God of Fishing - Chapter 535

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Chapter 535: Target the Dragon Boat

Chapter 535 Target the Dragon Boat

After Han Fei stuffed Poison King into the black-robed man’s mouth, the first thing he did was to not follow up, but to crush a Flash Stone . He didn’t think that the black-robed man could slip away silently under the nose of the Hanging Fisher, and he even felt that the Hanging Fisher just took him as bait .

In fact, when Han Fei and the other four were blatantly looking for the dragon boat, the other party must have already known their intentions .

Just as Han Fei expected, when he crushed the Flash Stone, his heart suddenly pounded hard . He should have been noticed .

The place where Han Fei appeared was at the bottom of the dragon boat, where the contractual spiritual beasts were raised .

When Han Fei appeared, he happened to meet a guard on the dragon boat . The man was startled by the sudden appearance of Han Fei, and just as he was about to shout, a fist hit his stomach .

This person did not shout out . In the air, there were octopus tentacles that directly buckled him . After knocking this man out, Han Fei dragged him into a corner, changed into his clothes, and pretended to be him .

After doing all this, Han Fei couldn’t help admiring himself . Everything happened in a flash and no one even noticed it .

As soon as Han Fei walked out of the corner, he ran into a ferocious-looking man . The man roared as soon he saw Han Fei, “Liu Xiaolu, what are you f*cking doing here? I asked you to inspect the farm . Are you slacking off here?” Han Fei hurriedly said, “I’m going now . I’m going now . ”

The man didn’t doubt it . He just snorted . “After the inspection, hurry to pick up the guests . A big customer has just arrived . He wants to buy some exotic creatures as his contractual spiritual beasts . Take care of him carefully . Recommend that mutant Red-Haired Big-Mouthed Crab to him . You know how to tell him the price, right?” Han Fei secretly rolled his eyes impatiently . Whatever, I’m leaving now . When he was about to leave, he was pulled by the man . He shouted, “Hey, where are you going? You idiot, the Red-Haired Big-Mouthed Crab is over there . ”

After a moment .

Han Fei was looking at a Red-Haired Big-Mouthed Crab in a pool on a wooden bridge 30 meters above the pool, muttering, “Brother Crab, sorry, for your freedom, I think you’d be a better sacrifice . ”

Then he randomly dripped four or five drops of Poison King into the pool .

The entire floor was breeding areas, only some of the creatures were kept together, and most of the creatures were kept alone, so the pools were separated by layers .

Han Fei didn’t take the big man’s words seriously at all . He walked and dripped the Poison King along the way .

After walking three or five kilometers, someone called out, “Hey! Isn’t that Liu Xiaolu, why did Foreman Wang let you come here?” “An advanced Dangling Fisher?”

Han Fei chuckled and said, “Oh! Here comes a VIP customer . Foreman Wang asked me to see if there are any exotic octopus here . I remember there may have been one in the front, so I came to check up . ” The man was stunned for a moment . “Oh! Really? Do you mean the Three-Eyed Octopus? Why don’t they take the guests straight to it? Why did they bother to have you come all the way here?”

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Han Fei’s eyes flickered, and he leaned toward this person’s ear . “It’s a secret . ” The man was startled and hurriedly said, “Oh, OK! I see . I see . Just check for it quickly . Don’t make Foreman Wang wait too long . ” Han Fei nodded and hurried away . Along the way, from time to time, Han Fei saw a group of customers gathering around the pools, choosing contractual spiritual beasts .

Han Fei threw the Poison King into every pool he passed by . Haha, call me Han Fei, the Wrecker . I’m gonna destroy the dragon boat today .

Han Fei and the other four boarded the dragon boat separately . They had made an appointment to meet in the employment hall, but as soon as Han Fei came up, he noticed the weird actions of the black-robed man, so he did not go to the employment hall . “Oh, no! The contractual spiritual beasts are sick!” Someone suddenly shouted and immediately attracted a lot of people’s attention .

Some people sneered . “Are you out of your mind? How can contractual spiritual beasts get sick?”

But immediately, these people were all stupefied as they saw a large number of creatures starting to vomit and have diarrhea .

