God of Fishing - Chapter 498

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Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Exposure

Han Fei was quite bummed .

This had been a plan between him and Zhang Xuanyu . They foresaw that something would happen during the trip, so Han Fei hid himself among the crowd .

However, it was impossible to unfold his senses in this weird sea . Han Fei was actually the man who cried out when someone went missing for the first time .

He didn’t really know what happened back then . The man just disappeared uncannily . He had been focusing his attention on other people since then .

This time, it was him who first discovered that a line went missing . A moment ago, he looked back and found that the line was there, but when he looked back again, nobody was behind him anymore .

Not just the people ahead of him, even he was quite terrified himself . Those people had disappeared without a sign as if they never existed .

Zhang Xuanyu appeased the rest of the crowd, and then Han Fei saw Xiao Se swimming to him .

Xiao Se looked at Han Fei and asked curiously, “Brother Fan, you look rather strange!”

Han Fei said, “Ha! My consciousness was gone for a long time . It’s perfectly normal that you’ve never seen me, Brother Xiao . I don’t remember what I did myself . ”

Xiao Se slightly nodded . “This is a dangerous trip . Be careful . ”

Han Fei hummed in response and swam on . After the accidents, everybody became a lot warrier and looked around now and then, which made Han Fei feel good . Problems were less likely to happen if everybody was observant .

Suddenly, Han Fei felt that the water current around him was strange . Something seemed to be blocking the water current right ahead of him .


Han Fei quickly moved out of the way . He looked back, only to see a blue haze disappearing from his sight . “Brother Fan, what’s wrong?”

Seeing Han Fei’s strange movement, Xiao Se caught up to him and asked .

Han Fei glanced at Xiao Se warily and slightly shook his head . “Oh! It’s nothing . I just had a bad feeling, so I changed directions . ” Xiao Se slightly narrowed his eyes and smiled . “Don’t worry . I’m right here with you . Nothing will go wrong . ”

Han Fei complained to himself, I’m having bad feelings exactly because you’re here with me . At the same time, he wondered what the blue haze was exactly . He was certain that the blue haze was partly the reason why people had been disappearing

Suddenly, Han Fei was slightly stiffened!

He remembered the blue slices he saw at the bottom of the Tornado Sea . At first, he thought that they were balls, but when he came closer, he found that they were merely slices that did not seem to have any thickness .

Back then, he tried tossing stones into it, but none of the stones got out from the behind of the blue slices .

He had thought that they were some kind of portals, but then he realized that there couldn’t be so many portals . So, he never drew closer to these blue slices .

Now that he recalled it, he found that the blue haze he saw just now was so similar to the blue slices he saw at the beginning .

About two hours later, everybody slightly recovered from their panic . They were also a lot more reassured with Han Fei and Xiao Se behind them .

Besides, with observers swimming around them, they didn’t think that any lurkers in the sea would attack them blatantly .

However, since they were faster and faster, Han Fei grew more and more careful . All of a sudden, Han Fei felt that the water current was blocked .

His eyes almost bulged out . He simply punched out, and gold light glittered on his body . “Attach!”

He couldn’t care less about being exposed at this moment, because he felt that a wall seemed to be lying some dozens of meters ahead of him .

But he knew that it was not a wall but plenty of those blue slices .

While flapping his wings and flying back, Han Fei snatched Xiao Se with his fishing pole and announced telepathically, Something is wrong with Xiao Se . Kill him!

Xiao Se’s face greatly changed too . He had been smiling, thinking that there was no way Fan Datong could dodge this one . But he had no idea that Fan Datong was actually Han Fei, or that Han Fei could react so fast .

Zhang Xuanyu said telepathically, Everybody, move on . Han Fei, I’m coming to help you!

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Shocked, everybody looked around, only to see that Han Fei and Xiao Se were already fighting .

Xiao Se had already left the team, and the hook on Han Fei’s pole disappeared into the void . It submerged into the transparent slices and ended up in a place nobody knew .

Han Fei roared, “Don’t come closer! Keep an eye on the water current! Get out of the way when the water is blocked!”

For a moment, dozens of people were charging close from all directions .

Someone roared, “Good for you, Xiao Se! We trusted you so much, but we didn’t know that you were so vicious . ”

Someone unleashed a spear, someone launched a storm of blades, and someone fully activated their armor box .

Xiao Se couldn’t have looked more awful . He suddenly waved his hands and darted out threads, and then hundreds of blue slices suddenly emerged in the seawater .

Pu… Pu… Pu…

In the blink of an eye, the dozens of people that were charging at Xiao Se vanished . Han Fei bellowed, “Keep swimming and don’t come close!”

Zhang Xuanyu listened to Han Fei’s warning and pushed himself back with waves the moment the blue slices appeared .

