God of Fishing - Chapter 538

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Chapter 538: The Death of the Hanging Fisher

Chapter 538 The Death of the Hanging Fisher

Han Fei and Ruan You had almost launched their attacks in a flash .

Zhang Xuanyu who was thrown flying was still in the sky . Seeing this scene, he was so worried about Han Fei that he launched a Soul Thrust at Ruan You, his eyes bleeding . At this moment, Ruan You, who was concentrated on fighting Han Fei, did not expect this soul attack from Zhang Xuanyu . Ruan You immediately vomited a mouthful of blood and blood oozed from his eyes, nose and mouth . “Hoo0000!”

Suffering from Zhang Xuanyu’s soul attack, Ruan You still did not look back, but continued to control the Mystic Divine Spike .

Le Renkuang was also fighting like hell . He did not expect this Hanging Fisher to be so tough and found that he couldn’t resist the Mystic Divine Spike at all .

Le Renkuang roared and also activated the Violent War Body in addition to the Majestic Mystic Spell, and at the same time, a golden ray of light shot out from his hand .

“Bloodthirsty Broadsword . ” The Bloodthirsty Broadsword of the Le Renkuang was similar to the Draw Technique of Han Fei, and the former was even fiercer because it would come back to hurt the user if the enemy didn’t bleed .

But the Bloodthirsty Broadsword was too slow, unable to interrupt Ruan You’s offensive .

In the sky . The huge fist mark was like a shooting star, smashing towards Ruan You in the flames . But the Mystic Divine Spike avoided the fist mark and directly stabbed at Han Fei’s chest . Whether it was Han Fei or Ruan You, they just concentrated on attacking their opponent, ignoring their opponents’ attacks on them . Han Fei said in his heart, Little Fatty, now I count on you . He had activated the Indestructible Body and the Majestic Mystic Spell and put on an ultra-quality battle suit . Besides, Little Fatty could remove the power of the opponent’s attack by 90% . He was sure he could block a blow of Ruan You .

The next moment, he put a big shield in front of him . This was the ultra-quality shield he had refined in the Abyssal Chasm to withstand the sword flow . However, with a clang, the huge shield was pierced through . Han Fei immediately summoned an ultra-quality battle suit to shield in front of him . This time, he held out for two full minutes . During these two minutes, Han Fei threw away the giant shield and smashed the Sacrificing Punch on Ruan You . And the latter crossed his hands, and the two knife wheels floated in the air . Bombarded by the Sacrificing Punch, the deck of floor one was shattered, and Ruan You’s body left a trail nearly 200 meters long on the deck . “F*ck you!” Han Fei cursed . The ultra-quality battle suit was pierced through too and the Mystic Divine Spike fell on his shoulder .


Just like the first time he touched the Embroidery Needle, he was sent flying nearly a kilometer upside down in the air . Another ultra-quality battle suit on his body was shattered after two or three minutes .

At this moment, an invisible tentacle and an unbreakable fish skin withstood this blow .

In the end, the Mystic Divine Spike failed to pierce Little Fatty’s defense, but Han Fei still spat out three mouthfuls of blood, feeling as if his left shoulder was broken .

But fortunately, he managed to block the Mystic Divine Spike .

And at this moment, Han Fei had already been sure that Ruan You could not kill him .

If it were an ordinary junior or intermediate Hanging Fisher, perhaps he didn’t even need to use any ultra-quality spiritual weapon . He would be able to block their attacks with the Indestructible Body alone .

As for Ruan You, his shoulder seemed to be broken at the moment . He vomited a full mouthful of blood and there was a big indented fist mark on the ultra-quality battle suit he wore, which had cracked .

All the onlookers were stupefied . What the hell is going on here? That’s a Hanging Fisher, the guardian of the dragon boat! But he was so badly injured? On the other end, Han Fei stuffed a few drops of Candle Dragon Blood into his mouth . Then he made the Infinity Water dart at Ruan You .

Han Fei stretched out his hand, spreading his golden-red wings, and rushed towards Ruan You . He felt that he could use the Peak Strike now . If he still couldn’t kill this man, he would just run . It was also at this time that the Bloodthirsty Broadsword had finally struck at Ruan You . Ruan You, who was also an armorist, had his armor box opened and put on a strangely shaped glove .

He hit the ground with one hand and backhand threw out a punch . Bang! The air billow pounced on Le Renkuang, shattering his ultra-quality long knife . “Puff!”

With this blow, Le Renkuang knelt on the ground, coughing two mouthfuls of blood, and then raised his head with difficulty .

However, Ruan You was also injured . His entire right arm was torn out hundreds of holes with a burst of spiritual energy . Except that the glove was intact, his right arm was probably badly injured too .

