God of Fishing - Chapter 544

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Chapter 544: The Ghost Ship Appeared

Chapter 544 The Ghost Ship Appeared

Han Fei didn’t ask what happened to the two peak-level Hanging Fishers . But the faceless man was really strong . Being besieged by so many people, he could still appear so quickly .

Han Fei asked, “Who on earth are you?”

“Heh heh… Do you want to ask me questions or save your life first?”

While talking, the faceless man pushed with a single palm, and the weird array appeared again .

This was obviously a teleportation array . Just now, the five of them were thrown into this array, and then suddenly appeared in the Abyssal Chasm .

However, the previous time was relatively hasty, and this time, the faceless man spent three full minutes to complete the array .

The faceless man shouted, “Let’s go!” At this point, Han Fei and the others certainly no longer had any doubts .

Strictly speaking, this faceless man’s purpose was to save their lives and the money he charged was more like a pretext . Or else, with his strength, he didn’t need to bother at all .

This was a gloomy water area . When they appeared from the teleportation array again, they saw the gigantic ghost ship suspended in the sea .

On and near the ghost ship, there were some large squids and octopus swimming, and from time to time, fish, shrimp and crabs burrowed into the holes of the ghost ship .

Seeing this scene, Han Fei was surprised . They had never seen a boat sailing under the water .

Han Fei had seen it before, but it was still very surprising to see the ship appear on the bottom of the sea .

This time, the entrance of the ghost ship was no longer the ordinary cabin wooden door, but a seal on the top of the ghost ship, exuding a gloomy light .

Han Fei carried Xia Xiaochan in his arms and walked in front, and the Hexagon Starfish lay on his shoulders . “There is a big seal on this ship . ”

Han Fei was taken aback slightly but he didn’t take it seriously . The ghost ship was certainly mysterious, or else it would not have survived in the level-three fishery for so long .

The wound on Le Renkuang’s belly was almost healed, but he still stuffed some healing pills into his mouth from time to time .

Luo Xiaobai suddenly said, “Senior, will the dragon boats find the ghost ship?” .

The faceless man shrugged . “Even if they find me, so what? I just do my business . What does it have to do with them?”

Following the faceless man to step into the seal, they appeared directly inside the cabin .

And then they saw many faceless people were busy in this huge cabin .

In the hall where there were only 12 trading halls, all the wooden boards that were supposed to be the walls of the cabin were all opened and turned into rooms, like shops along the street . Some faceless men hoisted pill furnaces up and threw all kinds of spiritual plants into the furnaces .

Some faceless men were forging weapons, and a giant eel was lying at the door of the blacksmith’s shop, which seemed to be used in spirit sealing .

Some people were suspended above the puddles connecting with the sea in the middle of the hall, surrounded by spiritual energy and seeming to be cultivating .

There were also many people who seemed to be sorting out various kinds of treasures, including spiritual fruits, spiritual springs, weapons, jade slips, fish and shrimps, and so on, but not a single mid-quality pearl was seen .

When Han Fei and the others landed in the cabin, almost everyone stopped what they were doing, raised their heads one after another, and looked at them .

Han Fei couldn’t help taking a breath . “What do you mean by showing this to us?”

The faceless man smiled . “There is no secret . Why can’t I show it to others? Don’t tell me you think the ghost ship is deathly silent when it is sailing on the sea?”

As the faceless man began to speak, all the faceless people started to work again, and no one greeted them as if they did not exist at all .

Han Fei absolutely didn’t believe what the faceless man said . Everything looks so weird here . There must be some secrets here, but you told me that everything was normal?

Zhang Xuanyu supported Le Renkuang with his hands and whispered in a low voice, “I feel that we are involved in a huge conspiracy . ”

“I don’t care . Anyway, I’m still alive, which is wonderful . ”

Han Fei and the others walked into a room with the faceless man . At this moment, Xia Xiaochan woke up in Han Fei’s arms, struggling to open her eyes .

When she saw Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan was stunned . “Han Fei? Am I dead too?”

Han Fei pinched Xia Xiaochan’s flesh and said, “Who told you that I was dead? In your opinion, I would die so easily? Stupid . I just got chopped into the sea before I had time to tell you . ”

Xia Xiaochan stared at Han Fei for a long time .


