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God of Fishing - Chapter 489

Published at 5th of December 2020 06:30:13 PM

Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Temptation of Food

Looking at the skinny man who was stabbed in the heart by the woman, Han Fei couldn’t help but frown . “Do you mean eat him?”

Although Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan claimed to be cannibals when they were disguised as the Black and White Ghosts, that was not real .

At this moment, when Han Fei heard that these people were really cannibals, he felt terrified .

“No wonder, when I first boarded the ship, I saw those skeletons mutilated, so…”

Han Fei heard more and more sounds around, and many people seemed to be rushing at this side .

The woman seemed to have recovered a bit of consciousness and had been struggling . However, when other people’s footsteps became clearer and clearer, the woman suddenly rushed at Han Fei .

Han Fei was considering whether to kill her or not . This woman was only a junior Dangling Fisher even after eating the crisps he gave to

her .

She was certainly unable to hurt him, so Han Fei didn’t take action . The woman suddenly took Han Fei’s hand and ran into a door on the side of the dragon boat .


Han Fei hesitated . However, she didn’t seem to mean anything bad, so he didn’t break free .

The two turned and twisted along the way, and quickly ran to a staircase in the cabin of the first floor .

However, at this time, three skinny creatures rushed towards them . One of them was also female, with an arm missing . At the moment the three of them saw Han Fei, they immediately took out their weapons . Although they seem to have gone crazy now, their fighting instinct wasn’t gone .

Besides, this place would only make people starve, but there was no shortage of spiritual energy here . Therefore, in battle, these people could still use spiritual energy . “Roar!”

The woman who took Han Fei’s hand screamed at the three . At the same time, she brandished the dagger in her hand, leaving dozens of blade lights . Unfortunately, her strength was restored too little and she was not a worthy opponent for these three people .

Upon seeing this, Han Fei threw a punch . The golden fist mark exploded in the air, directly sending the three people on the opposite side flying Han Fei did not kill them but simply punched them away . However, the running sound behind became more and more intense, it could be heard that a lot of debris was knocked over, and roars rang out .

Seeing this situation, Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh . Yuyu! If you are on this f*cking boat, give me some sort of response!

The woman pulled Han Fei to continue to run up in horror . However, more and more people were coming from all directions . By the time they reached the middle of the second floor of the dragon boat, there were no fewer than hundreds of people around .

Han Fei frowned slightly, waved his hand, and threw out hundreds of cucumber crisps .

Seeing food, these people went crazy instantly .




These people crashed against each other, scrambled with each other, and even fought each other . How much energy did a Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber contain? They certainly could feel it .

Han Fei regretted it a little . These people were fighting each other fiercely for food . Some that failed to grab any food rushed toward Han Fei once again .


Han Fei’s fist glowed with golden light, punching them away one by one . Then, he rushed forward carrying the woman in his hand, asking, “Where are you taking me? To the top floor?”

Han Fei’s speed was much faster than this woman’s . He had no idea how many people he had knocked away . Anyway, when he just stepped onto the third floor, he didn’t run into the cabin, but to the deck .


Han Fei punched a big hole directly in the outer wall of the dragon boat . Han Fei shouted out loud, “Zhang Xuanyu, come out! Tell me where you are, or you come to the top floor for

me . ”

Then he stretched out his hand and threw the fishing rod straight up .

However, he suddenly felt a pain in his arm . Looking down, he found that the woman was biting on his forearm, seeming to have lost her mind again .

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Han Fei was speechless . Do you think your teeth are ultra-quality spiritual weapon? It’s impossible for you to bite through my skin!


Han Fei quickly came to the top of the dragon boat . And this woman kept attacking Han Fei and stabbed him in the chest .


Han Fei directly shook her away with spiritual energy and handed her two pieces of cucumber . “You want to eat something, right? Just tell me! Why do you have to bite me?”

