God of Fishing - Chapter 530

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Chapter 530: 530

Chapter 530 Big Clan ATMs

One of Han Fei’s feet stepped on Zhang Wen’s face, grinding it harder and harder . “Who the hell do you think you are?! Do you think you can bully us? Now you know we are not the people who you can mess around with, right?… Do we know you? Have we met before? Why do you join them to fight against us? Are you f*cking out of your mind??”

As a person who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the young master of the Zhang Family, Zhang Wen had never been insulted like this before!

Before today, Zhang Wen had always thought that he was a man who was always calm and would not blink even if a mountain collapsed in front of him .

However, all his confidence and pride had completely been shattered by Han Fei’s single foot… Oh no, to be precise, they were crushed . “Puff!”

Zhang Wen’s face turned all red . With so many people around watching him being battered, he felt that he had been greatly insulted . On the verge of a breakdown, he spat out a mouthful of blood all of a sudden .

“Young Master . ”

“A*shole, let go of our Young Master . ” “Han Fei, if you dare to touch our Young Master again, you are dead meat . ” Xia Xiaochan leaned over, kicked Zhang Wen twice, and then looked at the servants of the Zhang Family, asking, “What will happen if his Immortal Seal is destroyed?” Hearing her words, Zhang Wen was immediately horrified . What does she mean? Are they really going to kill me?

On the other side, Luo Xiaobai walked out of the mist of pollen, and Ye Baiyu was all tied up by the vines and seaweed and was snoring loudly in his sound sleep .

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Why did he fall asleep?” Luo Xiaobai said lightly, “The pollen has a hypnotic effect . ” Ye Baiyu had no servants following him, so at the moment, no one was worried about him . At this moment, he was sleeping like a log, and it would be useless even if Han Fei trampled on his face .

Seeing this scene, Li Heiye and Li Baizhou’s faces turned blue and red . They controlled the fishing boat to fly into the sky, looking down at Zhang Wen who was being stepped on by Han Fei’s feet while they looked blankly at each other .

When Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan came back, their hearts sank after seeing this scene . As for Yang Deyu and Chen Aochen, they were not stupid and had already slipped away by now . They were not coming here to have a fight with Tang Ge but coming for Han Fei . Seeing that Zhang Wen and Ye Baiyu had both admitted defeat, the other people all stopped fighting . Only idiots would still rush up stupidly at this moment!

Tang Ge exchanged a glance with Han Fei and then sent a message to him through voice transmission, It doesn’t matter if the Immortal Seal is broken the first time, which will not trigger the Dying Strike in their bodies, but you can not do it a second time . Han Fei’s expression remained unchanged and he asked Tang Ge through a voice transmission, Is this Immortal Seal easy to break? Tang Ge answered, “No, it is rather difficult! But, with the concerted effort of the five of you, if each of you gives him a strike, you will definitely be able to break it with the fist technique that you had used just now . ”

Han Fei was a bit shocked when he heard Tang Ge’s answer . Is this Immortal Seal so hard to break? When I go back, I must ask Old Bai and the other teachers to help implant an Immortal Seal in my body too . This is a damn good life-saver! At this moment, Han Fei suddenly began to search Zhang Wen!

“Hey hey! What are you doing?! Don’t touch our Young Master . ”

“You b*stard, put your hands away from our master’s body . ”

Seeing his strange actions, the servants of the Zhang Family were all panicked . Damn, there are so many people watching you! How do you still have the face to do that to our master?! At this time, Zhang Wen suddenly yelled out loud, “Han Fei, you… Damn you! Don’t touch my chest . ”


Han Fei was pissed off by his reaction and cursed angrily, “Do you want me to give you another slap? I touch your chest? Shut the f*ck up! I’m just searching for your Sea Swallowing Seashell!” Zhang Wen seemed to be in great panic and said hurriedly, “I will give it to you . Let me take it out . Let me take it out myself…”

This scene stunned all the disciples of the seven major sects . On the side of the Heavenly Sword Sect, the people who had been robbed by Han Fei all looked ashamed and indignant, especially the girl . At this time, her face was all red .

On the side of the Jade Fairy Palace, Gong Yuehan opened her mouth slightly and widened her eyes in shock . Gosh… Just one moment ago, this guy still looked so domineering and powerful, but why did he suddenly become like this? Is this who he really is?

