God of Fishing - Chapter 528

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Chapter 528: Law Is Not Bad

Chapter 528 My Sister-In-Law Is Not Bad

After the agreement was confirmed, Han Fei became more certain of his thoughts .

Perhaps these people were very strong, but most of them were rookies who had left their sects for the first time . In fact, Han Fei had discovered when he was in the Steps into the Sea that they were really not good at fighting despite their good background .

Of course, compared to ordinary peak-level Dangling Fishers, they were indeed very strong

However, they seemed to be unaware of how to use their talents, so they seemed to be much weaker when they were fighting people like him or members from the big clans .

And Han Fei even felt that this was the same case for the children of the big clans . With the exception of Tang Ge, Cao Tian, and Yang Deyu, the children of these big clans didn’t have a very good grasp of battle, including Sun Mu .

For example, Sun Mu, who possessed such a powerful combat skill as the Immortals Slaying Formation, still slowly launched attacks step by step in combat, with the intention of slowly exhausting him to death .

If it were him, he would have just launched his most powerful attack in the very beginning . Han Fei looked at Sun Mu and the others . “What do you think?”

Sun Mu snorted slightly . “The battle between the sects and you is none of our business . Just fight as long as you are confident that you can beat them . ”

Han Fei grinned . “OK, thanks . ”

Irrelevant bystanders backed away one after another . What made Han Fei laugh was that the team leaders of the sects were actually choosing people to fight him .

Yes, the actual number of them was not 50 but as many as 200 . But they felt it was already shameful to fight Han Fei and his teammates with 10 times the number . How could they all join the fight?

As a result, each sect was in an uproar .

“Me, pick me . ”

“Go away . Let me fight him!”

“Get out of the way, all of you . These five people are ferocious . You’ll only end up surrendering your Sea Swallowing Seashells to them . ”

“Senior Brother, I have a secret method . ”

“Senior Sister, I really want to join the fight . ”

They all strived to be picked to join the battle . Seeing this, the children of the big clans just didn’t want to admit they knew these people . Are they stupid? We’re here to siege the villains! Do you think it’s a friendly match or what?

Especially Li Heiye and Li Baizhou, they looked at each other speechlessly . Li Heiye scoffed . “These idiots! No wonder the major sects have to send their disciples here to exercise every year . They are too damn stupid!”

Li Baizhou nodded . “Exactly, even Gong Yuehan is so stupid . Did you hear what she said? She would not take Han Fei’s life . Excuse me?!”


Zhang Wen said indifferently, “At least we can see the real strength of Han Fei and his teammates . Although the disciples of the major sects are inexperienced, they are not bad in strength . At least ordinary peak-level Dangling Fishers are not comparable to them . ”

Li Heiye scoffed . “Nonsense! I bet they will lose within half an hour!”

Zhang Wen was surprised at this response . “Do you really think so?”

“Yes! You haven’t seen Han Fei fight . Just like Cao Tian, Tang Ge, and Yang Deyu, he fights with no mercy . ”

On the other side .

Mu Ling said to Tang Ge, “In fact, his solution is not bad . These people should be no match for them . But what about the other people? The children of the big clans are not as naive as the disciples of the major sects . ”

Tang Ge said indifferently, “I’ll help him then . ”

Muling rolled her eyes . “I knew you would say that . Forget it, it doesn’t matter even if your relationship is exposed . I don’t think anyone will dare to tell my father . ”

Soon, the sects had selected 50 people .

Han Fei smiled . “How long has it been since we have fought together?” Zhang Xuanyu licked his mouth . “It’s been a long time! Since we came out of the Fiery Mountain?”

Luo Xiaobai was as calm as usual . “Le Renkuang, start up by sucking some people with your Sky Swallowing Technique . Xiao Chan, take the opportunity to activate the Majestic Mystic Spell, using the Thousand Strike Technique to solve Gong Yuehan as quickly as possible . Zhang Xuanyu, dive into the water and I’ll wrap you up with vines . Don’t attack them but keep them under pressure . Han Fei, just use your Million Knife Art . These people all have amulets and can’t be killed . ”

Han Fei asked, “What about you?”

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Luo Xiaobai smiled . “I want to try how strong my Blue Cannibal Flower is now . ”

When the two parties were only 100 meters away, Han Fei grinned . “Remember, you can admit defeat when you really can’t resist us . I’ve always been above board . Do not blow yourselves up . Only idiots would do that . ”

The others were speechless at his words . Aboveboard? Seriously? You were the most insidious on the Steps into the Sea?!

