God of Fishing - Chapter 520

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Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Everyone Had Their Own Opportunities

In the seagrass wall, the Hexagon Starfish lay listlessly on a piece of seaweed . The Hexagon Starfish almost burst into tears! As soon as Han Fei came back, he took the space inside his doors as a restaurant . At this moment, five people were surrounding a cauldron, in which, there were Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers and a pile of white crab meat .

Le Renkuang simply couldn’t stop eating! In the end, because the energy contained in Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers was too much, they became full after finishing more than half of the food, and only then did they begin to talk about their experiences . Le Renkuang said, “Han Fei, I’m not bragging to you . As soon as I was teleported in, I encountered a vortex in the sea . Then, I got sucked in with my boat . Do you know what it was? A secret realm! I was directly teleported into a secret realm . ”

He said this while foaming at the mouth and the others listened with relish .

He did meet an old turtle, an old turtle that had been buried under the sea for a long time .

When Le Renkuang was teleported to the level-three fishery, he happened to encounter this old turtle having a meal . This turtle could even create a huge vortex on the surface of the sea when it was having a meal, swallowing countless tons of creatures .

Le Renkuang was almost swallowed by this turtle .

In his words, the turtle was too big . In terms of size, it was even much larger than the Rock-Holding Turtle . Therefore, the turtle didn’t eat Le Renkuang in the end because he was too small for it . Le Renkuang went on volubly, “I am diligent and capable . I helped it brush its teeth and clean its shell . Finally, it was deeply moved by me…”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Come on, come off it . ”

Le Renkuang chuckled . “So, I made it a hot pot! Do you know how excited the big turtle was when it saw the hot pot?”

Xia Xiaochan said curiously, “That’s different from what you said last time!”

Le Renkuang grinned . “Don’t interrupt me . I cooked the big turtle hot pot for two months . And then it was finally moved by me…”

Han Fei asked, “So, you used delicious food to cheat it into giving you the Sky Swallowing Technique?”

Le Renkuang said crossly, “Cheat? No, it was moved by me… And the requirements for practicing this technique are very strict! First of all, you must be a big eater to get the essence of this technique . Secondly, if you want to practice this technique, you have to learn the secret technique for turtles, so as to digest food quickly and hide it in the spiritual sea . Spiritual sea, do you know where it is? I haven’t found it yet . ” Han Fei suddenly interrupted, “Wait, do you mean that what you eat is not transformed into energy or spiritual energy, but is hidden in this ‘spiritual sea’?” Le Renkuang said innocently, “Yes!” Han Fei continued, “Then can you transform that stored energy and spiritual energy into your own use?”

Le Renkuang scratched his head . “It seems that I can’t for the time being . I have to find where my spiritual sea is first . ”

Han Fei’s face was black . He really wanted to kick the fatty to death . Spiritual sea? The spiritual sea is full of spiritual beasts . The food you swallowed will only feed the spiritual beasts in the spiritual sea .

Han Fei was speechless . He almost believed what Le Renkuang said . If he hadn’t been to the spiritual sea, he would have been fooled by this fatty .

Han Fei asked, “Then how do you find the spiritual sea?”

Le Renkuang scratched his head . “I don’t know! The big turtle said it was very simple . I just needed to close my eyes and fall asleep and then I could go there . But I tried many times and still couldn’t get there . ”

However, Le Renkuang wasn’t quite frustrated and went on cheerfully, “The big turtle was so touched by me that it gave me one of its eggs . It took me three full months to hatch a little turtle . ”

Han Fei interrupted him again, “You hatched it?”

Le Renkuang paused and continued, “Well, I waited for three months and it came out of the egg itself, and then I signed an equality contract with it . Do you know that this big turtle is actually called Deep Blue Roar, born with the sea-swallowing secret technique? In the level-three fishery, it is almost barely seen because it’s a legendary…”

Han Fei sneered . “Okay, come off it . Who knows if what you said is true? Maybe you gave it the name Sea Swallowing Technique yourself . ”

Le Renkuang blushed . “I… I didn’t give it the name . ”

Xia Xiaochan added, “Then what was its previous name?”

Le Renkuang shivered and said, “Just ‘Sea Swallowing Technique’ . ” .

Xia Xiaochan scoffed . “But you said the Deep Blue Roar only knew about swallowing food . Maybe it had never even seen the sky . You’re bragging . ”

Le Renkuang was speechless . Seeing that nobody believed him, like a deflated ball, he said, “Okay, okay! I admit that I modified it a bit . But the name “Turtle Swallowing Technique” sounds stupid, doesn’t it? The Sky Swallowing Technique matches this powerful technique better . ” “Haha-“

Everyone rolled their eyes, even including Luo Xiaobai who was always quiet . They were almost fooled by this guy .

