holding a large halberd, breaking the waves across, and a red and white dragon shadow accompanied him on the side .

“Huh! A Dragon Feather Lobster, Tang Ge?”

With a twinkle, the halberd hacked at him violently like a white dragon swimming in the seabed .

“Hey! Tang Ge, what the…”

Chen Aochen’s hands turned dazzling gold and grabbed the halberd, but he was still pushed all the way back, leaving a trail hundreds of meters long on the muddy seabed .


The halberd in Tang Ge’s hand suddenly gave off a dazzling light and the top exploded before Chen Aochen was served with a beating . Tang Ge was full of fighting spirit, and every time he attacked, he saved no strength . Explosions were heard on the seabed constantly .

Chen Aochen’s injury hadn’t fully recovered, so he could barely resist Tang Ge’s fierce blows . Thanks to his enriched combat skills and extremely strong physique, he wasn’t killed by Tang Ge . Chen Aochen shouted angrily, “Tang Ge, what do you want?”

Tang Ge stood in the muddy sand, holding the halberd erected in his hand . “It is said that in the Thousand Star City, there are two geniuses good at fist techniques, one is Cao Tian, and the other is you, Chen Aochen . Today, let me try your strength…”