Han Fei said coldly, “You keep moving out . I’ll take care of Xiao Se . ”

Xiao Se sneered, “You’ve ruined my business again and again . Who are you exactly? How did you find me?”

Dozens of fist auras answered Xiao Se’s question . Han Fei had already activated the Majestic Mystic Spell and accelerated his speed .

The seawater was exploding, and the golden fist auras were so fast that they raised torrents wherever they reached, making Xiao Se surrounded

However, many blue slices emerged around Xiao Se, and Han Fei’s fist auras disappeared after they passed the blue slices .

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Han Fei was lost for words . He had never met such an uncanny enemy before . What was his method? He couldn’t believe that a Dangling Fisher was capable of using the power of teleportation . Even Xia Xiaochan couldn’t do

that .

Xiao Se found a way out and ran crazily . “Han Fei, I’ll remember you for what you did to me today . ”

However, on his way of escape, a man suddenly appeared . Waves surged in the blink of an eye, and in another blink, Xiao Se was blown hundreds of meters away .

Han Fei was dumbfounded . “Shoot . A clone?” Zhang Xuanyu himself was blocked on the other side of the blue slices, but another Zhang Xuanyu had emerged before Xiao Se, which made Han Fei rather surprised . He wondered when Zhang Xuanyu picked up such a skill . But while Xiao Se was being blown away, a third Zhang Xuanyu showed up and swung his rod into thousands of shadows . One of them simply stabbed through Xiao Se .


Xiao Se suddenly blinked and disappeared into nothingness, leaving nothing but the pieces of a Flash Stone behind .

Zhang Xuanyu cursed, “Damn it . You really think that I’m good for nothing? Don’t run away if you’ve got balls and see how I’ll beat your ass!” Han Fei was dumbfounded . “All three of them were you just now? How is that possible?”

Zhang Xuanyu ignored him . “Let’s go and keep up with them . ”

They had fought for no more than ten seconds, but most of the team had already disappeared . Actually, they were frightened when dozens of people suddenly vanished just now . They all fell back although they had planned to charge at Xiao Se . Some of them even dispersed .

Zhang Xuanyu cursed . “They’ve all run away! None stayed at all! Damn it . I really don’t want to save them . ”

Han Fei patted Zhang Xuanyu’s shoulder . “You have to! Those people seem useless right now but may be helpful in the future . Xia Xiaochan and I pissed off a lot of people outside . If we make friends with the people here, they may help us out later . ”

The two of them quickly chased after the team .

On the way, Han Fei glimpsed at Zhang Xuanyu weirdly, and the other two Zhang Xuanyu ‘clones’ were already gone . He couldn’t help but ask, “Are these things your clones? How can clones be so powerful?”

Zhang Xuanyu grinned, “Don’t presume that you’re the only one who found treasures . You think I was stuck in the Flowstone Pit for nothing? What do you think of that move? All three of those were me . The name of the skill is the Tertiary Body . Unfortunately, it has a very high demand on the power of the soul, or I would’ve given it to you . ”

As they talked, they saw Sun Ruoruo who was waiting for them on the way .

Seeing that they were fine, Sun Ruoruo swam close and asked, “Xiao Se escaped?”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded . “Don’t worry . He had been heavily wounded before he fled . I don’t think he can cause any more trouble . ”

Right when Zhang Xuanyu was about to catch up with the team, Han Fei stopped .

Zhang Xuanyu was stunned . “Seriously? You’re really going in?”

Han Fei said, “There’s an opportunity waiting for me inside . You go out on your own . Remember, don’t tell anyone what happened inside the Abyssal Chasm, or everybody will be hunted by the dragon boats . Also, there should be more dangers ahead, but since Xiao Se is not here, I think you can handle it . ”

Zhang Xuanyu gnashed his teeth, “Be careful . I’ll come to your rescue if you don’t come out in a month . ”

Han Fei turned around and swam away without hesitation .

Actually, his original purpose was only to get Zhang Xuanyu out . However, saving one person was no different from saving a group of people . It seemed useless to rescue the thousands of people, but they all owed their life to him and Zhang Xuanyu now .

He was up for it if he could save so many people at the cost of merely several hundred Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers . It didn’t matter even if those people couldn’t be of any help to him later .

At this moment, Han Fei was slightly gloomy . He needed to go back to the dragon boat sometime .

Xiao Se was not an idiot . He definitely had good reasons to keep those people behind .

Han Fei, for one, thought that the thing that Xiao Se kept so many people behind to work on couldn’t be anything small, and that there must be more secrets on the dragon boat . As for the people who were fleeing at this moment, he didn’t think that Xiao Se was capable of holding them back anymore after being heavily wounded .