God of Fishing - Chapter 526

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Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Being Rounded Up

Han Fei and the other four were arrogant and extremely ferocious . Even at this moment, they all showed their real faces and swam along the way aboveboard .

Along the way, everyone’s first reaction when they saw the five of them was to run away .

Zhang Xuanyu clicked his tongue . “Feifei! How do I suddenly feel that we have all become big villains?”

Le Renkuang added, “Well, we are . Since the two of them broke down the Undersea City, they have been, and now we who are on their side have also become villains . ”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei . “Are we going to hunt for treasures now?”

Han Fei shook his head . “No . ”


Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang looked at each other and then said, “Why not? We are going to explore a few more secret realms and find some opportunities . ”

Han Fei suddenly grinned and said, “Where do you think the greatest opportunity in the level-three fishery is now?”

Zhang Xuanyu answered without thinking, “The secret realm in the Abyssal Chasm?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at Zhang Xuanyu . “You almost starved to death there . Why are you still thinking about the Abyssal Chasm?”

Zhang Xuanyu shrugged slightly . “Isn’t it because of you? Except for the Abyssal Chasm, we’ve explored almost all the famous secret realms here and you alone destroyed four of them . ”

Han Fei sneered . “Idiot, the biggest opportunity now is on the dragon boats . ”

“Dragon Boats?”

Xia Xiaochan was stunned for a moment . “Are we really going there?”

Han Fei grinned ferociously . “I have been having an issue with them . Before we return to the Blue Sea Town, I must loot a dragon boat . ”

Everyone: “…”

“They came out! Han Fei that b*stard is out . ”

“He is also Fan Datong . ”

“A*shole! I’m gonna tear him apart . ”

On the fishing boats, some people flushed in anger and some roared out .

Gong Yuehan was staring at Han Fei resentfully . Although she had early seen Han Fei’s portrait on the Wanted List, seeing the real person at this moment, she blushed and boiled with anger . This b*stard snatched all the jewelry on her body and grabbed her Sea Swallowing Seashell by force .

Li Heiye and Li Baizhou were glaring at Han Fei and they were even trembling in rage . This b*stard caused them to have diarrhea for five full days, which almost killed them!

Chu Xun coldly said, “Is that him?”

Tian Yishan wanted to persuade him to give up but then just sighed . “Senior Brother, this person is very strong, so be careful . ” Chu Xun snorted . “I’m not stupid!”

Han Fei and the other four watched this scene in astonishment .

Le Renkuang counted on his fingers, “1 ship, 2 ships, 3 ships… 64 ships… Oh, here come more fishing boats . ”

Zhang Xuanyu bared his teeth and said . “Wow, 80% of them are peak-level Dangling Fishers… F*ck…”

Xia Xiaochan grabbed two daggers and said, “You can also consider those advanced or even intermediate ones as peak-level Dangling Fishers . ”


Zhang Xuanyu swallowed . “Are these b*stards all peak-level Dangling Fishers?” “Haha… Han Fei, here I am . ”

At this moment, some more fishing boats flew over in the sky .

On one of them, Yang Deyu pointed at Han Fei with a big axe . “You rat! Last time you beat me with dirty tricks . Today, I’m gonna fight you for 3,000 rounds and crush you into powder . ”

Flying over with Yang Deyu were Mo Feiyan, Sun Mu, Chen Aochen and Ye Baiyu .

Han Fei said to the others . “This group is from the major sect of the Thousand Star City, and that group are the children from the big clans of the Thousand Star City . ”

Le Renkuang’s mouth was trembling . “I don’t want to listen . I don’t want to listen . I don’t want to listen… Have you pissed off the entire Thousand Star City alone?”

Zhang Xuanyu said leisurely, “Not just him . You forgot Xia Xiaochan . ” Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes at Zhang Xuanyu . “Do you have a problem with me?”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled awkwardly . “No, of course not . But there are so many people here! How can we resist so many of them? They’re all peak-level Dangling Fishers . We’re desperately outnumbered . ”

Han Fei said, “The disciples of the major sects are easy to handle . Those people are inexperienced, naïve and even stupid . They’ll take it as a disgrace to gang up on us . Especially, all the seven major sects are here . They will absolutely not swallow their pride . ”

Luo Xiaobai who had been silent said, “Don’t look down upon them . If they resort to attrition warfare, we can’t get away when we exhaust our spiritual energy . Of course, the greater threat is the people from the big clans . Those guys are all lawless . We’d better just run away . ”

Han Fei grinned . “I have been running away since I entered the level-three fishery . Now I don’t want to escape any longer!”