After taking the Sea Swallowing Seashell, Han Fei looked at the servants of the Zhang Family and said threateningly, “And your Sea Swallowing Seashells!” Of course, those servants didn’t dare to neglect his order . This guy had even beaten the Immortal Seal out of Young Master’s body . Did they dare to refuse to give him their Sea Swallowing Seashells?

So the next minute, five or six Sea Swallowing Seashells were thrown to Han Fei and he caught them with the vines .

The servants of the Zhang Family shouted to him, “Han Fei, now let go of our Young Master!” Han Fei grinned at them and said casually, “Do you think this is over?”

Zhang Wen said angrily, “Han Fei, what else do you want to do?”

The servants of the Zhang Family shouted again, “Han Fei, we have given you all our Sea Swallowing Seashells . Do not be so greedy!” Han Fei sneered . “Are you threatening me?”

Han Fei continued to trample on the face under his feet and said lightly, “You know what, the last thing I am afraid of is a threat . Bring 100,000 catties of spiritual spring to trade for your young master . If you don’t have this much spiritual spring, spiritual fruits will also do . You can trade 10,000 spiritual fruits for him . ”


Hearing Han Fei’s words, many people present were shocked . Is this guy f*cking out of his mind?

Even Zhang Xuanyu and the other three couldn’t help but click their tongues . Zhang Xuanyu said to Han Fei through a voice transmission, Feifei, well… Do you really think they can afford that?

Han Fei responded carelessly, “You are underestimating the financial resources of the children of the big clans . To them, 10,000 spiritual fruits are nothing more than a drop in the bucket . If you trade on a dragon boat and convert 10,000 spiritual fruits into mid-quality pearls, you will only get about 15 million mid-quality pearls for 10,000 spiritual fruits . Do you think they can’t afford it?” Le Renkuang asked in confusion, “Is it that few? Then why don’t you ask for more?!” Han Fei said helplessly, “I do want to ask for more, but there are not so many spiritual fruits on a dragon boat!”

Although spiritual fruit was relatively cheap, it was just relative! It was just because no one could eat spiritual fruits all the time, or else their prices would inevitably rise ten times or even a hundred times . Although a dragon boat was big, the number of spiritual-fruit trading shops on it was limited . Even if you bought from ordinary people on the dragon boat, it would take you a lot of time to buy so many spiritual fruits .

Zhang Wen’s eyes were wide open and he glared at Han Fei hatefully . “Han Fei, do not push me too hard . ”

However, Han Fei continued to trample on his face and said leisurely, “Push you too hard? From the very moment you joined the battle, you should have been prepared to be robbed by me . By the way, remember to leave your Ghost Speed Divine Boat to me . ”

All the servants of the Zhang Family were gnashing their teeth in hatred . F*ck, this is blackmailing! This is absolutely disgusting! As soon as Han Fei issued an order in his heart, Nine Tails swam towards Zhang Wen’s Ghost Speed Divine Boat . Under the gaze of everyone, he blatantly pulled back the Ghost Speed Divine Boat .

Han Fei grinned and said, “There is a Dragon Boat not far from here, right? I’ll give you one day to get the spiritual fruit or spiritual spring . When you collect enough spiritual fruit or spiritual spring, you can come to me and trade them for your ‘Young Master’ . Um, it should be easy for you to find out where my Wind God Boat is . OK, now get lost!”

With that said, Han Fei carried Zhang Wen in one hand and jumped onto the Wind God Boat . The next moment, the boat flew into the sky and disappeared . This time, no one dared to stop him . After all, the battle had come to an end and two of the eight children of the big clans were defeated and captured . The disciples of the major sects were even more unlikely to stop him . Han Fei and his teammates had crushed them in less than five minutes! It was such a disgrace to these disciples .

But now they suddenly felt that they were not the only ones who were humiliated . After all, these children of the big clans didn’t end up much better than they did . Mu Ling said lightly, “All the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect, dismiss . You can exercise in the level-three fishery on your own and are not allowed to be in groups . The time to reconvene will be three months from now . ”

This time, the disciples of the seven major sects witnessed with their own eyes the real strength of the heavenly talents outside the Thousand Star City and realized that the flowers in the greenhouse were extremely fragile no matter how beautiful they looked . Only with exercise could they grow . On the Jade Fairy Palace’s side . Gong Yuehan said coldly, “The disciples of the Jade Fairy Palace, disperse too . Exercise in the level-three fishery for three months . ” “The disciples of the Mountain Sea Pavilion…”

“The disciples of the Death Door Sect…” “The disciples of the Grand Void Academy…”

The battle with the Thug Academy had been over . The result was obvious . It ended upon the defeat of the disciples of the seven major sects and the children of the big clans from the Thousand Star City .

