God of Fishing - Chapter 543

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Chapter 543: 543

Chapter 543 That Fish Skin Map

The hunter smiled at the moment when he cut Han Fei to pieces .

Even if you are a genius, so what? In the face of absolute strength, you’ll have no choice but to die . However, when he cut open Han Fei’s body, he was surprised to find salt .

Yes, Han Fei used the Mirror of Icy Salt at the moment Xia Xiaochan reminded him . It seemed that he was cut in half, but in fact, he hid into the sea with his clone .

While the hunter was still laughing, a red light appeared beside him instantly .

“How can this be?”

The man was horrified . How could Xia Xiaochan’s speed be so fast? He admitted that Xia Xiaochan was almost a perfect hunter, but she wasn’t this strong before now!

While he was paying attention to Han Fei, who was cut in half falling into the sea, Xia Xiaochan’s figure flashed frantically and she had already attacked the hunter hundreds of times in the blink of an eye .


The dragon roar echoed in the ears of the hunter, causing his seven orifices to bleed and his internal organs to displace . The hunter tried to fight back, and a massive amount of poisonous spikes spurted out from his body, and each of them was enough to kill a peak-level Dangling Fisher .

But in that person’s horrified stare, these poisonous spikes had directly penetrated Xia Xiaochan’s body, but none of them could fall on her .

“How come? Is it a space secret technique?”

Le Renkuang was crying hard . He activated the Violent War Body and fused with the Spiritual Clam, turning into a fireball and ramming against the hunter .

Zhang Xuanyu rushed out of the water . It was only one minute before he entered the water . How could Han Fei be killed?!

He didn’t believe it . He didn’t believe it at all, but he saw a half of Han Fei’s body in the water .

“I’m gonna kill you! You b*stard! Soul Explosion…” How could the hunter expect these people to go mad all of a sudden? A spiritual power exploded directly in his mind, and a dagger blazing with a red light had shattered his ultra-quality combat suit and was shredding his contractual spiritual beast . “Is this a Divine-Quality dagger?” The fireball-like Le Renkuang held two knives in both hands and pierced at his head . The Hexagon Starfish was trembling on the boat . It felt a bit strange . Han Fei is dead? Impossible! He didn’t feel it! But he had no time to speak in such a short time . In the sky, another two Hanging Fishers were holding back abdominal pain and pouncing on Xia Xiaochan, Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu . Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Calm down . Han Fei is not dead . ”

Luo Xiaobai was composed as usual, although at the moment Han Fei was cut in half, her heart sank in her chest .

However, everyone had forgotten that Han Fei had an Immortal Seal!

Would he be so stupid as to forget the Immortal Seal at that critical moment?

No, if the Immortal Seal didn’t burst out of that corpse, it was definitely not Han Fei, which Luo Xiaobai was 100% sure .

Besides, at this moment, her vines underwater felt a figure rushing up frantically . Who else could that person be if it wasn’t Han Fei? The other three had already gone crazy, and what Luo Xiaobai could do at the moment was to try her best to block the two Hanging Fishers . So a big blue flower bloomed in the sky, and tens of thousands of thin filaments stretched out from it, each of which was dark green with thick venom . The big blue flower tried to wrap the two Hanging Fishers .

“Go away . ” One of them brandished his stick, leaving thousands of stick shadows, ignoring Luo Xiaobai . If two peak-level Hanging Fishers could be trapped by a peak-level Dangling Fisher manipulator, it would simply be a disgrace to all Hanging Fishers . It was true . Although Luo Xiaobai was very strong, this was only relative to her peers . For example, Ye Baiyu, although his speed was extremely fast, no matter in terms of physique or combat power, he was incomparable to that of Hanging Fishers, so he wouldn’t be able to resist Luo Xiaobai’s various kinds of spiritual plants that were poisonous, paralyzing, or psychedelic . But Hanging Fishers were different . They could easily destroy her spiritual plants .


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Just at this moment, the surface of the water broke open and a fish skin map flew out, and then a large axe suddenly appeared and directly tore the air open, as if there was a great giant holding a large axe, trying to cut open the sky and split the sea .

The faceless man gave this to Han Fei when he was on the ghost ship .

“How come?”

“Didn’t you die?”

“Damn it, it’s the God-Killing Axe . ” Now, these two people had no time to chase Xia Xiaochan but tried to escape for their lives . At that moment, three huge doors suddenly fell from the sky .

