God of Fishing - Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Spirit Awakening (PART I)

Han Fei’s arm was sore after throwing fish for a whole night .

But he was delighted when he checked his data .

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Seven (Advanced Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 38,112 (279)

Spiritual Heritage: Level Two, Low Quality (Upgradeable)

Weapon: Purple Bamboo Rod

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)

He spent tremendous spiritual energy in the Fishing Trial and had no more than twenty-seven thousand points left afterward . After one night, he had earned ten thousand back . It was not bad .

The dawn would arrive in two hours . Han Fei wondered if he should improve his Spiritual Heritage . If the awakening ritual had something to do with one’s potential, Spiritual Heritage would be very important .

He knew Fang Ze must be around, but he was not certain that the man would discover it .

Thinking for a moment, Han Fei thought that he could give it a try . He dared to do so because he thought that Fang Ze was not as prestigious as people believed . Heavenly Water Village was only a village, and there were towns and cities above it . If Fang Ze was here to host the awakening ritual, didn’t it mean that all the other villages had similar experts as hosts?

Even if Fang Ze noticed something wrong, he could still make up a story and fool him . There was Tang Ge after all . The other boy certainly couldn’t hurt him .

Thinking about that, Han Fei climbed the cliff, only to see that Fang Ze was enjoying barbecue and liquor on the roof of his house .

When he saw Han Fei, he said casually, “This food is not bad . I did not know that the lowliest spiritual fruits were so delicious . Also, how did you make this alcohol? Tell me the mechanism later . ”

Han Fei scratched his head and dropped the idea of improving his Spiritual Heritage . How could he do that in front of Fang Ze without exposing the Demon Purification Pot?

He said in a hurry, “If you like it, I’ll give you the method to make the alcohol as well as barbecue . ”

Fang Ze nodded . He waved his hand, and a piece of vintage jade appeared before Han Fei .

Fang Ze said, “I won’t take advantage of you . I promised the top three of the Fishing Trial that I would give them Spirit Concentration, but since you were the first place and also offered the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning, I’ll give you this spiritual book . It contains many ways of cultivation for a Spirit Concentrator . It depends on yourself how much you can learn . ”

Han Fei was shocked . The Spirit Concentration Art was changed into the ways of cultivation for a Spirit Concentrator? That’s much better .

Han Fei said, “Thank you, Master Angel . ”

Fang Ze stopped talking to Han Fei, and Han Fei came to Tang Ge and He Xiaoyu . They were not just sweating now; they were practically smoking . There was no telling what Fang Ze had given them .

However, Han Fei speculated that they just took spiritual fruits such as the Crimson Sea Fruits, because he could smell the fragrance .

Han Fei joined the cultivation, but he did not ask Fang Ze for a spiritual fruit . He thought a boat was already fair enough .

The morning sun dyed the sky red . Every time he saw the view, Han Fei found the world wonderful and marvelous .


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He Xiaoyu, who was maintaining a weird posture, had tremendous unknown matter emerging from her body as if she had broken certain obstacles .

“Body cleansing?”

Han Fei recognized it quickly . The same thing happened to him when he upgraded his art, except that He Xiaoyu’s effect was not as good as his, probably because she only took a spiritual fruit .

“I’m level eight now?”


He Xiaoyu fell on the ground . She was too tired . Practicing the eighteen movements was the most exhausting thing she’d done in her entire life . Tang Ge, on the other hand, did not rise until he finished the last movement .

“I feel good . ”

Tang Ge grinned and said, “I feel that my capacity for spiritual energy has increased by at least thirty points . This art is truly magnificent . ”

Han Fei was shocked . “How many?”

Tang Ge said, “Thirty points . Are you not the same?”

Han Fei was lost for words . He did not want to talk to Tang Ge . Was that the difference between a mortal and a genius? He only increased a dozen points after completing all the 108 movements .

He Xiaoyu said enviously, “So many? Why do I feel that mine only increased by ten points?”

Han Fei said gloomily, “Mine was even fewer . ”


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Fang Ze appeared and laughed . “That’s the power of the Spiritual Heritage . Not bad . After learning the 108 movements, Tang Ge, you will be invincible in your level . Hahaha…”

Fang Ze was obviously very delighted . Han Fei sensed that it was probably because he could mock those who sent him to this shabby place after he returned to the city .

The most sacred place on the floating island was the center of it . Even the village leader was not qualified to live here .

It was the first time that Han Fei had come to the center of Heavenly Water Village . There was a stone statue in this place . It was a woman who was raising a fishing pole high . Many offerings were laid before the statue .


He Mingtang was relieved to see He Xiaoyu come with Han Fei and Tang Ge . He observed He Xiaoyu and said in shock, “Daughter, you are a level-eight fisher now?”

He Xiaoyu blushed . “Father, don’t ask too much . ”

He Mingtang said, “Right, of course . I won’t ask . Just keep it to yourself . Don’t tell me anything . ”

He Mingtang could barely stop grinning . It seemed that hanging around with Han Fei and his brother was not bad! He thought that the angel must’ve granted his daughter the ultimate technique because she was Tang Ge’s friend .

He Mingtang said, “All right, pay tribute to the Sea God and join the team . You will be the first batch in the awakening ritual . Don’t slack off . ”

Han Fei was astounded . “Isn’t the Sea God a man?”

He Mingtang’s face darkened . “What are you talking about? Don’t say such nonsense when you’re paying tribute . ”

Han Fei mumbled that the Sea God in his place was a bearded man holding a trident that was much more impressive than a fishing pole .

There were no rules concerning the tribute . Han Fei took out his fishing pole and prayed like He Xiaoyu and Tang Ge did .

After paying tribute to the Sea God, they entered the circle and stood behind the statue of the Sea God .

It was a pit with a coverage of two hundred square meters . The bottom of the pit was flat, with many complicated patterns . It looked like a splendid swimming pool .

Around the pool were rows of stairs that looked like the auditorium in a stadium . At this moment, all the stairs were seated . Many people had come for the annual gala . Some came with their kids, and some were here just for fun .

Han Fei and his companions were brought to the behind of the statue, where there was a channel to the pool .

Han Fei saw Wang Baiyu, Xiang Nan, Chen Qing, and a few other people that he did not recognize . They nodded at each other . After all, none of the top ten would be ordinary in the future . They were the most distinguished young men on the floating island that harbored six hundred thousand people .

Before the awakening ritual, people were crying the names of the top ten .

“Tang Ge! Tang Ge! Tang Ge!”

“Wang Baiyu! Wang Baiyu! Wang Baiyu!”

“Xiang Nan! Xiang Nan! Xiang Nan!”

The cheers echoed each louder than the last .

Few people cheered for the dark horses like Han Fei, because they just learned about him . But Tang Ge was different . Tang Ge was already a role model for He Xiaoyu . Even He Xiaoyu had some fans cheering for her .

Tang Ge, Wang Baiyu, and Xiang Nan were names that were cheered most .

“Han Fei!”

The roar suddenly silenced the audience . Everybody looked at the person who cheered for Han Fei .