God of Fishing - Chapter 486

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Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Underwater Ferryman

If it were before, in the face of such a weird place, the first reaction from Han Fei would be to run away .

But at this moment, without knowing anything about this place, he still wanted to take a look .

He clenched his fists subconsciously, and a faint golden light covered both fists . He activated the Art of Invincibility subconsciously .


At the moment of entering the water, his first feeling was of cold and fear .

When he came up from the water a few minutes ago, he didn’t feel this way . But why did he suddenly feel so? Was it because of the abandoned fishing boat?

Han Fei immediately looked under the abandoned fishing boat . However, what he saw made his hair stand on end . On the bottom of the abandoned fishing boat, there was a person!

To be precise, this creature couldn’t be called a person . He was extremely skinny, his eyes had become two big black holes, and the bones on his body were all visible . He was a mere bag of bones .

“Who are you?”

There was already information in Han Fei’s eyes before the person answered:

Ghost Ferryman

A corpse controlled by an unknown power . With copper skin and iron bones, only Hanging Fishers and above can beat it . It’s a kind of undead creature, but with no intelligence at all, and only exists as an underwater ferryman .




Han Fei’s eyelids kept jumping and he tried to calm himself down . Undead creature? Only Hanging Fishers and above could beat it? But I should have no problem beating it…

At this moment, what Han Fei was thinking was not whether to kill the ghost ferryman or not, but the term ferryman . Since it was a ferry, there must be a starting point for the boat and a destination, right?

And the ferry was needed because a certain part of the place couldn’t be passed, wasn’t it?

Han Fei thought for a moment and jumped out of the water again .

Then he put away the Wind God Boat and jumped on the ghost boat . Creak!

Han Fei frowned in disgust . As soon as he stepped on the unknown seaweed, a green, slimy muddy liquid flowed out . It was more like some kind of moss than seaweed . The Demon Purification Pot didn’t even bother to prompt the information from this thing .

Han Fei glanced around at the fishing boat . The cabin had been damaged and the wood leaned and collapsed, covered with this green moss .

The fish cabin had long been damaged, including the wooden boards on it . From above, he could see that even the bottom of the boat had been broken . Han Fei could even see the two ribs of the ferryman through the bottom of the boat .

“F*ck, I’ll just take things as they come . ”

The abandoned fishing boat at his feet had already begun to move, and on this calm and slightly undulating sea, it steadily sailed into the distant darkness .

Han Fei had been standing on the bow of the ship like a sculpture, with one hand on his waist, but if anything happened, he could draw his knife immediately . He stood still for three hours . Although the speed of the fishing boat was slow, it had probably driven more than 2,000 kilometers .

Han Fei guessed that this might have been close to the core area of the Abyssal Chasm . Anyway, it was impossible to be 20,000 kilometers away . Han Fei estimated that it was about 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers now .

This was not a wild guess . After crossing the hurricane area, he was already within 20,000 kilometers of the Abyssal Chasm . According to the sea current, if he was still close to the hurricane area, the water surface wouldn’t be so calm .


Suddenly, Han Fei looked down at his stomach .

Han Fei had felt that something was wrong with him . When his stomach growled, he suddenly found himself hungry .

Han Fei hadn’t felt the feeling of hunger for a long time, for as long as there was enough spiritual energy, people wouldn’t feel hungry .

Although he and the others ate hot pot in the school every day, they just satisfied a craving for good food . Even if they didn’t eat anything, they wouldn’t be hungry . And no matter how much they ate, they wouldn’t feel over-fed . The spiritual energy in their bodies could easily digest the food .

However, at this moment, Han Fei’s body was full of spiritual energy . He glanced at the sky . There were wisps of spiritual energy falling down and there were a lot of them . Now that it was full of spiritual energy here, why did he feel hungry?

As Han Fei was thinking about it, he suddenly saw a small blue fish swimming past .


Han Fei saw one of them jump out of the sea . It was palm-sized and blue-colored, its beautiful fins were like wrinkled petals, and its belly bulged like a pregnant woman, which looked a bit strange . “What fish is this?”

But no information appeared in his eyes, which made Han Fei’s heart skip a beat .

This kind of fish didn’t seem to be high-leveled . Han Fei even suspected whether they had any combat power or not because the updated Demon Purification Pot didn’t give any information about it…

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But the fact was before his eyes . These small blue fish swam happily before his eyes, looking at him from time to time . Han Fei snorted . Are you inviting me to fish


Immediately, he took out his fishing rod and cast the fishhook at them .

He thought he could easily catch them no matter which technique he used .

However, when the hook fell into the water, these little fish directly turned into blue light, scattered like streams of light in the sea, and the fishing rod couldn’t catch them at all .

Han Fei tried hooking the blue light several times, but every time he felt that he was going to catch the fish, no fish was hooked in the end .

“Huh! Interesting . Void Breaking Technique!” Han Fei put away his fishing rod, and within a short while, these little blue fish changed from blue light to normal .

Han Fei threw the fishhook again . This time, the hook suddenly appeared on the blue fish’s head, and they had no time to turn into light .

Han Fei grinned . “Haha, gotcha, didn’t I?”

However, Han Fei had just cracked a smile, and in the next second, he froze when he saw the small blue fish on the hook explode .

The fish just blew itself up as if telling him that even if I blow myself up, I won’t let you get me .

A large number of light blue, slimy stuff splashed on Han Fei’s body . Han Fei put away the fishing rod in disgust and didn’t plan to fish again .

When he was about to shake this sticky stuff away, he suddenly said in surprise, “Huh! Fish roe?”

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Fish roe was fish eggs . Uncooked fish eggs were like small grains of sand, round and small .

But what surprised Han Fei was that there was so much fish roe in the belly of this fish!

Han Fei was amazed . The world was so full of wonders . Each of these small blue fish had a round belly . What did they eat to grow up?

Han Fei was just a little curious but didn’t intend to study it carefully . After all, these little blue fish posed no threat to him .

After another hour, Han Fei frowned again . He felt more and more hungry, and he felt the energy in his body passing away . “Something’s wrong…”

Han Fei’s expression slowly became solemn . His energy was passing away, and it had been more than a day since he entered the Abyssal Chasm . In just over a day, the energy in his body had almost drained . How could it be?

Han Fei didn’t set up his hot pot to eat, but immediately covered his body with spiritual energy . He would see if he would be hungry again after he wrapped himself with spiritual energy .

Sure enough, after an hour, Han Fei smiled . It worked . He didn’t feel hungry anymore in the last hour .

However, another problem occurred . How long could a normal Dangling Fisher keep covering his body with spiritual energy? In fact, when Han Fei gradually grew up, he discovered that the energy needed to cover his body with spiritual energy actually increased with the rise of his realm and level .

However, this increase was not inevitable but was completely controllable .

For example, a fisher needed 50 points of spiritual energy to cover his body with spiritual energy .

Then, a fishing master also needed 50 points of spiritual energy to do that, but the spiritual-energy protective cover thus produced would be much tougher .

Although it was the same 50 points of spiritual energy and the effect produced was doubled, it was still not enough to block an attack from an opponent of the same level . Therefore, in battle, the spiritual energy used should be corresponding to the strength of one’s opponent . If it was assumed that Han Fei would consume 50 points of spiritual energy at every breath, then he would have to consume at least 50,000 points of spiritual energy in an hour .

Han Fei couldn’t help taking a breath . Damn it! A normal spirit gatherer wouldn’t be able to hold out! If I weren’t a spirit gatherer, I wouldn’t be able to hold up for long!