God of Fishing - Chapter 502

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Chapter 502

Chapter 502 Chasm Canyon

Han Fei drew a long face . Was this trip an opportunity? But why did he feel as though he suffered a big loss?

Apart from everything else, he almost gave all the food except all the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers to Little Time . It wasn’t that he wanted to do it, but the big fish’s stare was really scary and seemed to be able to see him through .

Han Fei immediately got up and left . He had to leave here as soon as possible . Otherwise, if Little Time ate all the food, she would probably ask him for more .

At this moment, he saw a figure jumped out of the thick mist and Xiao Se appeared in front of him again .

However, he was no longer sallow and emaciated but became a handsome young man .

Han Fei looked at him coldly and said, “What do you want?”

Xiao Se said lightly, “You and I are not enemies now, so you don’t need to be on guard with me anymore . I think it is necessary to explain to you what happened before . ”

Han Fei sneered . “I don’t think it necessary . You can’t be a good person, neither can you be a qualified bad person!”

Xiao Se ignored Han Fei’s ridicule, but said, “Those people, I will send them back . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “Are they still alive?”

Xiao Se shook his head . “Not everyone can go to the space where you went . You shouldn’t have been there . It was completely because of Little Master’s summoning that you received that opportunity . ” Han Fei sneered . “Where did you want to send me then?”

Xiao Se did not answer, but looked at Han Fei deeply . “I came out to tell you a few things . Now that you have prepared such an ample supply food, I know that your target must not be on the dragon boat . It must be in the Chasm . ”

Han Fei thought to himself, I really don’t know if I should tell you or not . In fact, no matter where I go, I always bring a lot of food .

Xiao Se continued, “The Abyssal Chasm is a weird place . Little Master stays here temporarily just to share some of the energy of the Abyssal Chasm . And in that real Chasm, not even a blade of grass grows . I know you have a lot of food, but you may not be able to hold up long . ”

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly . “You mean, the Abyssal Chasm swallows energy even more than here?”

Xiao Se nodded earnestly . “I have only been there once . I’d like to remind you not to enter any random secret realm you see . Besides, Master asked me to tell you that in order to punish your verbal offense, she will give you a small punishment . ”

Han Fei sighed . “Punishment? But she almost patted me to death! Isn’t that enough?”

Xiao Se was speechless . You made the Time Dragon Carp call you Dad . You should thank God that her mother didn’t kill you on the spot!

Han Fei didn’t care about the small punishment, and just suddenly asked seriously, “I’d like to ask you something . Why didn’t you save those people?”

Xiao Se smiled and shook his head . “I told you that the place you went is the Time River, and what you saw was the past . Besides, I need food to save them, OK?” .

“You liar, you didn’t want to let those people leave . Did you want to keep them as energy to lure Little Time into teaching you the time reversing technique?”

Xiao Se was silent for a moment . “Firstly, I have no food to save them with . Secondly, since they are destined to die, why not contribute their energy? But now, they are not important . Little Master never ate people . She just eats the energy of those who are no longer human . ”

Han Fei frowned . “Do those people really have nothing to do with you?”

Xiao Se shook his head . “No . ”

“What about the underwater ferryman? Did you create them?”

Xiao Se was taken aback for a moment . “I am only 17 this year . How could it be me?”

“Humph . ”

Han Fei wondered, “Then where did they come from?”

Xiao Se pondered for a moment . “They are certainly from the depth of the Chasm . Neither I nor you can reach the depth of the Chasm, so just forget it . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “Humph, do you think I’m like you?”

Xiao Se smiled . “Perhaps you’re stronger than me! But the result will be the same . So much for what I can tell you . It’s up to you whether you go or not . But…” “Huh?”

Xiao Se shook his head slightly . “Pay attention to the vortex . Near the Abyssal Chasm, there will randomly be a death vortex, and you’d better avoid it if you encounter it . ”

Han Fei was puzzled . “Just one?” Xiao Se rolled his eyes at him . “How many more do you want? The death vortex appears every time someone comes . When I was there, if I hadn’t had special means, I wouldn’t have been able to escape from it . ”

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Han Fei thought, Since the death vortex is dangerous, I will just avoid it . Anyway, I’m fast and it should be no problem for me to escape a vortex in the sea .


Han Fei said angrily, “Can you just finish talking in one go?”

Xiao Se glanced at Han Fei deeply . “However, I’m not sure where the vortex leads . Perhaps it leads into the Abyssal Chasm . And the punishment for your verbal offence may be there . ”

Han Fei smiled . He couldn’t find his way after coming here and suddenly appeared in the Dead Sea area . Then he was taken into that fairyland .

