God of Fishing - Chapter 521

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Chapter 521: 521

Chapter 521 The Hunt Was On

According to Luo Xiaobai, at the bottom of the Worm Fish Abyss, there were not only many rare spiritual plants and spiritual fruits, but also a strange seed contained in a strange box .

Luo Xiaobai failed to get it because she had to win the guardian spiritual plant to get the box .

Just when Luo Xiaobai spent a lot of time and effort to win the guardian spiritual plant, Mo Qianshang, this despicable b*stard, appeared . Fortunately, Luo Xiaobai controlled the guardian spiritual plant to get the seed .

However, the box was snatched by Mo Qianshang Mo Qianshang was beaten by the guardian spiritual plant, so he escaped the Worm Fish Abyss with the box . Luo Xiaobai found that the box seemed to have some special connection with the seed, so she also walked out of the abyss .

Then the two began to fight .

In a place like the Seagrass City Wall, although Mo Qianshang was much stronger than Luo Xiaobai, he still couldn’t catch her . And Luo Xiaobai was not strong enough to kill Mo Qianshang, so the two would fight almost every day, until Zhang Xuanyu and the others arrived .

Mo Qianshang couldn’t beat Luo Xiaobai and was unwilling to let her run away, so he publicized that Luo Xiaobai had obtained a “Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure” .

At first, no one knew what that was .

In the level-three fishery, most people hadn’t even seen an ultra-quality spiritual weapon . They might yearn for a divine weapon, but when you talked about “Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure”, they wouldn’t know what you were talking about .

But many people on the Wanted List were attracted by it . Many people had even come to the Sea Grassland all the way from the Thousand Star City . Han Fei came in from another direction, so he didn’t meet them .

Hearing that, Han Fei couldn’t help thinking, What would happen if they knew that the Embroidery Needle in my hand was a real “Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure”?

Han Fei said, “But is that seed really a ‘Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure’?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head . “It’s definitely not, but not worse than a ‘Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure’ . I don’t know what it is . I may need to find the box first . ”

Han Fei said immediately, “Then let’s get out quickly . Mo Qianshang, right? He has rubbed me the wrong way for a long time . Let’s take this chance to get rid of him . ”

Xia Xiaochan was surprised . “You haven’t seen him before . How did he rub you the wrong


Han Fei snorted . “He ranks first and I only rank third . So I don’t like him!”

Everyone was dumbfounded . Do you think it’s a good thing to be on the Wanted List? Others on the Wanted List tried their best to get delisted, but you wanted to rank first?!

Luo Xiaobai frowned and said, “Now that you are back, Mo Qianshang will definitely not come again . ”

Han Fei said, “Then let’s take the initiative to find him . ”

Zhang Xuanyu cursed, “But that guy seems to be able to catch up with us no matter what . Even Master Hexagon seems to have been locked by him . Otherwise, we would have rushed out earlier!”

Luo Xiaobai said, “It may be related to the box . There seems to be a connection between the box and the seed . That’s why he can always find us . ”

Le Renkuang spat out bubbles and said, “No wonder! That’s why we are hiding in the door of Master Hexagon, right? In this way, he can no longer find us!”

Han Fei frowned slightly . “So, if we go to him, will he find it in advance?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Yes . ”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “What should we do then? How can we get the box back?”

Han Fei suddenly smiled . “Since he can only sense the seed, we can leave Xiaobai here and go out to kill him and take the box back, OK?”

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Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up . “Yes, good idea . ”

Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang looked at each other . “Yes . We didn’t take the initiative to go to him because firstly, we couldn’t find him, and secondly, Mo Qianshang had allies . Even if we could find him, we wouldn’t have been able to kill him . ”

But now, the situation was different . Han Fei had come and they wouldn’t need to rescue him . They were quite relieved .

Besides, Han Fei had Little White, who could find anyone!

Most importantly, Han Fei was very strong! Judging from the punch he just launched, his combat power had improved a lot again .

Immediately, Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Okay!” Zhang Xuanyu clenched his fists . “Humph! Great! That damn b*stard besieged us over and over again . Does he really think he can really bully us at will?” They weren’t quite worried about Luo Xiaobai’s safety . In the Seagrass City Wall, let alone Mo Qianshang, even a Hanging Fisher might not be able to catch Luo Xiaobai .

Han Fei immediately took the Hexagon Starfish from Le Renkuang’s body and put it on his shoulder . “Master hexagon, I’ll count on you later . ”

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its big eyes . When he was with Le Renkuang and the others, he felt really at ease .

