God of Fishing - Chapter 515

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Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Han Fei Is Here (1)

He asked for Mo Qianshang’s information because he would catch too much attention if he asked for his teammates’ .

Since the battle was still going on in the Sea Grassland, he could find them when he found Mo Qianshang .

After paying ten thousand mid-quality pearls, Han Fei received a piece of accurate information about Mo Qianshang .

After acquiring the intelligence, he found that He Kaiyang’s intelligence was already outdated, and the Sea Grassland had already turned into an enormous swamp .

It was believed that one third of the experts on the Wanted List were here . Also, those people were divided into multiple groups and had already joined the battle .

Why were they fighting? Because Luo Xiaobai and Mo Qianshang seemed to be competing over something .

But Luo Xiaobai didn’t get the entirety of it . She and Mo Qianshang seemed to have split it up .

The experts on the Wanted List were divided into multiple groups chasing them . Luo Xiaobai and her partners were a team, Mo Qianshang and another few friends were a team, and the others were divided into multiple teams too .

Two days earlier, Luo Xiaobai’s team and Mo Qianshang’s team had a battle within the seaweed wall . Both of them suffered casualties .

A day earlier, Mo Qianshang had fought with another team . An armorist who was 19th on the Wanted List was killed on the spot .

Ten hours earlier, Luo Xiaobai’s team encountered another team on the Wanted List too . A soul warrior who was 26th on the list was killed .

There had been no updates since then . Han Fei was very familiar with the place where they were last spotted . It was the sponge area .

After acquiring the information, Han Fei left the dragon boat . He stayed there for no more than an hour in total .

Because the information trade center adjoined the mercenary hall, Han Fei heard people shouting when he passed by the mercenary hall . “Four waiting for one! We need an armorist! Zhao Mo, 39th on the Wanted List has entered the Sea Grassland on his own . Anyone want to hunt him down?”

“Three waiting for two! We need a spirit gatherer and a manipulator! Our goal is to hunt exotic creatures! Come if you’re interested!”

“We’re a hundred-person group . Our target is the sponge section . We still need 22 candidates . We’re hunting the member of the Thug Legend or Mo Qianshang’s team . Come on if you’re interested . ”

“We’re a squad of pickers . We’re all hunters . There’s still one opening . We’re set off the moment the team is full!”

Han Fei paused for a moment, wondering if he should join one of the teams .

But he smiled in the next second, as it did not seem necessary . Several dragon boats were here, and although he didn’t see the Specter, it must be somewhere around .

With so many people here, there must be a lot of similar teams inside the Sea Grassland .

In such a case, it was pointless to join a team in disguise . It would be faster and more convenient if he acted alone .

Thinking that through, Han Fei left the dragon boat alone and set sail to the Sea Grassland .

However, after only a thousand kilometers, a boat descended from the sky and blocked Han Fei’s way .

“Hey, brother, surrender your Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

Han Fei slightly tilted his head . His boat had been covered by seaweed and green vines .

On the boat on his opposite side, the soul warrior jumped over to Han Fei’s boat with a stick .

Han Fei’s lips curled . “Two manipulators? Both Dangling Fishers? You think you can stop me?”


The soul warrior hadn’t performed any of his battle techniques, and he was about to talk to Han Fei, when a golden fish appeared before his eyes .


The fist broke the soul warrior’s rod and collapsed his chest .


The soul warrior could not imagine that he would be crushed by someone of his level before he could utter a word .

On the other boat, the two armorists were appalled . They recalled the boat, squeezed their Flash Stones, and fled quickly .

Han Fei had no time to bother the two manipulators in the water . He simply darted dozens of daggers into the water .

The ultra-quality spiritual weapons were irresistible for some regular advanced Dangling Fishers . Amidst the shiny daggers, one of the manipulators was pierced through, and the other one had a broken arm but managed to escape by squeezing their Flash Stone .

Everything was within Han Fei’s perception . He could even tell that the manipulator had flashed to the edge of his perception range and was quickly swimming further away .

Han Fei grinned, as Flash Stones were less and less effective for him . His perception range of five thousand meters was exactly the maximal distance of teleportation of the stones .