This battle was a blow to every person in the teams of the Thousand Star City .

In the past, they had thought that they were the pride of the Thousand Star City . If they went to the level-three fishery, nobody would be their match there .

They had never thought that one day they would meet these five people who defeated them as easily as turning their hands over . Especially Han Fei, this guy fully demonstrated the strength, dominance, and invincibility of a born heavenly talent . Although they had lost this battle, it ignited their ambition .

Although they had lost their Sea Swallowing Seashells, it inspired their fighting spirit . Also on this day, they learned what was treacherous, cunning, teamwork… Anyway, Han Fei themselves had no idea what this battle truly meant to those people . For them, this was a victory of wit and courage and the ending was almost perfect . Somewhere on the sea outside the Sea Grassland, Le Renkuang was searching Ye Baiyu, who was still snoring in a sound sleep, and when he finally found his Sea Swallowing Seashell and took it out, he beamed with a smile .

Le Renkuang said cheerfully, “I found a Ghost Speed Divine Boat . That’s great! Now we have two Wind God Boats and two Ghost Speed Divine Boats . ”

Han Fei sighed . “Unfortunately, we are still one ship short . Let’s snatch one in a few days . ”

Xia Xiaochan said, “That Mo Feiyan is a real eyesore to me . Let’s snatch her fishing boat . ” Zhang Xuanyu said casually, “It doesn’t matter whose fishing boat we snatch . Anyway, I know that we are rich now . This is my happiest day since I came to the third-level fishery . Even if we go back now, we already have a lot to boast about . ” Zhang Wen and Ye Baiyu were tied up by the Spirit Forbidden Net at this moment, one silent, the other in a deep slumber . Han Fei kicked Ye Baiyu who was sleeping soundly and said, “Hey! Stop pretending . Get up . ”

But Ye Baiyu was still sleeping and was even snoring loudly . Ye Baiyu was still dumbfounded now . What the hell happened? Why was I suddenly defeated and captured? I am unparalleled in speed, right? Who on earth is that manipulator? Is she really from that family? If she is, why is she with these people?

But how could he wake up now? Zhang Wen was almost trampled to death by Han Fei, which he had seen with his own eyes . At this moment, Zhang Wen was staring at the sky glassy-eyed . He probably wanted to kill himself to put an end to this nightmare . He must not wake up now! Ye Baiyu felt that he could sleep until tomorrow when his servants brought spiritual spring and spiritual fruits over in exchange for him . At this moment, Han Fei asked the others helplessly, “He refuses to wake up . What should I do?”

Xia Xiaochan said with a smile, “Easy . Just put him into a pot and cook him . ” Zhang Xuanyu chuckled and said, “We can find a bug den and throw him in . ” Le Renkuang laughed so hard that his mouth was shaking and he said, “I think we can take off his shoes and tickle the sole of his foot…”


The other people all looked at Le Renkuang with disgust . They didn’t know this guy was such a pervert!

Every time they worked out an idea, Ye Baiyu could not help but shiver slightly . Are these people f*cking demons? How can they work out these crazy ways of torturing people?! These villains are really wicked! Han Fei said, “I think we can try cooking him first! Anyway, he wouldn’t have been killed so easily . However, if we cook him head first and then scratch the sole of his foot, it would be very interesting…” Zhang Xuanyu nodded happily and said, “Yes, and then throw him into a bug den . ” Ye Baiyu opened his eyes immediately and shouted loudly, “No, please don’t! I’m awake . I’m already awake . ”

Ye Baiyu really couldn’t understand Zhang Xuanyu . We are both handsome boys . Why can’t you just show some mercy to me? Throw me into a bug den?! How can you work out such a horrible idea? Do you have a thing for bugs? Han Fei looked at Ye Baiyu with a faint smile and said, “Yo! Aren’t you going back to sleep?” Ye Baiyu’s face kept changing . “What do you want to do to me? My servants will soon get the news and bring spiritual energy and spiritual fruit over tomorrow . ”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled . “It is not about spiritual fruits… Now take it out!”

