God of Fishing - Chapter 525

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Chapter 525

Chapter 525 The Whole World Is My Enemy


In this hundred-person team, everyone’s first reaction, including the peak-level Dangling Fishers, was to tremble with fear .

“Is that guy really a Dangling Fisher? His damn punch can even shatter one’s bones! How is it possible?”

At this moment, everyone believed that Han Fei did sweep a hundred-person team alone, and they firmly believed it .

It was needless to ask whether they could beat him or not . The answer was obvious .

Wasn’t Mo Qianshang’s bone armor strong enough? In the eyes of outsiders, if you could block Han Fei’s single punch, you should be thanking God . How long had Mo Qianshang resisted him? Twenty Minutes? Half an hour?

They didn’t know, but they knew that it had been a while . According to the strength of Han Fei, let alone sweeping out a one hundred-person team, even two hundred fishers put together wouldn’t be able to stop him!

The moment Han Fei walked out of the dust, rays of light kept flickering amongst the crowd as everyone crushed their Flash Stones . If they didn’t leave now, they couldn’t imagine what awaited them .

Han Fei smiled, curled his lips slightly, and looked down at the dying Mo Qianshang, asking in surprise, “Are you still alive? Wow, your vitality is really strong . ” Mo Qianshang was beaten and mangled beyond recognition . His eyes were swollen like big eggs, but his eyeballs still rolled slightly . No one knew what he was thinking .

Han Fei smiled and said, “Given that you are on the top of the Wanted List, I had planned to trade you for the rewards! But who would have expected that you turned out to be a half-mermaid…”

When Han Fei said “half-mermaid”, Mo Qianshang struggled to open his eyes .

In Han Fei’s mind, there appeared a weak voice, “Who are you?”

Han Fei squatted down and slowly thrust the Blood Drinking Knife into Mo Qianshang’s chest . “Me? I am the brightest star in the night sky . ”

Perhaps he was too angry at Han Fei’s ridicule or his vitality had been exhausted, Mo Qianshang’s eyes flickered and then he breathed his last breath .

On Mo Qianshang, the white bones turned into powder, and the silver scales withered .

After Mo Qianshang died, Han Fei slowly frowned . Half-mermaid? Why has this species appeared in the level-three fishery? Where does Mo Qianshang come from?

Feeling that someone was coming, Han Fei waved his hand and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers swirled around Mo Qianshang, cutting his body into bits .

Zhang Xuanyu and Xia Xiaochan had just come, only to see Han Fei was destroying Mo Qianshang’s body . They couldn’t help but be surprised . “Feifei! Why did you destroy his body?”

Han Fei turned around and smiled . “Who knows if he is really dead? I need to make sure that it’s perfectly safe . ” Then Han Fei took a deep look at Xia Xiaochan, who felt uneasy under his gaze, and asked, “Why are you looking at me? Those people are already dead . However, we met several other people and had a fight with them, so we’re late . ”

Han Fei shrugged, holding a small plain bronze-green box that looked like jade but was not jade, like iron but not iron, and said, “I’ve got the box . Let’s go back, and after we find Xiaobai and the others, we’ll go out . ”

One hour later .

As everyone watched, the box was directly integrated into Luo Xiaobai’s body .

At the moment the box melted into her body, a large amount of seaweed grew under Luo Xiaobai’s feet . Within a hundred meters, seagrass grew wildly . Sea anemone bushes popped out of the ground, and endless vines burst out of the soil, blooming blue flowers .

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “Are these Xiaobai’s abilities?”

Han Fei looked curious and said, “It seems that her ability has improved . ”

Le Renkuang sighed . “I guess Xiaobai can be a very good farmer . Her crops must be growing fast . ”

Everyone: “… . ”

After an hour or so, Luo Xiaobai’s strength began to soar . She had just become an advanced Dangling Fisher . And now, after only a moment, her realm had completely stabilized and was still soaring .

After half an hour, Luo Xiaobai had almost become a peak-level Dangling Fisher .

Another hour passed and Luo Xiaobai finally became a peak-level Dangling Fisher .

Xia Xiaochan said enviously, “So fast! I work so hard but I’m only an advanced Dangling Fisher…”

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Zhang Xuanyu rubbed his head . “This is too much! She just absorbed a seed . How did she become a peak-level Dangling Fisher all of a sudden?”

However, Luo Xiaobai’s strength was still soaring

After another half an hour, the vines around began to dance in the seawater and blue flowers popped up one after another . And under Luo Xiaobai’s body, a huge blue Cannibal Flower rose from the ground, turning over thousands of vines .

On its roots, there seemed to be starlight twinkling .


The Blue Cannibal Flower shook suddenly and its roots began to thicken .

