God of Fishing - Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: Really Faceless

Chapter 547 Really Faceless

When the power of the killing array weakened and the dragon boat’s spiritual energy cannon finally landed on the ghost ship, the faceless man was angry .

As he stepped in the air, a huge shell shone in the sky, which was completely different from the shells ordinary people saw . It was more like a big axe than a shell . It stirred up a fierce gust of wind and slowly descended from the sky .

In Han Fei’s eyes, data appeared .

God-Killing Clam

The offspring of the primitive creature, Sky Opening Clam . Its sharp shell can cut the mountains and the sea; its strong armor can resist the attack of Divine Weapons; it has unparalleled defensive and offensive capabilities, inherits superb combat skills from the Sky Opening Clam, and can turn into a battle axe .

??? Legendary Omnivorous




A legendary spiritual beast?

Han Fei was shocked . Are legendary creatures so worthless? How many have I watched so far?

Isn’t the introduction to the God- Killing Clam a bit exaggerated?

As soon as the clam appeared, the Hidden Fisher was pressed into the water from the sky . He crossed his swords, intending to resist .

However, Faceless roared, “I must kill you today! Who do you think you are?!” “Stop!” “Hum…”

On the sky, a figure fell, but unfortunately, the axe had already chopped down, making the surging billows shoot into the sky, and the impact of this chop directly caused a monstrous tsunami .

The Hidden Fisher died .

“Faceless, you are too much . ”

An old man with gray hair appeared above the surging waves, pointing angrily at the faceless man .

The faceless man laughed . “You should know me by now! The ghost ship trades in good faith but if anyone wants to mess with us, I won’t show any mercy . ”

Han Fei couldn’t help swallowing . How domineering this guy is! He seemed to be fearless .

The ghost ship swayed with dozens of large holes blasted through the hull, but surprisingly, it was not sinking .

The Hanging Fishers had already retreated and looked very scared at the moment . Although they were guardians of the dragon boats, they didn’t know much about the ghost ship . Their predecessors just warned them not to mess with the ghost ship, but no one knew that the ghost ship owner was so strong! He even easily killed a Hidden Fisher!

“Welcome, Lord Law Enforcer . ”

At that moment, those fishing boats that were hesitating outside all ran like crazy .

The Hidden Fisher was killed and even Lord Law Enforcer had come . Gosh, why did they stupidly get involved in the battle between the dragon boats and the ghost ship?

As soon as the Law Enforcer landed, instead of fighting, he said to those Hanging Fishers, “Go!”

The Hanging Fishers couldn’t believe what they heard . The dragon boat owner murdered on the spot, but Lord Law Enforcer didn’t do anything to him?

However, how dare these ordinary Hanging Fishers defy the order of a Law Enforcer? They immediately retreated . In fact, even if the Law Enforcer did not say that, they would retreat .

They followed the Hidden Fishers to attack the ghost ship, not because of Han Fei and his pals . This was just an excuse for the dragon boats to attack the ghost ship .

But no one had thought that the ghost ship owner would be so powerful and kill the Hidden Fisher with a single chop . Who the hell could continue to fight him?

When the dragon boats withdrew, the sea was still rough, and there were still seven or eight minutes before the teleportation array was ready . In other words, this thrilling battle lasted only that short amount of time .

On the wave .

The Law Enforcer glanced at Han Fei, then looked at Faceless and said, “The ghost ship has made too many kills . Even if I don’t punish you, someone else will definitely do it . ” Faceless sneered in contempt . “Too many kills? We have fought only once in decades, with no more than a thousand casualties . There are countless guys who wander in the fisheries every day and end up being killed . Now you say I’ve made too many kills?”

The law enforcer squinted . “That’s different . ”

Faceless impatiently waved his hand . “Why different? I think they’re the same . Are you going to fight me or not? If not, I’m leaving . I need to repair my ship . ” The Law Enforcer said indifferently, “Faceless, you’ve killed the Hidden Fisher guarding the level-three fishery . You should give me an explanation!”

“Bah, no explanation needed . You just tell the bastards in the Thousand Star City that I killed that guy . If they want to retaliate, I’ll be waiting for them . Believe it or not, if they can’t kill me, I will put the Thousand Star City in decline for 20 years!”

