God of Fishing - Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Toss the Fish for Fun

The first thing that Han Fei did after he returned to the floating island was to ask Li Gang to make barbecue .

At night, hundreds of people were gathered around the barbecue stand in the market .

Li Gang was sweating hard as he roasted the food . He shouted, “Don’t be hasty! There will be a half-price in our shop in the next three days! You can come whenever you want . ”

Li Gang was too busy to even drink any water, but he was delighted . He was hated when he collected protection fees for the Tigers before, but right now, his barbecue was in such high demand that people were voluntarily throwing their money at him .

Li Gang and his girlfriend were busy in the market, and Han Fei, Tang Ge, and He Xiaoyu were enjoying barbecue in Han Fei’s home . They were having a headache over how to deal with the fish they caught .

He Xiaoyu’s three boats had been taken away by He Mingtang . After Han Fei sorted out the boats he had, he still had fifteen full boats . Even though he had given Li Gang three, he still had twelve full boats that he had no place to put away .

Enjoying the garlic lobsters in his hand, Tang Ge remarked, “Delicious! This is delicious! We should make all fish into barbecue . We’ll make a lot of money . ”

Han Fei said, “They are too many . We have hundreds of thousands of kilograms of fish . ”

He Xiaoyu said, “Considering the weather right now, the fish will die and go bad within one week . ”

Tang Ge proposed, “Should we sell them?”

Thinking for a long time, Han Fei said, “They were taken from the ocean, so they should be returned to the ocean . Why don’t we throw them back into the ocean?”

“Throw them back?”

Tang Ge and He Xiaoyu looked at Han Fei as if he were an idiot . Had he forgotten the bitter days of the past so quickly?

Han Fei said, “Our barbecue stand can use up two boats of fish by tomorrow night at best . The rest will be wasted . ”

Noticing their disdain, Han Fei immediately said, “You do not understand it? We have been absorbing resources from the ocean all the time . Now that the resources are excessive, we’d better throw them back into the ocean instead of letting them rot, right?”

Tang Ge scratched his head . “Then, why did you take those fish back? You could’ve sold them at the port . ”

Han Fei had a bite of the lobster and said, “They were too lonely in the ocean . I took them to the sky for a ride . ”

Tang Ge: “???”

He Xiaoyu: “???”

Then, ignoring them, Han Fei jumped onto a boat . He had rented all the boats from the port, and they were tied somewhere near his home right now .

He Xiaoyu nudged Tang Ge and said, “Did you notice that, although he is growing strong very fast, his brain sometimes malfunctions?”

Tang Ge said unhappily, “What are you talking about? How could he have won the favor of a Venerable if something is wrong with his brain?”

He Xiaoyu said, “I feel that he changed after he was pulled out of the water last time . ”

Tang Ge was deep in thought . Was this Han Fei’s real nature?

Then, He Xiaoyu hesitated . “Do you think it’s possible that a fish turned into He Xiaoyu? It’s said that there are fish who can turn into humans in lands unknown!”

Tang Ge scorned and looked at He Xiaoyu speechlessly . “I think my brother is fine . You, on the other hand, need to check your brain . ”

At this moment, Han Fei had started throwing the fish . He smiled happily every time he threw a fish down . Tang Ge and He Xiaoyu were both dazed .

He Xiaoyu said, “I’ll help you . ”

“Stay there,” Han Fei scolded He Xiaoyu, who was going to jump off . “Girls shouldn’t do the hard work . Sit there and enjoy the barbecue . ”

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Tang Ge smiled and said, “Let me help you . ”

“You stay there, too . ”

Tang Ge: “???”

Han Fei rolled his eyes and said, “Fine, it’s not an urgent task to throw the fish . I’ll teach you the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning first . ”

He Xiaoyu pouted her lips and said, “Okay! I’ll go back . ”

Han Fei asked, “Why are you going back? You can learn it together . ”


Han Fei looked at Han Fei in shock . “Really? I can learn it, too?”

Han Fei waved his hand and said generously, “I don’t have many friends . How can I forget you?”

