God of Fishing - Chapter 533

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Chapter 533: Spirit Awakening Fluid

Chapter 533 Spirit Awakening Fluid

At this moment, Han Fei had basically spent all the things he didn’t need, and there were still more than 10,000 Flash Stones left, which were worthless . Han Fei exchanged them for 8,000 spiritual fruits . Unfortunately, there were still 8,200 Flash Stones left, and the spiritual fruits on the ghost ship had almost been bought up by Han Fei except for the particularly expensive ones . Considering that they hadn’t gotten enough Spirit Awakening Fluid for everyone, Han Fei used 300 million mid-quality pearls and 3,200 Flash Stones for 1,050 more catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid . At this point, this transaction was completely over . If the total consumption was converted into mid-quality pearls, it was probably more than 2 billion, an astronomical figure . However, the gains were also huge, including:

4 Immortal Seals, a Peak Strike of a junior Hidden Fisher .

3315 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid .

900 Soul Crystals . Yes, 2 billion mid-quality pearls were traded for these three things, which almost bankrupted Han Fei .

And what Han Fei had left was:

10080 ultra-quality pearls . 300,000 high-quality pearls . 500 million mid-quality pearls .

5000 Flash Stones .

688 combat skills . 21,068 spiritual fruits, of which about two-thirds were of the spiritual type and only one-third were of the energy type . More than 90,000 catties of spiritual spring . After the transaction was completed, the faceless man chuckled and said, “If you are going to make trouble for the dragon boats, I wish you good luck . Oh, yes, if you want to touch the dragon boats, I can give you a suggestion for free . ” Han Fei waved his hand and said, “No, who dares to touch the dragon boats? There are only five of us . How can we cause any trouble to the dragon boats?” The faceless man smiled . “Really? Then why did you buy the Immortal Seals and the Peak Strike?”

Han Fei smiled . “Do you have any good suggestions?” The faceless man handed over a jade slip and said, “If you succeed in the robbery, crush this jade slip and summon the ghost ship out . Don’t forget to trade with me again at that time! I still have a lot of treasures here, as long as you can afford the price . ” Han Fei bared his teeth at him speechlessly . Trade with him again?! Come on, this deal has almost bankrupted me! If I trade with you again, how many more Fish Dragon Restaurants will I have to build?

As for the Fish Dragons, Han Fei estimated that after a year of development, their assets should be at least several million or even tens of millions .

But what good would that do? Any random item he had now would be able to buy the entire Fish Dragons .

Han Fei couldn’t help exclaiming, “In this world, small businesses can’t make big money!” When Han Fei and the others left the internal trading hall, they walked through several secret doors, and when they reappeared, they had already arrived inside the normal cabin . Zhang Xuanyu was shocked . “Feifei! Are we still going to sell things?” Le Renkuang added, “Those combat skills can be sold in this ship!” Luo Xiaobai shook her head . “We’d better not . Now we don’t lack anything . I always thought the ghost ship was weird . There are too many good things here . How can he ensure that he will not be swallowed by the dragon boats?”

“Because he is stronger . ”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head . “No matter how strong he is, how can he be stronger than a hundred dragon boats put together?” Han Fei smiled and said, “Dragon boats are running at sea, while this ship is running under the sea, so dragon boats usually can’t find him! But I also think we can leave . We’ve spent so much money . Why should we still care about the little money we’ll get from selling those combat skills?”

At this moment, Han Fei was the boss . After all, he earned most of the money .

Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang just happily waited for him to divide the spoils! Han Fei and the others hurriedly left the ghost ship . They really felt distressed every second they stayed here . Although they did get a lot of good things, these were exchanged with massive resources! When Han Fei and the others flew away from the dragon boat, they didn’t know that in a small hole in the hull of the ghost ship, a pair of eyes were staring at the direction they were leaving . “Oh, these damn kids, they almost took all my good stuff . I can’t believe it! I must raise the price next time . ”

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Ten thousand kilometers away .

Five people and one starfish sat around in the cabin .

Han Fei handed each of the other four an Immortal Seal . “I don’t know if the seals work . Anyway, one for each person, and I’ll keep this red ancient jade . ” Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang hurriedly nodded their heads and Xia Xiaochan casually stuffed the jade into her Sea Swallowing Seashell without taking it seriously . Han Fei continued, “As for the Soul Crystals, each of you three will have 100 pieces . Increase your perception range to 500 meters first . How much you can increase later depends on your luck!”

Then he thought for a while and gave 200 Soul Crystals to Xia Xiaochan . “I’ll see if I can use the remaining 400 . If they are useless to me, I will give them to you . ”

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei with shining eyes . “Can your perception range still be increased?” Han Fei smiled . “I’ll try . ”

Zhang Xuanyu said in surprise, “What do you mean by ‘still’? How large is his perception range?” Xia Xiaochan said enviously, “I guess it must be 5000 meters now!”


Bang! Le Renkuang sank to the floor, and Zhang Xuanyu jumped up and bumped his head on the top of the boat .