The Law Enforcer was not annoyed but just smiled faintly . “This is also an explanation . I’ll just tell them your words . But, don’t do this again . You know, there are not many who are actually afraid of you . You know what they are truly afraid of . ”


The faceless man snorted coldly, not even looking at the Law Enforcer .

The Law Enforcer nodded indifferently . The death of a Hidden Fisher was trivial to him . He didn’t even fish the body out, but instead walked away in the air with his hands behind his back .

Han Fei and the other four were stunned in the whole process . That’s a Law Enforcer! Why don’t you even show some respect to him?

In the sky, the bright moonlight still shone on the array, making the brilliance of the array more and more intense . The faceless man landed on the boat and glanced at Han Fei and the other four . “What do you think? Am I awesome?”

Everyone: “…”

Luo Xiaobai asked quietly, “So, who on earth are you, Senior? You chose to save us and are so hostile to the Thousand Star City . If you are not from the Thousand Star City, you certainly didn’t save us for my family . So, you should be connected with the other four, but as far as I know, Han Fei and the other three don’t have a powerful background and are unlikely to have elders like you, so… Senior, are you related to the Thug Academy?”


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The faceless man glanced at Luo Xiaobai and shouted, “Guess, guess, all you know is guessing . ”

Luo Xiaobai shrugged . “Okay, well I already know . So, you are… Junior Uncle?” Han Fei was shocked . “Xiaobai, you can even guess this?!”

Luo Xiaobai simply said, “He spares no effort to help us and looks so calm when I mentioned the Thug Academy, and he is also so strong . Isn’t his identity obvious?”

Han Fei clicked his tongue . “If he is really our Junior Uncle, why did he take all our money?”

Coldly watching the performance of Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai, the faceless man snorted . “Why can’t your Junior Uncle take your money? Junior Uncle also needs to make a living!”

Zhang Xuanyu and the others hurriedly exclaimed, “Oh, so you really are our Junior Uncle?”

“Hi, Junior Uncle . ”

Xia Xiaochan added, “Hello, Junior Uncle . ”

The faceless man grunted without denying it . But then he said, “This time, my ghost ship is seriously damaged . I’ll use that 5 billion to repair it . Maybe that won’t even be enough…”

Han Fei was speechless . Are you kidding me? Not enough? I’ve checked it . You just need to use ordinary spiritual level materials to repair the holes, and those materials are so common in the level-three fishery .

Han Fei asked, “What about the Spirit Awakening Fluid?”

Xia Xiaochan added, “And Soul Crystals?”

The faceless man waved his hand . “No, no, none of them . I’ve already given you a lot of benefits . And you still want to snatch my Spirit Awakening Fluid? No way . ”

Le Renkuang scratched his belly . “Junior Uncle, didn’t we buy that?”

The faceless man sneered . “You can ask someone else to sell the Spirit Awakening Fluid to you and see who will sell it to you!”

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Zhang Xuanyu said, “Junior Uncle, could you please sell us some more?”

“Get lost!”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Junior Uncle, why are you in the level-three fishery? Why do you control a ghost ship? Why do you wear a mask?” The faceless man said angrily, “Shut up, you darn girl . Where do you get so many questions?”

Luo Xiaobai was stunned by his roar, a little at a loss .

Xia Xiaochan roared back, “Junior Uncle, why are you yelling? You scared Xiaobai!”

Han Fei was speechless . Now knowing Faceless was their Junior Uncle, these guys even dared to yell at him .

Being yelled at by Xia Xiaochan, Faceless was speechless too . What f*cking kind of students are these?!

The faceless man sighed . “It’s getting harder and harder to educate students these days . You don’t need to know why I am in the level-three fishery and I’m not going to return the money to you . But, I can show you my face . ” The faceless man waved his hand, and a cloud of light covered his face .

When he took off the mask, Han Fei and the others all took a breath .


Luo Xiaobai and Xia Xiaochan took a step back almost subconsciously .

Han Fei’s eyelids jumped . “Junior Uncle, where is your face?”

What appeared in front of them was really a faceless man, whose face seemed to be wiped off by a knife . There were no eyes, no eyebrows, and no nose on this face… And in the mouth, there was only a slit, which seems to be cut with a knife .

The faceless man snorted and immediately put on the mask . “I show you my face because I want you to remember that the future is very dangerous, the enemy is very powerful, and do take care…”

Everyone: “…”