Han Fei, who climbed up the cliff, mumbled to himself, I won’t tell you that I’m only teaching you because I don’t want you to throw my fish!

He Xiaoyu was quite excited . According to Fang Ze, it was a top battle technique of the legendary Venerables! She didn’t know what Venerables were, but they had to be strong .

Tang Ge was the same . He thought that Han Fei could barely pass the Fishing Trial, but right now, Han Fei was already able to teach him a battle technique .

Han Fei said, “Stand there and imitate me . Try to be exactly the same . ”

Tang Ge said, “Okay . ”

He Xiaoyu said, “Not a problem . ”

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The first movement was to bend back and reach one hand to the ground and the other to the feet .

Han Fei completed it easily . Tang Ge blushed as the movement was difficult . He Xiaoyu, on the other hand, fell on the ground .

Han Fei said, “He Xiaoyu, are you capable of this or not? Girls are supposed to be more pliable than guys . How did you fall?”

He Xiaoyu: “It’s so difficult!”

Han Fei asked, “Do you want to learn it or not?”

He Xiaoyu nodded quickly, “I do . ”

One, two, three…

Han Fei taught eighteen movements in a row . Both Tang Ge and He Xiaoyu were sweating hard by the eighth and almost collapsed after they were done .

Han Fei was puzzled . It was difficult for him at the start, but he could complete thirty-six movements . Was their poor performance because of his bad teaching?

Fang Ze observed everything from the sky . He nodded now and then . Every movement of the top battle technique required all the muscles on the human body . He wondered if he should study it, too .

“Forget it . It’s fine for the juniors to learn it, but if I do…”

Tang Ge and He Xiaoyu breathed so heavily as if they just came out of the ocean . As they continued, Tang Ge suddenly sensed something . “Huh? The capacity of my spiritual energy has increased . ”

He Xiaoyu said, “Really? Ah… That’s true!”

They were about to tell Han Fei the good news, but Han Fei was nowhere to be seen . They walked out of the room, only to see that Han Fei was throwing the fish and whistling in delight .

Han Fei was angry to see them . “You stopped already? You can’t stop until tomorrow morning . ”


He Xiaoyu was frightened . The world was falling apart for her after she finished the eighteen movements . Did she have to repeat them until tomorrow morning?

Tang Ge’s lips also twitched . He wondered if he could make it .

Suddenly, Han Fei patted his head and said, “Hey, I forgot that I still had some Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid . Take some of that, and you will feel nothing during cultivation . I cultivated myself for three days in a row back then . ”

Tang Ge looked at Han Fei in shock . It was hard for him to finish the difficult movements once, and Han Fei did them for three days? Also, the whole set included 108 movements!

Immediately, Tang Ge said, “He Xiaoyu, let’s go and keep practicing . ”

While Han Fei was throwing fish and Tang Ge and He Xiaoyu were cultivating, He Mingtang was angry on his way to Han Fei’s home . Yes, you helped my daughter in the Fishing Trial, but this doesn’t mean that you can kidnap her . Look, she’s not home yet even when it’s so late .

Before He Mingtang reached Han Fei’s home, a person appeared in front of him and shocked him .

He was dumbfounded after he recognized who the person was . “M-Master Angel . ”

Fang Ze asked, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

He Mingtang replied in a hurry, “Master Angel, I-I’m here for my daughter . Tomorrow will be the day of spirit awakening, but my daughter is not home yet, so I’m here to look for her . ”

Fang Ze asked casually, “Is your daughter He Xiaoyu?”

He Mingtang nodded . He Xiaoyu was indeed at Han Fei’s place .

Fang Ze waved his hand and said, “Go back now! He Xiaoyu is lucky to have the chance to practice an ultimate technique . She’ll join the awakening ritual on her own tomorrow . ”

“Huh? An ultimate technique? Right, of course . I’ll take my leave . ”

He Mingtang was shocked . The angel said that it was an ultimate technique! His daughter was truly good! His anger was gone, and he returned in delight .