Zhang Xuanyu smiled and said, “You were so lucky to get this technique . Why are you picky about its name? You were much luckier than me . I was caught into the Flowstone Pit as soon as we parted . If it weren’t for Han Fei, you might never have seen me again . ”

Han Fei was quite interested in Zhang Xuanyu’s Tertiary Body, and couldn’t help but ask, “I had wanted to ask you last time, how did your Tertiary Body come about?” .

Zhang Xuanyu said, “In fact, the Flowstone Pit was very dangerous, in which an old monster lived and occupied an abandoned tunnel . Generally, no one dared to enter this tunnel because it was said that nobody could get out of it alive . I was only a junior dangling fisher back then and almost tortured to death by the guys who occupied the Flowstone Pit . So I wanted to escape and hid near the entrance of the tunnel, only to be caught in by that old monster . Then he took me as his disciple and taught me the Tertiary Body . ”

Zhang Xuanyu was obviously unwilling to give too many details . This was his opportunity and it might also involve some secrets, so Han Fei did not ask much .

However, this Tertiary Body was really strong . Three Zhang Xuanyu copies with the same strength fighting at the same time! Ordinary combat skills were definitely no match for it . Even a heaven-level divine-quality combat skill might not be able to achieve this effect . Zhang Xuanyu looked at Luo Xiaobai and said, “Compared with our experience, Xiaobai’s story is like a mystery . ” .

Han Fei curiously asked, “By the way, how did you meet Mo Qianshang? Also, what did you find, Xiaobai? How did you attract so many dragon boats to come?”

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Luo Xiaobai said lightly, “Actually, I was also there when you were on the Sea Grassland . ”


Han Fei was stunned . “Were you there too? Where were you? Did you go to the central


Luo Xiaobai shook her head . “I didn’t go to the central area . I was in the Worm Fish Abyss . ”


Han Fei said incredulously, “Were you also in the Worm Fish Abyss?” .

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Yes! We literally brushed past each other . The most suitable place for me in the level-three fishery is actually the Sea Grassland, so my first goal was there . Because I could perceive spiritual plants, I had been exploring the secret realms there . The secrets outside the Seagrass City Wall had been mostly explored, so I had been inside the Seagrass City Wall… . ”

Han Fei suddenly asked, “Did you encounter a big octopus?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Do you mean the Divine Seaweed Octopus? I caught one as my contractual spiritual beast and then killed seven or eight others…”

Han Fei was speechless . Killed seven or eight of the Divine Seaweed Octopus that made others tremble with fear?! And also caught one as her contractual spiritual beast?!

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Luo Xiaobai explained, “I could blend into spiritual plants, so the Divine Seaweed Octopus couldn’t kill me at all . The Seagrass City Wall is its domain, and also mine . ”

Han Fei nodded . “And then? Why did you go to the Worm Fish Abyss?”

Luo Xiaobai glanced at Han Fei . “There were as many as 30 secret realms under the Seagrass City Wall . I guess you didn’t know that, right? I thought the central area was too dangerous and my strength was too weak, so I shouldn’t go there until I was strong enough . However, there was a riot in the central area, so the secret realm I was in collapsed . Then I was dragged to the central area by unknown forces . Because of this, I was forced out of the Seagrass City Wall . However, when I was crossing the Worm Fish Abyss, the Lotus Fish was shaken to death by a strange energy . So, I fell into the Worm Fish Abyss . ”


Han Fei was astonished . “Did a Worm Tide break out when you went to the central area?”

Luo Xiaobai took a deep look at Han Fei . “Thanks to you, it was the Worm Tide you caused . ”

Han Fei was embarrassed for a while and then asked, “What happened later? How did you survive in the Worm Fish Abyss?”

Luo Xiaobai smiled . “Do you forget that I can blend into plants?”

Han Fei paused . He didn’t remember there were any plants in the Worm Fish Abyss .

Suddenly, Han Fei took a breath and said, “I guess you blend into the lotus of the Lotus Fish?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Yes! Actually, the horrible atmosphere in the Worm Fish Abyss was just a disguise . In the deepest part of the Worm Fish Abyss, there was an ancient garden full of all kinds of spiritual plants and fruits . So, I cultivated there . ”

Han Fei was dumbfounded . “There was a garden below it?!”

Luo Xiaobai said, “There was a seal below, and the creatures in the garden were quite special, with strong territorial awareness and combat power . I left there a few months ago when I met Mo Qianshang . ”