God of Fishing - Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: 510

Chapter 510 Burnt In Flames

Han Fei immediately realized that Ren Tianfen had left thirty drops of Candle Dragon Blood because he knew that this technique would use up all the energy for whoever used it . Han Fei glanced at the Demon Purification Pot at this moment and saw the data .

Sacrificing Punch (Heaven-Level, Divine-Quality)

Introduction: This technique allows you to gather the energy within your body and blow it out along with your soul power .

Shortcoming: Your energy will be lost after a punch . You must replenish yourself soon, or you will be severely wounded .

Superseding Art: No art can be deduced . You can only deduce it on your own . Note: This technique is not invincible . Whoever uses it must be ready to sacrifice himself in order to defeat strong enemies .


Han Fei had a lot of complicated feelings . The Sacrificing Punch wasn’t as good as his Art of Invincibility, but it was still surprisingly brutal . Also, it seemed to be a very simple technique . One only had to concentrate all his energy and blow it out .

However, there were actually two problems .

First of all, how could the energy all over the body be concentrated instantly? Just now, Han Fei had sensed that all his energy was extracted the moment before he punched out . The technique was even faster than the Art of Invincibility .

Secondly, while one could always be determined to fight, it was hard for them to be ready to kill the enemy at the cost of their own life unless they were already dying . But such determination was exactly what this technique needed . It was why it was named the Sacrificing Punch .

Han Fei immediately grinned . This old ass*ole doesn’t seem so bad… He didn’t offer any weapons, spiritual fruits or cultivation arts to Han Fei, but Han Fei didn’t really need those things .

What Han Fei was in dire need of was exactly pure energy such as the Candle Dragon Blood . He couldn’t even imagine how powerful his punch would be after he became a peak-level Dangling Fisher and activated the Majestic Mystic Spell .

After obtaining the Sacrificing Punch, Han Fei had quite a few ultimate skills now .

The Drawing Technique was powerful and the most common one .

The Sacrificing Punch, on the other hand, was the most extreme one . It was much more powerful than the Drawing Technique . After all, the Drawing Technique could be used more than once .

Counting the Sky Dissecting Finger, the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel, the Majestic Mystic Spell and the Art of Invincibility, Han Fei felt that he had all the unparalleled secret techniques in the level-three fishery .

Earlier, he had learned that Chen Aochen and Cao Tian were the best fighters . He had fought Cao Tian back in the Steps into the Sea, but Cao Tian didn’t try his best back then .

He knew that the man was very strong after the man blocked his Drawing Technique when he had activated the Majestic Mystic Spell .

As for Chen Aochen whom he ran into later, this man must be a lot weaker than Cao Tian, considering that he was swept into the sea by the Million Knife Art .

Although his Million Knife Art was launched with ultra-quality spiritual blades at this moment, Chen Aochen should be able to blow them apart if he was strong enough .

Han Fei couldn’t help but grin . Does this mean that I’m on par with Chen Aochen and Cao Tian now?

No, no, no . Han Fei dropped the idea the moment it popped up in his head . How could he be on par with them? He should be the One Punch Man that was above them .

“Is this the confidence that an expert should have? Hehe…”

After that, Han Fei picked up the giant pot and walked straight to the pool of the Candle Dragon Blood .

He slightly reduced the size of the pool in Forge the Universe that stored the spiritual spring . Then, he pointed at the Candle Dragon Blood, and it was all gone . “Hum…”

The moment the Candle Dragon Blood disappeared, he was blasted by a torrent of scorching energy that filled the cave in the blink of an eye .


Han Fei was instantly dumbfounded . What’s happening? I’m just collecting the Candle Dragon Blood . Why is such furious energy bursting out?

As far as Han Fei’s eyes could reach, flames were surging and roaring . Yes, the furious energy turned into raging flames the moment it charged out . It was so hot that it reminded Han Fei of the magma in the Fiery Mountain .

“Hahaha… Isn’t it a pleasant surprise? You think this is over? It’s not easy for me to get a disciple . How can I leave nothing but a technique for you? Since you’ve already broken the second barrier of the Indestructible Body, I’ll further polish your bones for you . ”

“You old jerk!”

Han Fei was lost for words . Pleasant surprise? It was a surprise, but definitely not a pleasant one .

Cracks suddenly emerged under Han Fei’s feet, and weird circuits were spreading out with Han Fei as the center .