Le Renkuang also smiled and said, “Yes, come on . Take it out already and you’ll suffer less . ”

Xia Xiaochan nodded . “Yes, if you hand it over now, we promise we will never touch you . ” Han Fei agreed and said, “After all, we are all old acquaintances . We will not do anything to you if you take that thing out . ”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Ye Baiyu sympathetically . It was almost impossible for the poor guy to leave unscathed since he had fallen into the hands of these guys . Ye Baiyu looked dumbfounded and asked in confusion, “What? What do you want me to take out?”

Han Fei cursed, “Nonsense, of course your speed-type combat skills . If you can’t give us a heaven-level divine-quality speed-type combat skill or above, believe it or not, we’ll throw you into a boiling pot of oil right away!” Xia Xiaochan held up a dagger and stared at Ye Baiyu with glowing eyes . “Yes, we’ll chop off your feet first and then throw you into a boiling pot . ” Zhang Xuanyu snapped his fingers threateningly and said, “Hand it over now, and you’ll suffer less . ” In the previous battle, if it weren’t for the weird attack that Luo Xiaobai launched, they would definitely not have been able to catch Ye Baiyu . His speed was so fast that even Xia Xiaochan was no match for him in speed . Even if she used Flash, she was not able to touch Ye Baiyu in combat . It could be seen how incredibly fast Ye Baiyu’s speed was .

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Ye Baiyu almost burst into tears and said with a mournful face, “I don’t have any! This is my talent, not because of any combat skill!”

Han Fei looked at Luo Xiaobai .

Luo Xiaobai calmly analyzed, “Perhaps it is true that you are talented in speed, but talent is impossible to make you twice or even three times faster than others . Besides, since your family is known for speed, you people will certainly not rely solely on talent . Talent can’t enlarge your advantage without limit and make the speed of your family members faster and faster…”

Luo Xiaobai analyzed and came to the conclusion in the end . “So, you and the other children of your family must have been learning all kinds of speed-type combat skills since childhood . This is why you are so fast, but your combat power is weaker than others . ”

Han Fei slapped Ye Baiyu’s head and threatened, “Hey, what do you have to say now? So, don’t try to fool us with demon-level or heaven-level but mid or low-quality combat skills . If you don’t give us two heaven-level divine-quality speed-type combat skills or a speed-type combat skill above the heaven-level today, you’ll end up in the boiling oil pot!”

Ye Baiyu said angrily, “How could there be any heaven-level divine-quality combat skills? That kind of combat skill does not exist at all . Yes, I admit that I have practiced speed-type combat skills, but I’ve only got a heaven-level high-quality one . Plus my own talent, that’s why my speed is so fast . ”

However, the next second, Han Fei directly took out a big pot and poured a large bucket of fish oil into it . Han Fei beckoned, “Xia Xiaochan, make some fire . ”


The flames were burning and Ye Baiyu’s eyelids trembled as he watched .

“Wait a minute… Wait a minute…”


Ye Baiyu swallowed . These guys are literally a bunch of lunatics! But now I am just like a pigeon among cats and have to bow my head! “OK, OK, I’ll give it, I’ll give… Two, two heaven-level high-quality speed-type combat skills to you . Believe me, this is definitely the best combat skill I have ever had . There is no such thing as a heaven-level divine-quality combat skill . If I really had a combat skill above heaven-level, do you think there is anyone who could stop me?” .

But at this moment, Luo Xiaobai spoke again, “Yes, you have it . Sun Mu has the Immortal Slaying Formation, Mo Feiyan has the Water Dragon Roar, and the Cao Family has the Fist Technique of the Caos’ . Your family, the Ye Family, as one of the big clans in the Thousand Star City that is famous for speed, will definitely not just have two heaven-level high-quality speed-type combat skills . You will have at least one trump card in your hand, which is exactly what we want . ”

Ye Baiyu seemed to be angered by her words and yelled, “Don’t even think of it! Luo Xiaobai, right? Will you hand over your Grand Spirit Summoning Art? Do you think I don’t know which family you are from? Except for people from that family, no one else can use the Grand Spirit Summoning Art in the Thousand Star City . ” Han Fei and the others were all taken aback . Did Ye Baiyu mean that he knew which family Luo Xiaobai was from?

Xia Xiaochan wondered, “Which family?”

However, Luo Xiaobai said, “I will tell you later . I’m from a family of Divine Manipulators and used to live in the Thousand Star City . ”

Luo Xiaobai didn’t intend to conceal this at all . She seemed to think that since someone from the Thousand Star City had revealed which family she was from, there was no need for her to keep it a secret anymore . Anyway, they would find out about it sooner or later .