As soon as Han Fei flapped his wings, a dragon roar suddenly exploded in Ruan You’s ears . Following that, a slender figure blasted Ruan You into the sky with a punch . In the blink of an eye, the Thousand Strike Technique was activated 18 times in a row, and blood splashed all over .

At this moment, Ruan You struck one of the two knife wheels in his hands with another .


Like a big bell ringing, Xia Xiaochan was blasted out of her shadow state directly . The corner of Xia Xiaochan’s mouth bled and with a flash, she reappeared behind Ruan You, putting a dagger against Ruan You’s neck . However, as a Hanging Fisher, Ruan You reacted extremely quickly . He directly took off his ultra-quality battle suit to block Xia Xiaochan’s blow . At the same time, a gale rolled up and he stepped on it and put on another ultra-quality battle suit .

Han Fei was rushing over and Luo Xiaobai also rushed onto the deck . However, she didn’t look good . There were traces of fighting on her body, and her face looked very pale . But the moment Luo Xiaobai landed on the deck, countless vines shot out, dragging Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, and Xia Xiaochan back .

At the same time, Luo Xiaobai stuffed a spiritual fruit into her mouth and pointed her finger at Ruan You . Hundreds of huge petals directly ignored the gale and enveloped Ruan You like a shadow .


The petals exploded, and there was blood oozing from Luo Xiaobai’s mouth . Obviously, this blow consumed a lot of her energy . When the petals exploded, Ruan You’s hair was scattered, and he glared at Luo Xiaobai and the others, throwing the long spike in his hand straight out, trying to nail Luo Xiaobai onto the deck . Le Renkuang gritted his teeth and was just about to take out a shield when six beams of light suddenly rose into the sky . Squeak!

The spear was spinning frantically on the Six-Gate Array . At the moment when the Six-Gate Array was broken, Zhang Xuanyu hit the long spear as hard as he could until it was shaken off .

At this moment, Han Fei had returned .

Seeing Ruan You put on another ultra-quality battle suit, Han Fei crushed the red ancient jade .

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At the moment the ancient jade was crushed, Ruan You widened his eyes and roared, “Who is helping


Ruan You was not afraid of Han Fei’s Sacrificing Punch . However, this ancient jade panicked him . Under public stare, a big axe suddenly emerged in front of Han Fei . The axe as long as hundreds of meters chopped at Ruan You in a flash .



One, two, three… Three ultra-quality battle suits shielded in front of Ruan You but were shattered only in a second . Ruan You was burning his vitality, and a fierce light rose again from his glove and charged towards the axe .


Within a kilometer, the power of the axe swept across . Some people who were close to them directly vomited blood, and because of this blow, hundreds of people were injured . At this moment, Ruan You’s right arm had disappeared, half of his body was bleeding, and the bones in his right chest were cracked, and his body was mangled .

Han Fei roared out loud . “Remember if I want you to die, you will die . ” “Sacrificing Punch!” This time, Ruan You was unable to block it . If it weren’t for the power of the axe just now, he wouldn’t be afraid of this .

However, that axe had almost killed him . He couldn’t block anymore attacks!


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Ruan You and Han Fei directly dropped from the top of the dragon boat, leaving a big hole in the deck .

This punch blasted directly from the fifth floor to the bottom floor . Ruan You didn’t even have the chance to blow himself up, and the part of his body below the head had completely shattered . Panting for breath, Han Fei quickly took another gulp of Cradle Dragon Blood . He felt that this was the f*cking hardest battle he had ever fought in his life .


Han Fei saw a green jade-like shell slipping from Ruan You’s chest, and he picked it up immediately . “What’s this… Wow… F*ck…” Han Fei was shocked . Is this a Sea Swallowing Seashell? He just scanned it and found that tons of treasures and mid-quality pearls were stuffed in the shell that had a radius of almost one thousand meters .

“Huh! No, wait… Is this really a Sea Swallowing Seashell? How come it has such a large space inside?”

At this time, Luo Xiaobai said in a voice transmission, Come up . Let’s leave now .

Han Fei quickly put away the shell, looked back, and stuffed a mass of Poison King into Ruan You who was still a little conscious .

After doing this, Han Fei jumped to the top of the dragon boat, and Zhang Xuanyu had already prepared the Wind God Boat . As soon as Han Fei jumped on the fishing boat, the Wind God Boat turned into a stream of light and disappeared .

There were hundreds of thousands of people on the whole dragon boat but no one dared to stop them .

Everyone was left speechless . Who dares to stop them? Even Master Hanging Fisher had been defeated!

After a while, someone exclaimed, “Master Hanging Fisher is dead…”

In an instant, the dragon boat was in a big uproar, and robberies, killings, and battles thus began .