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Even Luo Xiaobai’s body shook slightly . 5000 meters? Are you kidding? Han Fei coughed and said, “Don’t get excited . Divide things first . ” The Hexagon Starfish gently pulled on Han Fei’s shoulder and said, “I have been working so hard for you . ”

Han Fei said impatiently, “I know you have worked hard . OK… I will give you 10 from my share . Just absorb them first . ” The Hexagon Starfish tentacles rolled and 10 Soul Crystals were immediately drawn into his mouth and disappeared in the blink of an eye . Then it was finally time to distribute the Spirit Awakening Fluid . At this moment, Han Fei didn’t give everyone an equal share immediately but summoned Nine Tails out to try the effect of the Spirit Awakening Fluid .

Since leaving the Sea Grassland, Nine Tails had reached level 35, which was because Han Fei often summoned him . At present, he was of the highest level among Han Fei’s pets .

Besides, Han Fei felt that the more he used Nine Tails, the stronger this guy became . Now under Nine Tails’ blank gaze, he threw him 15 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid . The Spirit Awakening Fluid was too expensive and Han Fei now only had 3,315 catties in total, so he couldn’t just throw him 100 catties at once . His other spiritual beasts also needed to use it .

Nine Tails was at a loss at first, but when he smelled the spirit of Spirit Awakening Fluid, he immediately opened his mouth and sucked all the Spirit Awakening Fluid into his stomach .

Then, everyone saw Nine-Tails’ body start to emit green light . Zhang Xuanyu gave a startled cry, “Huh! It seems to be different from the spirit awakening ceremony! We wouldn’t glow back then . ” Le Renkuang’s cheeks trembled and he said, “At that time, thousands of people shared the same pond, in which there were only a few hundred catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid . It was not enough for all of us . ”

But Nine Tails suddenly became motionless . Han Fei scratched his head and said, “Wait, it may be that Nine Tails’s level is a bit high . Let me summon Little Gold . ”

Little Gold’s growth rate was comparable to that of Little Black and Little White, and now it was still of level 32 . After Little Gold came out, he rubbed his head against Han Fei’s body, and Han Fei grabbed 10 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid and threw it into his mouth! Then everyone was shocked . With a boom, the Spirit Awakening Fluid seemed to explode in Little Gold’s body . After only less than ten minutes, a golden light flashed on Little Gold’s body and he got a level-up . Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “Oh my god . Little Gold got a level-up only with 10 catties of this stuff?!” Han Fei grinned .

Good value for money! If it weren’t for the Spirit Awakening Fluid, how long would it take for Little Gold to have a level-up? Immediately, Han Fei threw 100 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid to each of the four and said, “You try it yourselves first . Let’s rest for a few days and leave when we use all the Spirit Awakening Fluid . ” If the village leader of Heavenly Water Village was here, he might have vomited blood seeing this . My entire village can only use less than 1,000 catty of Spirit Awakening Fluid in a year . But the five of you have used this much! Is it fair?!

Zhang Xuanyu and the others took their shares of the Spirit Awakening Fluid, and each controlled a fishing boat to stay several kilometers away . Only Xia Xiaochan sat on the deck and summoned her Shadow Shrimp and Red Fire Tricky Lobster .

Seeing that Xia Xiaochan had not left, Han Fei couldn’t help asking, “Why didn’t you catch a second contractual spiritual beast?”

Xia Xiaochan said while feeding her pets the Spirit Awakening Fluid . “I haven’t met what I want . I don’t want this Red Fire Tricky Lobster anymore . Apart from being able to warm me and increase my speed, there is nothing special about it . ”

Han Fei clicked his tongue and said, “Then don’t look for it . When you go to the Unknown Place in the future, there will be many powerful creatures there . ”

Xia Xiaochan suddenly asked, “Han Fei, do you have two spiritual beasts?” Han Fei shivered slightly when he was asked this question . His face turned stiff and he said, “Why do you say that? I only have Little White!” Xia Xiaochan squinted her eyes and said, “You must have two spiritual beasts . I have been paying attention for a long time . I had noticed that as early as when we were in the level-two fishery . I finally confirmed it when we were on the Sea Grassland a few days ago . What is it? Is it also a fish?”

Han Fei sat on the deck . “How did you find out?”

Xia Xiaochan thought for a while and said, “The big starfish does not have the ability of stealth . But when in combat, I often find that the enemy is making a mistake, more than once . Also, last time when we were fighting the Soul-Attracting Jellyfish, I thought it was a combat skill, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt it was strange . You must have a spiritual beast that can be invisible!”

Since the others were not around, Han Fei simply confessed, “It’s a Spirit Swallowing Fish like Little White . Only I can see it . ” Xia Xiaochan’s eyes widened suddenly . “Are the two a couple?” Han Fei was dumbfounded . “No, they are not a couple . Little Black and Little White are like a whole . Little Black eats and Little White breathes spiritual energy . That’s it . ” Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up . “Can I touch it?”