God of Fishing - Chapter 505

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Chapter 505: 505

Chapter 505 Ren Tianfei?

Han Fei complained about Ren Tianfei ten thousand times in his heart .

If this Chasm was really, as Han Fei guessed, cut out by someone, what kind of a strong master was capable of doing that? The deeper he went in, the more intense the sword Qi became, which meant the stronger the sword Qi was!

Han Fei, in an ultra-quality battle suit, swam full speed ahead for more than 2,000 kilometers, and just as he expected, the sword Qi was growing stronger indeed .

At first, it only equaled a full blow from an intermediate Dangling Fisher . Where he was now, the power contained in every wisp of sword Qi was no weaker than a full blow from an advanced Dangling Fisher .

Han Fei glanced at the map . According to the map, he was at least more than 5,000 kilometers away from the treasure left by Ren Tianfei .

“Damn it, this old b*stard! No wonder he insisted that I couldn’t come here until I became a Dangling Fisher . If it were someone else, they might have been already killed . ”

After 1000 kilometers .

The sword Qi had surpassed the realm of advanced Dangling Fishers .

After 2000 kilometers . Within a kilometer, there were thousands of wisps of sword Qi, which were almost equal to a blow from an ordinary peak-level Dangling Fisher .

After 3000 kilometers .

The sword Qi had completely reached the realm of a peak-level Dangling Fisher . There were even occasionally one or two that surpassed the realm of average peak-level Dangling Fishers .

After 4000 kilometers .

Han Fei had to escape into Forge the Universe .

His spiritual energy protective cover had long been shattered and he had to eat a large piece of sea cucumber almost every hundred kilometers . Why would the chasm absorb energy? Han Fei thought that it was because of whatever created it .

Think about it, doesn’t this sword Qi need energy? Where does this energy come from? It can only be absorbed from all around!

Of course, there might be more than one reason, but this was definitely one of the reasons .

At this moment, Han Fei was fueled up and he yelled, “Majestic Mystic Spell” . Yes, the sword Qi after 4000 kilometers had reached the level of the Immortals Slaying Formation . If Han Fei hadn’t broken through to become an advanced Dangling Fisher, perhaps every hundred kilometers, he would have to take a break .

After entering Forge the Universe three times, Han Fei finally swam more than 5,000 kilometers .

Swish! Swish!

The sword lights were as bright as snow, and each of them was irresistible, and hundreds of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were flying beside Han Fei, mixing with these swirling sword lights .


Han Fei summoned the large shield, put it in front of him, and rushed forward .

Clang, Clang, Clang… Fortunately, although these wisps of Sword Qi were powerful, they couldn’t break these ultra-quality spiritual weapons right away .

However, after swimming forward for dozens of kilometers, the parts of Han Fei’s body that were not covered by the battle suit were already full of blood marks .

Up to this point, any random wisp of sword Qi in the sea could leave a sword mark on his body, although he had used the Majestic Mystic Spell .

“Sh*t, fortunately, I didn’t come here earlier, or else I would have been killed here . ”

Clang, Clang, Clang… The sword Qi was as dense as a waterfall . Holding the ultra-quality spiritual shield, Han Fei was still forced to retreat . The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers around him were almost unable to protect him .

There were no longer hundreds or thousands of wisps of sword Qi at this moment, but tens of thousands .

“Damn it, Ren Tianfei, you old b*stard! I’ll get even with you for this, just wait!”


Han Fei let out a low roar, and punched the big shield, bombarding it forward with the Art of Invincibility .


Han Fei didn’t know how many punches he swung . Anyway, in just 100 kilometers, he entered Forge the Universe 7 times .

When he came out again, he took advantage of the moment he came out and looked around .

Suddenly, he found a large stele erected on the ground thousands of meters away . On the big stele, it read, “Hidden Fishers or Above, No trespassing . ” “Damn, here it is! Simple and clear, it’s that b*stard’s style . ”

As soon as he saw this stele, he knew that this was definitely erected by the old b*stard Ren Tianfei . Even the writing on the stele was the same as those on the stele outside the Boat Burying Pit and the Mantis Shrimp Cave . He just changed the “Dangling Fisher” to “Hidden Fisher” .

Han Fei suddenly held the big shield, braving the sword Qi jetting like flames, and rushed all the way to the stele .

Sure enough, behind this stele, there was a hole only four or five meters in size .

BAM! Without even thinking about it, Han Fei jumped directly into the hole and felt no obstacles at all .

