God of Fishing - Chapter 548

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Chapter 548: 8 Let’s Take A Vacation

Chapter 548 Let’s Take A Vacation

They were truly shocked! The strength that Junior Uncle Faceless had just shown was breathtakingly strong indeed!

Han Fei even felt that even Xiao Zhan was no match for Junior Uncle Faceless . At least they hadn’t seen Xiao Zhan launch such a strong attack before .

That axe even sliced through the seawater .

Han Fei smiled and said, “Junior Uncle, it’s OK . I have a Thousand Face Technique . Do you want it? With it, you can have any face you want . ”

Having said that, Han Fei threw a jade slip over . Faceless Master took it and had a look, and was stunned . “Demon-level divine-quality? Didn’t you buy a mystic-level disguise technique last time? Why did it become demon-level divine-quality?”

Han Fei smiled . “I picked it up . ”

“Really? Then you’re really ‘lucky’…”

Then the faceless man threw the jade slip back to Han Fei . “It’s useless . A heaven-level divine-quality might do, but this is only demon-level . ”

Han Fei said slyly, “Junior Uncle, since it’s the first time we’ve met… I wonder if you’ll give me a little gift . ” “F*ck off!”

Faceless waved his hand and pushed the five of them into the big array .

Faceless shouted to them, “Money is a bad thing . It will erode your souls . You don’t need it now . Also, don’t wear an ultra-quality battle suit all day long . It will court jealousy . ”

At this moment, the big array seemed to have started, and they had felt that their vision was a bit blurred .

In the end, they heard Faceless say, “Han Fei, I used the eight trigrams to tell your fortune just now . The result is not good! You haven’t overcome the romance trap set out for you! You have to be careful and be prepared . ”

Han Fei’s expression suddenly changed . “Junior Uncle, don’t slander me! What romance trap… Alas! Xia Xiaochan, don’t move…”

Blue Sea Town .

The level-two fishery .

In the night, a bright beam of light in the sky suddenly slammed into the sea .

After a while, five heads emerged from the sea .

Han Fei was stunned . “Huh! Were we teleported to the wrong place? Why is it still at sea?”

Xia Xiaochan had already slashed over, cutting a Dragon-Head Fish in half .

Xia Xiaochan deducted, “Dragon-Head Fish? This is the level-two fishery . ”

After a while, the five of them lay on the fishing boat, Nine Tails lay on the top of the fishing boat, and the nine-star chain was drifting in the sea to prevent the daredevil creatures from climbing on the fishing boat .

Unlike the creatures in the level-three fishery, the creatures in the level-two fishery were still very dumb, without any intelligence, but they were very confident in their strength and never hesitated to challenge any human they saw .

Han Fei could only let Nine Tails guard outside and the five of them were eating hot pot in the cabin .

The Hexagon Starfish suddenly said, “Can I just stay here?”

Le Renkuang said, “Huh? Senior Hexagon, isn’t it great for you to be with us? So many delicious foods for you! The level-two fishery is boring!” Xia Xiaochan added, “Big Starfish, why do you always want to slip away?”

The Hexagon Starfish was holding a jar of wine and his eyes kept rolling . Then he suddenly collapsed and wailed, “It’s too dangerous to be with you! Every time you fight, I’m so f*cking scared . Starfish don’t like fighting . Starfish only like hunting for treasures . ”

Han Fei slapped the deck, which startled the Hexagon Starfish and his tentacles shook .

Han Fei said, “Dangerous? But you remain unscathed, don’t you? You want to stay here, right? OK, let me chop off one of your tentacles . Isn’t it said a tentacle from a starfish can grow into a new starfish? Let your little brother stay here and you will still be with us . ”

The Hexagon Starfish immediately shrank his six tentacles . “Who told you that? That’s the case for ordinary starfish, but a legendary starfish like me can’t afford to lose a single tentacle . Besides, this sea area can’t breed another Hexagon Starfish . ”

Han Fei grinned . “That’s it . So cut the crap . Just eat, drink, and take what we give you . What else do you want?”

Threatened by Han Fei, the Hexagon Starfish immediately stopped talking, but he was still wailing in his heart . What a bitter and tiring life Starfish had! Why did Starfish meet this horrible human being?

They dined and wined to satiety .

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “When are we going back to school?”

Han Fei shrugged . “Do you want to go back?”

Everyone looked at Han Fei and Le Renkuang said, “No, do you have any suggestions?”

Han Fei said leisurely, “We’ve been working so hard for eight or nine months in the level-three fishery, right? There are still more than two months left before the deadline . Let’s have a vacation, OK?” .

