God of Fishing - Chapter 542

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Chapter 542: Was Han Fei Killed?

Chapter 542 Was Han Fei Killed?

In an instant, Han Fei raised the speed of the Wind God Boat to the highest state possible, cursing, “Even if they catch up, so what? Can they be as fast as this boat? They can’t even be compared to the ordinary fishing boats in speed . Humph!”

There was nothing wrong with what Han Fei said . Fishing boats were like a bug . No matter how fast Hanging Fishers were, they couldn’t be faster than fishing boats .

However, Han Fei forgot that besides speed, Hanging Fishers also mastered very good fishing skills . Two fishing hooks were thrown out in the blink of an eye . Fortunately, Han Fei’s perception range was large enough . As soon as the hooks were thrown out, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers swept out directly .

It wasn’t for an attack . Han Fei just wanted to change the drop points of the hooks . A miss was as good as a mile . Unfortunately, the Hanging Fishers had very good control of their fishing hooks, so the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers failed and returned . However, Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang succeeded in stopping the hooks . One of them used the Sky Swallowing Technique to divert the hook and the other tapped in the air with a finger and a vine sprouted out of the air and blocked the two hooks .

However, the two Hanging Fishers reacted quickly, summoned their fishing boats, and chased them frantically . While chasing, they waved their fishing rods . This lasted for about half an hour, and under the defense of Le Renkuang and Luo Xiaobai, Han Fei finally saw the hurricane almost engulfing the sky . Han Fei shouted, “Come on, let’s hold on for another half an hour . ”


Le Renkuang said, “The wind is too strong here, and my Sky Swallowing Technique is not working . ” Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Not good, they’re attacking from underwater!” Han Fei said immediately, “Zhang Xuanyu, come control the Wind God Boat . ” Then he summoned the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Rod and cast the fishing hook straight into the water . He chose to use two fishing techniques, the Flash Hook and the Winding Snake Technique . In a fishing hook fight, the key was the angler’s control of the hook . Otherwise, once Han Fei’s fishing line was entangled by his opponent, he would have to either throw away the fishing rod or cut off the fishing line . It would take time to cut off the fishing line, so if he lost the fishing hook fight, he would lose an ultra-quality spiritual weapon . Underwater, there was a dense tangle of vines that all clung to the fishing boat . Luo Xiaobai’s perception range was not that far, so she could only passively defend . And after Han Fei used the Water Vein Technique, the fishing hook entered the water, and both the fishing line and the fishing hook became invisible . Facing the opponent’s fishing hook darting at him, he grabbed it and pulled it . Behind him, the expressions of the two Hanging Fishers changed slightly . “What kind of fishing technique is this? I can’t see his fishing hook or fishing line at all . ” “Use a double hook . ”

Thus, for the first time, Han Fei saw the fishing technique with one fishing rod but two fishing lines and two fishing hooks . One of the hooks wound toward him, and the other shot straight at the Wind God Boat .

Han Fei sneered . “What makes you think two hooks will make a big difference? Naive, Void Breaking Technique!”

At that moment, one hook was fighting against four hooks, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Rod shot out like a snake, biting the two Hanging Fishers from time to time and causing them serious trouble . Goddamn it, aren’t you just a Dangling Fisher? Yes, I admit that you have good combat skills and physique, but where did you learn this weird f*cking hook technique? Xia Xiaochan was grasping the fishing boat and perceiving, looking at Han Fei in surprise every now and then . “What hook technique is this?” Han Fei even had the time to answer her . “This was invented by me, which combines the Water Control Skill of spiritual gatherers, the Winding Snake Technique, and the Instant Hook . ” Han Fei blabbed on about the combat skill . Anyway, Xia Xiaochan wasn’t a spirit gatherer and was quite gullible .

The two sides fought for almost half an hour, the sky was completely dark, and the Wind God Boat had completely entered the hurricane waters .

Just when everyone thought they were about to rush into the Abyssal Chasm, something suddenly exploded underwater, blasting the Wind God Boat into the sky . “What happened?” Han Fei was shocked . He had been perceiving and there was no one within 10,000 meters! But just now, under the boat, there was clearly a burst of spiritual energy . As soon as the Wind God Boat was shaken to the sky, Zhang Xuanyu’s hand shook and he lost control of the boat . It was precisely because of this mistake that the two Hanging Fishers finally hooked the Wind God Boat . Han Fei immediately drew out the Blood Drinking Knife and threw out a chop, and all the four hooks snapped off . However, because of the sudden change, they couldn’t escape now .