“Huh! No water?”

Just after Han Fei went in, he found that the ground was dry and there was still air here . “Pheww…”

Han Fei took a few breaths and looked down . The ultra-quality suit on his body was covered with sword marks . Although it was not broken, many places on it were already sunken in and didn’t look as good as before .

Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked . In fact, he would not be able to hold it anymore if he continued to swim two or three hundred kilometers further forward . He couldn’t imagine what awaited him ahead .

“F*ck, thank god that you didn’t put the treasure place at the very center . Otherwise, I would have already slipped away . ”

Han Fei took a deep breath again, then put away the shield, put his head close to the entrance of the hole, and took a look . Those wisps of sword Qi that had lost their target turned into swimming white watermarks again as if nothing happened up above .

Han Fei swallowed . The first secret realm was on the edge of the cliff . It was because that secret realm was so dangerous that no one dared to explore it .

Ren Tianfei also put this on the edge of the cliff because ordinary people simply couldn’t resist the enveloping sword Qi outside .

One would definitely be shredded to pieces by the enveloping sword Qi unless he was at least an advanced Hanging Fisher .

After all, not everyone could cheat like him .

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It was probably because of this that Ren Tianfei had erected a stele on the edge of the cliff blatantly .

“Ha… Hahaha… I have come in . Ren Tianfei, old b*stard, here I am…”

Han Fei laughed triumphantly . It was really not easy for him to come in .

He was thrown into the Dead Sea from the hurricane sea area, came across the dragon boat, entered the fairyland, solved the seawater serpent, and braved the waterfall-like sword


Han Fei couldn’t help exclaiming in his heart, F*ck, this was really an arduous voyage!

Han Fei threw a Divine Healing Technique on himself before he got up and looked at the cave .

This seemed to be a downward slope leading to the depth of the cliff .

Han Fei felt that it was a miracle for him to make it here! Now it was time to search for treasures like he was in the Mantis Shrimp Cave back then .

So Han Fei walked directly into the depths of the cave .

Just after walking more than 100 meters, he saw a large circular cave with a radius of nearly 300 meters .

Han Fei grinned and rushed inside .

However, as soon as he entered the cave, he froze . Because, right across from him, a large word was written on a rock wall .


Han Fei was stunned for a long while and suddenly jumped . He yelled, “F*ck you, Ren Tianfei! F*ck you!”

There was no doubt that this test would be for him . From what he knew of Ren Tianfei, this idea must have occurred to him on the spur of the moment .

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Han Fei snorted . “Fine, just test me! I’ve even beaten the sword Qi . Can I be afraid of your test?”

Han Fei was very confident in himself . After all, Ren Tianfei only left him the Indestructible Body, but he underestimated the other opportunities he got . Han Fei walked forward without hesitation . This was a pure circular cave without the next entrance . Han Fei guessed that the next entrance wouldn’t appear until he passed this test .

However, when Han Fei looked around, his face immediately darkened . He saw 13 human skeletons in total .

Han Fei frowned . It seemed that in the past 300 years, many people had come here! There were actually 13 Dangling Fishers who had come to this place!

But they all died in strange ways . Some were embedded in the wall, some were sitting against the wall, some were inlaid on the floor, and some curled into a ball .

Han Fei’s eyelids trembled . These skeletons seemed to have been battered by a huge force . Among them, there were 5 skeletons inlaid on the rock wall and 3 on the floor .

Han Fei was shocked . How big would a force have to be to knock people into the rock wall or ground?

Han Fei walked towards the center of the cave . In terms of strength, Han Fei was confident that even Ren Tianfei himself, when he was in the same realm as him, would be no match for him .

When Han Fei stopped in the middle of the cave, he felt the ground shake . Then, a phantom-like figure appeared five meters away from him .

This man had a messy beard, his hair was combed back, and his forehead was exposed, looking like f*cking Einstein . “Huh! Is someone here again?”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was surprised . “Can you even speak?”

“Nonsense, I am not dead . Of course, I can talk!”

Han Fei exclaimed, “F*ck… You you you…” The bearded man arrogantly said, “Why? Don’t think about delaying time . Although I am just a phantom clone, I will not be tricked by you . As long as the person I am waiting for hasn’t come, I can still wait ten thousand years . ”

Han Fei asked, “So, are you really Ren Tianfei?”


The phantom was taken aback . “Huh! How do you know me? Are you my disciple?”