God of Fishing - Chapter 504

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Chapter 504

Chapter 504 Sword Qi across the Seabed

Perhaps this Abyssal Water Serpent didn’t expect that he would meet such a tough guy today . Although he was so much smaller than it in size, he was so strong and it couldn’t beat him at all!

After about ten minutes, Han Fei finally stopped punching . Then, he frantically stuffed Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers into his mouth .

This Abyssal Water Serpent was too difficult to handle! Was it really a level-42 creature? Inferior Man-Fish that were level-45 were simply no match for it at all .

In terms of strength, this Abyssal Water Serpent was not weaker than him .

Regarding speed, he was almost thrown away by it just now .

As far as defense was concerned, even Han Fei’s ultra-quality spiritual weapons were unable to penetrate its skin . What kind of level-42 creature could be so strong?

Han Fei believed that if he hadn’t used the Majestic Mystic Spell, he would have been beaten to death by this thing!

Han Fei thought this was probably the punishment Xiao Se had mentioned . Otherwise, how could there be any creatures in this damn place? Without any energy, how could there be a creature?

That big fish really underestimated me . Anyway, I can barely be considered a Heavenly Talent . Should I thank you for sending me such a powerful creature? Now I can fuse a new creature now .

“Damn, collect the demon . ” In Han Fei’s mind, the Demon Purification Pot flickered and the huge body of the Abyssal Water Serpent slightly trembled . The demon collection failed .


Another punch .

“Can you understand me? If you don’t give in, I will kill you . ”


“Collect the demon!

However, this time it failed again .

Han Fei drew a long face . I finally managed to conquer you and you refuse to surrender to me?! Fine, let me teach you a lesson!

Han Fei kept frantically punching at a spot on the snake’s head . In the end, its skull cracked and a small hole was smashed into its head .

“You still don’t surrender, do you? Very good, I like taming the untamed . ”

“Little Black!”

With a flash between his eyebrows, Little Black and Little White appeared . Han Fei pointed to the small hole and said, “Little Black, go in . Don’t kill it but you can eat it . Just keep its tendon and gall . ”

Little Black nodded excitedly . When Little Black got into the snake’s head, the snake beneath him began to flop frantically . Immediately after, it began to roll on the ground and its tail began to flap . “Collect the demon!”

“Surrender or die, make your choice!” “Collect the demon!”

“Believe me, even though I may not be able to beat you when you become a flood dragon in two years, now you are still a snake, so you don’t have much choice . ”

“Collect the demon!”

“Hey! Big guy, do you understand what I said? Give up resistance! You will become a better version of yourself . What’s the big deal about becoming a flood dragon? If you submit to me, you’ll become a new you and then you can easily kill a flood dragon . ”

Han Fei tried to persuade the snake with his silver tongue . But he did believe that both Nine Tails and Little Gold would both make great achievements in the future .

The Abyssal Water Serpent was strong, or to be exact, shockingly strong . Although it would no longer be the original one after the fusion, it was at least part of the new creature, right?

Finally, the Abyssal Water Serpent could no longer resist the pain, and it suddenly turned into a stream of light before disappearing into Han Fei’s wrist .

At this moment, Little Black was still biting in the seawater . However, with a click, the serpent disappeared and he couldn’t bite anything . He couldn’t help but be stunned .

Han Fei laughed . “My boy, well done . ” Little Black swam up to Han Fei, bumped Han Fei’s chest, and turned a few times in the water .

No matter how strong the serpent was, it was still collected . Why did it have to suffer so much to surrender?

Han Fei turned to look at Little White . “My girl, do you sense any danger?”

Little White blinked and opened her mouth to Han Fei .

“Huh? You want something to eat?”

Han Fei immediately threw a spiritual fruit to Little White . In an instant, Little White and Little Black’s bodies were full of spiritual energy, but it only lasted for a short time . Now, a spiritual fruit seemed to be unable to feed these two little things .

So Han Fei threw another one to Little White .

After eating the spiritual fruit, Little White swallowed a mouthful of seawater, gently bit Han Fei’s body, and seemed to try to go back .

“Go back?”

Han Fei frowned slightly . “It’s impossible to go back! We had such a hard time getting in, and we haven’t got the treasure yet . ” Han Fei felt that the so-called black hole was actually a road, a road that really led to the depths of the Chasm .

He had this guess because this water area was absorbing more and more energy, and his guess was also proven right by what the Time Dragon Carp had said .

Putting away Little Black and Little White, Han Fei entered Forge the Universe .

Although the battle just now was short, Han Fei used the Art of Invincibility, which consumed too much energy .

In previous fights, Han Fei used the Embroidery Needle, the Million Knife Art or the Drawing Technique . But since he learned the Art of Invincibility, he felt that he could fight anything and anyone . And the more he thought so, the more he wanted to fight .

Did the Art of Invincibility have any disadvantages? It depended on the physique of the user . The stronger his physique was, the stronger the effect of the art was . Correspondingly, the stronger his physique was, the stronger the effect of the art was, and the more energy it would consume .

