God of Fishing - Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: 503

Chapter 503 The Serpent in the Vortex

Han Fei really didn’t know why there were so many weird things in the underwater world . Anything in his sight now could make his hair stand on end…

The huge black hole seemed to have eyes . Seeing that Han Fei escaped, it started to move .

What made Han Fei speechless was that the thing was not moving slowly, but that it suddenly moved several kilometers closer to him, just like Xia Xiaochan’s Flash appearing very abruptly . No sooner had Han Fei escaped the black hole’s suction than he was sucked in again .

This time, he was not as lucky as just now when he was still far from the vortex . Now, Little Gold couldn’t even flap his wings .

Han Fei immediately crushed a Flash Stone .

As a result, something miraculous happened . Han Fei felt that he had moved out .

But because of a mysterious force, he was sucked back again and fell in place again .

“F*ck! Even a Flash Stone is not working?”

However, at the moment he looked back, he glimpsed that a light seemed to appear in the black hole, which was a shadow winding like a snake .

“Huh! Is there something in it?”

Han Fei instantly stopped resisting .

A moment ago, he resisted because he was afraid that this black hole would tear up everything that was sucked in like a real black hole . But since there was a living creature in it, then he wouldn’t be torn apart either .

He immediately took back Little Gold and put on an ultra-quality battle suit, with a hand on the Blood Drinking Knife .

He did not remove the Majestic Mystic Spell . Since this black hole was targeting him, there must be danger and fighting must be inevitable .

Now, since Han Fei had learned the Art of Invincibility, he wasn’t quite afraid of anyone . Even if he didn’t want to fight, he wouldn’t be afraid . It seemed that his fear had been eaten by the Art of Invincibility .

“Hey, don’t make such a bluff . Come out and fight me . ”

Han Fei turned around, and under this suction force, he rushed toward the black hole at an incredible speed .

Sure enough, Han Fei only felt the suction force but did not feel the pain of body tearing . This was undoubtedly a good signal, so he immediately threw a punch .


A dazzling fist light smashed at the huge black hole .


At the moment when Han Fei touched the black hole, it seemed as if he had submerged from the seawater into another underwater space, which was a bit like the Mirror of Sky in the White Mist Salt Marsh .

But it was extremely dark here, and Han Fei’s golden fist mark disappeared in the darkness . The dazzling golden light also failed to illuminate this dark place .

Suddenly, Han Fei felt a sense of crisis . He subconsciously turned his body sideways and slammed his fist into the darkness behind him .


The golden fist mark fell on something that felt a little soft at first, and then a little hard, like flesh and bones .

es .

Under the light of his fist, Han Fei saw a pair of eyes as big as a ball, staring at him in the darkness .

In his eyes, the data showed .

Abyssal Water Serpent

It was originally an ordinary sea snake but turned into a serpent after drinking the blood of a strong master by mistake . Five hundred more years, it’ll turn into a flood dragon; a thousand years more, it will take the shape of a dragon; ten thousand years more, it’ll turn into a real dragon . When it opens its wings, its speed is extremely fast . It breathes poisonous flames and can lift a weight of 490,000 catties, and its defense is also extremely strong .


Exotic (mutated)

6,285 points Eating it can strengthen the body, soul, and physique

Tendons, blood, flesh, gall, teeth .

This serpent is 498 years old and about to turn into a flood dragon .

After reading the data in his eyes, Han Fei was relieved . It turned out to be a serpent . BAM!

Feeling the water splash in the dark and a huge wave seemed to be coming, Han Fei immediately blasted out hundreds of punches .

Dum! Dum! Dum!


Han Fei clearly saw that it was a gigantic tail, which was more than ten meters long . Then how big was this Abyssal Water Serpent?

Han Fei punched out again but the power of the gigantic tail had already been taken off by him . The huge serpent was not much better than Han Fei, or even worse . Its tail was almost broken .

However, Han Fei was still shocked .

“Is this only a level-42 creature?”

Han Fei was stunned . Are you kidding me? I could easily beat Inferior Man-Fish but it was level 45!