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up . “The Blue Cannibal Flower is getting stronger . ” In Han Fei’s eyes, The Blue Cannibal Flower had upgraded all the way from level 31 to level 36 .

On the surface, Han Fei was still very calm, but in fact, stormy waves were set off in his heart . What the hell is that seed? It helped Luo Xiaobai break the bottleneck and become a peak-level Dangling Fisher? On top of that, it upgraded the Blue Cannibal Flower so quickly?

After a full hour, the Blue Cannibal Flower finally stopped upgrading and reached level 39 in the end .

Only one step away, it would reach level 40 . “Gulp!”

Luo Xiaobai slowly opened her eyes, a little dumbfounded as if she herself didn’t know what happened .

Xia Xiaochan hurriedly jumped over . “Xiaobai, you are a peak-level Dangling Fisher now . ”

Luo Xiaobai came back to her senses . “Am I… A peak-level Dangling Fisher?” Luo Xiaobai raised her hand, and thousands of blue vines instantly pierced the seawater . With just a light sweep, hundreds of blue lights swept across, and all the seaweed within a hundred meters was torn apart .

Zhang Xuanyu sighed . “Comparisons are odious! Why didn’t I encounter this level of opportunity?”

Le Renkuang fished out some dried fish from his Sea Swallowing Seashell and stuffed it into his mouth as if he wanted to eat to ease his surprise .

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Luo Xiaobai explained with a dazed expression, “The box seems to be a kind of treasure that protects the soul . At this moment, it is printed in my mind . As for the seed… I can’t find it . ”

Han Fei suddenly asked, “Is it in your Dantian?”

Han Fei couldn’t help thinking, I’ve also got a seed! That seed is still floating in my Dantian . Unfortunately, it is different from the seed Luo Xiaobai has that directly made her a peak-level Dangling Fisher… But my seed seems to be of no use and doesn’t even move as if it doesn’t exist at all .

Luo Xiaobai shook her head . “No . ”

The news of Mo Qianshang’s death had caused a great uproar in the Sea Grassland . The scattered members of the hundred-person team were spreading the news everywhere .

At this moment, everyone knew: after a whole year, the one on the top of the Wanted List was finally about to change .

And the new one was even more terrifying than Mo Qianshang . Mo Qianshang wouldn’t wander around to stir up trouble, but Han Fei… This b*stard had almost visited all dangerous places in the level-three fishery . And wherever he went, he would cause a huge uproar .

At the same time, the news that a lot of the people on the Wanted List had died was also spread .

Sha Wang, Chen Hong, Zuo An, Wu Qian… These people who were usually with Mo Qianshang were confirmed dead by many people in the first place .

Secondly, the five people who were tied up by Xia Xiaochan were actually tricked to death by Mo Qianshang

Later, when Xia Xiaochan and Zhang Xuanyu were fighting with others, someone fled and told the story to others .

Then it was known that six strong masters on the Wanted List, including the 22nd, the 32nd, the 37th… Had all died .

Within half a day, as many as 12 people on the Wanted List were killed . This news scared many people!

Were they ordinary people? No! Those were all the top powerhouses on the Wanted List!

Each of them was a very talented strong master, but because of Han Fei, 12 of them died all at once . Wasn’t this news scary?

Many people who had been waiting outside the Sea Grassland had evacuated .

On the way of evacuation, battles happened frequently . Many people did not come to hunt Luo Xiaobai and Mo Qianshang at all, but to take the opportunity to hunt ordinary explorers .

At this moment, so many people were running away . Those people would certainly not let this opportunity pass and directly turned the outer jungles of the Sea Grassland into a slaughterhouse .

Outside the Sea Grassland, on the sea, the breeze was gentle and the sun was shining on the sea, casting glittering golden light . As many as 30 fishing boats gathered here . Among them, there were three Ghost Speed Divine Boats .

At the bow of a ship, Li Heiye and Li Baizhou were standing with a genteel boy .

On the other boats stood the people from the seven major sects .

Among them, there were Gong Yuehan from the Jade Fairy Palace, Yu Xian from the Sea Cloud Tower, and Feng Yifei from the Origin Returning Peak…

On the fishing boat of the Grand Void Academy, Ji Wenxuan and Tian Yishan stood behind a young man holding a sword .

Ji Wenxuan said, “Brother Chu Xun, I think we’d better not make a move first . ”

“Humph! Han Fei made a lot of trouble and did evil in the name of our Grand Void Academy! Do you want me to just forget that?”

There were also discussions on other fishing boats .

Someone said, “Are you sure it’s this place? Perhaps they will run out from a different place…”

Someone shook his head . “No, they didn’t dodge or hide along the way, they were heading in this direction . ”

Someone clenched his fists . “They’re too arrogant . This time, we must not let that b*stard Han Fei off . ”