Suddenly Xia Xiaochan burst into tears and hammered Han Fei’s chest with her little hand . “I thought you were dead . I saw you cut in half . ”

Han Fei tried to comfort her . “It was fake . You can touch me . I’m still alive . ”

Xia Xiaochan stretched out her hand, squeezed Han Fei’s cheek, and then squeezed her own . After quite a while, she was finally sure that Han Fei was not dead, neither was she .


Xia Xiaochan suddenly furiously said, “You almost scared me to death! Next time you do this trick again, tell me in advance! Do you know how scary it is to see you suddenly cut in half?”


Han Fei’s face was reddened because he found that Luo Xiaobai and the others were looking at them with a meaningful look .

Zhang Xuanyu was stunned . “Feifei! Xia Xiaochan… You two, when did you suddenly become lovers?”

Han Fei was hugging Xia Xiaochan and Xia Xiaochan was beating Han Fei’s chest, squeezing his cheek and hugging him . Gosh, what are they doing?

Le Renkuang said stupidly, “People in love are usually dumb . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “Get lost . ”

Luo Xiaobai was still looking at them with that strange look, but her eyes were also full of curiosity .

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Han Fei said shamelessly, “It’s none of your business . Go find a girlfriend or boyfriend if you want to be in love!”

Zhang Xuanyu looked at Luo Xiaobai and said, “Xiaobai, we…”

Luo Xiaobai said with a cold face, “Get lost!”

“Well! OK!”

Xia Xiaochan flashed and disappeared into Han Fei’s arms, but when she looked around, she immediately asked in surprise, “Is this the ghost ship?” After that, Xia Xiaochan looked at the faceless man who was looking at them with his arms folded over his chest .

Xia Xiaochan said in surprise, “Why are we here?”

Han Fei thought for a while and didn’t know how to explain it, so he simply said, “I’ll explain to you later . This senior saved us . ”

The faceless man said with a hoarse voice, “It’s good to be young! I used to be young too and also… Forget it, why am I saying this to you?”

Then he stretched out his hand . “Give me money!”

Everyone: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu immediately said, “Senior, I really don’t believe you saved us for money . Maybe we can become friends?” .

The faceless man glanced at him . “Nice try . ”

Le Renkuang pleaded, “Senior, are you really going to take our money?! Then can we still buy things?”

The faceless man said lightly, “Sure! If you still have enough money left after paying the 5 billion you owe me!”


Han Fei was speechless . How come you know how much money we have?!

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But the faceless man said, “Don’t play tricks! I’m watching you . Don’t even think about fooling me . ”

What else could Han Fei do now? Nothing except to pay him!

Although the Sun-Moon Shell was precious, this guy saved their lives . If it weren’t for the faceless man, even if they could get rid of the three Hanging Fishers, could they kill all the Hanging Fishers in the entire level-three fishery?

So Han Fei took the Sun-Moon Shell out, sighed, and threw it over .

After the faceless man took the Sun-Moon Shell, he grunted, and after examining it for a while, he chuckled eerily . “Not bad, but there should only be half of the resources of a dragon boat in it . This should be worth 5 billion . By the way, did you hide something?”

Han Fei said helplessly, “Have I had a chance to hide anything? And, is this Sun-Moon Shell only worth 5 billion?”

The faceless man sneered . “How much do you think it’s worth? Ten billion? The things here are all common . Do you think it is very valuable?”

Han Fei didn’t want to argue . “OK, I trust you . I just want to know how much we can keep . ”

The faceless man raised his head slightly as if he was thinking, after quite a while, he said, “It costs money to use a teleportation array . I don’t think you’ll have much left . If the dragon boat finds us, I guess it will not be enough . ”


Han Fei was dumbfounded . What? Not enough? Are you kidding me?

Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang stumbled as if they were suddenly struck by lightning . Gosh, it almost took their lives to snatch this Sun-Moon Shell! Although they did not snatch it personally, it was snatched by Han Fei who was their good buddy .

Besides, in the last two battles, they had lost a pile of ultra-quality spiritual weapons, which were probably worth hundreds of millions in total . Now even the Sun-Moon Shells had been taken away . They couldn’t believe it!

Only Xia Xiaochan remained collected . Although she didn’t understand what was going on here, she knew she couldn’t reveal the 50 Sea Swallowing Seashells on her, which would be their only trophy .