Han Fei didn’t ask why . At the moment the Wind God Boat was shaken to the sky, he knew it was too late .

Han Fei roared, “Get ready to fight . ”

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Luo Xiaobai took the lead to launch an attack . She took advantage of the strong wind here to summon a large tract of petals . The petals flew all over the sky, fell on the Hanging Fisher who leaped over, and then exploded . Han Fei took out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow and shot three arrows in a row, but there was a small black ball hanging behind every spiritual energy arrow .


The Smoke King Smoke exploded in the air, but because the wind was too strong and the Hanging Fishers reacted too fast, it had no effect .

A spiritual array suddenly appeared under his feet . Han Fei raised his hands and a great mass of seawater turned into flying water knives and pounced on the two Hanging Fishers .

However, they didn’t care at all . The two were skimming over at an extremely fast speed . And the weird hook in one of the two men’s hands was shooting at Han Fei .

But neither of them noticed the weird smile hovering on Han Fei’s lips . It was too simple to turn the Infinity Water into water knives that contained Poison King, which Han Fei didn’t think the two could handle .

However, the Poison King didn’t work that well this time . When the two of them were about to reach him, Han Fei shouted and his fist was blazing with flames as he punched at one of them . Zhang Xuanyu followed closely and blasted the Nine-Layered Waves in Furious Sea towards another Hanging Fisher . And Luo Xiaobai’s Bursting Flowers and Le Renkuang’s Bloodthirsty Broadsword also shot out .

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As for Xia Xiaochan, she had disappeared when the two Hanging Fishers approached . The horror of hunters did not lie in a frontal attack, but sneak attacks, especially when the enemies were Hanging Fisher-level strong masters . It would be literally suicidal if fighting them head-on . The Sacrificing Punch collided with the hook and the ground under Han Fei’s feet was sunken . Within a hundred meters, the wind and waves were suddenly put to a halt and the water splashed and exploded . Han Fei vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying . One of the hanging fishers sneered . “Do you think we’ll make the mistake Ruan You made?”

A weird black sharp-clawed Spider Crab suddenly emerged from the water and stuck on Han Fei . Luckily, he was wearing an ultra-quality combat suit . Otherwise, he would have been killed . Han Fei vomited blood again and launched the Draw Technique . The knife light collided violently with the crab shell and legs, but the latter remained unscathed . Han Fei shouted, “Xiaobai . ” On Luo Xiaobai’s side, Zhang Xuanyu was fighting an opponent but was blasted into the water after only a minute . As for Le Renkuang, his Bloodthirsty Broadsword was directly blocked by a large shield by the opponent . At this moment, Luo Xiaobai’s Bursting Flowers were bursting one after another . Hearing Han Fei’s shout, Luo Xiaobai paused and then thousands of vines stretched out in the air and directly dragged Han Fei back . When the two Hanging Fishers were about to launch the next wave of attacks, suddenly their complexion changed and their stomach began to ache . “Not good! We’ve been poisoned . ” They didn’t know how they were poisoned . They had dodged the Poison King Smoke! Could it be the water knives?

The two Hanging Fishers looked at each other and roared at the same time . Both of them took out long sticks and rushed at Han Fei . The surging air billow almost shook the sky, and Luo Xiaobai who shielded in front was directly sent flying by this terrifying air billow .

Le Renkuang shouted again, “Divine Turtle Shield…” However, before the shield came out, there was a sudden explosion in the air . Xia Xiaochan was shaken out in mid-air . She was drenched in blood and her eyes were bloodshot . She seemed to be about to lose control of herself . She struggled to shout, “They’re hunters . ” At this moment, Han Fei was furious, a six prism-shaped object in his hand flashed, and at the same time, he shouted at Xia Xiaochan, “Calm down . Don’t be impulsive . ”

However, immediately afterward, he felt cold all over, and a cold sharp blade suddenly appeared on the back of his neck .


A mystic light flashed, and amid the crazy roar of Le Renkuang and under the shocked gaze of Xia Xiaochan, Han Fei was cut in half . “No!”

“Go to hell…”


At that moment, a dragon roar resounded, Xia Xiaochan’s eyes turned all red, and a red flame ignited in her body .

She couldn’t believe that Han Fei was killed!

Xia Xiaochan, who was on the verge of losing control, went crazy and fused with the Giant Arowana in an instant . She must kill the hunter .