God of Fishing - Chapter 494

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Chapter 494

Chapter 494 Accident

In fact, Han Fei had some speculations the moment he saw the Yellow-Winged Flying Insects .

But after he came to the dragon boat, Han Fei found that they were still conscious even though they were crazy, so he dropped his speculations and thought that it was a coincidence .

However, at this moment, he realized that many coincidences in this world might not really be coincidences but were really connected in an unknown way .

For example, when Han Fei saw the yellow-winged bugs at first, his heart actually calmed down because of a story he knew . The story went like this . A family of four people rented a boat and traveled on the sea, but the boat sank because of an accident . The family drifted on the sea for a long time before they encountered a fishing boat . The family cried for help nonstop, but nobody came to their rescue even though the boat was only dozens of meters away . Also, the deck of the boat was empty . The family could only climb the boat through the rope ladder . Then, they found that the fishing boat was empty, the engine had been turned off, and the dusty desk had nothing but a log book on it .

However, according to the log book, this boat had set sail 27 years earlier than the family boarded it . The last item on the log was “Everything has gone well since we left the boat” .

Eventually, due to the lack of food, the family thought of fishing . But they needed bait for that . Then, they suddenly saw purple bugs that were flying above the sea . They caught some blue fish with the bugs as bait .

At that time, they didn’t think that there was anything wrong with the blue fish . They even found the fish extremely delicious .

During their spare time, the father in the family wrote this in the log: My whole body was itchy after I was bitten by a purple bug . I hated them and used them as bait, but then I caught some blue fish that I had never seen . Those fish tasted unique and delicious .

But next day in the morning, the father found that the cabin door was open and his younger son was gone .

He searched for his son, to no avail . He was very devastated, but his older son was gone on the next day too . Fearing that his wife would disappear, he simply pretended to be sleeping that night .

As it turned out, he found that his wife walked to the deck at midnight while she was sleeping . She said, “This is the most wonderful place in the world!” Then she was about to jump into the sea .

Fortunately, she was rescued by her husband .

Later, she told her husband that somebody whispered to her, “Follow me, and don’t be hasty in case anybody is woken up!”

On the deck, she saw beautiful birds flying in the sky and the ground strewn with glittering treasures . It was like heaven on earth! The joyous people there all called out to him when they saw her . The only passage to that heaven was the ladder at one side of the boat, so she jumped there without any hesitation, only to be stopped by her husband . From places unknown, she heard the strange voice saying, “Come again tomorrow!”

At this moment, while Han Fei was dumbfounded, someone descended from the sky . Han Fei released his fishing hook to him and dragged the man up .

The bag of bones that had been having food crazily became still at this moment with a brilliant smile .

Han Fei’s eyes cramped . “There’s still hope for these guys . Let’s see what we can do . ”


There were noises from other places in the mist . Han Fei couldn’t rescue them if he couldn’t see them . They were already doomed after they threw themselves into the sea .

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed and asked, “Huh? Why are so many people jumping into the sea? By logic, everybody except the uncontrollable ones should’ve been tied up!”

Han Fei: “???!”

Zhang Xuanyu’s face changed . “Let’s go . Something must’ve gone wrong up there . Hurry up . ” At the top of the dragon boat, Zhang Xuanyu roared, “Xiao Se, say something if you can hear me!”

However, the top of the dragon boat was absolutely quiet . Even Han Fei knew that something must be wrong . Zhang Xuanyu became serious . “The top of the dragon boat isn’t that big . Let’s go at full speed and circumvent the hungry men . They’re too noisy to escape our attention . ”

Han Fei slightly nodded, so all five of them rushed quickly in the mist .

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It wouldn’t have been a big deal if those people weren’t crazy or starving, but at this moment, even Xiao Se’s men were also extremely hungry, not to mention the others who were almost losing their minds .

After about ten thousand meters, the five of them heard roars .

Sun Ruoruo, “The fourth level . ”

After Han Fei entered the fourth level, he found a lot of bodies on the ground who were only killed just now .

Han Fei suddenly said, “Wait, I’m smelling the scent of the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber . ”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded . “I was going to say that . Did you give any food to them?”


Zhang Xuanyu gasped . “That’s not good . They had only been obedient because there was no food and the rules were strictly enforced . After you gave them food, even if Xiao Se could hold back, the others might not be able to . ”

Wang Baiwan gasped . “Hiss! Many of Xiao Se’s men used to be peak-level Dangling Fishers, right?”

After Wang Baiwan pointed that out, everybody pressed on quickly .

However, Han Fei and his teammates caused a lot of noise, and they felt that someone was running two thousand meters away from them .

Han Fei bellowed, “Where do you think you’re going?”

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When they passed the place where someone had food just now, they found a lot of people lying on the ground . Most of them were dead . Xiao Se, on the other hand, was tied to a pillar .

Han Fei said, “I’ll chase them . You stay behind . Let’s meet at the top of the boat . ”

Like a ferocious beast, Han Fei penetrated through the walls . Though everything was covered in mist, he could track his targets down by the smell of the food they carried .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The wooden walls of the broken ship were crushed by Han Fei . In no more than thirty seconds, Han Fei stood before the five people .

Han Fei grinned . “I thought you would run separately, but you’re very smart . Your capabilities are not fully recovered yet, and your chances of survival would’ve been lowered if you ran separately . Tsk, tsk… Did the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber taste


The five people, including four men and a woman, were all highly vigilant .

Some of the flesh on the face of the man in the lead had even been bitten off by something . He stared at Han Fei with his eyes blinking . “We… Only want to live . ”

Han Fei sneered . “You killed so many men because you wanted to live? Did Xiao Se refuse to give you food, or did you think you could make it out of the Abyssal Chasm with the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber?”

Next to the man, a soul warrior who hadn’t fully recovered roared and charged at Han Fei with a rod . He had resumed the strength of a peak-level Dangling Fisher .

Unfortunately, their enemy was Han Fei .

Han Fei punched the rod with one hand, and the soul warrior was blown up and broke through a wooden wall . He didn’t stop until he rolled almost ten meters on the ground .

Han Fei grinned . “If you were all in your peak state, I might have not been able to catch you! However, do you have fifty percent of your combat ability left in your current status?”

“Bro, please spare us!”

The man in the lead stared at Han Fei, but he was already prepared for battle . His partners were the same . They seemed ready to launch a final attack .

Han Fei’s lips slightly curled . “It’s not up to me whether or not you can be spared . ”

After he finished, the remaining four of them took action . Tremendous amounts of seaweed grew under Han Fei’s feet . The man in the lead stabbed Han Fei with a short spear . Another man leaped and smashed down his hammer . The last person dashed to Han Fei’s side and stabbed at Han Fei’s armpit .



Golden shadows of fists glowed in the darkness like brilliant fireworks . After four punches, all of them were blown away .

“How is this happening?”

The man in the lead was dumbfounded . Shouldn’t this guy be a peak-level Dangling Fisher? Why was he so tough as to take them down with four punches easily? Also, he clearly hit the guy with his spear just now . Why wasn’t the guy hurt at all? How sturdy was the guy’s body?

Han Fei dragged all five of them after tying them to his fishing pole . They were all silent and lethargic, like balloons that had lost all their air .

On the top of the boat, Xiao Se was recovering with his legs crossed . Many men were hiding in the mist and dared not approach him even though they were starving . When Han Fei returned, Xiao Se suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the five of them . “B*stards!”