A Single-Horned Shark even began to ram the pool with its head and filthy things were spurted out under its tail . A Soft Cuttlefish had turned completely soft and crazily spurting ink, dyeing the entire pool black . A Red flame Python was vomiting flames and lashing its tail like mad, throwing all kinds of dirty things all over the sky .

After about two minutes, someone shouted, “Someone spread poison, someone spread poison…”

A few more minutes later an announcement was made, “The whole ship, search for Liu Xiaolu! He is not the real Liu Xiaolu!”

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When everyone was busy searching for him, Han Fei saw a man coming towards him . Without a word, he knocked him out with a punch and changed his face into this man’s .

At the exit, Han Fei casually threw a piece of Poison King Smoke into the cabin . “Haha! Go on catching Liu Xiaolu!”

On the deck of level one, everyone was holding the railing, looking at the black-robed man struggling on the sea and feeling scared . Just now, the black-robed man suddenly appeared on the deck and had big diarrhea under public stare, and then was caught by a fishing hook that fell from the sky and thrown into the sea .

On the surface of the sea, the situation of this black-robed man was getting worse . He kept spitting out all kinds of things mixed with his internal organs . Obviously, his internal organs were seriously damaged and he was going to die soon . Someone trembled and said, “Who did this guy offend? How miserable he is!”

Someone sighed . “Damn it, why is my right eyelid jumping? I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen . ”

Someone looked away from the dying man on the sea and said in disgust, “This is too cruel . He seems to be going to vomit his guts out!” At this moment, the black-robed man had sunk into the sea, and someone saw through the fishing hook that he was not just vomiting and having diarrhea! All the pores of the black-robed man’s whole body were bleeding, some parts of his body even cracked, and his body seemed to be gradually dissolving . Usually, around the dragon boat, there should be massive schools of fish, but at this moment, it was literally a vacuum around the black-robed man . Many creatures were floating on the sea with their bellies upside down and none of the other creatures dared to approach him . On the deck of floor one, a few persons stood watching, talking via voice transmission . Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Xia Xiaochan, is this the Poison King you mentioned?”

“Yes, but Han Fei seems to have used a lot of it on this man . One drop would be able to kill him . But depending on this person’s situation, Han Fei must have used many drops on him . ” Le Renkuang agreed . “Well, not just many drops . I think he had filled this guy’s body with the Poison King . This is too scary . ” Luo Xiaobai didn’t look at that man anymore but asked, “Why did Han Fei make a move alone ahead of time?”

Zhang Xuanyu said crossly, “You know, he never abides by rules . Do you know where he is now?”

While many people on the dragon boat were still watching, dozens of people suddenly came out from nowhere, vomiting and groaning .

One of them exclaimed in a panic, “Guard, guard… Ugh… The bottom level has had an accident… Ugh… Someone spread poison…” The people on the deck immediately panicked . They didn’t mind watching someone else’s tragedy, but certainly not their own! Who the hell knew if this poison was contagious or not? Someone immediately exclaimed, “Go away . Go away! Don’t f*cking come over . ” Someone said angrily, “I can’t stay here anymore! Who else dares to spread poison on a dragon boat? It must be Han Fei . ”

Many people still remembered what happened on the Steps into the Sea, although the big clans and seven major sects in the Thousand Star City stopped the news from spreading forcefully . However, the walls had ears . Many people knew that Han Fei had poisoned the entire Thousand Star City . At this moment, seeing the symptoms of the poisoned people, many people were horrified . Had Han Fei come to retaliate? Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Go, let’s go to the employment hall first and wait for Han Fei there . ” Xia Xiaochan wondered, “How do you know he will still go to the employment hall?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “He created such a big turmoil . It is impossible for him to challenge the Hanging Fisher alone . If he doesn’t come to the hall any time soon, let’s find a way to sneak onto the fourth floor . Then if anything happens on the top floor, we will know immediately . ”

On top of the dragon boat .

The Hanging Fisher sat on the boat with a cold face . He didn’t expect Han Fei to be so frantic . He knew Han Fei would definitely take revenge on the black-robed man, so he deliberately let the black-robed man go so as to allure Han Fei out . But he was still a step slower .

As a result, this guy ran to the bottom level to poison the contractual spiritual beasts . Who the hell would expect that?!

The Hanging Fisher gnashed his teeth . “Don’t let me catch you, humph!”