He especially liked Le Renkuang who always called him Senior and every time he ate something, he would feed him first .

Unfortunately, Han Fei had come back and he caught him back as if he was a small fish .

The Hexagon Starfish warned, “That guy looked fierce!”

Han Fei said ferociously, “I am fiercer than him!”

With a flash between Han Fei’s eyebrows, Little Black and Little White appeared . Han Fei was surprised to find that these two little things had upgraded and now they were level 31 .

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Han Fei exclaimed, “They upgrade so slowly! He hoped he could go to the Soul Sea again . If these two little things were still at level 31 when he had become a Hanging Fisher, there would be a gap of a complete realm between them .

“Let’s go!”

At this time, within the Seagrass City Wall, about 600 kilometers away from them .

A group of people were gathering, each with a solemn expression .

A female manipulator said, “Lu Hong and Wu Qian shouldn’t be able to come back . But how did Han Fei suddenly appear?”

A male spirit gatherer was holding a bow in his hand . “Anyway, I’ll quit this hunt . I am not surprised that Han Fei can come back . Don’t forget, Zhang Xuanyu came back from the Abyssal Chasm . So why can’t Han Fei? As for why Han Fei could come here quietly, the reason is simple- he can change his appearance!”

At this moment, a hunter who was sitting cross-legged and recovering suddenly opened his eyes . “I quit too . You can feel the power of the punch Han Fei hit just now, which is simply unstoppable . Mo Qianshang, you can’t even stop the lingering power of that punch . How can you possibly beat him?”

Mo Qianshang’s face was cold . “Don’t forget, not just us, but the two teams outside also want a share . Since they want the benefit, they must join in the hunt too . Let’s try once more . No matter how strong Han Fei is, I don’t believe he can launch attacks as powerful as the one just now many times! This time, let’s gang up on him . ” The hunter sneered . “Can you afford the price? They are not fools . They agree to cooperate with you for nothing but the benefits you promised . Now Han Fei is back . I had thought that he was weaker than you… But now it seems that you are no match for him at all . If you want to fight Han Fei, many people will die . Who can afford this price?”

A murderous gleam flickered across Mo Qianshang’s eyes . “I’ll give each of you an ultra-quality spiritual weapon, as long as we can catch Luo Xiaobai… No, as long as we can catch any one of them, all my money and treasures will be yours . ”

Hearing his words, everyone was taken aback .

The manipulator said, “Three ultra-quality spirit weapons . ” The hunter was silent for a while . “I want your Spine Shadow Sword Stream, and on top of that, give me an ultra-quality spiritual weapon . ” The spirit gatherer frowned . “I want your Dagger Trap, plus an ultra-quality spiritual weapon . ” Mo Qianshang squinted his eyes . “Okay!”

Then Mo Qianshang threw out three ultra-quality spiritual weapons . He was deeply aware that the seed would bring a great opportunity, which was not comparable to any ultra-quality spiritual weapon . As long as he could get the seed, he could pay any price .

The hunter nodded . “We’ve gotta be quick . Han Fei is back . They will definitely break out of the encirclement in the first place . We’ll only have this chance . Now, we have to contact the other teams quickly . ”

Mo Qianshang suddenly wondered, “Huh! It seems they’ve stayed where they are . ”

“They haven’t moved?”

“Perhaps they are recovering! After all, we had all consumed a lot in the combat just now . ”

When Mo Qianshang and the others were about to find other allies, Han Fei stuffed the Hexagon Starfish into Little Black’s mouth .

The Hexagon Starfish immediately cried . “I want to come out! Your spiritual beast is grinding me with its teeth . ”

Han Fei said to Little Black in his heart . “Little Black, you can’t eat him . He is on our side . ”

Little Black rubbed against Han Fei .

Han Fei said to the Hexagon Starfish, “Don’t yell . If you expose Little Black, I will pat you to death . ”

Behind him, Zhang Xuanyu asked in amazement, “Where is Master Hexagon? How is he gone?”

Le Renkuang also suddenly realized the starfish was gone and turned his eyes to Han Fei . “Oh, no, Master Hexagon ran away . ”

Only Xia Xiaochan looked puzzled, but did not speak .

Han Fei said, “Don’t yell . Those guys are only 10 kilometers away and have manipulators among them . If we get too close, they will find us . So I’ll have Master Hexagon go over and set up a Six-Gate Array first . ” Han Fei grinned . “Now, the hunt has begun . ”