God of Fishing - Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Can I Take These Fish?

He Xiaoyu listened in silence, shocked as if she had heard the greatest secret .

It was not Fang Ze’s plan to visit them, but since he had arrived, he decided to give his juniors some greeting gifts . He took out two Crimson Sea Fruits and said, “Since we’ve met, these two spiritual fruits are my gifts for you!”

He Xiaoyu accepted one of them, stunned . They were the Crimson Sea Fruits that only the village leader could enjoy! But the angel had tossed them to her casually!

Han Fei, on the other hand, thought for a moment and said, “Master Angel, would it be outrageous if I propose a request?”

Fang Ze was rather surprised that Han Fei did not take the Crimson Sea Fruit . A regular villager could resist such temptation? Even Tang Ge was too shocked to say anything when he saw the Crimson Sea Fruit for the first time .

Fang Ze said, “Oh? What is it that you want? Although you are Tang Ge’s brother, I won’t take your Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning without giving anything in return . ”

Han Fei said, “Master Angel, could you grant me a boat? Regular boats are too fragile for battles . I’m afraid that I’ll spend a long time here, so a good boat might be more useful than a spiritual fruit . ”

Fang Ze smiled and said, “Interesting . You are smart . A good boat is much more important than a spiritual fruit . ”


Han Fei pretended to be surprised .

Fang Ze waved his hand and said, “Fine, I’ll give you a boat . ”

A white boat appeared in the ocean out of nowhere . Its shape and decorations were much better than those of the boat they were on

What caught Han Fei’s attention was not the boat itself but how it appeared . He wondered if it had the same mechanism as his Forge the Universe .

Fang Ze said, “All right, your trial will end soon . Go now . ”

Fang Ze disappeared in the blink of an eye .

The village leader announced soon after Fishing Trial left, “I hereby announce that the Fishing Trial has ended . Everyone will stay where they are . I will watch in the sky . The result of whoever moves will be nullified . ”

All the inspectors were deployed . Some parents also came in to check the result .

An inspector came to Han Fei after a quarter . Han Fei was surprised . He knew the inspector to be Zhou Ding from the southern campus, who grabbed him out of the southern campus last time .

Zhou Ding was stunned to see the dozens of boats . He thought that they must belong to a Heavenly Talent, but he exclaimed when he saw Han Fei and He Xiaoyu . “It’s you?”

Han Fei said, “Nice to meet you, Mr . Zhou . ”

He Xiaoyu said, “Nice to meet you, Mr . Zhou . ”

Tang Ge said, “Nice to meet you, Mr . Zhou . ”

Zhou Ding asked, “Are you Tang Ge?”

After seeing Tang Ge, he was no longer surprised about so many boats . Who dared to stop the disciple of an angle from robbing them?

Of the ten thousand boats that participated in the trial, only three thousand remained . At this moment, all the staff in the ports were summoned to calculate the fish on those boats .

Scores were announced now and then .

“Zhou Chang, total score: 481 points . ”

“Ding Dayu, total score: 389 points . ”

“Xu Erling, total score: 501 points . ”

Whenever someone’s score was above five hundred, people exclaimed, because such a score was almost certainly among the top thousand .

Suddenly, one of the staff exclaimed, Wang… Wang Baiyu, total score: 4,982 points . ”


Everybody was shocked . It was almost five thousand points . The third son of the Wang family was truly extraordinary!

One of the parents exclaimed, “He’s definitely the second place!”

Some parents were envious . “I’m told that the angel will award the top three with Spirit Concentration Art . It must be an awesome battle technique . ”

Some parents mocked, “What do you know? Spirit Concentration Art is not a battle technique but a great profession . Those who practice Spirit Concentration are known as Spirit Concentrators . ”

Some parents even said with mixed feelings, “I wish that Wang Baiyu was my son!”

Han Fei, Tang Ge and He Xiaoyu were waiting for their scores to be calculated .

It was Tang Ge’s turn first . The staff was dumbfounded to see the chain of boats . Were they all Tang Ge’s?

Tang Ge pointed at them and said, “Those five boats are mine . ”


Everybody took a breath in relief . They almost thought that the boats all belonged to Tang Ge .

Soon, someone exclaimed again, “Tang Ge… Tang Ge’s total score is 5,882 points . ”

The parents remarked again, “As expected of the angel’s disciple . He’s a thousand points higher than Wang Baiyu . ”

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Someone shook their head . “Not just a thousand . If Wang Baiyu’s family hadn’t asked other people to help him, he couldn’t have obtained five thousand points . ”

Wang Jie, as Tang Ge’s teacher, blushed in excitement . That was his student! It seemed that they had a winner now .

Nobody thought that the angel helped him, because it was not worth it . If the angel had taken action, he could’ve reaped fifty thousand points easily .

On the other hand, He Xiaoyu was brought away for statistics, too .

He Mingtang had been observing her . When he saw that He Xiaoyu returned with Tang Ge and Han Fei, he knew that his daughter’s result couldn’t be bad .

Before He Xiaoyu’s fish was weighed, a worker announced, “Hu Kun, 1,299 points . ”

Hu Kun was excited . The last twelve hours had been perilous for him . He was almost killed many times even though he was in level seven now . After hearing the score, he knew that he could be among the top hundred .

But he saw He Xiaoyu behind him and changed his face when he noticed the three boats that came with her . Did Li Hu not catch her?

A moment later, the worker said in shock, “He Xiaoyu, total score: 3,012 points . ”


He Mingtang couldn’t help but laugh in excitement .

A teacher complimented him: “Old He, you have a great daughter!”

“Mr . He, your daughter is a future grand fishing master!”

“Mr . He, my boy’s score is not very high, but he is handsome and courteous . Can you consider him?”

He Mingtang couldn’t hear any of that now . Your son looks like a yellow fish, yet you say that he’s handsome, and you want him to marry my daughter?

All the parents saw He Xiaoyu’s appearance and praised how beautiful she was .

Someone even secretly remembered it and planned to ask his son to pursue her .

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Hu Kun was stunned . The score was a slap in his face . He thought that He Xiaoyu was robbed by Li Hu, but why did she have 3,012 points? Was He Xiaoyu stronger than him?

Hu Kun saw Han Fei behind He Xiaoyu . Immediately, he felt awful, because he saw the dense boats behind Han Fei .

Finally, it was Han Fei’s turn to be calculated .

The worker asked, “Are you Han Fei? Which of these boats is yours?”

Han Fei said, “All of them are mine . ”

The worker stared at Han Fei . “Say what? All of them are yours?”

Han Fei nodded . “Yes! All of them . ”

The worker circled the boats in disbelief and asked again, “Are they truly yours?”

Han Fei said, “There are so many teachers here . How can I be lying?”

Han Fei had twenty-one boats in total . Nobody could’ve believed that they all belonged to one person!

While they were calculating, one of the workers opened a cabin and exclaimed in shock . It was full of blade fish without a single green turtle . The worker was dumbfounded .

Han Fei was the only one who knew that there were only four boats of blade fish, but that was still plenty .

A moment later, when Han Fei’s result was out, a worker simply cried .

Everybody looked at the worker, but she raised the book and stammered, “Han Fei… Han Fei’s total score is 13,208 points . ”