As they were talking, there was a cry from the sky .

“Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan, I’m here to save you!”

Then they saw a red ray of light falling from the sky, which was a red fishing boat and looked a bit like Han Fei’s Wind God Boat .

Zhang Xuanyu and Xia Xiaochan were astonished . “Is that a Wind God Boat?”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “When did you give Cao Qiu a Wind God Boat?”

Han Fei was dumbfounded . “I didn’t!”

Cao Qiu drove the fishing boat to Han Fei and the others with a swish .

Cao Qiu beamed with a smile . “I knew you would definitely be able to come out of the Abyssal Chasm . I knew you must have been out of there when Zhang Xuanyu appeared in the Sea Grassland . What do you think of my fishing boat? I just heard it described and made it . I’m a great inventor, aren’t I?”

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Han Fei smiled politely . “Little fatty, do I know


Cao Qiu was stunned . “Hey, stop pretending . The whole world knows that the Black and White Ghosts are you and Xia Xiaochan! By the way, I snuck out . This time I brought you my latest invention . ”

Then he took out a bunch of dark balls and said, “This is an upgraded version of the Poison King . I recently discovered the law of gas flow, so I concentrated on studying it and finally invented this Poison King Smoke . ”

Everyone: “…”

Xia Xiaochan hurriedly jumped to the side, shaking . In her eyes, Cao Qiu was also a big villain although he was not good at fighting .

Every time she remembered this guy made countless people have diarrhea for half a month with his invention Poison King, she trembled .


Han Fei hurriedly summoned a wall of water to shield in front of him and said to Cao Qiu, “Come on, give me some . ”

When Cao Qiu saw that Han Fei liked it very much, his heart was immediately filled with an unparalleled sense of achievement . Unlike those b*stards who always despised his inventions, Han Fei had a vision .

So he generously took out hundreds of Poison King Smoke balls and gave them to Han Fei .

Han Fei quickly put them away . “Won’t they escape when they see there is smoke?”

Cao Qiu chuckled . “It is colorless, tasteless and smokeless . You can rest assured . ”

Their conversation stunned Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang .

Le Renkuang couldn’t help asking, “Well, what is Poison King? And what is Poison Smoke King?”

Zhang Xuanyu also said, “Yes! It’s so small and not a spiritual weapon . Even if you detonate all of them, they won’t hurt many people, right?”

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However, after hearing Xia Xiaochan’s voice transmission to them, Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang immediately took a few steps back .

Zhang Xuanyu quickly said, “Feifei! Remember to tell us when you’re about to use it to avoid accidental injury . ”

Le Renkuang nodded his head repeatedly . “Yes, yes, do remember to tell me . I will escape in advance . ”

Han Fei said mystically, “The thing about this is to catch people off guard . ” Then he looked at Cao Qiu . “Huh! Why were you all near the Sea Grassland?”

While speaking, Han Fei withdrew the water wall and looked at the sky .

Cao Qiu said, “We must be! The members of the Thug Legend are all here! We swarm here to capture you all in one fell swoop . ” Suddenly, a cold voice came from the sky . “Qiuqiu, come back . ”

Accompanying the sound, another Ghost Speed Divine Boat descended . On this Ghost Speed Divine Boat, Han Fei saw Cao Tian and a pretty girl with a gentle face in a cyan dress . The girl’s temperament was different from Xia Xiaochan, Luo Xiaobai, Mo Feiyan, and Gong Yuehan . She looked very gentle and tranquil, holding a purple flute in her hand, which surprised Han Fei .

Han Fei was not sure what she was holding . Anyway, it looked like a flute . If it was a weapon, it was the first time Han Fei saw such a weapon .

Cao Qiu grimaced naughtily . “My sister is here . I have to go back . That’s all I can do for you . ”

Yang Deyu yelled loudly, “Cao Qiuqiu, stay aside! Otherwise, you will be hurt by me later . ”


A fist light shot straight at Yang Deyu .

The latter shouted aggrievedly, “Cao Tian, Come on, I didn’t even touch your brother . I just told him to stay aside . ” Over there, just as dozens of fishing boats were about to approach, another Ghost Speed Divine Boat came over in the sky .

Someone exclaimed, “Tang Ge? Why is he here?”