God of Fishing - Chapter 541

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Chapter 541: Now You’ll Have to Write Your Name Backwards

Chapter 541 Now You’ll Have to Write Your Name Backwards


Han Fei and his pals froze and then were all dumbfounded . What the hell was the Sky Hanging Mirror? Who the hell had heard of it? The faceless man laughed and said, “Look, I can actually take all of your wealth, but the ghost ship has always been fair and just . I can save your lives but only charge half of your money . You should be grateful . ” Han Fei was speechless .

Do you know how much half of our money is? Although he hadn’t counted it yet, there were 3 billion mid-quality pearls in the Sun-Moon Shell, as well as other kinds of resources that would be worth at least 2 billion or even more .

Now you want us to give you half of it?!

The faceless man didn’t urge on, but said indifferently, “You still have about half an hour to consider . I’m not in a hurry . ” The wheels in his head were turning quickly . Is this faceless man tricking me? But why?! Why should the faceless man trick me? While emphasizing that he is fair and just, he demands half of my belongings? But on the other hand, if what the faceless man said is true, then at this moment, even if he takes all my belongings, he is still helping me . But I didn’t even know him before . Why would he help me? If I were him, I would probably make a move in advance, grab all my belongings, and leave directly .

This was just one of Han Fei’s doubts . In addition, he was still wondering if he could get away if he hid in the door of the Hexagon Starfish?

Han Fei knew that if he hid in Forge the Universe, he could definitely escape, but then Forge the Universe would be exposed . Besides, if the Sky Hanging Mirror did exist, he would have to show up anyway . Then he still couldn’t escape from the level-three fishery!

Luo Xiaobai said to him via voice transmission, I think what he said is credible . Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang were dumbfounded, but after thinking about it, they both nodded . No one was an idiot . Yes, they had killed a Hanging Fisher, but could they kill a Hidden Fisher? Even if no Hidden Fisher came for them, what if they sent one or two Hanging Fishers? Han Fei looked at the faceless man . “OK, but if we can only stay on the ghost ship, it’ll be meaningless . Sooner or later, we will still have to go out to use the teleportation array on the dragon boats . ” The faceless man laughed . “Who told you that only dragon boats have teleportation arrays?” Han Fei’s expression changed . “Are there also teleportation arrays on the ghost ship?” The faceless man smiled . “Don’t forget the ghost ship used to be a dragon boat! Although the teleportation array is damaged, it can be repaired . But of course! The price will be higher . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was speechless . I knew it! That’s why you only asked for half of our money, right? Because we’ll still have to pay for the teleportation array! Han Fei gritted his teeth . “How much is that?”

The faceless man grinned . “Half of the money you have left . I didn’t take it all because I like to give a chance to others . Do you like this chance?”

Han Fei snorted in his heart . Are you out of your mind? Who would want your “chance”?!

Han Fei tried to suppress his inner urge to go up and beat him up, secretly saying, I am not angry, I am not angry . Anyway, this money was snatched by me and I can still keep a quarter of it .

Suddenly, he saw this faceless man looking at the sky . “Decide in three minutes . They’ve come . ” “Huh? So quickly?” Han Fei immediately responded, “Deal!” This faceless man immediately threw out a fishing rod, tying them up with the fishing line . “Don’t fight . ”

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Then he jumped into the water with a swish and Han Fei and his pals who were strung together were dragged into the water by him . However, at the moment when they entered the water, a blue light fell directly on their fishing boat .

With a boom, the fishing boat was blown to pieces . On the bottom of the sea, the faceless man raised a hand and many complex and strange patterns appeared on his hand, and these patterns formed a large circular array in a few minutes . “Huh?”

Han Fei was slightly surprised when he saw this big array . Why does the pattern of this array look familiar?

But he didn’t have the time to think about it . Suddenly, a golden glow appeared in front of the big array as if it had passed through the endless void . The faceless man stomped a foot and a defensive array appeared .


The entire bottom of the sea was fried up . The sand and stones within a kilometer were mercilessly crushed, the sea bulged, and a large pit was recessed under foot .