Han Fei felt that he could rescue this woman first . And then he could ask her about the situation on this dragon boat .

After eating two slices, the woman seemed to be struggling again .

But Han Fei directly gave her dozens of slices this time . “I have plenty of food . If you want to eat, just tell me . ”

The woman seemed to be in agony, her whole body was shaking, and then she knelt on the ground .

Han Fei saw her flesh and blood growing up again, although she was still skinny, there was already some flesh on her body .

“Give… Give… Me…”

Seeing that she could speak again, Han Fei threw dozens of crisps at her at once . The woman’s reaction was obviously much faster and she hurriedly stuffed all the crisps into her mouth .

About ten minutes later, to Han Fei’s chagrin, the energy was rolling in this woman’s body and she was still regaining her flesh and blood .

However, someone had already come at this moment .


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This time, there were arrows shooting at them from the sky and a big sword flying across the sky .

“Huh? This power is comparable to that of an advanced Dangling Fisher!” In the mist, Han Fei easily blocked the spiritual arrows and the huge sword and then suddenly shouted, “Come out! There are still conscious people on this boat, right?”

However, only sounds were heard, but no people were visible .

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . Those people were just testing him out, which showed that at least some people on the boat were not crazy .

Han Fei grinned . “You don’t want to come out, do you?”

Then Han Fei directly took out the cauldron and started to fry the sea cucumber . When the rich fragrance began to diffuse on the top of the dragon boat, roars rang one after another .

Even the woman who was saved by Han Fei was stunned at this moment . Although her flesh and blood were still recovering, she still instinctively rushed to Han Fei’s side .

However, Han Fei snorted coldly . “Stop!”

Han Fei’s eyes turned cold . “I can give you food, but you can’t grab it, understand?”

The woman was overawed by Han Fei’s look . She knew that she couldn’t beat Han Fei . Besides, at this moment, her senses had recovered a bit . Although she really wanted to eat, she fought back the desire, just staring avidly at the cauldron .

Han Fei shouted loudly, “All those who are not crazy, listen to me . If you want to eat, no problem! But send someone to talk to me . ”

“Hiss, Hiss…”


Han Fei heard that many people around were trying to rush over, but were stopped by the roars .

After a while, Han Fei saw a lean man walking out of the mist . This person’s eyes were not cloudy . Although he looked sallow and emaciated, he hadn’t lost his sanity yet .

“Brother, I will talk to you . ”

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His voice was extremely hoarse as if there was a mouthful of thick sputum stuck in his throat .

Han Fei went straight to the point, “Have there been any new people boarding this dragon boat recently?”

“Yes, there were 13 of them and 9 of them have died . ”

Han Fei asked, “Where are the dead people? Where are the living?”

The lean man was silent for a while . “You should know where the dead are . As for the living, they are on the bottom floor . ”

Han Fei frowned . “The bottom floor?”

The lean man nodded . “Yes the lowest floor, the place where contractual spiritual beasts were raised . Someone has a seal on his body, protecting them within the seal . But…”

“But what?”

The lean man shook his head . “However, their seal will not last long . At most after three days, the seal will be broken . ”

Han Fei’s eyes flashed . “How did you manage to survive? How long have you been living on the dragon boat?”

The lean man looked at Han Fei . “I have been here for four months . You don’t want to know how I survived . ”

Then the man looked at the woman that Han Fei had saved, shook his head, and said, “You can’t save her! Although her flesh and blood are recovering, she has already gone crazy . Even if she can recover her consciousness occasionally, it will not last long . She can’t recover if she doesn’t get out of here . Even if she can get out here, she might not recover . ”

Han Fei glanced at the woman . She was still staring at the cauldron and saliva was flowing down from the corners of her mouth . There was enthusiasm, pain, and struggle in her eyes…

Han Fei’s face darkened . “How many people are on this dragon boat?”

The lean man shook his head slightly . “I don’t know, but there must be thousands of people at least . ”