God of Fishing - Chapter 484

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Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Everything Looks So Weird

Han Fei went along his way and didn’t stop at all .

Because he had already had enough treasures and countless materials on him, he didn’t bother to rob people or explore some small secret realms .

It had been more than five months, nearly six months since he entered the level-three fishery . Han Fei felt that he was now in his peak state…

Ren Tianfei’s statement was actually very clear: this place was very dangerous! However, he only said that Dangling Fishers might not be able to come here, which implied that Hanging Fishers could .

Han Fei didn’t take this realm seriously . What was so special about Hanging Fishers? He could beat Hanging Fishers now, which at least proved that he had the qualification to enter the Abyssal Chasm .

Now that he had entered, there must be a way . Otherwise, Ren Tianfei would not tell him to come . After all, he had passed the first two tests . No matter how shameless Ren Tianfei was, he would not treat the Indestructible Body and the Candle Dragon Blood as toys and litter them casually, right?

At this time, Han Fei had thought that since the hurricane was so strong, could he travel underwater?

But then he thought that just because there was a broad view above the sea, it was not necessarily so calm on the seabed . Judging from the marine creatures jumping out of the sea from time to time, he guessed the seabed must be turbulent now .

Standing on the bow of this ship and perceiving the situation on the seabed, Han Fei discovered that the sea here seemed to be able to shield perception! His perception range was 5000 meters, but now he could only perceive within 500 meters of himself .

Even at a depth of 500 meters, Han Fei saw many rare and even exotic creatures . Within the nearest 50 meters from the sea, there were mostly squids, some translucent small fish, and some ugly predatory fish . They were floating with the waves and seemed to be too lazy to swim .

Han Fei controlled the Wind God Boat, braving the wind and the waves all the way . This level of tornado was strong and would definitely pose a great threat in the level-two fishery .

But here, with Han Fei’s current physique, even if he was sucked in, he was not afraid . The power of the storm could not shake him at all .

Half a day later, Han Fei traveled another ten thousand kilometers . Along the way, he braved the wind and waves and the Wind God Boat was like a missile, traveling through the sea without any problem .

Han Fei looked up at the sky . At this moment, the waves were rolling everywhere, and the sky, enveloped with thick black clouds, was not visible at all . Han Fei didn’t even know whether it was day or night . Let alone the sun, moon and stars, he couldn’t see anything at all .

It was neither the day nor the night . The sky was not dark but ash black, which looked very strange .

Suddenly, the rushing Wind God Boat slowed down . Han Fei leaned forward because of inertia and was stunned . “Huh! What happened?”

Han Fei injected spiritual energy into the fishing boat, but no matter how hard he tried, the Wind God Boat still didn’t move . “F*ck… Did the boat die?”

Han Fei looked dumbfounded . Are you kidding me? This is a floating stone! Is there really a magnetic field? Although I don’t know what the floating stone is, it doesn’t look magnetic!

Han Fei stopped injecting his spiritual energy and looked around . Except for the tornadoes, there was only darkness in front of him! “Should I swim over?”

Han Fei let the Wind God Boat rise and fall in the waves and opened the map of the Abyssal Chasm given to him by Old Bai .

On the map, Han Fei quickly found the storming area where he was because this spot was circled by tornado signs on the map .

And under this sea area, it was full of secret realms . Han Fei took a casual look and found a total of twenty or thirty secret realms . There were at least a hundred secret realms surrounding the Abyssal Chasm and scattered in the hurricane sea area .

If he continued to move forward, the number of secret realms was decreasing almost exponentially . After crossing the hurricane sea area, there were no more than 6 secret realms .

Among these 6 secret realms, 3 were in the big crack of the Abyssal Chasm .

Seeing this, Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh . This map is simply too damn precious! Most people would be doomed if they entered the Abyssal Chasm . But he got this map from Thug Academy, on which even the secret realms in the big crack were marked .

God only knew which genius from the Thug Academy had explored this place and even had the time to draw a map .