Something suddenly occurred to Han Fei and he said, “Well, since you cherish your family heirloom so much, we may not take it . It is not a big deal . But you must hand over the Star Teleportation Technique . ”

“That’s Impossible!”


Han Fei slapped Ye Baiyu’s head again and said angrily, “Neither this nor that? This is already our bottom line . Either you hand over your family heirloom or give us the Star Teleportation Technique . Otherwise, you are leaving us no choice but to kill

you . ”

Everyone looked at Han Fei .

Xia Xiaochan asked, “What is the Star Teleportation Technique?”

Zhang Xuanyu was astonished . “Wow, have you even found out about the name?”

Le Renkuang said, “Umm, it sounds so cool . ”

Han Fei said, “It’s a secret escaping technique and even the Six-Gate Array won’t work on it . ”


Hearing this, Zhang Xuanyu and the others all took a deep breath . Even the Six-Gate Array won’t work on it?! Is there really such a combat skill in the world?

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Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes glowed . “Great, we must take it . ”

Le Renkuang said cheerfully, “Yes, I want his combat skill too . ”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes flickered . In this way, the Star Teleportation Technique might be the least helpful to her . However, it could also make up for the shortcomings of Flash . After all, with Flash, she could not escape out of the Six-Gate Array .

What Han Fei wanted was not Ye Baiyu’s heirloom combat skill from the very beginning . It would be like asking Sun Mu to hand over the Immortals Slaying Formation . Of course, Sun Mu would not hand it in and it was simply impossible for him to hand it in . Ye Baiyu said, “Do you think that the Star Teleportation Technique is not my heirloom? To tell you the truth, these two are both the heirlooms of the Ye Family . I can give you a heaven-level combat skill, but absolutely not the Star Teleportation Technique . It, just like Zhang Wen’s Heavenly Pearl Body Protecting Art, is my family’s secret . ”

As soon as he said so, Zhang Wen, who had been in a daze, suddenly kicked Ye Baiyu .

Zhang Wen shouted angrily, “Don’t f*cking try to drag me down! What is the Heavenly Pearl Body Protecting Art? I don’t know what it is . ”

Ye Baiyu said shamelessly, “You can kill me, but you will definitely not get the two heirlooms of my family . ”


Han Fei slapped Ye Baiyu’s head again . “Do you think there is nothing we can do with you? Do you think I dare not kill you? Believe it or not, even if I can’t kill you, I can destroy your Immortal Seal!” Just at this moment, Luo Xiaobai suddenly said in a voice transmission, If it is really his heirloom, I am afraid that he will never hand it over . Once the secret technique is released, the consequences may be very serious . Han Fei was helpless . He had thought he would get a treasure today, but to his disappointment, it turned out that he rejoiced too soon! Han Fei was immediately discouraged and said, “Okay, each of you, give us two heaven-level high-quality combat skills . This is the bottom line . If you refuse again, humph… I swear I will blow up your Immortal Seals . ”

Zhang Wen asked angrily, “What does this have to do with me?”

Han Fei shouted crossly, “Shut up . Just do what I tell you to do!”

In the end, Ye Baiyu and Zhang Wen compromised .

The two gave them four heaven-level high-quality combat skills . Although what they got this time was not as good as they expected, it was definitely a huge harvest .

The two combat skills given by Ye Baiyu were both speed-type combat skills, which were the Flying Fish Technique and the Sea Racing Art .

Zhang Wen gave two combat skills, one was defensive combat skill, the Spiritual Pearl Body Protecting Barrier and the other was a combat skill for armorists, the Quad Thunder Knife . The latter combat skill was naturally given to Le Renkuang because others couldn’t use it, and as for the Spiritual Pearl Body Protecting Barrier, Han Fei took a look at it for a while . It was actually a defensive method, but it had a shortcoming, that is, it inevitably sacrificed some speed and combat power for defending, so it was not suitable for quick battles . Han Fei directly threw it to Zhang Xuanyu and Luo Xiaobai . The two of them would not rush around like he did while in battle, so it was more suitable for them .