Han Fei cried out, “Old jerk, what’s this now?”

But the moment Han Fei opened his mouth, the flames flew into his mouth and popped out from his nostrils .

“Old jerk, that’s too much! You should’ve at least given me some time for preparation…” However, Ren Tianfen was nowhere to be seen . Even his voice was gone, as if it wasn’t Ren Tianfen who talked just now . “Ass*ole!”

Han Fei was rendered speechless, as Ren

mechanical voice behind . He didn’t have a third clone at all .

The flames around him got more and more intense .

Han Fei’s clothes had been burnt up the moment the place was ignited . He had thought of putting on an ultra-quality battle suit, but since nobody was around, he decided not to do that in case the battle suit was ruined by the flames .

A hundred seconds passed .

The temperature of the flames became steady, but Han Fei didn’t feel well at all .

It was simply too hot!

At this moment, Han Fei’s skin was already cracking, and only a hundred seconds had passed!


Han Fei remembered that he always threatened other people that he would roast them when he pretended to be one of the Black and White Ghosts, but he turned out to be the one who got roasted now .



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His flesh and blood were cracking nonstop, and hot currents of magma were springing from under his feet .

Han Fei felt that his eyes were being blinded by the flames .

While covering his eyes, he struggled to watch the magma filling in this place . “F*ck you, Ren Tianfen! You can’t let go of me until you get me killed, right? You’d better pray that I won’t become stronger than you, or I will definitely boil you alive… Ouch!” Han Fei felt that his flesh and blood were being burnt . He had to sit down immediately and practice the Indestructible Body .

Polishing the skin, the flesh, the bones and the blood had always been the way to practice the Indestructible Body Art .

When his body was almost collapsing, terrifying vitality came up . Han Fei didn’t know where the vitality was from . Had he been carrying it all this time?

Having no time to consider that, Han Fei simply took out dozens of spiritual fruits .

But the spiritual fruits were vaporized the moment they were retrieved . The spiritual energy in them was mixed with the flames .

Han Fei kept his eyes closed . Unlike Ren Tianfen, his Indestructible Body was purely based on his vitality, and he was recovered again and again .

At this moment, Han Fei’s veins were intact, and he could still absorb spiritual energy . He would be a fool if he didn’t make the best use of it .

An hour later, Han Fei’s flesh was wriggling under the fire, and his bones were burningly

hot .

But that was not important . Han Fei discovered, to his shock, that his eyelids had been burnt up . Han Fei felt terrible at this moment . He couldn’t turn his eyeballs indestructible, could he? How frightening would it be if his enemy were to poke his eyes with ultra-quality spiritual weapons?

Instantly, Han Fei covered his eyes with two high-quality spiritual stones . He didn’t care about other places, but his eyes must not be ruined .



As a result, tremendous spiritual energy covered Han Fei’s eyes without leaving any gap .

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Two hour passed .

Han Fei felt that he couldn’t hold on anymore . His bones didn’t feel like bones anymore but more like magma flowing in his body .

Also, his veins were breaking apart . Han Fei took out dozens more spiritual fruits, trying to repair his veins .

For a moment, Han Fei reached an impasse with the flames .

Han Fei dare not think about anything else at this moment . Ren Tianfen thought that he didn’t have veins, but he actually did . He had picked up the Indestructible Body Art in a different way from how Ren Tianfen did .

Ren Tianfen could polish his body crazily, but Han Fei couldn’t . He needed balance .

Therefore, Han Fei took out dozens of spiritual fruits every two hours to repair and stabilize his veins . He also replaced the high-quality spiritual fruits that he stuck to his eyes every once in a while .

One day passed .

Han Fei was as skinny as a skeleton, and his bones were shimmering . Now and then, spiritual energy was dispersing from him . His veins were also emitting fluorescence as if they were made of crystals . Two days passed .

Han Fei’s bones became so purified and smooth as if someone had put oil on it .

But Han Fei didn’t pay attention to his bones . His eyes were very sore . Though they were protected by his spiritual energy, the dazzling flames had been burning them and deprived him of his sight .

Three days passed .

Han Fei’s bones were no longer solid but more like fluids where spiritual energy was flowing like springs .

After the third day, the flames gradually dimmed .

Seven days later, the flames finally disappeared from this space .

After a long time, Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes .

Instantly, two rays of fire beamed out of his eyes like lasers .