Before the battle, Han Fei was quite full . But now? He felt starving and almost collapsed .

In Forge the Universe . Han Fei had a square meal . At the same time, he refined a large shield . It was not because his defense was not strong enough . In fact, both his offense and defense capabilities were already strong enough, which seemed impossible to become stronger in the short term . After all, he was already armed from head to toe .

But today he found that there was still a creature that even the ultra-quality spiritual weapons couldn’t hurt, so he refined a big shield to have one more line of defense .

After eating and drinking to his satisfaction, Han Fei continued to walk forward .

He was holding the map in one hand and searching for the places marked on the map .

In particular, there were actually three main secret realms in the Abyssal Chasm . Han Fei discovered that the second secret realm coincided with the treasure spot on Ren Tianfei’s map .

The first secret realm should be nearby .

After swimming for about 200 kilometers, Han Fei suddenly saw a broken gate tower .

“Huh! Is this a f*cking secret realm? Why is it so conspicuous?”

This gate tower was a hundred meters high . On both sides of the gate tower, two broken statues were erected . The statue on the left held a huge stick in his hand which stuck in the ground . The head of the statue on the right was gone . It put a hand on its waist, holding a saber that was half broken .

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In the middle, Han Fei only saw rocks and mountains .

Standing in front of the gate tower, Han Fei was about to step in but his heart suddenly trembled .

“I can’t go in . ”

Han Fei remembered that before he came to the level-three fishery, the teacher once said that there were some secret realms that you didn’t have to go in to know if they were dangerous or not .

Up to now, Han Fei had not encountered that kind of secret realm . But here, he felt it .

That kind of feeling was very strange . It felt that if he entered it, he would be met with certain death .

At this time, Han Fei remembered Xiao Se’s words, “Not all secret realms can be entered at will . ”

“Is this first secret realm so dangerous?”

The Demon Purification Pot did not react at all .

“Fine! Let me explore it after I get the treasure from Ren Tianfei . ”

So Han Fei directly gave up on this secret realm .

Han Fei walked past the secret realm and swam for about 500 kilometers, yet he still didn’t meet a single creature . Naturally, there was no danger along the way either . It seemed that in this entire Abyssal Chasm, there was only an Abyssal Water Serpent . Now Han Fei was more certain that the Abyssal Water Serpent was definitely not here in the first place, which was probably released from a certain period of time by the big fish . Thinking of this, Han Fei couldn’t help shivering . The big fish could raise her daughter in time and release creatures out of time . Wasn’t this power scarily strong?


Han Fei couldn’t wait to go to the most central area as soon as possible .

But suddenly, white sword Qi swept across the seawater and swept towards him .

“Ha! I knew it wouldn’t be that easy . ”


Han Fei held the Embroidery Needle in his hand, smashed the sword Qi, and then slowly stopped .

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He saw that there seemed to be more sword Qi occasionally flashing in front . From what he felt just now, the sword Qi was not weak and seemed to be stronger than the strike of an intermediate Dangling Fisher .


Han Fei just paused and then moved on .

This sword Qi came from nowhere, just like the sword wall on the periphery of this chasm canyon . Although Han Fei didn’t know how they were formed, these seemed to be remnants of sword Qi, which burst out on their own accord .

Perhaps there used to be a peerless powerhouse fighting here, who was so strong that his sword Qi left behind still hadn’t dissipated .

He swam another 500 kilometers or so, only to find more and more sword Qi .

At first, it was just one or two, but gradually, Han Fei found that there were hundreds within a kilometer . They were like streamlined spirits, wandering around in the sea .

Once someone approached, the sword Qi would sweep towards him .

After being smashed by Han Fei one by one, they never appeared again .

“Huh! Has no one been here before? But that’s impossible!”

Han Fei was puzzled . If the sword Qi wouldn’t reappear after disappearing, they should have been cleaned up long ago! Why were there still so many of them and even getting denser?

At this time, Han Fei had checked the surrounding area and kept his body full of spiritual energy . After about half an hour, a white sword Qi suddenly emerged from the ground . Then, one after another, sword Qi emerged from the rock wall . “Oh!”

If it was a person who didn’t use a sword, he wouldn’t know what this meant .

Although Han Fei didn’t use a sword, he used knives! His trump card was the Drawing Technique, which never failed him .

If Han Fei used the Draw to cut a piece of rock, there would be a strong knife Qi left on the rock . This kind of thing, like a ghost, was scattered in the cracks of the rock and wouldn’t disappear until it was completely shattered .

And now, Han Fei had a vague hypotheses: this f*cking chasm canyon, where he had been swimming for a long time, seemed to be cut out by someone with a hack .

That was why there was a wall of Sword Qi outside the canyon, which would cut ordinary people to pieces . “Ren Tianfei, Ren Tianfei, did you f*cking want me to die?”