But the Flying Fish Technique and the Sea Racing Art suited everyone . Heaven-level high-quality combat skills might be easier to find, but heaven-level high-quality speed-type combat skills were extremely rare . In his mind, the information about the two combat skills emerged . Flying Fish Technique Notes: There are flying fish in the deep sea, which swim like they’re flying . They have both the characteristics of speed and agility . They can absorb the spiritual energy in the sea when swimming so that the user does not need to consume additional spiritual energy . If anyone has cultivated this technique to the highest level, he will look like a mystic flashing light in the sea when swimming . Shortcoming: Relatively weak in straight-line speed

Deduced Art: N/A

Deduction Consumption: 5,000,000 Notes: Can be fused Han Fei found that the Flying Fish Technique was actually a bit similar to the Shadow Swimming Art . In fact, neither of them was pursuing the fastest speed, but taking both agility and speed into consideration . However, what does the note “can be fused” mean?

Han Fei quickly read the next book .

Sea Racing Art

Notes: It takes the human body as a large array . As soon as the user begins to swim, the array is activated . It can draw spiritual energy from the sea without consuming additional spiritual energy . Those who cultivate this art to the highest level can ignore the water flow and turn into a ray of light in the water .

Shortcoming: If without the support of a footwork technique, it is extremely difficult for the user to instantly change the swimming course .

Deduced Art: N/A

Deduction Consumption: 5,000,000

Notes: Can be fused

Different from the Flying Fish Technique, this combat skill pursued the fastest speed, so theoretically it would be faster . But it seemed that only a straight-line course could be taken, which would be a big problem .

It was not that this kind of combat technique that pursued the fastest speed was not good, but that if one couldn’t make a turn in swimming, when encountering an obstacle, you might not be able to react quickly enough and end up bumping against it directly .

However, it did not necessarily cause a problem . After all, if practiced to the extreme, he would become a ray of light . Could it be a completely different kind of experience then?

Han Fei was not quite sure, but it seemed that this Sea Racing Art could also be fused .

This made Han Fei begin to muse . Can combat skills also be fused?

Immediately, he looked at the Shadow Swimming Art but didn’t find the words “Can be fused” .

Noticing this, Han Fei frowned and immediately checked other combat skills . But the result made Han Fei a little disappointed . He found that there were only these two speed-type combat skills that had the note “Can be fused” .

However, Han Fei began to ponder . Could it be because they were the same type of combat skills? So, they could fuse with each other? And his other combat skills belong to different categories, such as the Sacrificing Punch, the Art of Invincibility, the Majestic Mystic Spell, the Thousand Faces Technique and the War Soul Art . They were not in the same category . That was why they could not fuse with each other . Han Fei was very excited about his new discovery . If he deduced the Shadow Swimming Art to the heaven-level high-quality, could it be fused with the other two combat skills?

If he fused the three combat skills, would a heaven-level divine-quality speed-type combat skill be produced? And he even wondered whether it would be possible that the newly-produced combat skill was even higher than heaven-level divine-quality?

Of course, Han Fei couldn’t experiment with it at this moment .

On the other side, in a particularly good mood after getting this heaven-level high-quality combat skill, Le Renkuang was cooking and making a hot pot right now .

Xia Xiaochan was holding a fishing rod to fish for side dishes . Although some small fish and shrimps were of very low level, their taste was not bad at all . Zhang Xuanyu was studying the Spiritual Pearl Body Protecting Barrier with a serious look . Luo Xiaobai seemed to be in a good mood . Xia Xiaochan was fishing, and she was sitting next to her, with her feet hanging on the bow of the ship, with various vines under her feet and petals floating on the sea . She seemed to be studying her real strength .

As for the Hexagon Starfish, he, clinging to the big pot at the moment, seemed not to mind the hot temperature, picked up a small shrimp or conch from the pot from time to time with his tentacles, and stuffed it into his mouth .

The Hexagon Starfish seemed to be used to staying with Han Fei and the others and didn’t worry that someone would catch him and keep him as a contractual spiritual beast . Or to be precise, the Hexagon Starfish had regarded himself as a human although he had not realized it .

After a while .

The five people and one starfish were sitting around the hot pot . Xia Xiaochan saw the Hexagon Starfish stretch out his tentacles and was about to grab food from the pot, and immediately patted his tentacles away . Xia Xiaochan said, “Hey, big starfish, you can’t touch food without washing your hands . ” The Hexagon Starfish said aggrievedly, “But my hands are clean!”