Not every Flash Stone could flash dozens of kilometers away . Sometimes, it could only flash within a thousand meters . It was completely random .

Han Fei was confident that, as long as he absorbed some more crystals and further increased his perception range, those probably couldn’t get away from him unless they were to use Flash Stones more than twice in a row .

But of course, Han Fei didn’t intend to chase the pirates at this moment . He was in a hurry .

During the ten-thousand-kilometer journey, Han Fei encountered eight ghost boats . It was not hard to imagine how chaotic the Sea Grassland had become .

The pirates had even considered this place as their paradise . Some of them weren’t professional pirates, but when they saw that Han Fei was alone and only an advanced Dangling Fisher, they couldn’t stop themselves from robbing him even though they had never robbed anyone before .

Unfortunately, Han Fei simply killed anyone on his way . No boats could possibly resist Han Fei for more than ten seconds . They all fled the moment they engaged him .

To save time, Han Fei simply flew above the Sea Grassland .

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Many people were surprised to see what Han Fei was doing . They wondered what his purpose was . Was he trying to descend into the Sea Grassland? Or to search for some poisons from the high reeds?

A lot of people were scattered among the high reeds looking for things . Some were here to collect the poison of the Green Arrow Venomous Frog, and some were hunting creatures under the reeds .

All of a sudden, an enormous golden fish descended from the sky and caused a huge hole in the reeds .

Someone exclaimed, “Shoot! Someone came down from the sky . ”

Someone said with disdain, “Only an idiot would do that . This place is full of Spirit Devouring Bugs . He will be killed if he goes down . ”

Someone was confused . “But that man seems quite strong . I, for one, couldn’t have taken that punch . ”

Han Fei didn’t cause any attention . Whoever met him simply thought that he was a relatively strong expert . They didn’t find anyone who looked like Han Fei on the wanted list, so they simply thought that he was a tough expert but not tough enough to make it to the wanted list .

In the water, Han Fei blew up the algae that drifted to him with a punch . Spirit Devouring Bugs were everywhere in the seaweed and in the water .

However, Han Fei couldn’t care less about them at this moment . All the creatures that were within the reach of his fists were shattered . None of the Spirit Devouring Bugs could reach Han Fei .

A team of three advanced Dangling Fishers saw what he did clearly, and how his golden fist left a mark on the ground through the water .


Han Fei blew a crab to pieces with a casual punch . Then, he locked someone’s hands with his fishing hook .

Immediately, the other two people squeezed their Flash Stones and escaped . They wondered where this tough guy was from . That was a rarely-seen Purple Soldier Crab, and you blew it up with one punch? You’re too strong for us!

The man who was captured by Han Fei was frightened . “Bro, let’s talk nicely . You want my Sea Swallowing Seashell, right? I can give it to you . Please don’t kill me . ”

Han Fei simply glanced at him casually . “Have you met anyone on the Wanted List here?”

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The man was briefly stunned . “No, we haven’t!”

He was actually rather speechless . How could we still be alive if we had run into any of them?

Han Fei looked around . “What is this place?”

The man replied in a hurry, “This is the Broken Stones Valley . ”

Han Fei searched his map for a long time before he finally found the Broken Stones Valley on it .

This place was about seven hundred kilometers from the seaweed wall, and one had to take a detour to go from this place to the sponge area . The journey was almost seven thousand kilometers .


Han Fei ignored him and stepped dozens of meters away . After another step, he vanished into Broken Stones Valley that was full of green moss .

“Phew! What a terrifying man . Who was that exactly?”

Tu Fang was 22nd place on the Wanted List .

At this moment, he was lying on a rock that was enshrouded by seaweed .

He wasn’t here to fight anyone . As far as he knew, both Mo Qianshang and Luo Xiaobai were too strong for him to deal with .

But he couldn’t feel happier at this moment, as he had looted more than fifty Sea Swallowing Seashells .

He thought to himself proudly, It’s really great that I can just wait for people delivering their Sea Swallowing Seashells to me here . I’m not an idiot who fights over the Divine Weapon . I probably wouldn’t even live long enough to use it even if I somehow get it .

Huh? Another Sea Swallowing Seashell is coming?