Han Fei frowned . “Three Death Doors?”




The three doors shattered one after another, and the axe’s momentum was undiminished at all and the axe was flying straight ahead .

The two Hanging Fishers directly took out five or six ultra-quality spiritual weapons to shield in front of them .

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But these spiritual weapons all shattered one after another . Even ultra-quality spiritual weapons couldn’t block this overwhelming power .

In the blink of an eye, the two of them fell into the hurricane area that spanned a kilometer together with the axe light . The terrifying axe light directly split the hurricane in half . At this moment, Han Fei suddenly realized that spiritual weapons might no longer become the mainstream in the future .

Han Fei ignored the two, flapped his wings, and rushed to Xia Xiaochan .

He saw that the Hanging Fisher had been stabbed like a honeycomb by her, and the red jade-like dagger Xia Xiaochan was holding seemed to be a Divine Weapon . Han Fei’s eyes flickered, and the nine-star chain shot out, directly buckling Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu . “You idiots, how could I die so easily?” Le Renkuang was slashed by Xia Xiaochan on his belly and was bleeding like hell .

Zhang Xuanyu seemed to be trying to avoid her and was running, and Han Fei directly dragged him back .

Han Fei swallowed . How was he gonna handle the mad Xia Xiaochan holding a Divine Weapon? Han Fei gritted his teeth, put on an ultra-quality combat suit, and rushed over holding two Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, intending to stop Xia Xiaochan .

However, less than two minutes after Han Fei rushed over, only the hilts were left of the two daggers, and the ultra-quality combat suit on his body was all covered with knife marks .

“Xia Xiaochan, wake up . ” “Hey! Are you going to murder your husband?!” “Ouch! I’m not dead… My waist!” “Xia Xiaochan, I’m Han Fei…” When Han Fei said his name, Xia Xiaochan suddenly paused, with a trace of confusion in her eyes .

Han Fei saw it worked and quickly said, “I am Han Fei . I’m still alive, alive…”

The scarlet light in Xia Xiaochan’s eyes flickered, and she said with difficulty, “You… Not dead…”

“Yes, yes, I’m not dead, I’m not dead…” The red flame on Xia Xiaochan’s body suddenly flashed, and she closed her eyes and fell from the sky .

Han Fei hurriedly reached out to catch Xia Xiaochan, and threw the Divine Healing Technique on himself . Just a few minutes ago, he was stabbed seventeen times . Fortunately, he had practiced the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies and managed to protect the vital points of his body from being stabbed . Otherwise, he would have been dead .

Han Fei really sympathized with the hunter at this moment who was stabbed like honeycomb, but he deserved it .

On the fishing boat, Zhang Xuanyu couldn’t believe his eyes and he gazed at Han Fei in shock . “Feifei! Are you still alive?” “Yes, yes, now quickly control the fishing boat . Let’s go . ”

Only then did Le Renkuang notice his belly, which was almost slit open . Le Renkuang wailed, “Feifei! Help! Help…” Han Fei hurriedly threw the Divine Healing Technique on him and roared, “Hey, don’t move . Don’t f*cking move . ” Luo Xiaobai half knelt on the deck, panting hard . “Come on, let’s leave here . The two men are still alive . ”

Han Fei looked back and was shocked . How are they still alive? Even the God- Killing Axe didn’t kill them?!

“No, there is only one person in the hurricane . ”


The thick hurricane seemed to be slapped away by someone and the faceless man walked out of the storm .

He was holding two Sea Swallowing Seashells in his hand and seemed somewhat unsatisfied, probably muttering why this was not a Sun-Moon Shell .

The faceless man immediately appeared on the bow of the Wind God Boat and shook his head . “Five fools, didn’t I tell you the Sky Hanging Mirror is hanging high in the sky? Why did you still try to escape from the sea? Couldn’t you find a secret place to hide like what you did before?” Han Fei grinned . “Anyway, we survived . By the way, why are you helping us?” The faceless man simply said, “I am a businessman . ” Han Fei was pressing one hand on his belly, trying to stop the blood from flowing out, but there were too many holes, so he threw the Divine Healing Technique on himself again .

Han Fei sneered . “A businessman? Will a businessman do a loss-making business? That fish skin map is worth at least 200 million, right?” The faceless man smiled grimly . “Can two hundred million buy your guys’ lives?”