Now, there was another f*cking vortex that he didn’t know where it would take him?

Han Fei snorted . “Which way?”

Xiao Se raised his hand and pointed in the direction of the stern . Han Fei jumped down without saying a word and dove into the sea .

After swimming thousands of kilometers, Han Fei already felt that his energy consumption had increased . So he directly filled his body with spiritual energy to block the energy from escaping He might not have enough energy . But he definitely had enough spiritual energy .

After swimming for about three thousand kilometers, he found that there were no more creatures in the sea . Not to mention the little blue fish, there wasn’t even any plankton .

Han Fei dove to the bottom of the sea to take a look, and found that it was a deserted place . Except for the sand and gravel, there wasn’t even seaweed or green algae, let alone anything hidden under the sand .

He swam for a full day . When Han Fei suddenly felt heart palpitations, he saw a trench .

To be precise, he didn’t know if it was a trench, because the chasm was too big . He looked left and right and saw cliffs on both sides at the mouth of the chasm . As he went further in, the chasm became large and larger, and in the end it became invisible .

Han Fei quickly took out the map Ren Tianfei left for him .

At this moment, Old Bai’s map became useless, which was about the entire level-three fishery . Unlike it, although Ren Tianfei’s map had depicted other places in the level-three fishery, it didn’t depict them in detail except for the Abyssal Chasm .

On the map .

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It was a pattern like a long narrow eye . Judging by the location of the hurricane area, Han Fei was now at the corner of the “eye” .

And Ren Tianfei’s treasure map was right in the middle of this big eye . This b*stard put the treasure on the upper eyelid of the “eye”, close to the pupil .

Han Fei’s first thought was to take a shortcut . He should go to the middle and go straight in from there, instead of swimming all the way from the corner of the “eye” to the middle .

So he immediately swam to the periphery of the long narrow eye, intending to cut across laterally


Clang! Clang! Clang!

But after swimming for more than 300 kilometers, Han Fei suddenly took a move, shattering a wisp of Sword Qi overflowing from the chasm .

He was dumbfounded . From here onwards, wisps of Sword Qi began to appear . Was the periphery blocked? In other words, the periphery of this eye seemed to be wrapped by a Sword Qi wall, and…

Han Fei looked up and swam up from below .

Swish… Swish… Swish…

Above, wisps of Sword Qi were even denser as if there was a net of Sword Qi on the bottom of the sea .

Han Fei only swam less than 1,000 meters up and dozens of wounds were cut out on his body .

Yes, even his “Indestructible Body” was pierced

Was the “Indestructible Body” not strong enough? No, Han Fei was very sure that the “Indestructible Body” was very strong . However, the Sword Qi that escaped from the Abyssal Chasm was stronger . “F*ck! Why is there so much Sword Qi?”

Han Fei continued to look up and found that the more he went up, the Sword Qi became denser, which was already visible to the naked eye .

“Damn it, is there only one way? Do I have to swim back?”

Han Fei had no choice but to return to the starting point . Anyway, he had to get in . However, he didn’t see the vortex that Xiao Se was talking about, so he directly rushed in .

Han Fei’s speed was not slow . With Little Gold attached to him, it could be said that his speed had almost reached its extreme .

However, just when Han Fei rushed into the Abyssal Chasm for less than ten minutes, he felt a huge suction force falling on him .

“Not good!”

Han Fei’s face changed abruptly . Even with Little Gold attaching to him, his speed dropped more than half in an instant .

A huge vortex suddenly appeared in the sea, which must have been the one Xiao Se warned him about .

What frightened Han Fei was that although vortexes were common in the sea and there were many causes for them, they were basically waterspouts from bottom to top . Just like when a swimming pool was releasing water, there would always be a vortex where the water drained .

However, this vortex seemed to appear out of nowhere and was several hundred meters in size as soon as it appeared .

The hollow in the center of the vortex was a few hundred meters in size . It was almost a black hole but was different from a teleportation portal . There were at least flashing lights and shadows in a teleportation portal, but this one was almost a cosmic black hole . There was nothing but a f*cking black circle, around which Han Fei was made spinning frantically .

“Majestic Mystic Spell . ”

At this moment, Han Fei didn’t dare to save any energy . Unknown things were often full of mystery and terror .

As soon as he activated the Majestic Mystic Spell, his speed doubled again, even surpassing before .

Han Fei beamed with a smile . “Hey! Go ahead sucking! Can you still suck me in?”

However, in an instant, the smile on Han Fei’s face froze . When he looked back, he was dumbfounded . “Hollysh*t… It’s catching up?!”