Han Fei was sure that this serpent could easily crush an Inferior Man-Fish with a casual swing of its tail! He was now an advanced Dangling Fisher, plus with the effect of the Majestic Mystic Spell, he still failed to smash this tail .


In the next moment, Han Fei felt a fishy ocean current spurting, and the seawater was full of sticky things .


Han Fei frowned in disgust . Has this Abyssal Water Serpent started spraying poison? Humph, I have eaten the Venomous Tulip, and there is no poison that can work on me in the level-three fishery… Han Fei clenched his fist, and instead of retreating, he rushed forward .

He clenched his left hand into a fist and put it under his armpit, and his right hand was also clenched into a fist and glowing with a dazzling golden light . In the darkness, it was like a shining sun, too bright to look at .

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At the moment Han Fei rushed up, on his right hand, spiritual energy exploded three times . Before he threw a punch, three water splashes tens of meters tall broke out in the water .

The golden fist was like a soaring rocket, and the shadow of the fist mark was tens of meters large .


In the darkness, the serpent opened its mouth, and a mass of spiritual waves rolled in its throat, spraying at Han Fei .

“Humph! You’re an exotic creature, so what? You’re a mutant creature, so what? You still won’t be able to escape from my fists . ”



In the darkness, a golden fist light instantly penetrated the surging spiritual wave and blasted down on the head of the Abyssal Water Serpent like a sharp arrow .


The serpent’s huge body was hit by Han Fei and rolled dozens of times in the water .

Han Fei hurriedly stuffed a piece of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber into his mouth before following up . Only when Han Fei stepped on the head of this Abyssal Water Serpent did he discover how big the serpent was . Its head alone was five or six meters large .

At this moment, a large part of the forehead of the serpent was sunken and one of its eyeballs was blown out by him . Han Fei found that the back of the big snake was trembling, and a pair of fan-like wings grew out .

Um! These were more like a large pair of fins than wings! However, since they were nearly three meters long after being opened, they looked more like a pair of wings . But compared with the size of the Abyssal Water Tiger, there were like fins .

Han Fei stood on the head of the serpent and placed the Blood Drinking Knife against its forehead . “Be quiet, or I will chop your head off . ”


Han Fei felt a sudden sharp pain in his head as if a needle drilled in . However, the Demon Purification Pot turned immediately, and the pain disappeared .

However, just in this flash, the Abyssal Water Serpent began to run away .

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How could Han Fei let it run away? He immediately cast his fishhook, activated the Void Breaking Technique and then the fishhook crossed a hundred meters and hooked on the body of the serpent .

Then the huge serpent dragged him along and began to swim crazily in the deep sea .

Only after about ten minutes, Han Fei felt light in front of his eyes . It was no longer the kind of darkness that made people feel desperate . Although it was still dark, Han Fei could see now .


Han Fei was taken aback . He had no idea how big this serpent was when he was fighting in the dark just now . However, when he was able to see, he saw a super big snake that was seventy or eighty meters long, pulling him along while swaying .


The Abyssal Water Serpent threw Han Fei on the ground and dragged him along .

Han Fei said angrily, “Very good! I didn’t want to kill you in the first place, but now, you’re dead meat . ”

Han Fei suddenly withdrew his fishing rod and rushed forward quickly, followed by 99 Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . He brandished a long sword and thrust it at the Abyssal Water Serpent .

Clang Clang Clang!

Han Fei was taken aback for a moment . What a powerful defense! So many ultra-quality spiritual weapons still couldn’t tear up its skin?

“Let me cut your wings . Then I’d like to see how you run away!”

Unable to penetrate the serpent’s skin, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers rolled again, and the two wings that were 20 to 30 meters long were directly shredded by Han Fei . Boom!

The Abyssal Water Serpent fell to the ground head first . Han Fei sat on its head again . Both of his fists were glowing with a dazzling golden light and fell on the snake’s head like raindrops .

Boom Boom Boom… Boom Boom Boom…