And the people on the other side were stunned . Blow ourselves up? Why? Is this guy out of his mind?


When Han Fei was speaking, a vine rolled Le Renkuang up and it rushed forward .


Then a huge mouth with a radius of forty to fifty meters appeared, or to be exact, it was not a real mouth, but a phantom of a big hole .

In the big mouth, a spiral vortex was sucking crazily . The seawater rolled into it and many people had been sucked forward by the huge suction force before they realized the battle had begun .

At the moment the vine appeared, Xia Xiaochan disappeared and Zhang Xuanyu plunged directly into the water .

As for Han Fei, Little Gold had already attached to him, the Majestic Mystic Spell had been activated, and he, like a bolt of lightning, rushed forward into the crowd .

The instant Han Fei rushed out, all of his 99 Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers shot out of his body, turning into a shining flow of daggers and stabbing five or six people almost instantly . Sun Mu, Li Heiye, Li Baizhou, and Zhang Wen only sighed at the sight .

Mo Feiyan covered her face . “Oh! This is a real disgrace…”

Chen Aochen and Ye Baiyu, who had been watching from a distance, both shook their heads . Fools! The damn arena had been set up and the distance between the two sides had been narrowed to a hundred meters, and these fools weren’t ready to fight .

“Oh, no! Come on, fuse and attach . ” “You’re shameless! The battle hasn’t started

yet . ”

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“You b*stard . ”

Suddenly someone shouted, “Oh, Xia Xiaochan disappeared! Manipulators and spirit gatherers, pay attention!

“Huh? Zhang Xuanyu went to the bottom of the sea! Did anyone follow him?”

“Armorists, stop Han Fei . ”

However, at this moment, the nine-star chain had spread out in all directions, and those who were targeted by the nine-star chain all jumped up .

Someone showed huge double pincers, someone spat icy flames, and someone floated in the air .

When they were about to collide with the nine-star chain, a golden light suddenly appeared on Han Fei’s head . Little Gold slammed into an armorist like a meteor piercing the starry sky .


The armorist hadn’t formed an array with other armorists yet and had been bumped away by Han Fei .

At first, he thought that this guy was really stupid with his head against his shield .

But soon, he was stupefied when he felt the incomparable impact . It felt as if a mountain smashed against his body . “Puff…”

This person was sent flying and the nine-star chain had been retracted, darting at the armorists who were actively defending .

Gong Yuehan shouted, “Don’t panic! Armorists, don’t defend . Just attack Luo Xiaobai…”

As she shouted, she carried a long sword . Filled with overwhelming sword Qi, she hacked out .

However, at the moment Gong Yuehan slashed out, a dagger had already been put against her waist .

Gong Yuehan was very quick to react and instantly summoned her battle suit and activated a spiritual energy protective cover .

However, she was still a step slower and was stabbed by Xia Xiaochan .

“Senior Sister…”

Gong Yuehan paused and then a hundred wisps of Sword Qi burst out of her body, and she rebuked, “Leave me alone . Attack their manipulator . ”

As soon as she said so .

She felt a terrifying force stabbing at her from the sky . At that moment, her eyes turned cold and she brandished the long sword in her hand .

However, before she had the time to raise the sword, she felt the surrounding air was suddenly fluctuating and that strange dagger had appeared on her chest and abdomen .

Swish… Swish… Swish…

In an instant, a hundred rays of lights passed by, and Gong Yuehan was stunned . Her protective cover broke in an instant and her high-quality battle suit was shattering .


A blue light suddenly appeared and Xia Xiaochan’s dagger couldn’t pierce through . It was Gong Yuehan’s protective amulet working . The amulet was not necessarily activated artificially . It would also be automatically activated when the owner was in a life or death crisis . Just now, Xia Xiaochan stabbed Gong Yuehan’s waist, which was not fatal .

But the Thousand Strike Technique was an indiscriminate attack all over Gong Yuehan’s body, and several strikes were straight at her heart, so the amulet was activated .

Xia Xiaochan simply said, “You lost . Step back . ”

Gong Yuehan was extremely ashamed . She always felt that she would be one of the few people who could beat Han Fei in the end, but how could she expect that she would be out so early? How long had it been since the battle started? Two minutes?

She lost because she attacked in advance, leaving Xia Xiaochan with a very short time gap . In the distance, Tang Ge kept nodding his head . “Not bad, my sister-in-law is not bad . ”

Mu Ling rolled her eyes at him .