God of Fishing - Chapter 517

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Chapter 517

Chapter 517 My Home Field

Naturally, it was not a coincidence that Han Fei ran into the hundred-person team . With his perception, he had detected those people from ten kilometers away .

However, Han Fei didn’t dodge them at all . He even canceled the Thousand Faces Technique and restored his original look .

At the same time, Han Fei summoned the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and swam to those people on its back .

For Han Fei at this moment, whether the enemy was a full-class squad, a ten-person group or a hundred-person group, it made little difference .

After he made it to Ren Tianfen’s treasure trove against the sword torrents in the Abyssal Chasm, Han Fei had fully realized his capabilities .

Han Fei was like a super boss to the other people in the fishery .

If you want to beat me, you’d better try to break my defense first .

Besides, Han Fei didn’t train himself so hard and strengthen himself through all kinds of opportunities just in order to keep a low profile .

Therefore, he had planned for this encounter .

This hundred-person team seemed to have just left the sponge area . Some of them looked miserable and worn . They had obviously run into the Star Chasing Sponges .

The moment they saw Han Fei, the hundred-person team was in turmoil .

“Han Fei?”

“My good god, are my eyes deceiving me?”

“It’s really Han Fei! That’s his Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp!”

“Sometimes you can find something you want when you stop searching for it . We didn’t find Mo Qianshang and Luo Xiaobai, but we’ve met Han Fei . ”

“Has he made it out of the Abyssal Chasm alive?”


Everybody was excited and ready to take action .

Since those people were bold enough to come after Mo Qianshang and Luo Xiaobai, they naturally weren’t weak .

As far as Han Fei could see, there were more than twenty peak-level Dangling Fishers, and the rest were all advanced Dangling Fishers . If he had run into such a team earlier, he would’ve fled immediately .

But at this moment, Han Fei was utterly fearless unless the team was exclusively made of peak-level Dangling Fishers .

Before they took action, Han Fei had shouted first, “Hey, have you found Luo Xiaobai and her friends?”

Everyone: “???”

Someone said, “You’re asking us?”


Someone laughed . “Han Fei, you haven’t realized the situation yet, have you?”

Someone roared . “Surround him and set up arrays…” They saw that Han Fei was absolutely fearless . They could tell that Han Fei despised them, but they thought that it was because of Han Fei’s arrogance . Not in a hurry, Han Fei said with a smile, “Hey, there’s still time for you to run . After all, it isn’t easy to make a living in the level-three fishery, but if we start to fight, don’t tell me that I didn’t give you a chance!”

Someone began to speculate after hearing that…

Nobody was an idiot . Han Fei, who was 3rd place on the Wanted List, certainly wasn’t one either .

If Han Fei wasn’t an idiot, how confident must he be to speak to a hundred-person team so cockily?

A peak-level Dangling Fisher roared, “Don’t be tricked by him! We’ll attack with our best! Every person only has limited spiritual energy . None of our teammates here are weak . Why should we be scared of him when he’s absolutely alone?”

Someone bellowed, “Han Fei is definitely carrying valuable treasures . We’ll split them up after we kill him . ”

Very soon, the hundred people surrounded Han Fei .

This was the first time Han Fei had seen an array set up by multiple spirit gatherers and manipulators . Immediately, Han Fei knew what the array was .

If an array could be set up by multiple levels, the array was generally a low level .

Why? It was not hard to imagine that, since this team was established only recently, the array they set up couldn’t be an ultimate skill from a major sect but one that they figured out recently . How powerful could it be? As a matter of fact, Han Fei had thought everything through before he took any action . But of course, while this array wasn’t very powerful, a lot of people had been involved in it . Besides, the array was generally a mature one so it was quite powerful for a regular person .

Han Fei asked with a smile, “Are you afraid that I will escape with a Flash Stone?”

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The few leading peak-level Dangling Fishers sneered . “You seem to know what’s going on . ”

Not hasty at all, Han Fei looked at them with a big smile . “I won’t kill all of you if we’re really going to fight . I’ll let you walk out of here . Oh, right, after you get away, don’t forget to tell other people about me on the dragon boats . You don’t need to come back for me . Just ask all the dragon boats to be prepared… Haha…”

Someone looked at Han Fei with a stunned look, wondering if he had brain injuries . Was he implying that he was going to the dragon boats for trouble?

The array with a span of a thousand meters was soon set up . The peak-level Dangling Fishers took action . Everybody attached their naturally-endowed spiritual beasts and contractual spiritual beasts .

The armorists led the charge . Each of the twenty armorists opened their armor boxes and unleashed more than ten weapons . Some even launched dozens .