Han Fei and the others were shocked . This was definitely not an attack at the level of a Hanging Fisher . Has a Hidden Fisher come? “Faceless, we dragon boats and the ghost ship never interfere with each other . Hand over those little guys and we’ll remain in peace . Otherwise…”

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The array on the palm of the faceless man was still stacking up and all kinds of weird lines were still entwining, and he said, “Someone paid me to save their lives . Sorry . ” In the next moment, four rays of light darted at him at a terrifying speed . The faceless man snorted coldly and a strange light suddenly burst out of the array on his palm .

The faceless man directly pushed Han Fei into it, saying, “I told you to decide quickly, but you didn’t listen to me . Forget it… I will find you later . ”

Han Fei and the others felt that it was dark in front of them, and the next moment they appeared on the surface of the sea and had no idea where they were .


The waves beat and the wind roared, lifting up the hems of their clothes, and they were still in a panic .

Le Renkuang was horrified . “We are really being targeted, so what the faceless man said about the Sky Hanging Mirror turned out to be true?” The Hexagon Starfish clung to Le Renkuang . “Oh, I’m so scared . No, I can’t stay in this sea area . It’s too dangerous . I want to go elsewhere . ” Han Fei sneered . “Go ahead . Now there is a mirror hanging in the sky . I bet you will be caught as soon as you run out . I’m afraid all your treasure will be taken by others by then . ” The Hexagon Starfish rolled his eyes . “Well… Then forget it!” Zhang Xuanyu suddenly exclaimed, “Feifei, don’t you feel that this place seems a bit familiar?”

Han Fei was not in the mood to think about it and just responded impatiently, “It’s all f*cking water here . Why the hell do you find it familiar?” Zhang Xuanyu said, “The wind! The wind! It’s sunny but the wind is so strong . This place is near the Abyssal Chasm!” Han Fei froze and then said, “Damn, yes!”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get in! Otherwise, what if the mirror in the sky finds us?”

Luo Xiaobai agreed . “Let’s get in quickly . Although I don’t know what the Sky Hanging Mirror is, it seems that it can locate us indeed . I think maybe we can hide from the mirror in the Abyssal Chasm . ”

They took out the Wind God Boat and sailed straight to the windiest place . Han Fei said, “This is a bargain . I’ve decided when I have time, I’ll come to the level-three fishery again to loot a few more dragon boats and take the mirror also . ” Xia Xiaochan scoffed . “Don’t brag . If it weren’t for the faceless man, we might have been killed . ”

Han Fei snorted . He was thinking that if the faceless man weren’t there, he might have had to use the Sky Dissecting Finger . Less than half an hour after the Wind God Boat sailed out, a fishing hook darted at them from the sky .

With a jerk, Han Fei wielded the fishing boat to turn around, narrowly avoiding the hook . Han Fei yelled, “Watch out! Someone is attacking”

Then near the Abyssal Chasm, a red ray of light seemed to be dancing on the sea, turning, jumping, and sailing forward in a zigzag . Han Fei cursed while manipulating the fishing boat . “Why the hell do you guys only use fish hooks? Humph, if you can catch up with us, I’ll write my name backwards . ”

At this moment, the sea tide was surging and huge waves tens of meters high were set off on the sea . The Wind God Boat was like an elf dancing on the sea and Han Fei shouted, “I will not stop but rush straight in when we arrive in the hurricane area . Yuyu! Did you come out like this last time?” Zhang Xuanyu paused and then said, “No! We came out from under the water, there were some twists and turns and some people died . ” Han Fei was taken back . “Really?” Suddenly, Le Renkuang’s face changed drastically . “Stop talking . Look at the sky . ” Everyone looked up, only to see a silver light shooting down from the sky, and then two Hanging Fishers emerged from the silver light .


Zhang Xuanyu looked at Han Fei . “Now you’ll have to write your name backwards . ” Han Fei was speechless and then yelled, “F*ck, how can this be possible?! How can the Hanging Fishers be so strong?” Luo Xiaobai said with a sullen face, “They must have used some special array that can send them anywhere, but the price won’t be low . It seems that we did piss off the entire level-three fishery . ”