Han Fei hesitated before putting away the fishing boat and diving into the water . He didn’t know how Zhang Xuanyu was, but he couldn’t let go of the hundreds of secret realms in the hurricane sea area . If he could explore a few of them, he might be able to dig out something extraordinary . Entering the sea, Han Fei felt that the ocean current was surging wildly . He also discovered that this ocean current turned out to be completely directionless . He was dragged to the left by a huge force, and then pushed to the right by a huge wave . The sea currents were dashing against him but at the next moment, they were flowing backward and sucking him forward .


Han Fei filled his body with spiritual energy and had Nine Tails attach to him . Then he broke through this weird vortex with his body and dove further down .

Along the way, Han Fei saw many disgusting big fish . Their bodies were blue, their mouths were full of sharp teeth, and there were bite marks on their bodies . Some parts of these strange fishes were bitten through by something, but they were still alive .

The fish didn’t seem too smart as they all rushed up to bite Han Fei .

However, these ordinary rare big fishes were certainly no match for Nine Tails . Nine Tails, a legendary creature, casually cast its nine-star chain and gathered the big fish into a twisted roll .

Han Fei was watching these fish and suddenly turned to the right . At the moment his body moved away, a vortex of water rolled past him .

“Sh*t, what was that?”

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Han Fei could be sure that it was definitely not a naturally formed vortex because it only had a short section . When he turned around, he found that the vortex had disappeared .

Han Fei was wary in his heart, and did not pay attention to the fish creatures anymore, but was diving down carefully, encountering no fewer than 20 strange vortexes along the way . Every one or two seconds, he would come across one .

When Han Fei dove to a depth of 2,000 meters, he was a little confused . Before his eyes, there was still darkness . The feeling of turbulent waves had long since disappeared . However, there were still the vortexes being sent forth, and they appeared more frequently .

Han Fei frowned and thought, Weird, this place is too weird .

Just when he was diving down carefully, he raised his head sharply and found that the sea was shaking slightly, which he wouldn’t be able to feel under normal circumstances .

However, in his mind, Han Fei felt the Demon Purification Pot suddenly shake .

Immediately afterward, Han Fei saw a big fish tens of meters away, which was about to rush over to bite him . Suddenly it turned over and died, belly up .


This feeling was really strange! Han Fei felt that it might be a voice, but he couldn’t hear it at all . The moment the big fish died, Han Fei felt his five internal organs suddenly shrink, his skin fill with goosebumps, and his brain suddenly turn blank .

“Ultrasound or infrasound?”

When Han Fei came back to his senses, he found his body was dropping down . He shivered and covered his body with a spiritual-energy protective cover .

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Just now, he felt the vibration and also seemed to hear something, but it was too damn weak .

Therefore, Han Fei’s first reaction was that it was infrasound .

In the past, Han Fei had read some books on the theory of infrasonic geomagnetic gravity . He couldn’t remember it quite clearly, but according to the theory, when strange natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions occurred in the ocean, an infrasound wave would oscillate .

This kind of sound could not be heard by human ears, but it was extremely destructive . It could put seawater in an environment with an oscillation frequency of 6 Hz to 7 Hz .

In this environment, people would feel extremely fatigued, and their heart and nervous system would be paralyzed .

That was how Han Fei felt at that moment . “Shit, should I stay on the boat?”

“That’s not right! I haven’t reached the Abyssal Chasm yet! If it is so dangerous, how did the senior from our academy manage to draw the map of the hurricane sea area?”

After diving another 500 meters, Han Fei finally saw the bottom of the sea . He had to admit that swimming in this depth was basically pseudo-science, super-science, and literally science fiction .

Han Fei couldn’t see the terrain or any secret realm clearly, but he saw blue luminous balls in the sea .

Han Fei took a closer look curiously, only to find that these were not creatures at all, nor a ball, but a surface . A thin sheet like paper, or to be exact, a sheet with no visible thickness at all .

Han Fei frowned, hooked up a rock from the seabed, and threw it at the blue luminous sheet . As a result, the stone disappeared as soon as it was about to touch the sheet .