But in Han Fei’s eyes, these weapons were too weak . Han Fei didn’t know if Chen Aochen had told other people that he had a set of ultra-quality spiritual weapons . He simply presumed that Chen Aochen did .

After all, that secret would be exposed sooner or later .

When he challenged a hundred people last time, all the circumstances were in his favor, but this time, he had nothing but recklessness .

Han Fei wondered if he could awe everybody and make them get out of his way in the future after his reckless fight today . He believed that nobody in the level-three fishery could possibly beat him unless Hidden Fishers showed up .

If Hidden Fishers did emerge, he didn’t think that Old Bai would do nothing about it . Even though Old Bai was a long distance away, he was sure that Old Bai had always been paying attention to this place .

So, when overwhelming weapons came at him from various directions, Han Fei launched all his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

The Million Knife Art was most destructive in a group battle .

In particular, all of Han Fei’s weapons were ultra-quality spiritual weapons, which were almost invincible against other weapons .

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The 99 Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers swirled dozens of meters around Han Fei at an astonishing speed . All the weapons that flew to him were cut apart in the blink of an eye .

Even the high-quality spiritual weapons were crumbled when they were minced by multiple Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

“Pu… Pu… Pu…”

For a moment, all the armorists who attacked, including those who were peak-level Dangling Fishers, were vomiting blood .

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Everybody was shocked .

Someone roared . “Recall your weapons! Recall your weapons!”

Han Fei had already attached Little Gold to him at this moment . He disappeared from the spot in the blink of an eye .

Someone bellowed, “Everybody, activate your secret techniques if you have any . Armorists, raise the shields…”

Han Fei chuckled and charged at the crowd . The seaweeds and vines that were flooding out were shattered into pieces the moment they showed up .

When he was blocked by shields from all directions, fist auras burst out .


Dum! Dum! Dum!

In the blink of an eye, dozens of shields were all blown back .

Someone was accidentally breached by the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and cut to pieces .

Someone escaped as a plant, but the plant was minced to smithereens by the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

Dozens of peak-level Dangling Fishers launched an attack together . Their magnificent energy pushed the seawater into a gigantic ball .

However, all their energy was slashed into halves under Han Fei’s knife .

Han Fei’s mocking voice echoed in everybody’s head . Is this your best? Peak-level Dangling Fishers, are you still holding yourselves back? Do you really think you can get away? “Majestic Mystic Spell . ”

Han Fei’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and he became much more intimidating than before . He could tell that energy was exploding violently in his body .


Like a phantom, Han Fei instantly appeared before a peak-level soul warrior and slashed his knife casually . The man had no time to counterattack at all but could only dart out the hundreds of bone spurs of his contractual spiritual beast .

Crack! Crack! Crack!

When the bone spurts were broken and the man died, Han Fei reached another side . None of the bone spurts even touched Han Fei . Thanks to the two months of ten-time-gravity training, Han Fei’s reaction speed had been increased to an unbelievable level .


Under the fist marks, someone’s chest collapsed, and someone’s internal organs were ruined .


In the crowd, some of the peak-level Dangling Fishers seemed to have activated a certain secret technique and became even stronger than before .

However, the golden fist aura penetrated the man’s chest instantly . When the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers rolled into the crowd, some people’s battle suits were dismembered, and they were cut into pieces .

Of course, faced by the Dangling Fishers, Han Fei was inevitably cut many times . He didn’t want to be cut, but the attacks were too intense for him to dodge all of them .

However, those people discovered, to their shock, that Han Fei was wearing an ultra-quality battle suit which boasted amazing defense abilities . They couldn’t hurt Han Fei at all with purely physical attacks .

A peak-level soul warrior passed through the Million Knife Art with his unusual archery technique and shot Han Fei’s chest thirteen times . However, he found that Han Fei didn’t even step back .

Han Fei even smiled at him . You think I’ll be scared of a few spiritual energy arrows when I can resist the sword torrents launched by a peak-level Dangling Fisher?

At this moment, Han Fei summoned the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow and fired an arrow, which roared through the water and pierced the man’s battle suit in the blink of an eye .

The man’s face bled and his soul was crushed . He had died in one second .


There was no telling who roared that, but everybody was equally frightened . What kind of freak were they fighting?

The attacks from the peak-level Dangling Fishers were absolutely useless against Han Fei . The Million Knife Art launched with ultra-quality spiritual weapons couldn’t be dealt with at all in the group fight!

They were all rendered speechless . It was not like they could waste their mid-quality spiritual weapons on those ultra-quality spiritual weapons .

Han Fei waved his hand and recalled all the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

However, thirty people of the hundred-person team had already died . The survivors were half lightly injured and half severely wounded .

At this moment, they were all fleeing .

Han Fei shouted, “Remember what I said! From today on, the level-three fishery will be my home field!”