Zhang Xuanyu laughed . “Starfish don’t have hands . ”

Han Fei summoned a cloud of purified water, wrapped the Hexagon Starfish in it, and said after a slight jolt, “Okay, he is washed clean . ” Before starting to eat, Luo Xiaobai suddenly said, “Master Hexagon, set up a soundproof array around those two . ” For this kind of trivial matter, the Hexagon Starfish just needed to casually wave his tentacles . Immediately, Ye Baiyu and Zhang Wen could not hear anything . All they could see was that Han Fei and the other four were eating around the big pot . Le Renkuang had already begun to indulge himself with the delicacies . Luo Xiaobai picked up a small shrimp and said, “In the Thousand Star City, there are actually many families, far more than the ones we have seen .

However, some families have risen, some have fallen, some hid away, and some are secluded… My family is a relatively special one among them . ” Hearing that Luo Xiaobai was about to talk about her family background, everyone immediately pricked their ears . Luo Xiaobai said lightly, “I know you have a lot of questions, but you should have guessed that I am from the Thousand Star City . ” Xia Xiaochan nodded and said, “Yeah! But it doesn’t matter . Zhang Xuanyu came from another town too!” Zhang Xuanyu rolled his eyes and said, “What does it have to do with me? Can a town be the same as a city?” Luo Xiaobai went on speaking, “Each rising family in the Thousand Star City has its own feature . For example, Zhang Wen’s family is famous for defense, and Ye Baiyu’s family for speed… And my family, the Luo Family once had a Divine Manipulator . ” “Divine Manipulator?”

Fei Han had just heard about the family of Divine Manipulators . At this moment, when Luo Xiaobai took the initiative to talk about it, he asked, “What is a Divine Manipulator?”

Luo Xiaobai tilted her head and thought for two seconds . “A Divine Manipulator is actually a manipulator, but their ability to control spiritual plants is beyond the capability of a normal manipulator . ” Han Fei asked curiously, “For example?”

Luo Xiaobai smiled faintly and answered, “For example, wherever there is a spiritual plant, they will not die; for example, they can borrow life from spiritual plants; for example, they can communicate with any spiritual plant at any time… Of course, a Divine Manipulator seems to be able to summon any kind of spiritual plant he wants to summon . ” “Gosh!”

Hearing her words, Le Renkuang who was wolfing down the food asked in astonishment, “Wouldn’t that make a Divine Manipulator invincible?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head . “No, for any profession, when anyone grows to their peak, they will get new insights . Just like any cultivator who will walk his own way when his strength reaches a certain level . ” “His own way?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded . “Have you noticed that based on what we have learned so far, it seems that heaven-level combat skills are already the limit of combat skills we know?”

Han Fei nodded hard . “Yes, heaven-level combat skills are already extremely rare . ” Luo Xiaobai glanced at Ye Baiyu and Zhang Wen and then continued “But above the heavenly-level, cultivators still need to seek their own breakthroughs and find their own ways . As for how to find them, I don’t know, but these families can rise because someone in the family has reached an incredibly high level in a certain aspect . Therefore, by passing on the experience from generation to generation they can have the status they have today . ”

Han Fei suddenly asked, “What is the Grand Spirit Summoning Art?”

Luo Xiaobai pondered for a moment and answered, “It is to summon the plants I want to summon . Ye Baiyu could be trapped back then because I summoned a kind of spiritual plant called Ever-Changing Demonic Flower . Their pollen possesses a strong hypnotic and hallucinogenic ability and can make people lose combat power quickly and fall into a coma . ” Xia Xiaochan suddenly exclaimed in shock, “Oh, are you going to become a Divine Manipulator in the future?”

“Haha! How can it be that simple?”

Luo Xiaobai smiled . “I didn’t find out that I could use the Grand Spirit Summoning Art until I made the breakthrough to become a peak-level Dangling Fisher . Besides, I can only use it in the simplest way and still need to explore how to use it . ”

They ate and fell deep into thought . The fresh experience of the battle with the children of the big clans filled their minds with a myriad of thoughts and ideas .

In fact, these people were very powerful . They could win mainly because of Han Fei . The Majestic Mystic Spell was literally a peerless treasure, but it was casually thrown to them by Han Fei . This was the reason why this team could be so strong . However, were they going to rely on the Majestic Mystic Spell all the time? For some reason, they simultaneously decided to temporarily put the Majestic Mystic Spell aside . After all, it was an external force! Luo Xiaobai inspired them . They must find their own way . Perhaps this was the key .