Xia Xiaochan asked curiously, “Vacation?”

Han Fei said, “Yes! Let’s rest for two months, floating on the sea every day, occasionally basking in the sun, fishing, eating hot pot, and relaxing . What do you think?” Luo Xiaobai wasn’t easily persuaded . “I’m going back to school . ”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded . “Can I go back home?”

Everyone was surprised and Le Renkuangian asked, “Didn’t you float from another town? How will you go back?”

Zhang Xuanyu said matter-of-factly, “Float back, just like how I floated over!”

Han Fei had an idea . “We’re going with you! Then we can see what other villages are like . ”

Zhang Xuanyu shook his head . “I want to go back alone . I have something to deal with . ”

“No, you can’t . ”

Zhang Xuanyu screamed, “Why can’t I?”

Luo Xiaobai glanced at him . “You can’t cross no-man’s land alone . I don’t know how you floated over and how the President brought you back . But you can’t do it alone . Either someone goes with you or we go back to school first . ”

Zhang Xuanyu: “…”

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Le Renkuang shook his head . “I’m not going anywhere . I just want to bask in the sun, sleep, and eat hot pot . ”

Han Fei wanted to speak but was pinched by Xia Xiaochan . “I… Well, I will go home and have a look .

Xia Xiaochan agreed . “I’m with Han Fei . ”

Zhang Xuanyu was silent for a long while and then reluctantly looked at Luo Xiaobai . “Are you going back with me?” “OK . ”

On the next day, Zhang Xuanyu and Luo Xiaobai left, driving a Ghost Speed Divine Boat .

Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan and said, “Why don’t we go with them?” .

Before Xia Xiaochan answered, he heard Le Renkuang say, “Are you stupid! Why did Zhang Xuanyu float over from another town alone? There must be a reason! Since he said that he wanted to go back alone this time, there must be something that he didn’t want us to see . ” Xia Xiaochan nodded . “That’s right . Also, Xiaobai is from a very powerful family in the Thousand Star City . Her identity can help Zhang Xuanyu a lot . ” Han Fei snorted . “Humph! Whatever . ”

Seeing Le Renkuang humming an unknowing tone and making a hot pot, Han Fei sighed . Is he a f*cking pig?! He just ate two meals last night, and now he has a third meal started?

Han Fei said, “This fat gentleman, enjoy yourself! After eating and drinking enough, you can go back to school by yourself . ” Le Renkuang was immediately stunned . “Huh? Are you leaving too? Didn’t you say you wanted to bask in the sun and eat hot pot?” Han Fei rolled his eyes . “No, I need to precipitate myself . I need to empty myself . ”

Xia Xiaochan instructed, “Kuangkuang, go back to school by yourself after finishing your meal . ”

Then she pulled Master Hexagon off Han Fei’s shoulder and threw it to Le Renkuang . “Take the big Starfish back with you . If you let him escape, you’ll have to compensate!” Le Renkuang: “…”

On the way to the Heavenly Water Village .

Han Fei asked, “Xia Xiaochan, where is your home?”

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head and said, “I don’t know!”

Han Fei was surprised . “Isn’t there anyone else in your family?”

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Xia Xiaochan thought for awhile and said, “I have a grandma, but she is gone . ”

Han Fei paused and then said, “Oh! I’m sorry to hear that . ”

“Bah bah bah… What are you talking about! My grandma is not dead . She just left . ”


Han Fei asked in surprise, “Left? Then where did she go?”

Xia Xiaochan shook her head . “I don’t know! It seems that she had gone far, far away! She said that one day, when I can defeat someone with wings, maybe I can find her . ”


Han Fei was astonished . “A Hidden fisher?”

Xia Xiaochan nodded . “Yeah! I found that part out later . ”

Han Fei couldn’t help but think to himself, It seems that Xia Xiaochan is not from an ordinary family! She has to beat a Hidden Fisher to find her family?! When will that be?

Xia Xiaochan changed the topic . “What about you? Didn’t you say that you had no family members left?”

Han Fei smiled and said, “I have no family member left, but I still have mansions and much fertile farmland at home . ”

Xia Xiaochan grunted in response and then asked, “But, why don’t we go straight back to school?”

Han Fei said with a frown, “I have a hunch that something bad will happen when I return to school . Our deadline has not expired, so let’s

I’m afraid we won’t have such a chance later . ” “Um, alright . I have nowhere to go anyway . Let me have a look at what your home is like!”


The fishing boat drew a beautiful arc in the sky and gradually disappeared into the colorful clouds and rosy sunset…